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umd ads portal

Published on: February 13 2023 by pipiads

Our group, consisting of Anna, Kritika, and Shane, worked on redesigning the UMD Accessibility and Disability Service Portal to create a more interactive digital solution for students with ADHD at UMD. In this article, we will discuss our project process, interview plan, ideation session, and findings.

Project Process:

- Found a participant from UMDive Community with ADHD and executive dysfunction

- Conducted a user interview and co-design session with the participant on Zoom

- Conducted a co-design session with the participant in person

- Built fidelity prototypes

Interview Plan:

- Started with redundant production and icebreaking

- Asked questions to get to know the participant better

- Asked in-depth questions about UMD's protocols and the challenges faced by students with ADHD

- Conducted an ideation session on the mural board

- Prioritized problems based on must-haves and nice-to-haves

- Brainstormed solutions together and focused on two main solutions

Ideation Session:

- Identified problems discussed during the discussion and categorized them under must-haves, should-haves, and nice-to-haves

- Brainstormed solutions together and focused on two main solutions: an application with structured information for accommodations and a website that includes a communication portal for students and advisors


- Three main themes emerged from the interview: big info and accommodations, reliability of ADS, and lack of focus for motivation

- Ideated two different solutions for every one of the three chosen areas

- Came up with two paper prototypes and represented them to the participant in the co-design session

- Received feedback that the participant preferred a side navigation bar, a simpler process for accommodation registration, an Anzac structure for class notes, a communication channel to contact advisors within the portal, an option to switch advisors if needed, and a way to communicate with peer note-takers


- Redesigned the current UMG ADS portal with a personalized portal for Ada students

- Created a dashboard for easy access to class notes and communication channels with advisors

- Added an option to request a new advisor

Co-designing with the end-user allowed us to create more effective solutions for students with ADHD at UMD. Working with more participants could have driven more improved solutions.

UMD Honors College - Advanced Cybersecurity for Experienced Students

Hello everyone, my name is Chantel Smith, and I am the coordinator for recruitment and programming in the Honors College at the University of Maryland. Today, we will be presenting an overview of our Advanced Cybersecurity Experience for Students program, also known as ACES, which will be led by our Associate Director, Cassie Harrington, along with some of our current students.

Key Points:

- Honors admission staff and current students will be available to answer questions in the chat area regarding academics, research, internships, study abroad opportunities, and anything else related to the program.

- The presentation will be recorded and made available on our main website in a few days.

- ACES is a multi-disciplinary approach to cybersecurity, accepting students from all majors across campus.

- The program teaches both technical and non-technical skill sets.

- ACES was founded in fall 2013, and is the first Honors cybersecurity program in the nation.

- The program has both a living learning program (LLP) and a minor option.

- The LLP curriculum is 15 credits, and includes opportunities for internships, research, and experiential learning.

- ACES alumni work in various cybersecurity-related fields, including software engineering, business analysis, research, cyber advising and consulting, software development, data science, and more.

- ACES students have access to experts in the field and learn skills that cybersecurity companies look for.

- The program has a close-knit community of diverse students who engage in professional and social events.

In summary, ACES is an exciting and innovative program that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity and its applications. The program is multi-disciplinary and offers students the opportunity to learn technical and non-technical skill sets. With a close-knit community of diverse students and access to experts in the field, ACES provides an excellent foundation for a successful career in the cybersecurity industry.

Getting Ready for Spring 2022

In this article, we will summarize a prep session discussing various topics including COVID protocols, syllabus checklist, Canvas, and EDS accommodations. We will also review the use of OTL resources to prepare for the new semester.

COVID Protocols:

- Visit umdedu 4Maryland for the latest COVID information.

- Vaccination booster is required before coming to campus.

- KN95 masks are required for all classroom activities.

- Students are also required to wear KN95 masks in the classroom.

- Testing protocol for COVID includes a rapid antigen test no more than 48 hours before coming to campus on January 24th.

Syllabus Checklist:

- OTL Faculty Resources website has a new design for spring 2022.

- Visit the new semester prep page for details on confirming vaccination status, syllabus preparation, and resources.

- Teaching section has syllabus language templates for in person and online sessions.


- Learn how to leverage asynchronous material accumulated through 2020 and 2021.

- Quickly learn and master Canvas with provided resources.

EDS Accommodations:

- A reminder that EDS accommodations will be prevalent this semester.

Overall, the prep session covered important topics for the new semester including COVID protocols, syllabus preparation, Canvas, and EDS accommodations. Utilizing the provided resources will aid in a successful start to the semester.

Securing your Unifi network 2022

In this video, Cody from Mac Telecom Networks discusses how to create firewall rules on a Ubiquity network. He also touches on securing the network in other ways.

- Cody introduces himself and explains that he's redoing his Ubiquity firewall video in the new interface.

Creating Firewall Rules:

- By default, Ubiquity networks are wide open, so it's important to create firewall rules.

- The firewall can be accessed through the settings and then the firewall and security tab.

- The first rule to create is to allow establish and related.

- The second rule is to drop invalid state.

- To block inter-vlan routing, create a group for rfc 1918 and specify it as the source and destination in a new rule.

- To block access to the firewall, create a new rule for each network that specifies the gateway IPs for all other networks.

- By following these steps, you can secure your Ubiquity network and prevent unauthorized access.

- Cody also provides information on hiring him for network consulting and supporting the channel through affiliate links.

UMD Data Breach, Securing PII Data, Two Factor Authentication, Tinder GPS Flaw, Honeypots -- CF002

Cyber Frontiers: Discussing the University of Maryland Data Breach

Cyber Frontiers is a podcast that explores cyber security, big data, and technology from an academic perspective. Hosted by Jim Collison and Christian Johnson from the University of Maryland, the show covers the latest developments and trends in the field. In this episode, they discuss the recent data breach at the University of Maryland.

Overview of the Data Breach:

On February 19, 2014, the University of Maryland announced that a specific database containing 309,000 records of faculty, staff, students, and affiliated personnel from the College Park and Shady Grove campuses had been breached. The database contained personal information such as names, social security numbers, dates of birth, and university identification numbers. However, no financial, academic, health, or contact information was compromised.

The breach was described as a sophisticated attack that required intimate knowledge of the university's security systems and structure. Despite the university's efforts to invest in infrastructure and cybersecurity, the breach still occurred. Christian points out that universities operate differently from corporate or government networks, as they have an open internet that allows for maximum information exchange and freedom of information.

The Challenges Universities Face:

Universities have to accommodate different use cases on their networks, which can make it challenging to develop a security plan. Unlike a typical home network, each device on a university network is assigned a publicly accessible IP address, which means that there are no restrictions on restricted ports or filtering of any kind. While there is network monitoring in place, universities have to balance the need for security with the need for freedom of the internet.

The University of Maryland data breach highlights the challenges that universities face when it comes to cybersecurity. Despite investing in infrastructure and security, breaches can still occur. Universities have to balance the need for security with the need for freedom of information, which can make it challenging to develop a security plan. However, as Christian points out, universities need to continue to invest in cybersecurity and stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in the field.

UniFi Guest Network with Captive Portal

Craft Tok Solutions: Setting Up a Unify Install for Motel 6 in Seaside, Oregon

In this video, Chris from Craft Tok Solutions walks us through a client setup for a motel in Seaside, Oregon. He explains the client's needs, the equipment he is using, and the step-by-step process of setting up a Unify install.

Equipment and Set-Up:

- Chris starts with a drawing to plan the install and make any necessary changes along the way.

- The client has an existing router, so Chris is only setting up their guest wireless network.

- He uses the USG to break out into a secure internal LAN and a guest network, but since the client doesn't need that, he is only providing wireless access for their guests.

- He uses two UAP AC Pros for the small hotel and can add more if necessary.

- The LAN port of the USG feeds into a Unify switch 860 watt.

- Chris sets the LAN IP addressing scheme to and gives it a DHCP pool for clients of through 254.

- The Unify switch is set to 192.168.52 and the UAP AC Pros are DHCP for the guest network.

- The SSID for the guest network is Motel 6 guest, and the captive portal password is Motel 6 2017.

- Chris sets an 8-hour expiration on the captive portal and limits guests to 5 megabits down and 1 megabit up with client isolation enabled.

Additional Notes:

- Chris uses Microsoft Visio to diagram the setup, and the stencils he uses for ubiquity products are free to download.

- He creates a site in his Amazon AWS-based Unify controller for Motel 6 Seaside and goes through the general settings before setting up the network and guest access.

- Chris changes the device authentication to something random, copies the new password, and notes it for future reference.

- He updates the corporate network to and changes the DHCP range to through 254 with name servers of and

Chris from Craft Tok Solutions demonstrates how to set up a Unify install for a motel in Seaside, Oregon, with step-by-step instructions and notes along the way. He shows us how to plan the install, use the necessary equipment, and set up the network and guest access.

Ireland Top Jobsites for Visa Sponsorship Jobs | how to apply for jobs in Ireland from foreign

Hi guys, I'm Sarika and welcome back to my channel. Today, I'll be talking about the top four job sites in Ireland where you can find visa sponsorship jobs. Let's get started!

In this video, I'll be discussing the top job sites in Ireland that offer visa sponsorship for jobs. If you are looking for a job in Ireland, this video is for you.

Top 4 Job Sites in Ireland:

1. LinkedIn:

- Change your location to Ireland and search for jobs based on your job description.

- Most companies may not mention visa sponsorship in the job description, but if your job falls under Ireland's shortage occupation list, companies may provide visa sponsorship.

- Cybersecurity consultant and software engineer are examples of jobs that offer visa sponsorship.

2. Cplcom.ie:

- Create an account and submit your updated CV.

- Select your sector, location, and keywords to find jobs.

- Apply only for permanent jobs as visa sponsorship is not offered for part-time or contractor jobs.

3. Recruiters.ie:

- Create an account and search for jobs based on your job function.

- Apply only for permanent jobs and contact the recruiters to confirm visa sponsorship.

4. Jobs.ie:

- Create an account and select your sector to find jobs.

- Apply for permanent jobs and tailor your CV for each job application.

Finding a job with visa sponsorship in Ireland can be challenging, but these job sites make it easier for you to find suitable jobs. Tailor your CV for each job application, and contact recruiters to confirm visa sponsorship. Good luck with your job search!

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