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uk classifieds ads list

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

Free classified ad sites are a great way to list your stuff for sale, respond to job ads, post personal classified ads, and much more without having to pay a fee. When it comes to local classified sites, Craigslist has been and continues to be the most popular one. However, there are many other sites like Craigslist that offer free ad posting without registration. In this article, we will discuss the top free local classified ad sites that you should give a try.

1. Craigslist:

Why it's great:

- You can find ads for pretty much everything on there and posts ads in lots of categories too.

- Without having to log in, Craigslist is one of the most, if not the most popular website for posting free classifieds ads online.

- You can post ads without having to register. You'll just need to follow the instructions to post your listing.

- You can use Craigslist to find tons of free stuff near you.

- The website has a huge range of categories like community, housing, jobs, services, for sale, discussion forums, gigs, resumes, and more.

2. Oodle:

Why it's great:

- In addition to stuff for sale, you'll also find jobs, services, and personals on there.

- It's a website where you can post free classified ads.

- Oodle provides a whole host of categories that you can browse and also list in.

- You will need to have an active Facebook account to put a new post on Oodle.

3. ClassifiedAds.com:

Why it's great:

- You don't have to register to post on there, and there's a huge selection of categories to choose from.

- You can easily find the category you're looking for on the website.

- ClassifiedAds.com has one of the widest ranges of categories of all the sites on the list.

- You may need to provide your name, email address, and phone number when you create your listing.

4. OfferUp:

Why it's great:

- There's a huge range of categories to buy and sell in, making it perfect for anyone who's looking to list stuff for sale or make a purchase.

- You can advertise your stuff for sale on there without having to pay for it.

- You can easily use OfferUp to sell your stuff for some quick cash.

5. Gumtree:

Why it's great:

- It's ideal for selling within the UK, where it's the most popular classified ad site.

- Gumtree has a super popular classified ads website in the UK, and it offers ads in lots of categories.

- You do need to login to post on Gumtree.

6. Five Miles:

Why it's great:

- It's awesome for local sales, housing, services, jobs, and more.

- You can post stuff for sale on there for free, and there are even sections for housing and jobs.

- You do have to sign in to post an ad on Five Miles.

7. Facebook Marketplace:

Why it's great:

- It's easy to get started with, as many people already have a Facebook account.

- You can buy and sell stuff in a huge range of categories.

- Facebook Marketplace is worth a look if you're looking to sell stuff or find stuff to buy.

All of these platforms have their unique upsides and downsides, but luckily you don't have to choose one since they're all free to use. We suggest using a few or all for browsing local ads and posting your own. Give these sites a try and let us know about your favorite free classified ad sites in the comments section below.

List It Online | Free Classified Ads in United Kingdom

Selling Your Car Online for Free: A Step-by-Step Guide

Selling your car online can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. With the right steps and some helpful tips, you can sell your car quickly and for free. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of selling your car online step-by-step.

Step 1: Create an Account

- Go to the website you want to sell your car on

- Create an account

- Click on Add Listing

- Select Vehicles as the category and Car for Sale as the subcategory

- Choose Private Seller and indicate that you're selling an Audi A3

Step 2: Add a Description

- Provide as much detail as possible about the car

- Include the car's make, model, year, and mileage

- Describe the car's condition and features (e.g., air conditioning, navigation system)

- Add tags to help buyers find your listing

Step 3: Upload Photos

- Add up to five photos of the car

- Take photos of the inside and outside of the car

- Choose clear, high-quality photos that showcase the car's features

Step 4: Set the Price

- Choose whether you want to list your ad for free or pay for a featured ad

- Set the price for your car

Step 5: List Your Ad

- Preview your ad to make sure everything looks good

- Click List Ad

- Your ad will be listed on the website

Selling your car online can be easy and free if you follow these steps. By providing a detailed description, uploading clear photos, and setting a fair price, you can attract potential buyers and sell your car quickly. Remember to renew your ad if it doesn't sell after 30 days, and don't hesitate to contact customer support if you have any questions. Good luck with your sale!

Best Top 12 Free Classified Ads Posting Sites US/UK in English

Looking to promote your business through free online ads? Posting classified ads may seem outdated, but it can still be an effective way to reach potential buyers. To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the 12 most frequently visited free ad posting sites, ranked by Alexa ranking.

Here are the sites you should consider:

1. eBay - an international company with a massive reach

2. Craigslist - a popular international site with a variety of categories

3. OLX - a global platform with free user-generated classified ads

4. Backpage - a popular site with a range of categories

5. Gumtree - a free ad site available in multiple countries

6. Classified Ads - a site with a wide range of categories and topics

7. Doodle - an aggregator of listings from various sites

8. Ad Post - another site for free classified ads

9. Hubli - an extensive range of ads from event announcements to real estate and vehicles

10. Sale Spider - a social network for business owners to find sales leads and prospects

11. Ads Globe - a gateway for free classified ads in various categories

12. Yeah Cos - aggregates classified listings from various sites and countries

By posting your ad on these sites, you increase the chances of it being viewed by potential buyers, which can lead to positive results for your business. So why not give it a try and see how it works for you? And if you know of any other free ad posting sites that should be on this list, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

5 FREE ADS WEBSITES You Should Know for Affiliate Marketing (STOP PAYING!)

In this video, the presenter shares five free ad websites that anyone can use to start earning $100-$200 per day. The presenter also provides examples of products and unique angles to promote these products on these websites to help viewers make money quickly. The best part is that anyone, including beginners, can use these websites for free without any prior experience or skills.

The presenter introduces the topic of the video and mentions that they will be sharing five free ad websites that can help viewers make money quickly and easily.

Free Ad Websites:

1. My Midi Ads: This website is a professional social network for media buyers and sellers. Users can post job ads or marketing ads for free. The presenter recommends posting job ads for job opportunities, such as get paid to use Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or paid online writing jobs.

2. Worldprofit.com: This website not only offers free ad options but also provides affiliate marketing training. However, the presenter only recommends using the free classified ads option. Users can post ads for free and target members who are interested in affiliate marketing.

3. Oodle.com: This website is a marketplace in the USA where users can share free classified ads. The presenter recommends posting ads for brain training for dogs under the jobs or pets categories.

4. Classifiedads.com: Users can post ads for free in all categories on this website. The presenter recommends targeting products in the jobs or services categories on ClickBank and creating free ads to promote them.

5. Social Media: The presenter's favorite option is social media, where users can promote products for free using unique angles and creative posts.

The presenter concludes the video by thanking viewers for watching and reminding them to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for more money-making videos.

Radical Change in Markets: Howard Marks’ Sea Change

Howard Marks, co-founder of Oak Tree Capital Management and a legendary investor, recently published a memo to investors titled Sea Change which discusses the radical changes in markets happening currently. In this article, we will explore his views on the three sea changes and what they mean for us as investors.

Sea Change 1:

The first sea change Marks talks about is the shift in thinking about risk versus return. In the past, investors believed that buying super safe companies like blue chips was enough and they didn't need to consider valuations. However, the Nifty 50 suffered huge losses due to overvaluation, teaching Marks that buying good companies at the right price is crucial.

Sea Change 2:

The second sea change is the declining interest rates over the last four decades. This has boosted almost every asset class and created new ones. GDP growth increases when interest rates are low, borrowing becomes cheaper, and companies can expand their operations. This has also been great for profit growth for U.S. companies, particularly in the tech sector, and has led to an increase in asset prices.

Sea Change 3:

The third sea change is the shift from low return to full return. From 2009 to 2021, the Fed's behavior was highly stimulative, and the economic outlook was positive. However, in 2021, everything changed, and almost every attribute turned negative. The prospect of returns is now more than ample, particularly in credit, and high yield bonds are likely to deliver equity-like returns.


Marks is negative about the current market situation, as people keep buying into bear market rallies despite the Fed's warnings. There is an overarching belief that the economy and markets will return to the halcyon days that we saw with zero-interest-rate policy, but the Fed's behavior is highly stimulative, and the economic outlook is negative.

Howard Marks' memo Sea Change offers valuable insights into the radical changes happening in markets. The three sea changes he discusses highlight the importance of buying good companies at the right price, declining interest rates, and the shift from low return to full return. Despite a negative outlook, investors can benefit from the ample returns in credit and high yield bonds, provided they are aware of the risks involved.

Post free classified ads at usauk-classifieds.com without registration

How to Create Ads on US and UK Classified Websites

In this article, we will guide you on how to create ads on US and UK classified websites. Creating ads on these websites is an effective way of advertising your products or services to a wider audience. Let's get started!

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to the US or UK classified website and click on Post a Listing.

2. Click on Add New Classified and choose the appropriate category and subcategory for your ad.

3. Select the duration for your ad (one month, two months, or three months).

4. Write a description for your ad and choose your email, country, and state.

5. Complete the captcha and click on Continue.

6. Upload images (two images are free) or a YouTube video (charged at $2.00 per video).

7. Choose the option of Attention Getter if you want to highlight your ad and select one of the available options.

8. Enter your password and write it down somewhere safe for future editing purposes.

9. Click on Continue Placing This Listing.

10. Review your ad and click on Submit.

Tips and Tricks:

- Use eye-catching titles and descriptions to attract potential customers.

- Make sure to upload high-quality images to showcase your products or services.

- Choose the appropriate category and subcategory for your ad to ensure that it reaches the right audience.

- Consider using the Attention Getter option to stand out from other ads.

- Keep your password safe for future editing purposes.

Creating ads on US and UK classified websites is an easy and effective way of advertising your products or services. Follow the step-by-step guide and tips provided in this article to create an attractive and successful ad that reaches a wider audience. Good luck!

Day 50 - a little cry

Foreign Music: A Day in the Life of a Busy Mom

As a busy mom, life can be hectic and unpredictable. In this article, we will explore the daily routine of a mom as she juggles various tasks and responsibilities.

Daily Routine

- Early morning routine with children

- Coffee break to start the day

- Attempting to enjoy time in the garden

- Managing household chores, including burning waste

- Challenges of managing children while doing housework

- A moment to take a breath and cry

- Making lunch for the family

- Dishwasher breaking down and having to wash dishes by hand

- Children enjoying Bolognese, corn, and waffle fries for lunch

- Painting and organizing the house

- Relaxing on the sofa after a long day

Being a busy mom comes with its challenges, but it is important to find moments of relaxation and enjoyment amidst the chaos. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, moms can manage their daily routines and create a peaceful home for their families.

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