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twitter ads invalid advertiser domain format

Published on: July 7 2023 by pipiads

Hey everybody, it's time for your weekly wrap-up and we've got a whole bunch of topics to talk about this week. Let's get to it!

- Thanking supporters

- Introduction to Plex


- Week in Review

- Nintendo's success with Switch

- Comcast's added fees for cord cutters

- Comcast fighting encrypted DNS

- Apple TV+ launch and content

- G-Sync on LG OLED TVs

- PlayStation View service shutting down

- Need for companies to prioritize customer needs

- Subscription model limitations

- Importance of privacy and security in technology

Overall, this week's wrap-up covered a range of technology news and updates. From the success of the Nintendo Switch to the launch of Apple TV+, there were plenty of exciting developments in the world of tech. However, there were also concerns raised about the limitations of the subscription model and the need for companies to prioritize customer needs. Additionally, the importance of privacy and security in technology was highlighted, particularly in relation to encrypted DNS and Comcast's attempts to fight it. As always, it will be interesting to see how these issues continue to develop in the coming weeks and months.

Meta Business Suite Setup - The Complete Guide For 2022 (Formerly Facebook Business Manager)

In this video, you will learn how to set up and use the Facebook Business Suite, also known as the Meta Business Suite.

Setting Up Your Account:

1. Go to business.facebook.com and click on Create Account.

2. Log in with your Facebook information.

3. Enter the name of your business and your business email.

4. Verify your email address.

5. Once verified, you will see a screen with limited functionality.

6. To get a better idea of what the tool does, take a look at a sample Business Suite account.

Using the Business Suite:

1. Business Suite brings together all of your Meta assets, including Facebook pages, Instagram pages, WhatsApp accounts, Facebook ad accounts, pixels, and more.

2. You can view messages from different platforms, recent posts, and unified notifications.

3. The planner feature allows you to schedule posts across different platforms.

4. The insights screen provides performance data for your most recent posts.

5. To set up your own Business Suite account, add your Facebook page, Instagram account, and any other assets.

6. Assign access to yourself or team members.

7. Set up two-factor authentication for improved security.

8. Add a payment method for ads.

9. Verify your domains and business with Facebook.

The Facebook Business Suite is a powerful tool for managing your Meta assets. With its unified interface, you can easily schedule posts, view performance data, and assign access to team members. Setting up your own account is simple, and verifying your domains and business with Facebook is crucial for optimal functionality.

Ep 81 - Azure & GCP ... Are you ok?

Welcome to the Cloud Pod, where we discuss all things AWS, GCP, and Azure. In this episode, we talk about the recent earnings reports from Microsoft, Alphabet, and Amazon, as well as updates from Google Cloud and Amazon's Guard Duty. We also discuss the new Amazon Community Builders program and the collaboration between Google Cloud and Harvard Global Health to create a COVID-19 forecasting model.

Earnings Reports:

- Microsoft reported a revenue drop in Q2 2020, led by declining ad revenue due to COVID. Quarterly profit was $6.9 billion.

- Alphabet saw a 2% revenue drop, the first time in 16 years, due to declining ad revenue. Google Cloud saw a 52% YoY increase.

- Amazon's revenue was up 40%, with net income of $5.2 billion. Amazon Web Services saw growth fall below 29% for the first time.

Guard Duty for S3:

- Amazon has extended Guard Duty to protect S3 buckets, allowing users to continually monitor and profile S3 data access events and configurations to detect suspicious activity.

- The feature is available in the Guard Duty console and can be enabled with a simple checkbox. The first 30 days are free, with a cost of 80 cents per million events after that.

Amazon Community Builders:

- Amazon has launched a program offering technical resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to AWS enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders.

- The program is open to everyone and offers different areas of interest, such as serverless, security, and migration.

COVID-19 Forecasting Model:

- Google Cloud and Harvard Global Health have collaborated on a new COVID-19 forecasting model, using Google's AutoML technology.

- The data is available in the BigQuery interface and downloadable as a CSV, as well as with the Data Studio dashboard and the National Response Portal.

Top 5 FAQ about Programmatic Advertising | Grasp with GG | GreedyGame

- Programmatic advertising is a hot topic in the acting industry, but few understand what it is and where it stands in the industry.

- Apollo, our programmatic media manager, will answer the top five questions about programmatic advertising.

Question 1: What is programmatic advertising?

- Programmatic advertising is digital advertising where no human effort is involved.

- Instead of roadside banners and billboards, advertisements are shown through mobiles and laptops.

Question 2: What are programmatic deals?

- The entire ecosystem is driven by publishers and advertisers.

- Programmatic deals involve the interaction between advertisers and publishers, with two ways of interaction: direct and programmatic (RTB).

- Real-time bidding (RTB) is the solution for the increasing complexity of multiple advertisers and publishers.

Question 3: What are the four types of programmatic deals?

- Programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals are similar, with the only difference being the volume of impressions.

- Private marketplaces (PMPs) allow publishers to create their own marketplace for a given set of advertisers to access their premium inventory.

- Open auction is where the publisher sells their entire inventory to every advertiser.

Question 4: What are supply side platforms (SSPs) and demand side platforms (DSPs)?

- SSPs help publishers sell their inventory in an open auction.

- DSPs handle advertiser budgets and use them to market their products or services.

Question 5: What are some challenges in programmatic advertising?

- Invalid traffic (IVT) and masking of domains are fraudulent activities that affect the industry.

- Third party data, such as cookies, are on the verge of getting dormant.

- The industry is evolving rapidly with the increasing digital content and advertisers spend.

- Programmatic advertising is a complex industry, but understanding its ecosystem is crucial.

- With the right tools and solutions, such as RTB and compliance tools like ads.txt and app-ads.txt, the industry can combat fraudulent activities and improve user experience.

- The future of programmatic advertising is promising, as the industry continues to evolve and adapt to the changing digital landscape.

Stopping Invalid Traffic using Spark Streaming, Kafka and Science (Tech Talks @ AppNexus)

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I am a data scientist at AppNexus. My job involves researching invalid traffic and other fraudulent activities that occur on the internet. In this article, I will discuss the ways in which we are tackling this problem and share some of our findings.

Streaming Data

Streaming data is a way of moving data between computers and is useful when dealing with large amounts of data. Spark and Kafka are two tools we use to deal with streaming data. Spark is a system that lets us load large amounts of data into memory and perform operations on it. Kafka allows us to deal with large amounts of data in a convenient way.

The Invalid Traffic Problem

Invalid traffic refers to ad impressions that are generated by robots instead of humans. This is a problem for advertisers because it means they are wasting their money on ads that are not being seen by humans. Invalid traffic also leads to other problems on the internet, such as computer viruses and malware.

Examples of Our Work

We have found three examples of invalid traffic that we are working on. These include click spam, ad fraud, and ad injection.

Click spam is when someone clicks on an ad multiple times to generate more revenue for themselves.

Ad fraud is when someone creates fake websites and ad impressions to generate revenue.

Ad injection is when someone injects ads into legitimate websites without the website owner's permission.

Tackling the problem of invalid traffic is an important issue that requires advanced technology and data analysis. At AppNexus, we are committed to finding solutions to this problem and ensuring that advertisers get value for their money.

Tackle Ad Viewability in 2016

Good morning everyone, thank you for joining us for today's webinar on tackling ad viewability in 2016. We apologize for any confusion around the start time due to technical difficulties, but we're glad to have started. In this webinar, we'll be discussing the rising importance of viewability and how to optimize it on your site. We'll start with Kelly discussing the challenges of measuring success in digital advertising and the importance of attention. Then, AR will discuss their experience with optimizing viewability on How.com, a large-scale media and e-commerce property. We'll cover metrics such as page views, time on site, clicks, CDC, and viewability, and the challenges of balancing the needs of both advertisers and end-users. Our approach to solving this challenge involves rigorous testing and optimization using platforms such as Optimizely. By finding a sweet spot that offers a great experience for both parties, we can create a healthy, high-performing website that serves its audience and advertisers in the best way possible.

Larry Kim's 3 Unicorn Growth Marketing Channels to Try Today

In this session, Larry Kim, CEO of Mobile Monkey and founder of WordStream, talks about three growth marketing channels to try out. The first idea is to do it yourself account-based marketing or outbound marketing, where you supplement your traditional inbound marketing efforts with outbound prospecting efforts. The second idea is to make cold emails more engaging by finding signals of intent that would indicate a potential need for your products or services. The third idea is to use Facebook Messenger as a growth marketing channel.

DIY Account-Based Marketing:

- Use a list verifier service to reduce bounce rates and improve sender score

- Warm up your email domain by compiling a list of friends and family members to engage with your emails

- Throttle your email sends over a few days to avoid spam filters and improve email deliverability

- Find relevant and valid email addresses using tools like Hunter.io, ZoomInfo, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Making Cold Emails More Engaging:

- Look for signals of intent that indicate a potential need for your products or services

- Examples of signals of intent include SEC filings, changes in job titles, business or people moving locations, and changes in software used on websites

- Have your tech team scrape these signals and trigger outbound emails to engage potential leads

Using Facebook Messenger as a Growth Marketing Channel:

- Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 billion monthly active users, making it a valuable growth marketing channel

- Benefits of using Facebook Messenger include high open rates, personalized conversations, and integration with other platforms

- Use Facebook ads to grow your Messenger contact list, create chatbots to automate conversations, and use Messenger for customer support and feedback

These three growth marketing channels provide opportunities to supplement traditional marketing efforts and reach new potential leads. By using DIY account-based marketing, making cold emails more engaging, and utilizing Facebook Messenger, businesses can improve their marketing strategies and ultimately increase their bottom line.

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