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Twitter Follower Campaigns

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Twitter Follower Campaigns

if your brand is pretty active on
twitter but you're not getting a lot of
engagement or you just want to amplify
your message
this is when you may want to consider a
followers campaign
now the definition is pretty
self-explanatory because the main goal
of this campaign type is to try to get
as many new followers for your twitter
as possible so in this video we're going
to cover how you can set up a followers
we'll go over where this campaign type
can appear and all the different
locations on twitter
will cover how the bidding strategy
works for this campaign as well as which
ad formats are allowed for a followers
the first thing i want to go over is
where the ads for your follower
campaigns can appear on twitter
the most common placement and i have it
highlighted right here is going to be
the who to follow section
that shows up on your twitter home
timeline for some reason i'm getting
promoted a home services account
but you see the format of the ad it's
just showing the twitter accounts
profile image
just the name the twitter handle
underneath it's calling out that it's
so you know it's an ad and then the
follow cta button
just like we see with some of the
organic results below it the second
place where your follower ads could
is going to be in your main home
timeline if i scroll down a little bit
we see a mcdonald's ad
if we look on the bottom of that tweet
we see it's promoted now unfortunately i
couldn't find
a follower ad within my home timeline
but just showing you the placement your
ad will not be formatted like this you
will not have a large
image or video we'll get to add formats
later towards the end while we're
creating the actual campaign
but that is the second placement and as
i go up top
and search for ppc these search results
are the third place
where your follower ads can appear as
you can see they're recommending some
people to follow at the top so your ad
could appear right
here and then if we go over to the
people tab we're seeing some of the same
top results
but there could be promoted accounts
showing up here as well so now that we
know the placements of our ads
let's go in and start creating a
follower campaign so we can get a full
understanding of how this campaign works
what we can target and what our ads will
look like
okay i'm in the paid media pros twitter
ads account i'm on the main overview
typically this is where we would see all
our campaigns laid out but we're not
running anything for ourselves
but to create a new campaign we need to
click on the create campaign button
which is in the upper right hand corner
of your screen
like most of the main paid media
platforms that are out there we have to
choose a campaign objective
and this one is pretty straightforward
under the middle consideration column we
need to choose followers
click next first i'm going to name the
campaign if i want to i can change the
daily budget
they automatikally put in 100 and if you
want to set a total lifetime budget you
could do that as well there's your
option to have a specific start date and
end date and if we click on advanced
you can choose how you want your spend
to be paced the default option is going
to be standard
now depending on your spend and of
course it's also going to depend on
the reach that you're getting depending
on your targeting settings with standard
pacing twitter is going to try to spread
out the budget evenly throughout the day
if you switch it to accelerated twitter
will try to spend your money
to your target audience as fast as
possible i'm good leaving it at standard
so i'm just going to click next
first let me go up and name my ad group
and then you have optional settings at
the ad group level
for a different start and end date and a
different ad group budget
but moving on i'm going to scroll down a
little bit we see that the goal of this
ad group is followers
because that is the campaign objective
that we have selected if i try to
highlight it
or change it i can't that goal is set in
place if i'm going down a little bit
we see that we pay by follower this is
another setting that we can't change
that is the only goal of this campaign
if your goal really isn't to get as many
followers as possible then you should
not choose this campaign objective to
begin with but bumping up the bid
strategy our two options are going to be
auto bid which is the default option and
as you can see there isn't any
additional step i need to do with that
bid strategy but if we switch it to
target cost
you can try to tell twitter to maintain
your target cost per result with the bid
amount that you enter within this field
i haven't chosen my specific target
audience for this ad group yet so most
likely that bid suggestion is going to
as you start adjusting your targeting
and while i'm telling twitter
i would like a 2.25 average cost per
follower it doesn't mean you're locked
into that amount
you're just giving twitter information
of what you would like that average cost
per result to be to help twitter
optimize towards those results
again it is not a guarantee so don't
expect those exact results
i have no problem starting off with auto
bid let the campaign run for a little
bit and if you're seeing that your cost
per results are much higher than you
you can always go back in edit your ad
group settings
and set a specific target cost to try to
lower those numbers if you feel they are
too high
but next i'm going to scroll down to
demographics and i am not going to spend
a ton of time
on all of these targeting options
because i did create a video about
twitter targeting options
and you can get a full in-depth look of
what twitter offers
by watching this video right here the
first targeting section is demographics
we see gender age location which
defaulted to my country
and then the optional setting of
language and then after demographics we
see the user must also match
one of the following things below first
you can choose your operating system
you can get down to specific device
model and carrier
next you will see specific custom
audiences in twitter and these audiences
you can create up within the tool
section we see in the top navigation
for certain app activities your customer
lists and website activity
website activity is most commonly going
to be your page visit retargeting
audiences so we had a client once who
wanted to boost
their twitter followers to try and get
more organic engagement
and the cheapest cost per results that
they had were focusing
on recent customers or users on their
newsletter list or someone who performed
higher level conversion actions on the
the cost per follower or cost per result
was a lot more affordable because people
were already familiar with this brand
if they bought something or subscribed
to a newsletter they already had some
sort of love or affinity for the brand
so it was easier for them to want to
follow them on twitter
i understand why some people think that
could be a waste of money because you're
not going after just pure new customers
but that wasn't their goal of their
the goal of their followers campaign was
to start building a bigger community on
and it was easier for them to start
doing that with users who are already
familiar or in love with the brand
and once they started doing that then
they started to get more organic
that leads to more sharing more
retweeting thus spreading the news
to a newer audience later on so it still
worked in getting new customers but they
started with
their current customers first just one
strategy to think about
moving on to the other targeting
features you can target by specific
follower look-alikes and that is not
targeting an account's followers
it's targeting users who perform similar
behaviors as that accounts followers
we see specific interests movies and tv
events conversation topics there's a ton
in each of these sections so again check
out that video i shared before
to get a full understanding of what some
of the options are for now i'm just
going to add a few follower lookalikes
just so i have some deeper targeting
options within this ad group i'm going
to target the accounts i know ppc hero
and ppc kirk good enough for me so i'm
going to move on next we get the
placements which we pretty much toked
about right in the beginning
your ads must appear on the home
timelines or just within the main
timeline itself
ads do appear on timelines within
profiles and there also is a who to
follow section on users profiles as well
so if you want you could uncheck this
box but i'm going to leave it and next
we get to the creators portion
and i'm glad twitter has this warning
because it's important to know this
before creating any of your follower ads
twitter recommends and i completely
agree with this to use
text only tweets for your followers
campaigns that is because when your ad
is serving to users on twitter
twitter will automatikally add the
follower card to your ad creative
and let me select one tweet really quick
and then we can preview it
so initially that is going to be my text
now i just said that twitter is going to
add the follower card automatikally
that card will contain the image that's
on your twitter profile background
not the user profile that's the one we
see next to our name currently in this
so again just the profile background
header image our bio will also appear
and then the last element will be the
follow call to action button
that we saw in the who to follow
sections and those elements will appear
no matter which placements our followers
ads are showing
now i just selected an organic tweet
that we already had created
and this example is not the greatest and
honestly i should not use this tweet
that is because any tweets that contain
an image
or a video in a followers campaign will
not have that
image or video show up the way you think
it will be that is because any tweet
that has an image or
video in a follower's ad will not
that image or video properly twitter
will only show that media
as a pic.twitter url link that's just
the way the followers ad template is
within twitter
so in the one i selected below there's
an image in it it's probably not the
best one to use
because i just selected the first
organic tweet i saw so i could go over
see this little pen quill right here and
i can create a new tweet to use
specifically for this campaign
i typed in my new text for this specific
tweet i'm not going to add a photo
video definitely not using a carousel
and then i can go up to the menu
up here and then save it as a draft i'm
going to save the draft
now we know it's saved so let me hop
back into the ads manager
now that we're back i'm going to change
organic tweets to schedule tweet
in this case that's just how i saved it
if you have different tweets that you've
used already in other ads
you can go back up select promoted only
tweets if you want to reuse any of those
it all depends on how you're creating
them and where you're saving them
depending on if it's an organic campaign
or a paid campaign
so in my case mine's a scheduled tweet
that i just saved so now i can select
that option i'm good with that so we can
click next
one last chance to check out the
campaign my ad group settings
looks good to me so far just to start
off and then we can launch the campaign
and now we're back on the main campaign
screen where we were when we started
this demo and now that the campaign is
i want to focus on the three columns on
the right and what they mean for a
followers campaign
a followers campaign is pretty much a
cost per action campaign
you will pay for every follower that
your campaign receives
the results are going to be the numbers
of followers your campaign received
the result rate is like your conversion
rate for the campaign
and then your cost per result looking at
your total spend factoring in the number
of results or followers you're getting
from this campaign
to see how much each of those new
followers are costing you so if you're
seeing that your cost per result or cost
per follower
is higher than you want it to be
remember i have it set up as auto bid
for now i can go back into my ad group
edit it lower my target cost per
to try to get those numbers down even if
you already have a target cost bid
strategy in place you can always
adjust that dollar amount to either
increase it if you want to try to get
more exposure
or decrease it if your cost per results
are too high the beauty of this campaign
is that you're in more control than you
think it's up to the advertiser to
what they feel a new follower is worth
to them
if you feel that a new follower is worth
two dollars
it's pretty easy then to figure out what
type of budget you should have because
then you can start looking at how many
followers do i want per day
if you want five followers per day at
two bucks a follower
then think about starting your campaign
off at a ten dollar a day daily budget
with a target cost of two dollars per
new follower
it's not going to be exact but it's a
good starting point to go off of
and they could always make adjustments
later on and that's how easy it is to
set up a followers campaign on twitter i
will always admit
this campaign type isn't for everyone
the main benefit we have seen
is really to try to increase brand
awareness and hopefully increase future
organic growth
i have never seen a followers campaign
lead to a ton of sales that's not the
goal of this campaign
consider a followers campaign to try to
grow your user base
to keep increasing your organic
engagement and reach
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
we release a new video at least once a
week so if you want to see more from the
paid media pros channel be sure to