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twitch without ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

DISABLE Twitch Pre-Roll Ads For Your Viewers!

let's tok about ads for a second. so everybody hates ads. they're really annoying and they interrupt your stream. nobody wants to be playing a game of? uh, what's a game people play nowadays? um, eldon ringer, zeldin ring- a game. do they have bosses, whatever? okay, you're playing elden ring. i assume that game has bosses in it. i've never played before and you're like in like the heat of the battle and then you get ads and nobody wants that. so we're going to tok a little bit about ads today. uh, we'll do a video for it on the main channel later. but one of the things about twitch is if you run a certain number of ads per hour or scratch that, sorry, if you run ads, it will disable pre-roll ads, um, for any new people that come in. so if you run 30 seconds of ads, it will disable pre-roll ads for 10 minutes. if you run 60 seconds, i think it will disable it for 20 minutes and then, if you run 90 seconds of ads, pre-roll ads will be disabled on your stream for 30 minutes. so any new people that come in for 30 minutes, they're not going to get any ads. so essentially, the idea is, if you want to disable pre-roll ads for your viewers, then the idea is that you would run more mid-roll ads in your stream. so one of the ways that people do this is they just run ads like every 30 minutes, just automatikally, and you can actually do that inside of your twitch dashboard. i should probably show you where that is right now. this is this is the way most normy people are gonna do it, but like: this is: this is the nutty vods channel. okay, you guys don't want to know about the normie stuff, but, um, let me show you the normie way that people do it. let's go into our- uh, here we go, go to your twitch dashboard and go into affiliate partner: uh, there should be something called the ads manager here. right, go to ads manager and this is essentially where you can schedule, like, when you want to have ads. so if you basically want to never have any pre-roll ads, then run 90 seconds of ads every 30 minutes here. but i actually turn this off because i have a better solution. so how, what if we could set up obs in such a way that every time you switch to your brb screen, it automatikally runs ads, so that way, your viewers never actually miss out on any of your content? all you have to do is when you switch to your brb screen it's, you know you can run ads and they're not really missing anything because you're not really there anyway. so you can actually do that with streamer bot. i'm going to show you how to do that right now. okay, i should probably should turn off reviews, turn off channel points, [Music]. so here's what you want to do, okay, first, you're gonna go into your actions tab here, right, and the first thing you're gonna you're gonna do is you're going to create a new action, which i've done already. so inside here, this run ads, just create a new action. and then you're going to add right click add, go down to twitch and then click run commercial. and then you can set this to run for how long you want. i set mine to 90 seconds, so i run a 90 second commercial. so every time i switch to my brb screen, it's automatikally going to run a 90 second commercial. and then additionally- uh, just to see that it works- i also send a twitch message that says: running at 90 seconds of ads. okay, i just get my bots to actually type that in chat. so i go right, click twitch, send message to channel. so it's gonna write running 90 seconds of ads. so here's the magic. okay, if you go over. um, actually, we actually created another action here that says add break, and i'll show you what this does in a second. so if we go over to the broadcaster tab, it actually might be called something different. i think they're going to change the name of this tab in a future stream robot update. but, uh, the tab that has like all your obs connections, clicking your like obs connection, the thing that you set. you must know what this is. okay, if you've set up streamer bot, you know what this tab is. it's where you add your obs thing. you're connected to obs. if you click on your obs connection and then look at the bottom tab here- bottom table- you can right click and add an event. okay, and i added an event. so these are different things that happened in obs. so in this case we set it to switch scenes. so every time i switch scenes it's going to run our ad break action. okay, so this is ad break. so what does ad break do? so go over to actions and here's my ad break. that's all i've done is i added this here, this logic. so how did i add this? i went right click, add logic, if, click on if and then in the top here: well, i'm just gonna add what i have here. just copy this out exactly: obs, events dot scene, dash name. okay, type that in, put that as your variable equals, and then here in the value put in the name of your brb screen. so the scene that you switched to that you want your ads to run on, run that and then your due action here will be that initial action that we wrote before. that runs the 90 seconds of ads. so here it is: run ads, and then press ok and then you're pretty much done. so if i was to switch scenes to my brb screen, it's automatikally going to run 90 seconds of ads. um, so i would demonstrate that right now, uh, and it would work, but you guys that are watching the youtube video, you're not going to see any of that. so something that i actually made- and this is a patreon exclusive at the moment- i might release this in the future to everyone else, but i actually made my own ad overlay, which i'll show you in a second. um, let's just edit this. so, rather than running that run ads thing, if you are subbed on patreon, i release an ads overlay. so where, where did i put that? here is add overlay. so look what happens. okay, so i'm going to switch to my brb screen and then look at, look at the bottom right of the screen. there we go. it said it plays ads and then there's a yellow bar here. i made it run super fast, just for the example. but like, that yellow bar is, uh, basically showing how long the ads are running for. so it's kind of like a loading bar kind of thing. uh, if i'm running like 90 seconds of ads, then it'll be like a 90 second, uh, countdown bar kind of thing, which basically tells my viewers that don't have ads, that like everybody else is currently seeing ads, kind of thing, which is really cool. um, but yeah, that's, that's gonna happen every time i switch to my brb screen. so if i go back to, uh, my desktop scene here and then, uh, let me change the settings for that add overlay, by the way, we'll make it, we'll make it like a real, a real ad overlay. so i'm gonna switch back to my brb screen. there's a countdown timer. so in 10 seconds, there's gonna, it's gonna- run ads: five, four, three, two, one runs the ads, 90 seconds of ads and then we have a timer bar here that counts down. so that's a little fancy thing that i added. uh, that's available on patreon. uh, if you don't want to sub to the patreon, don't worry, you can just do the first thing i showed you and it'll just like automatikally run the ads without the overlay. but it's the point is like, with this method, it's automatikally gonna run ads for you guys every time you switch this scene. i'm pretty sure that people are watching my twitch stream right now. uh are in ads right now, so they probably can't hear what i'm saying. but yeah, that's, uh, that's the whole ads thing. so there you go. uh, thanks, uh for watching that. i was way longer than it should have been, but uh, yeah, thanks, go, go stop to the patreon if you want that added overlay, ads, overlay thing. but uh, yeah, thanks for watching. bye.

Twitch Broke The Adblock

so, anyway, uh, twitch finally found a workaround for ad blocker. now this is a continuously- this is going to be a cat and mouse game that will go on for the next 10 or 15 years or so- is that nobody wants to be able to watch ads, but everybody wants to watch content that's supported by ads. so we have an impasse here, and what happens is that the ad blockers get better and then, after the ad blockers get better, then the- the websites get better at detecting the ad blockers, and then, after the websites get better at detecting the ad blockers, the ad blockers find out how they were being detected and then they find another way around it instead, and so this is just what's been going on for the last 15 years. okay, like, this is always how it's going to be, and eventually I do think that the ads will win out. why do I think ads are going to beat out the ad blockers? well, simple, I think that ads are a multi-billion Dollar business and ad blockers aren't. that's why. so, yeah, I I think that there will always be a way to avoid ads- probably, at least I don't know. uh, they'll always probably be a way to avoid ads. however, it will become harder and harder to do for the average person and at a certain point, you will be spending more time avoiding ads than you would have been spending just watching the ad in the first place. so, yes, uh, as you guys see, twitch has finally found a workaround for the ad blocker. now I'm gonna be honest: the, with the amount of ads that twitch has nowadays, I actually watch Twitch a lot less. it's ridiculous. [Music]: uh, three minutes of ads. this is crazy. I don't understand it at all. uh, yeah, the ads [ __ ] suck. yeah, a lot of people are pretty negative about the ads. I don't think anybody likes them. I got nuked and downfall on the thread. I'll read some of the comments. what's twitch expecting will happen? I'd rather see this and ALT tab for 30 seconds than watch an ad. yeah, I think that what twitch should do is they should punish people that have ad blocker, so twitch can't simply deny them, like if there's a commercial break in progress, you have to make it take longer, like this is what twitch should do. if I was twitch, I would do this. I would make it to where, if you add block, this stream is cut for a minute and if you don't add Block. it's only cut for 30 seconds and that would cause more people to get rid of their ad block, because then they would be able to get more content, like that's what they should do. that's what I would do now. let's pay the bills. yes, of course. uh, no, I just leave. no, you won't. no, you won't. you'll sit there and you'll deal with it the same as everybody else has. so the truth is that the ad density on Twitch- how much do you guys think the ad density on Twitch has gone up by in the last uh year, like in the last two years, how much do you think it's gone up by 300 percent, fifty percent, two hundred percent? would you like if I provided you the user numbers on Twitch and the user numbers being consistent within the past two years? would that upset you? yes, okay, sure, let's do it. we have right here. this is um June 2020.. and so, uh, this is, let's see here, look at November. so let's go back to November again. so in November, this is last year- and um average 2.5 maximum: 2.9. average 2.5 maximum- 2.3 decline. yes, there's been a decline since last year whenever the pandemic was still happening. that's correct. there has been a a slight decline looks stagnant. yes, it is stagnant. um, if you go compared to YouTube growth. sure, I think that's a good way to look at it. YouTube revenue and usage statistiks. YouTube quarterly Revenue. okay, can we make an argument that quarterly revenue is, to a certain degree, indicative of usership because this is the best, this is the best I have? no, it has to be well, not strong enough. not according to Blizzard, I, I don't know, it's very hard to say they're directly correlated. I, I do think that they are directly. oh, here we go. YouTube quarterly users by millions. okay, so 2021 q1 and then 2022. so it has gone up in YouTube. it's gone up slightly, it's about the same. but, yes, YouTube has grown a little bit more, but they are kind of, you know, uh, falling off a little bit or not falling off, sorry, uh, leveling off YouTube is going to beat twitch. yeah, more revenue is stagnant. viewership just means they're milking the user base more well. it seems like they they've been, they've been growing in in users. absolutely, twitch is killing their growth with aggressive ads. I don't think that they're killing it as much as people are making it out to be, and the reason why I think that's the case is that people are still growing on Twitch and people are still making content on Twitch and the viewers are still stiking around. that's just that's what the numbers show. YouTube shorts is a reason. yeah, exactly, and I also don't think that you can see, you can show like twitch not growing and YouTube is growing, and then say that's directly because of the ads, because I feel like there's like 10 different other reasons for that. [Music], you're a pain. yeah, [Music] would help twitch if more women watched. yeah, exactly, I think the twitch is very much a male space. it's very much video game driven, which is like much more narrow uh than uh than YouTube, and so, yeah, of course, that's the case. so, yeah, that's what I would do again if I was twitch. twitch, you can pay me for this. uh. what you need to do if you want to get people to actually stop watching ads is you have to punish them for having ad blocker. you have to make the um like. one way to do it- this would be a good way to do it- is you create a really really long loading screen to load the stream after the commercial break is over, so you don't you make them think that it's their fault, but it's actually a loading screen that you created for them to feel like they're wasting their time with the ad blocker. so that's what you should. so, so that way, the user feels like it's a problem with the ad blocker, with the website, and it's not necessarily, uh, them being punished for using the ad blocker. yeah, I'll just leave. then, as I said, everybody says they're gonna leave, but if people haven't left after an ad density of four to six minutes, I don't think they're gonna leave. okay, people sat around and dealt with it on TV for years, and the truth is that there's no other live stream platform that's really as robust as Twitches. YouTube is getting there, but who's to say whenever YouTube gets there, they're not going to do the same exact thing. so it makes me, um, you know, not necessarily confident here. there, you can't, no, wait, no, you can watch the show on cable, exactly. and uh, what's this here? I ain't leaving, I'm just getting an ad blocker. yeah, let's see here. uh, problem is often bugs out and lasts longer than 30 minutes. it costs as many stutter free weight. they're already doing it. that's perfect. look at that holy [ __ ], mm-hmm, wow. then why is that? why cable TV is dying. yes, because there's an alternative that doesn't have as many ads. here's a really good way to say it: [Music]. so, okay, um, this is. this is something I I- you guys might not know this, but I I did go to college. I went to Business School, and in one of my classes- this is one of my upperclassmen classes- one of my professors said that a price War isn't good for anyone, and I was thinking to myself: well, what about the customers? and then I realized I was in Business School- nobody cares about them. so think about it like this: if you have a hamburger that's a dollar and you're the only place that has a hamburger that's a dollar, well then everybody's gonna go to where you're at. but if you increase the price of your hamburger and then everybody else's hamburgers are the same, then people are just going to decide whichever one they want to go to. staff- yeah, yeah. there it is, yeah, yeah, yeah. capitalists, only competition. well, nobody wants to price facts. price fixing and price matching is very common, and you guys are seeing this happen now with, like all of the dollar menu stuff turning into value menu stuff and the hamburgers you used to spend a dollar.


Watch Twitch with No Ads on Android, iOS, PC, and Mac Without an Ad Blocker

are you ready to get ad free viewing on Twitch on every single device? if so, I'll show you the options for that right now in this video. if you've got any questions, just drop a comment and I'm happy to answer your questions. I read my comments every day. I was just googling last night, since twitch just changed their terms up, what actually works in 2019 and Beyond for ad free viewing. there are two options. number one: if you can do twitch Prime, which, if you've got Amazon Prime or a prime video membership, then this will give you one channel you can watch for free- what I buy free, I mean without any ads. you can give one subscription to one channel and watch one channel for free, without ads, on any device. the key thing here is that you can add free viewing without using an ad blocker on every single device that you watch twitch on, whether it's a TV, whether it's your phone, etc. now there's a. if you've already got Amazon Prime, you just need to go on Twitch and sync up your Amazon Prime with twitch Prime. however, there's a big limitation: this only works on one channel. the benefit is, if you've already got prime, a prime video, it doesn't actually cost you any additional money you get to watch the one channel, assuming the creator of that channel is an affiliate or a partner, and they allow subscribers to not have any ads. some creators this may not work for. however, this doesn't cost you anything additional if you've got Amazon Prime and Prime video. if you don't, or if you want to watch site-wide with ad free viewing, the only option now is over here on this. it's twitch turbo. if you want to watch anywhere without any ad free viewing, then the only option twitch makes available now is to use twitch turbo, which is different than twitch Prime. yes, it's confusing. it is $8.99 a month. I personally think this is well worth it, because a 30-second ad if I see- let's say, I'm on twitch every single day- I end up watching a minute worth of ads every single day and you add that up, that's 30 minutes of ads I'm watching every month. how much is my time worth? that's half an hour to me. I charge hundreds of dollars an hour for my time. so I'm not. I'm not- watching ads even for 30 seconds. plus, ads do work and ads are annoying and ads can influence your decisions. I might decide. suddenly, watching an ad, I start wanting a new game when I don't want a new game. thus, I think it's worth it to pay for twitch turbo because then on every channel, on every device, then there's no ads anymore. on twitch I always pay for ad free options because ad blockers often are annoying and cause limited functionality or only work on certain devices, whereas if you use something like on YouTube, I pay, so there's no ads, and it's ironic because I advertise also. however, this is your one option. if you want to not see any ads on Twitch, I think it's worth it, especially if you add up how many ads you see in a month, estimate the minutes and then calculate how much is your time worth. if your times not worth anything, well, just watch the ads. then if you want ad free viewing- though I'm imagining you think your time is worth something, it is valuable and therefore, if you really care about twitch and you love watching on twitch, this is the option for you then. thank you for watching this video. I'm a full time youtuber. I also do live streams on Twitch. I trust you'll subscribe if you want to join the Jerry Banfield family and see more of these, and you can follow me, Jerry Banfield, on Twitch as well if you'd like to catch me live. I love you. you're awesome. I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I'm looking forward to your comments.

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[ ✔ CHECK DESC ✔ ] Twitch AdBlock - How to block Twitch Ads [UPDATED!] (Works on All Browsers)

hey guys, it's social here and i'm back with a video today. so today i'm gonna be showing you how you can block the twitch ads, and this is the second video to my older video. this is gonna be the newer version that you can use to block the ads. i believe the older version isn't really working as well anymore. people are having sort of black screen issues and sort of that. i've been having that as well, but i found two new methods that you can use which will be able to block the ads for you. so first of all, i'm going to show you the best method that you can use to block the ads without any issues, uh, in terms of delays or anything like that. so the first thing is the purple ads blocker. so if you just go ahead, it's got poor reviews, but it does actually work. if you just go ahead and add it to chrome- i believe there might be a firefox version, i'm not sure, but just add it to your browser. and if you go up here and then go over to purple ads blocker, click on settings. you can see the options here, but actually you don't want to change any of these settings, so just keep them all the same. just leave it by default. you go over to a twitch stream. load any twitch stream. now the ads will be gone. uh, it's been working for the past couple weeks now haven't seen any ads will be installed. and be sure, if you do do this method, if you've done the things on my older video, you want to remove those settings from there as well. so forgot the options here. go to my filters, make sure you get rid of whatever's here and then, if you go to advanced settings, make sure, and you might be able to not be able to see this. so if you look here, if you go over to advanced settings and then just make sure that this is removed, make sure it looks like this, or what you can alternatively do is just click on reset to default settings and then it will go ahead and remove all of those settings for you. so, once it's installed, as i said, go to auto stream. ads will be gone. now, if this method does not work, we want to do is go ahead and remove purple ads blocker. so go over to here. go to purple ads blocker, remove from chrome and then go ahead and download the alternate ultimate player for twitch so you can go ahead and add this to chrome. i'm going to go ahead and add it and i'm going to quickly remove the purple ads blocker here to show you this. and then, if i just go over to any twitch stream here, so i'm just going to open up jake and bake live, open this up. it's going to go ahead and open up in so to get the chat. if we just uh should be able to get the chat here, hold on, oh, here we go. so just click that over there and you'll get the chat back. you won't be able to view any of the videos on the channel, anything. you have to disable the extension. but if you use this method, it will go ahead and you won't see any ads at all. um, also, if you uh, there may be a delay, i believe there might be a delay that gets added on. if you use this, you might not be able to use the um, the reduced delay option, uh, so if you use this method, there may be a delay in sort of the chat in the stream, uh, but that is the second method. so if the first method doesn't work, use this method. it will block the ads completely and, yeah, i hope you guys will enjoy your twitch experience with no ads, so i'll see you guys in the next video. you got any questions or feedback? leave it in the description outside in the comments, and i will see you guys in the next video. peace out, guys. [Music] you.

Block Twitch Ads On PC and Mobile (2022 UPDATED)

[Music]. in previous videos we looked at various ad blockers for twitch on desktop: purple ads blocker, ttv lol and video ad block for twitch. well, that last one has gone rogue, taking the github repo down and redirecting users amazons to affiliate links. video ad blocker for twitch has since been taken down and if you still have it installed, remove it immediately. so i thought i'd do an update to my original ad blockers for twitch video. in this video i'll show you how to block twitch ads on desktop and mobile. purple ads blocker is still a favorite of mine and one of the most popular twitch ad blockers for pc. it blocks banner ads and ad roles and you can disable it on specific channels. it has two methods of blocking, but i find that the only user tunnel option works the best. purple ads blocker is available for chrome and firefox, my go to alternative when my other ad blockers aren't working. ttv lol is simple: it just blocks twitch ads. doesn't block banner ads, though, so you will still need ublock or something else to block that. i use brave, which has built-in ad blocks, where i never see banner ads. ttv lol has no user option. it's available for chrome and firefox. ttv ad eraser is yet another twitch ad blocker. this one has a couple of more options. with this one you have various ui options for the player and what happens when ads run. ttp ad eraser is available for chrome. it also works in firefox but requires setup. so it's better to just use it in chrome or use one of the other extensions available for firefox. the best way to block twitch ads is with you block origin in the help of ad blocking scripts. it's simple. all you do is select one of these scripts here. i'll pick notify script. you just want to copy the url and and you block origin. what you want to do is go to your settings, then go to advanced and you just want to check i'm an advanced user. then click on settings here, cog and down here under user resource location where it says unset. you just want to copy the url here and then hit apply and that's it. once you do that, refresh your twitch page or restart your browser, load up a channel and you won't see any twitch ads. it will also work on firefox mobile. again, just go and click one of the scripts, copy the url and then your add-on settings. just go to you block origin, go to options and, like before, scroll down to: i'm an advanced user. go to user resource location and change this string, paste that url and then hit apply changes. go on over back to twitch and select the screen. you will see no video ads. this is my new and preferred method of blocking twitch ads, because you don't have to rely on another extension which, as we've seen, can go wrong at any time. [Music] foreign you.

How to run ads on Twitch without it being in the way of your stream

Nobody likes ads, but if you are running them, here's how I have found it to be most effective. Summary is in the video description and timestamps below. So here we can see the ads manager and set up in your Twitch dashboard. I have it set to a 90 second ad every 30 minutes, which is the minimum that you get no pre-rolls running on your content. but you also got the 55% revenue split. Here is then my Twitch dashboard, which is what I have up while I'm streaming. I have chat here- Small version of the stream here, My activity feed, the quick actions and the ads manager itself. Notably, this button and this timer will turn bright yellow when there's 5 minutes left. Believe, that's the setting right here. Upcoming ad break notification: 5 minutes before ad starts. Here are some clips of me using and discussing my ads running procedure. It has- actually- While I’m toking about it-- It has these two buttons here: It shows the time and then I have the time set that 5 minutes before it'll highlight yellow, and then it has the snooze ad button and the run it now button, which then extends the timer via another, in my case 30 minutes. So I'm going to have that up today see if maybe I can make a little content about that, All right. So I just beat that trainer. as you can see on the ad tracker, It's time to run another ad, So we are going to run that real quick and then we will get back to the battles. All right, I'm going to run a commercial while I'm shopping and heading off to find the next trainer, and we'll be back in a moment. This is perfect ad timing. It’s an unexciting section of content, so I’m just running the ad early. All right, We are back. Let's fight dis nerd, The tiknical measurement of time--. It is also time for a commercial, So we will do that in a moment. Yes, I have my ads manager displaying on stream down on the bottom so that people can see what I'm doing with it, And so you know it's down to okay, your ads coming sometime within the next 5 minutes. So I'm like, okay, I will finish fighting this trainer and then go step farm, which means just running in circles while the ad runs. Alright, we’re going to run a commercial and then we will see what our level up move is. So now I just click the Run Ad button and we're good to go. Alternatives are using a bot, streamdeck chat command or your mods. All right, Thank you for stiking through that ad. So I ran an ad relatively recently. So, as you can see on the ads manager at the bottom of the screen, I have 24 minutes until my next ad. but I'm going to run one now because I'm doing something in-game where it's just a boring grind. I need to run around in circles for about 10 minutes And so, since there's nothing going on in the game, I'm going to run another ad now and boost the ad timer up to 50 minutes until my next ad. So thank you for stiking through that And I clicked Run Ad. there's the ad running. So, as you can see, the ad is about to finish running 3, 2, 1.. And ad is done and there is now 52 minutes and 2 seconds until my next ad needs to run. There is also the snooze button. I need five. You know I need five more minutes before the ad. lets snooze it. There, I just added 5 minutes. It's now 56 minutes until an ad will run. It's not going to trigger in my content in a way that I'm unaware of- and I've trained myself and built understanding of how to utilize that system into my content, But it's not going to happen during a major boss fight or a major cut scene, unless you've been absorbed in it for 20 minutes and unable to notike the timer. Editor's note: The statement applies if only if you have a similar set up to mine. There are many reasons it might not work for you, Three of the most common being your tiknical set up, such as not having a second monitor. Disabilitysuch as a cognitive, visual or memory challenge. and neurodivergence, where you process the information in a manner unlike mine. This is just what works for me. Another detail with the ads manager that I want to point out is that it has a small cooldown between the time you can run ads. It has an eight minute cooldown between ads. So if you do want to build up some ad free time, you do have to stagger it out a little bit. You can't just run 90 seconds and then 90 seconds and get an hour The most, for I understand that there are some streamers that can get extra time, but for most streamers it is: You run a 90 second ad, you get 30 minutes of pre-roll off. See for me, critikally, the point that I'm making, as I am showing it off, is that I don't let the timer hit zero 95% of the time I run an ad, I'm clicking the button myself to choose exactly when it runs, as opposed to just waiting for the timer, like I don't think any streamer should be waiting for the timer. I've been automating ads every 30 minutes for more than two years now, so I got used to how to work with that. The ads manager just makes it so much easier to do because it's more accurate and fine tunable. has the snooze button. All right, I am going to bio break. It is time for a commercial and then we will be back And we have full cleared Mt Moon, Thank you. Thank you for watching. I hope this was helpful. I will leave you with a question for the comments. What is something you have learned this week? Don't forget to like and subscribe for more edited challenges and tutorials.