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u s classified ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Free classified ad sites offer a convenient way to list your items for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads, and much more without having to pay a fee. In this article, we will discuss the top free local classified ad sites.

1. Craigslist:

- One of the most popular websites for posting free classified ads online.

- You can find ads for pretty much everything and in lots of categories without having to log in.

- You can use Craigslist to find tons of free stuff near you.

- It has a huge range of categories like community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, discussion forums, gigs, resumes, etc.

2. Oodle:

- A website where you can post free classified ads.

- You can find used stuff, job listings, apartments to rent, and much more.

- Provides a whole host of categories that you can browse and also list in.

- All vehicles, all rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, tickets, services, personals, community are some examples.

3. ClassifiedAds.com:

- Another great free ad posting site without registration.

- You'll find lots of different sections whether you're looking for real estate listings near you, personal ads, or to sell your stuff online.

- You don't have to register with the website to post an ad on there.

4. OfferUp:

- A website for selling stuff locally for free.

- You can advertise your stuff for sale on there without having to pay for it.

- There are lots of categories on the site such as antiques, appliances, arts and crafts, audio equipment, etc.

5. Gumtree:

- A super popular classified ad site in the UK.

- It offers ads in lots of categories like cars and vehicles for sale, property, jobs, services, pets, etc.

- You do need to login to post on Gumtree.

6. Five Miles:

- A website to consider if you're looking to list your stuff for sale locally.

- You can post stuff for sale on there for free.

- There are even sections for housing and jobs.

7. Facebook Marketplace:

- Easy to get started with as many people already have a Facebook account.

- You can buy and sell stuff in a huge range of categories.

- It is more focused on selling stuff than finding jobs or services.

All of these platforms have their unique upsides and downsides. But luckily, you don't have to choose one since they're all free to use. Try using a few or all for browsing local ads and posting your own. Let us know about your favorite free classified ad sites in the comments section below.

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

In this video, I'm going to show you five free ads websites that anyone who wants to start earning from $100 to $200 a day should know about. I don't want you to struggle with these free ads websites, so I'm going to show you examples of products and unique angles that I would use if I were promoting products on these free ads websites. This is the perfect way for beginners to start making money for free without any experience or skills, all you need to do is put in your time. Even before jumping straight into this video, I would like to notify you that I have created a free masterclass in which I'm going to teach you the five simple steps that everyone who wants to go from zero to six figures needs to do in order to build a long term profitable online business.

- Five free ads websites for making money

- Example of products and unique angles

- Perfect way for beginners to start making money

- Free masterclass to learn five simple steps to build a long term profitable online business

1. My Middy Ads:

- Professional social network for media buyers and sellers

- Post and market job ads

- Share as a company

- Post marketing ads and job ads

- Provide job opportunities

- Create genuine ads

- Post new ads and choose between marketing and job ads

2. Worldprofit.com:

- Free membership for affiliate marketers

- Free ads option

- Affiliate marketing trainings (not recommended)

- Only seen by members of Worldprofit

- Buyers and people interested in affiliate marketing

- Go to Clickbank for offers

- Offers like one click wealth system

- Students were able to make money using Worldprofit

3. Oodle.com:

- Marketplace in the USA

- Browse categories like jobs, pets, services, and community

- Share ads for jobs and pets

- Go to Clickbank for offers

- Offers like brain training for dogs

- Create ads with images and text from Clickbank

4. Classifiedads.com:

- Post ads for free

- Go to Clickbank for offers

- All categories found on Clickbank

- Post ads with asking price and description

- Chance for someone to purchase through your affiliate link

5. Social media:

- Not a free ads website

- Like and subscribe for more videos

- Five free ads websites to make money

- Go to Clickbank for offers

- Create genuine ads

- Provide job opportunities

- Students were able to make money using these websites

- Social media is not a free ads website

Best Top 12 Free Classified Ads Posting Sites US/UK in English

Looking to advertise your goods or services for free? Look no further than these top 12 frequently visited free ad posting sites:

1. eBay: An international company that provides consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via the internet, eBay operates in over 30 countries and is recognized as one of the largest technology companies globally.

2. Craigslist: A popular international free ad site with sections devoted to jobs, housing, personals, services, gigs, events, community, resumes, and discussion forums.

3. OLX: Hosting free user-generated classified ads, OLX is an international company that provides spaces for ads from various categories such as cars, jobs, housing, pets, personals, and more.

4. Backpage: Found around the globe, from America to Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa, Backpage covers everything imaginable, all subdivided into easily recognizable categories.

5. Gumtree: A free ad site available in a multitude of countries, Gumtree is famous for advertising cars, flats and houses, services, pets, furniture, merchandise, job offers, and many more.

6. Classified Ads: A free ad listing site with categories varying from advertising cars, real estate, pets, personals, items for sale, services, etc.

7. Doodle: A large aggregator of listings from sites like eBay, Myspace, Forint, etc., they also include advertisements from local newspapers and websites.

8. AdPost: Another site for free classified ads located in over 1000 cities in over 500 regions across the world.

9. Hubli: A site with a very extensive range of ads displayed on their site, covering everything from event announcements to real estate and vehicles.

10. SaleSpider: A free social network where business owners can find free sales leads and prospects, as well as free business directories and free business forums.

11. Ads Globe: An advertising gateway for free classified ads, including jobs, real estate, rentals, vehicles, services, items for sale, travel, events, pets, business, and community.

12. Yeah Cos: Aggregates classified listings from sites including Craigslist and Kijiji, with results presented in an easy-to-search format.

By posting your ads on these sites, there is a good chance that many people will view your ad, leading to a positive response for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Start posting your ads today!

Classified Ads Software Review | Post to 500 US Cities Daily

On Labor Day weekend, many people have a three-day break from their jobs. In this quick video, the author discusses how to post classified ads on Craigslist using software.

Steps to Posting Classified Ads:

1. Use the software to post up to 500 ads per day.

2. Ensure that the ads do not get flagged by using random emails.

3. Use the website ClassifiedAds.com to prevent flagging.

4. Choose the category for the ad, such as business opportunities.

5. Use spinning text to create unique ads.

6. Use a Google Voice phone number for a more professional appearance.

7. Use a tool like Money Captcha to capture leads.

8. Upgrade to Diamond Membership for access to 750 leads.

9. Find a gig on Fiverr to create spin text for your emails.

10. Take action and join the author's team to learn more.

Posting classified ads can be a great way to promote your business, but it is important to use the right tools and techniques to avoid flagging. By following these steps and joining a supportive team, you can achieve success in your marketing efforts.

Post free classified ads at usauk-classifieds.com without registration

How to Create Ads on US and UK Classifieds Websites

Creating ads on classifieds websites is a great way to reach a large audience. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating an ad on US and UK classifieds websites.


1. Go to the US and UK classifieds website and click on Post a Listing.

2. Click on Add New Classified and choose a category such as community, learning, animals, services, etc.

3. Select a subcategory such as babysitting, financial, tech, other services, etc.

4. Choose a duration for your ad such as one month, two months, or three months.

5. Write a description for your ad and choose your email, country, and state.

6. Complete the captcha and choose two free images or a YouTube video for your ad.

7. Choose a password and save it for future editing of your ad.

8. Select options such as title, bowling, better placement, feature listing, and attention getter.

Creating ads on classifieds websites is easy and effective. By following these steps, you can create an ad that will attract attention and reach a large audience. Happy advertising!

কিভাবে FREE Classified Ads Post করবেন [ FREELANCER HASAN ]

In today's world, classifieds have become an essential tool for individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods and services. One popular category of classifieds is music-related, which allows musicians, music producers, and other music enthusiasts to advertise their products and services. This article aims to provide insights on how to create a music classified account and how to post your listings on different classified sites.

How to create an account:

Creating a music classified account is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

1. Choose a classified site that caters to music-related ads.

2. Click on the Create Account or Register button on the site's homepage.

3. Fill in your personal details, such as name, email address, and contact number.

4. Choose a username and password for your account.

5. Verify your email address by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your inbox.

Posting your listings:

Once you have created your music classified account, it's time to start posting your listings. Here's how you can do it:

1. Log in to your account.

2. Click on the Post Ad or Create Listing button.

3. Select the appropriate category for your listing, such as Musical Instruments, Music Lessons, or Music Production.

4. Fill in the details of your ad, such as the title, description, price, and location.

5. Add relevant images or videos to showcase your product or service.

6. Review and submit your listing.

Tips for posting on classified sites:

Here are some tips to help you post your listings on classified sites effectively:

1. Use clear and concise language to describe your product or service.

2. Include relevant keywords in your ad title and description to improve visibility.

3. Use high-quality images or videos to attract potential buyers.

4. Set a competitive price for your product or service.

5. Monitor your listings regularly and respond to inquiries promptly.

Music classifieds are an excellent way to promote your music-related products and services to a broader audience. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a music classified account and post your listings on different classified sites. Remember to use clear and concise language, include relevant keywords, and use high-quality images or videos to make your listings stand out. Happy posting!

Best Free Classified Ads Sites to Advertise for Free

Music free classified ad sites offer a great opportunity for individuals to buy and sell items without having to pay any fees. These sites allow users to list their stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads, and more. Craigslist is one of the most popular local classified sites, as it offers ads in various categories without having to log in or pay any fees. Other sites like Oodle, ClassifiedAds.com, OfferUp, and Five Miles also provide an excellent platform for individuals to advertise their services, promote their small businesses, and post personal ads. These sites offer numerous categories, subcategories, and sections, making it easy for users to find what they are looking for. Other sites on the list include LookInto, AdPost, PennySaver, Buysell Community, Mercury, Geebo, Poshmark, Ads Globe, Trovit, FreeAdsTime, and VarageSale. Each of these sites has its own unique features, and users can post ads without having to register in most cases. These free classified ad sites are an ideal option for individuals looking to make some quick cash or promote their services without having to part with their items or pay any fees.

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