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Twitter Video Ads

Published on: December 7 2022 by Paid Media Pros

Twitter Video Ads

Twitter Video Ads

if your business is looking to promote a
video with ads it makes complete sense
to want to run to youtube first it is my
favorite channel it's a video platform i
get that but one thing we always stress
to advertisers is to look at other
some of these targeting options that we
have within twitter aren't available in
any other paid media platform so in this
video we're going to cover video views
campaign objective to see if it's the
right channel for you to promote your
video we're going to cover the specs a
little bit over the targeting options
and then we'll cover some of the metrics
and the columns you can view to see if
promoting your video on twitter is the
good choice for your business
i am in the main account dashboard in
twitter ads and when you are in this
view there are two ways we can create a
new campaign the easiest way will be to
go up to create campaign pretty
straightforward but if you are not in
this main dashboard view you can head
over to campaigns in the top navigation
and if you click on it there will be the
option in the drop down under ads
manager we can create a campaign to make
a video ads campaign within twitter we
need to choose the video views campaign
objective which is the top option in the
consideration column now before i hit
next i at least want to acknowledge the
second option right below pre-roll views
because tiknically this campaign
objective also uses videos but i am not
going to cover the pre-roll view's
campaign objective because odds are you
are looking for the video views
objective but think of pre-roll views
just the same as you would a skippable
trueview in-stream ad on youtube your
video will show up before another
publisher's video so pretty much you're
attaching your video to some of the
video content from some of the most
watched publishers on the twitter
platform but with video views the one i
have selected you're going to be
promoting your own video and that is
what we're going to move forward with
for the campaign creation so i'm going
to go down and hit next
and then we get to the campaign details
i'm just going to go and create a
campaign name then when i scroll down a
little bit we see funding source you
have the option to change your daily
budget include an optional total budget
then you can choose a start date and an
end date and then if we go down to
you can choose the pacing of the budget
so standard pacing will help spread your
budget throughout the day so this 100
that i currently have set they're not
going to try to spend it as fast as
possible that would be the accelerated
pacing which we currently have selected
depending on what i have selected as my
targeting options try to spend this 100
as soon as possible if it's getting in
front of the audience i have selected
within the next screen i'm just going to
leave it as is and then we can move on
to the next section so i'm going to go
over and hit next again i already went
ahead and named my ad group just to save
a little bit of time but then we get to
the ad group delivery we see there is an
optional ad group budget if you're only
going to have one ad group within the
campaign you don't need to do anything
with this but if you have multiple ad
groups in this example maybe you want to
have one overall campaign but you're
testing a little bit different audience
targets and if you want to have a
specific budget for any one of your ad
groups you can set it at the ad group
level and then the remaining campaign
budget will be dispersed between
whichever other ad groups you may have
within the campaign dropping down to the
next section i'm going to highlight the
what should this ad group optimize
towards and there are a few different
options the default option that we see
right here is for 15 second video views
twitter says this option is trying to
achieve at least 15 second views or
completed views with this selection you
are charged on a cpm model that is cost
per 1000 impressions since you're
charged from a cpm model there's gonna
be a decent percentage of users who
don't hit the 15 seconds the next option
will be video views now twitter states
video views are when your video is
watched in 50 view for two seconds or
more or this can also include when
someone clicks to expand your video or
to interact with it by muting or
unmuting the video so we can see with
fifty percent view the entire video does
not have to be visible on the screen
just half of it and they only have to
look at it for two seconds so you're
going to have to decide if that
awareness is important to you let's
choose our next option that is going to
be three second 100 video views this
happens when your video is 100 visible
on the user's screen for at least three
seconds and just like the video views
option this can also occur when someone
expands or mutes or unmute your video
and then the last call option is going
to be six second video views here we go
back to the 50 view so only half of your
video on the screen but the user needs
to watch it for at least six seconds and
once again clicks for expanding your
video or unmeeting your video also count
as early heads up twitter warns this
specific goal for your video ads
campaigns is not available for
retargeting at this moment so any
audiences that you have created for
twitter remarketing that includes
customer lists website visits app
interactions you will have to choose a
different campaign goal if you want to
use a video views campaign objective so
this is definitely one of the unique
parts of a video views campaign so we
can see how the goal portion of the ad
group setup is pretty unique to the
video views campaign objective but then
we can scroll down to bid strategy the
default and recommended option will be
auto bid this is letting twitter try to
optimize towards the best results
depending on what ad group goal you have
selected and then if you choose maximum
bid it's going to give you more control
over how much you're paying per video
for you and remember sometimes that view
can count on clicks and interactions
with the video ad so as we go down to
the next section is pay by we're paying
by the six second video view because
that is the goal that we have selected
if i go back and switch it to the
recommended 15 second video view
remember that's the one i said has a cpm
model so i'm paying by the impression
the other two goals were video view
based as well they're just different
results on how they're counted as a view
this section the pay by section will
automatikally update depending on which
goal you have selected you can hear my
mouse clicking right now i can't change
anything there's no other drop down so
it's pretty much out of our hands just
focus on the ad group goal jumping down
a little bit you can set a frequency cap
initially i would leave it as
automatikally optimize and then as the
campaign goes on if you're saying that
users are seeing your ad too frequently
you may be concerned it might be a
little bit annoying then you can always
go back and edit the ad group details to
control the amount of impressions a user
may see your video ad in a certain
amount of days and we see those options
are one day seven days or 30 days i'm
going to close this out and scroll down
here we pretty much get to all the
targeting options on twitter and i am
not going to spend too much time on this
because i've already created a video on
the targeting options that you have
within twitter you can watch that one
right here i'll admit it's a little bit
out of date but for the most part
everything covered in that video is
still relevant so you can get a better
understanding of what options you have
to get in front of your target audience
so we see the main demographic data
gender age location you can choose a
specific language scrolling down we can
choose specific devices device models
and carriers custom audiences if you
have created some of the retargeting
options you can include them here unless
it was the six second view audience that
we discussed before and once we get down
to targeting features here's where some
of the unique options that are really
only available on twitter exist and
since i want to include something at
least for this example campaign let's
choose a few different options just to
get an understanding so first could be
keywords and as i started to include
some deeper targeting options we see
that my audience estimate on the right
hand side notikeably went down let's try
to find another one
adding a few more it popped back up a
very unique option is going to be
follower lookalikes you're not targeting
an accounts followers you're pretty much
reaching people who have similar
interests as the users who follow these
so there's just a few options again
there are a lot of other types of
targeting options that you can look at
so go check out the other targeting
video i mentioned so you can get a
better understanding next we have some
control over the placements this is
where people can see your ads we cannot
turn off home timelines pretty much the
main home feed and i don't know why you
would want to do that anyways you could
turn off profiles that is someone's
looking at a specific account going
through that account's history of tweets
potentially an ad can show up within
that user's feed and then the search
results there is a search engine feature
to twitter so if someone's looking for a
specific hashtag topics about tweets
whatever the results are from whatever
the user was searching potentially ads
can appear within that feed as well i
always like to leave everything on
because i'm mostly targeting an audience
not necessarily where that user is
viewing information and next we get down
to the creatives if you've created a
tweet with a video in it you can already
select one of the old options but if you
want to create something new you can
head to this button right here create
tweet it's got the plus and the little
quill i'm just proud of myself that i
knew what that symbol was and then we
can go ahead and create our tweet now i
already made a video that went over the
specs for the main ad formats for
twitter ads and we did tok about video
ads within that other one but i still
want to cover them for this partikular
video because it's important the first
part is the tweet copy and for a video
ad we get 280 characters in this case i
added a link every link that you use
will reduce the character count by 23
characters next i'm going to select
photo or video once we get down we're
going to show that it is a video file
but if you want to choose a call to
action you can add it the default option
will be sending users to your website
but you also can promote your app if you
choose the app category it's going to
take away the url default cta is going
to be installed if i switch it back to
website we see if they click on any
portion of that i know i needed a
headline it's just going to send users
to my main url i just named my card
really quick and then we can choose the
media now the option i selected was
photo or video but in the case of video
we can see the file types that are
accepted are mp4s or the mov files the
file size for videos can be one
gigabytes max but twitter recommends to
try to keep them under 30 megabytes
i just upload a video it's from our old
bloopers one i'm sorry michelle it's
just the only thing i had i know this
partikular video is fairly short twitter
does recommend a 15 second or less video
just understand the user behavior of
twitter they're scrolling constantly
attention spans are a lot lower but
videos up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds
are supported so if you really feel
you'll have a strong video content
that's going to keep users engaged and
going to keep them from scrolling within
the feed go for it but i actually do
agree with twitter on this one to try to
keep your videos a smaller length this
is not youtube people do not go to
twitter purely to watch videos so either
make your creative extremely
entertaining if you want a longer video
or just get to the point so they can
move on but if i scroll back up i can
head back to the main media section and
there we can add a headline and website
url note that this url can be different
than any of the urls that i put within
my actual copy understand it's a boring
headline hopefully you can have
something more engaging for your users
but now you see what this tweet would
look like now that i've put it all
together i can go back up tweet this
right now or i could save this as a
draft or schedule it for later in this
case i'm going to schedule it for later
knowing that my campaign will eventually
go live so then i'll click schedule and
then you can see they're keeping me on
the tweet composer that's because when i
needed to create a new tweet it opened
up another tab so let me go back into
the ad group setup and then i need to
drop down to the selection right here
because the creatives i can already
select right now are only looking at the
organic tweets but i can look at other
promoted only tweets and in my case the
one i created as a draft i scheduled it
for later and there's the new tweet that
i just created with the video
i don't need to preview it because we
already saw it in the tweet composer but
if you're going through older tweets and
you don't remember what it looks like
when you created it you can go up and
take a look at it and then i can go and
hit next
go over my campaign details if
everything looks good i can click launch
campaign and the last thing i want to
cover is looking at the metrics we see
there are default options for promoted
video views that really satisfy this
campaign objective i'm going to leave
the view here because this is the only
video views objective campaign i have
set up within this account but this
default columns view looks at
impressions spend video views and
remember video views are counted
differently depending on the ad group
goal so in this view i'm looking at
things from the campaign level you may
want to switch up here to the ad group
level if you've created multiple ad
groups with different goals but then
next we see cost per video view how many
video starts if i scroll over we'll get
stats on if the video was played to 25
or was watched completely now we see the
campaign start date potential end date
total budgets
results result rate cost per result
daily budget campaign remaining budget
if you set a total lifetime amount and
the daily pacing this can better help
you decide if you want to do more
standard throughout the day or the
accelerated pacing now this is looking
purely at video views but you still can
go up to metrics and then customize them
right now we have pretty much all the
video view options but as i'm scrolling
through all these i can add additional
things like clicks are they retweeting
the specific ad more engagement type
metrics as i get down more towards
promoted video views look at all the
other options you have so if you know
you're choosing specific campaign goals
you can add all of these to the mix
there's different campaign objectives
here as i almost missed it conversions
if you want to see if your videos are
actually driving actions on your website
or of course app installs if that was a
different objective or card that you've
selected see if your video ads are
having an impact in that result if it is
a video views campaign objective i do
like to start off with the default
column views but then i can remove
certain ones like remaining budget total
budget if it is an ongoing daily budget
and start including the options that are
important for that specific campaign
objective you've probably heard michelle
and i say this multiple times your
audience visits more websites than
google and facebook
and as i've said before twitter has
unique targeting options that other
channels just do not have so if you're
looking for a new way to engage your
users with video you might as well give
twitter ads a try twitter is a great
platform for users to discover brands so
i traditionally like to use video on
twitter from a first engagement with
some of my clients brands if you're
trying to use this to keep in front of a
very specific audience keep your content
fresh the video creative that you use on
twitter needs to be updated frequently
look how fast content on twitter updates
people don't want to see the same things
over and over again so refresh your
video content keep on testing find out
what's going to engage with users that
is when you're going to see the best
results if you've run video views
campaign objectives on twitter before
how have they worked for you let
everyone know in the comments below
thanks for watching our video if you
found it useful give us a thumbs up
below we release a new video at least
once a week so if you want to see more
from the paid media pros channel be sure
to subscribe

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