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twitter video ads length

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

Hi everyone! Welcome to our channel. If you're watching for the first time, please continue watching the video to understand its purpose. This video is mainly for the purpose of connecting LinkedIn and Twitter.

First of all, let's talk about LinkedIn profiles. You can connect any number of Twitter accounts to your LinkedIn profile. There is no limit to the number of Twitter accounts you can add. However, when it comes to posting content, you can only post to one Twitter account at a time. This means that you can connect multiple Twitter accounts, but you can only post to one at a time.

Now, let's discuss how to upload long-length videos on Twitter. Twitter accepts videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long. But what if you want to upload a longer video? There's a solution! You can select the option called By Your Company Page when uploading the video. This allows you to directly upload the video to your Twitter account.

However, please note that not all video files are compatible with Twitter. If your video file is not compatible, you won't be able to upload it. Make sure to select a thumbnail for your video. You can choose a thumbnail from your video or create a custom thumbnail using a tool like Canva.

Once you've added the video and selected a thumbnail, you can click Tweet to publish it to your LinkedIn company page. It may take a few seconds for the video to upload. After the upload is complete, you can check your company page to see the video posted there.

Posting long-length videos on Twitter through LinkedIn company pages is a great way to share your content with your LinkedIn and Twitter audience. It helps increase your profile visibility and engagement on both platforms.

So, if you're wondering if it's possible to post long videos on Twitter through LinkedIn, the answer is yes! By using the LinkedIn company pages to profile to Twitter account option, you can easily share long videos on Twitter. Make sure to follow the steps I've mentioned in the video.

If you have any doubts or questions about this topic, please feel free to ask in the comments section. I'll be happy to support you. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe to our channel for more helpful content.

Bird’s Eye Views Twitter Rolls Out View Counts for Tweets

On this week's episode of Marketing O'Clock, we discuss a new AI-driven search engine that everyone should check out. Twitter is also introducing a feature that shows the number of impressions a tweet has. We apologize for the remote recording due to an unprecedented snowstorm in Buffalo. We hope everyone affected by the storm is safe. We start the episode with some lighthearted banter about our personal lives, including Greg's daughter's Christmas gift and Christine being stuck at home for six days. We acknowledge the seriousness of the situation and express gratitude to first responders and plow drivers. We discuss the challenges of being stuck at home and how Jess's son came up with a funny nickname for her. We also mention that the year 2022 has been great for Greg and our listeners, and we look forward to the next year. We announce the release of our Clock Skirts episode and the special tribute we recorded. Elon Musk tweets about Twitter's new view count feature, which shows how many times a tweet has been seen. We discuss the implications of this feature and its potential benefits for brands. We also mention the issue of fake followers and how this feature can help identify genuine engagement. Overall, we believe this feature is a positive addition to Twitter.

2022, in 7 minutes

- The global population surpassing 8 billion people

- Predictions of weddings reaching a 40-year high


- Waiting for two and a half years

- Flirtation and fighting leading to the official union


- Full-on crypto crash with $32 billion lost

- Money not jiggling anymore


- BTS going on hiatus

- Taylor Swift fans facing website crashes

- Excitement for attending a concert

Current Events:

- Military operation in eastern Ukraine

- Explosions and air raid sirens in cities

- UN reports on Ukrainians fleeing the fighting

- Feeling of having no home in Russian

- Russia facing new sanctions

- World bracing for food shortages

- Gas supplies to Germany suspended

- Possible explosions along Nord Stream pipelines

- Record-high gas prices

Job Layoffs:

- Layoffs at Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta

- Twitter employees quitting


- High inflation rates

- Everything doubling in price

- Questioning whether to heat or eat


- Equal pay achieved for men's and women's national teams

- Controversial World Cup in Qatar

- Scrutiny over treatment of migrant workers

- Winter Olympics in progress

- Positive drug test by Russian figure skater

- Positive Covid-19 test leading to withdrawal from an event

Climate Change:

- Devastating floods in Pakistan

- Climate crisis leading to a highway to climate hell

- Hurricane Ian changing Florida

- Tragedy unfolding due to extreme weather events

Global Issues:

- Mortar explosions near a mosque in Ghana

- Plot to take over Burkina Faso averted

- Mass shootings in various locations

- Supreme Court ruling on firearm license accessibility

- Rising incidents of anti-Semitism and Black transgender deaths

- Attempts to restrict LGBTQ+ rights

- Supreme Court ruling potentially overturning Roe v. Wade

- Outrage over death of Mahsa Amini and Iranian regime's actions

- Death of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Political Changes:

- Resignation of a conservative party leader

- Xi Jinping becoming a powerful leader in China

- Defeat of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil

- Election of Gabriel Boric as Chile's youngest president

- Victory of Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party in Italy's election

- Election of India's first tribal person to a high office

- Announcement of Queen Elizabeth II's death

Ukraine-Russia Conflict:

- Ukrainian forces on the offensive

- Ukrainian resilience and strength

Legislation and Climate Change:

- Signing of the Inflation Reduction Act

- US commitment to fighting climate change

Social Progress:

- Landmark referendum in Cuba to legalize same-sex marriage

- Argentina becoming champions of the world

Achievements in Science and Art:

- New discoveries in space exploration

- Historical moment for Coda at the Academy Awards

- Encouragement to never give up on oneself

- Acknowledging the long journey of progress

- History being about people and their stories

How to Use Twitter for Business

Using Twitter for Business: Top Three Strategies to Increase Profits

- Twitter as a real-time communication tool between consumers and brands

- Small business owners can benefit from using Twitter

- Purpose of the video and a call to action to subscribe to the channel

Trending Topics:

- Twitter's ability to share information in real-time

- Twitter's constantly updating section for popular topics

- Importance of tweeting about trending topics to reach a target audience

- Free way to get your brand in front of people

- Emphasis on the ever-changing nature of trending topics

Brand Transparency:

- Brands using Twitter in a light-hearted and humorous tone

- Example of Twitter's witty response when Facebook and Instagram went down

- Other major brands responding with humor

- Contrast to formal press releases and the importance of authenticity

- Consumers' preference for transparent and honest brands

Leveraging Twitter's User Base:

- Twitter's monthly active users compared to other social media platforms

- Smaller, niche nature of Twitter allows for reaching the target audience faster and at a lower cost

- Twitter users' higher income and likelihood to purchase new products

- Twitter's ease of finding the target audience through targeted ads and hashtags

Bonus Tips:

- Making your Twitter account easy to find through search engine optimization

- Including relevant keywords in your bio to appear in search results

- Consistency in brand name and username across all social media platforms to make it easier for users to find and recognize your brand

- The impact of a consistent brand presentation on revenue increase

- Utilizing Twitter analytics to gain insights into your audience's interests

- Recap of the top three strategies for using Twitter for business

- Call to action to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and turn on notifications

New Twitter Header Size

Hey, what's up AJ Mix here and welcome to this episode of Game Time TV. Today, we're going to talk about the new Twitter header size and how to create one. So, let's dive right in!

First off, let's talk about the importance of your Twitter header. It's like virtual real estate, gold that you need to utilize. Many people make the mistake of randomly uploading a picture they found on Google or not having one at all. But I challenge you to use this space as a virtual billboard to establish your authority and showcase what you have going on.

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of creating a Twitter header. Twitter gives you different dimensions than what you actually need. The dimensions I recommend are 3000 by 1000 pixels. This ensures that your header won't be pixelated. I've created a template for you, which you can download from our blog. Just click the link below this video if you're watching on YouTube or find it in the blog post if you're on our website.

Once you have the template, you'll notice that there's a little space at the top that won't be visible when you upload your header. So, don't worry about anything in that area. However, your profile picture will be visible, so make sure to align it properly.

To add your desired elements to the header, simply drop your guides and start adding your layers. It's pretty easy, right? In my example, I have the logo for the Movement Marketing Summit and some other elements. I drew a guide to align the profile picture with the rest of the header.

Now, you might remember that I mentioned that certain parts of the header won't be visible when you upload it. Well, that's not entirely true. It might be cut off in the preview, but when you view it on your computer, it will look nice and complete.

So, there you have it. Creating a nice Twitter header is as simple as using the dimensions 3000 by 1000 pixels. Don't miss out on this opportunity to establish yourself as an authority and get more qualified click-throughs to your site.

I hope this episode has served you well. Get off the sidelines because it's game time! Peace out!

What Size is the New Twitter Header?

Hey, what's up? This is HMX Creators, mentor, and host of Amex TV. In today's episode, I wanted to break it down and teach you guys how to brand your Twitter background. So follow me over to the computer because we have a few changes we need to look at. Check this out.

- In this episode, I will show you how to brand your Twitter background effectively.

- Twitter backgrounds are like virtual billboards that can help establish your brand's authority and positioning.

- I will provide tips on creating a visually appealing brand on Twitter.

Sub-heading: The Importance of Twitter Backgrounds:

- Twitter backgrounds are like virtual billboards that allow you to showcase your brand's identity.

- Utilizing your Twitter background effectively can help establish your brand's authority and positioning.

- Designing a visually appealing background is crucial to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Sub-heading: Designing an Effective Twitter Background:

- The recommended dimensions for a Twitter background are 3000 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall.

- Avoid pixelation by using the correct dimensions and hiring a professional designer if needed.

- Ensure that your profile picture is clear and crisp by using a size of 500 by 500 pixels.

- Examples of well-designed Twitter backgrounds and profile pictures can be seen on Nick Unsworth's and Life on Fire TV's accounts.

- Branding your Twitter background is essential for establishing your brand's authority and positioning.

- Utilize the virtual real estate on Twitter to make a lasting impression on your audience.

- By following the tips provided, you can create a visually appealing and professional-looking Twitter background. Stay tuned for more Twitter and digital strategy tips from AJ Amex. Peace out!

Adele - Easy On Me (Official Video)

In this article, we will explore a conversation between two individuals and analyze the use of contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms. We will also avoid repetitive phrases and unnatural sentence structures to enhance the overall flow and readability of the text.


- Distant bird squawking

- Footsteps approaching

- Distant bird squawking

- Birds chirping

- Keys jangling

- Door opening

- Door shutting

- Insect buzzing

- Foliage rustling

- Phone ringing

Interjection: Oh

Person 1: Hey darling! You all right?

Person 2: Yeah, I'm good. Yeah, all good. All done, everything's packed. I'm just gonna get on the road now, about to leave.

Person 1: Foliage rustling continues. Well, hopefully just a couple of hours. But if I'm late, go ahead and start without me.

Person 2: All good. I mean, I will, but we have bad signal. I said I probably won't have good signal.

Person 1: Yes, I can hear you perfectly. Can you hear me?

Person 2: Oh, for God's sakes. Foliage rustling continues. Here we go again.

Person 1: Wind gusting, door opening mechanism engaging. Static hissing. Pensive wistful music.

Person 2: Vehicle approaching. Wistful music continues.

Person 1:

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