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turn abandoned cart emails on shopify

Published on: July 6 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will learn how to set up the abandoned cart email in Shopify. This feature allows Shopify store owners to automatically send emails to customers who abandon their checkout process. We will discuss the steps to enable this feature and how to customize the email body text.


1. Log into your Shopify store and go to the dashboard.

2. Click on Settings and then Checkout.

3. Scroll down until you see Abandoned Checkout and checkmark Automatically send abandoned checkout emails.

4. Choose whether to send it to anyone who abandoned checkout or just email subscribers who abandoned checkout.

5. Select the time delay for the email to be sent, the recommended time is 10 hours.

6. To customize the email, click on the Customize email button.

7. The HTML body text will appear, and you can change certain sentences within the code.

8. Preview the email to see how it looks.

9. Make changes to the text as desired, keeping in mind the rules and guidelines laid out by Shopify.

10. Send a test email to ensure everything is working correctly.

11. Save the changes.

Additional information:

- The abandoned checkout emails can be found under Orders and Abandoned checkouts.

- Shopify has a help support page with information on why an abandoned checkout email may not send to a customer.

- If you want to customize the experience further, you can search for abandoned checkout email software in the Shopify App Store.

Setting up the abandoned cart email in Shopify is a great way to improve customer retention and increase sales. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can set up this feature and customize the email to match your store's branding and personality. Remember to check out Shopify's help support page for any issues or questions and explore the App Store for additional features and customization options.

How To Setup Abandoned Cart In Shopify for Free | Shopify Marketing Automations

- Abandoned cart in Shopify stores

- Simple solution to recover abandoned carts

- Setting up automated abandoned cart email

Method 1: Built-in Email Function

- Navigating to settings and checkout

- Enabling abandoned checkout emails

- Customizing email subject and text

- Previewing and saving changes

- Enhancing conversions and checking performance

Method 2: Marketing Automations

- Creating abandoned cart email sequence

- Customizing workflow and conditions

- Previewing and editing email

- Adding sections and customization options

- Previewing on mobile and desktop

- Saving changes and checking performance

- Two methods to set up abandoned cart email

- Built-in email function is simple and basic

- Marketing automation gives more customization options

- Recovering abandoned carts can enhance conversions

- Leave questions and feedback in the comments.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Setup | Quick Shopify Tips 2021

Title: Increase Sales and Conversions with Abandoned Carts on Shopify

Hi, I'm Elle McCann, a Shopify expert for over eight years now. In this Shopify quick tips video, I'm going to share a simple and free way to boost your sales and conversions on your Shopify store.

The Problem:

Potential customers often abandon their carts during the checkout process, resulting in lost sales. This can happen due to external distractions, unexpected costs, or other reasons.

The Solution:

Turning on abandoned carts on your Shopify store can help you recover lost sales by reminding customers to complete their purchase. It's a free feature available in Shopify's backend settings.

How Abandoned Carts Work:

After customers enter their email address during checkout, but leave the site without completing the purchase, Shopify sends them an automated email reminding them of their abandoned cart. You can customize this email and even offer a discount code to encourage them to complete their purchase.

Benefits of Abandoned Carts:

- Increase conversion rate on your site

- Recover lost sales

- Cost-effective (free)

- Customizable email

Steps to Enable Abandoned Carts:

1. Go to Shopify's backend settings

2. Click on Checkout

3. Turn on Abandoned Carts functionality

4. Choose the time to send the reminder email

5. Customize the email (avoid editing code)

6. Preview the email

7. Save changes

Other Options:

You can also use email providers like Mailchimp or Clavio or Shopify apps in the app store to send abandoned carts. There are both free and paid options available.

Setting up abandoned carts is a simple and effective way to recover lost sales on your Shopify store. By reminding potential customers to complete their purchase, you can increase your conversion rate and reduce losses from paid ads. Try it out and watch your sales and conversions soar!

Shopify Email Marketing Automation | Abandoned Checkout | Workflows

- The Shopify marketing automation tool is powerful and can save you money and time

- However, setting up automations can be challenging

- This article will explain how to create two essential automations for your Shopify store

First Automation: Abandoned Cart Recovery

- Sends an email to customers who abandon their cart after one hour, reminding them to complete their checkout

- Sends a second email after 24 hours and a third email after 72 hours, including a coupon code to encourage purchase

- To create this automation, go to Marketing > Automations > Create Automation > Custom Email Automation

- Choose the trigger Customer Abandons Checkout and set the criteria to check if the cart total is greater than $0

- Add a wait time of one hour and a condition to check if the customer has not ordered since abandonment

- Add an action to send a marketing email, using a personalized template and including a coupon code in the third email

Second Automation: Order Fulfillment Reminder

- Sends an email to an internal staff member after five days if an order has not been fulfilled

- Also sends an email to the customer, reassuring them that their order is being processed

- To create this automation, choose the trigger Order Created and add a wait time of five days

- Set the criteria to check if the order is unfulfilled and add an action to send a marketing email to the customer

- Add another action to send an email to an internal staff member with the order details using variables

- Shopify automations can save you time and money

- By creating these two essential automations, you can recover abandoned carts and remind staff to fulfill orders

- Experiment with different triggers, conditions, and actions to create unique and powerful automations for your Shopify store

Shopify- Setting up an abandon cart automation

In this article, we will discuss setting up an abandoned cart flow in Shopify to increase conversions and recover lost sales. We will go through the process of setting up a web hook and integrating it with the chatbot to track abandoned carts and remind customers to complete their purchases.

Setting up the Web Hook:

- Create a draft order web hook in the backend of Shopify.

- Create an inbound web hook in the chatbot under the tools tab.

- Name the inbound web hook Shopify and copy the web hook URL.

- Insert the web hook URL in Shopify and choose the format Json and latest version.

- Wait for a fixed period after draft order creation to check if a user has paid.

Creating a Draft Order:

- Customers can create a draft order when they want to check out.

- The checkout link will be created, and they can go to the Shopify payment page to fulfill the order.

Receiving Data in the Web Hook URL:

- Check if the URL has been set up correctly in the Shopify backend.

- Go to the inbound web hook in the chatbot and press edit.

- Press checkout, and a draft order will be created.

- We should receive data, and we can map all the necessary data.

- Identify the user by going with the note section, which contains the user nsid.

Setting up the Abandoned Cart Flow:

- Add the abandoned cart flow as a subflow to the Shopify template.

- Wait for a particular period, then check if the user has paid for the order.

- If the user has paid, apply the tag order status paid; if not, give them a reminder.

- Wait for another set period, then check if the tag has been applied.

- If not, give a second reminder and make a little bit of scarcity.

In conclusion, setting up an abandoned cart flow in Shopify can significantly increase conversions and recover lost sales. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily set up a web hook and integrate it with the chatbot to track abandoned carts and remind customers to complete their purchases. Additionally, by customizing the wait periods and reminders, you can tailor the flow to your liking and optimize it for your business needs.

Abandoned Cart Email & SMS Recovery - Shopify + Klaviyo + SMS Bump Simple Strategy

- This video is for people with e-commerce websites, not just Amazon sellers

- Essential e-commerce abandoned cart reminders are important for high ROI

- Two tools used for reminders: email and SMS

Tools Used:

- Clavio: a CRM that can email and text message people

- SMS Bump: a tool for sending text messages

Email Follow-Ups:

- At least two email follow-ups are necessary

- Reminder and scarcity emails

- Emails can be extended for weeks and weeks

SMS Follow-Ups:

- SMS opt-in collected just before checkout

- Make phone numbers mandatory in checkout settings

- Two SMS follow-ups: one after 5 minutes, one after 3 days

- SMS follow-ups more effective than emails

- Essential e-commerce abandoned cart reminders are a must-have for every e-commerce store

- SMS follow-ups are the most effective

- Legal compliance and mandatory phone numbers in checkout settings are necessary

Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Recovery Template [23% Recovery/Conversion Rate]

In this video, the speaker talks about their Shopify abandoned cart email template and how to set it up for recovery email. They also provide their own template which has been optimized for better conversion rates.

Steps to Set up Shopify Abandoned Cart Email Template:

1. Go to Settings on your homepage.

2. Click on Checkout on the left side of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the Abandoned Checkout section.

4. Turn on the settings to automatically send abandoned cart emails to anyone who abandoned their checkout after one hour.

5. Customize the email template to fit your brand's needs.

6. The speaker provides their own template which includes a personalized subject line, a message reminding the customer of their abandoned cart, and a call-to-action to return to the cart or visit the store.

Tips for Optimizing Abandoned Cart Emails:

1. Personalize the subject line with the customer's name.

2. Remind the customer of their abandoned cart.

3. Offer a call-to-action to return to the cart or visit the store.

4. Keep the email simple and easy to read.

5. Use images of the abandoned cart items to remind the customer of what they left behind.

By following the steps and tips provided by the speaker, Shopify store owners can set up an effective abandoned cart email template to increase their recovery rates. Personalization, reminders, and call-to-actions are key elements to include in these emails.

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