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Unbelievable Journey: No Choice but to Overcome the Impossible

Published on: November 20 2023 by Fab Rats

Unbelievable Journey: No Choice but to Overcome the Impossible

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Decision to Pick Up the Old Lincoln
  • Modifications to the Car for Towing
  • Testing the Towing Capability
  • Wiring the Trailer Lights
  • Final Preparations for the Journey
  • The 30-Hour Straight Drive
  • Pit Stops and Challenges Along the Way
  • Arriving in Georgia
  • Conclusion



Have you ever had the urge to embark on a crazy adventure? Well, that's exactly what we did. We found ourselves in a situation where we needed to transport a boat from one coast to the other, and we couldn't rent a suitable car for the job. So, what did we do? We decided to pick up an old Lincoln Town Car and turn it into a towing machine. This might sound like a crazy idea, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and make things work with what you have. In this article, we'll take you through the process of transforming a regular car into a boat-towing beast and share our experiences from the 30-hour journey.

The Decision to Pick Up the Old Lincoln

When faced with the challenge of finding a car to transport a boat across the country, we were met with limited options. Renting a car that would allow us to pick up on the west coast, drive to the east coast, and leave it there wasn't feasible. So, we turned to the classifieds and stumbled upon an old Lincoln Town Car. Now, I know what you're thinking - a Lincoln Town Car isn't the first choice for a towing vehicle, but to us, it was just another Ford. With a tight budget and the need for a quick solution, we decided to take a chance on this old car.

Modifications to the Car for Towing

Before hitting the road, we needed to make a few modifications to the Lincoln Town Car to ensure it could handle the task of towing a boat. First and foremost, we needed to install a receiver hitch onto the frame of the car. This required some welding and fitting to ensure a secure connection. Additionally, we had to tap into the car's tail lights wiring to provide power to the trailer's lights. This involved drilling a hole and plugging a connector into the existing wiring. With these modifications in place, we were confident that the car was ready for the challenge ahead.

Testing the Towing Capability

With the modifications complete, it was time to put the car's towing capability to the test. We decided to hook up a jet ski trailer and see how the car handled the load. To our surprise, the Lincoln Town Car performed admirably. It had no trouble pulling the trailer and showed no signs of strain. With this successful test, we gained confidence that our boat-towing adventure was indeed possible.

Wiring the Trailer Lights

One crucial element of towing a trailer is ensuring that the lights are properly connected and functioning. We wanted to make sure that we stayed safe and legal on the road, so we took the time to wire the trailer lights to the car. We found the necessary wiring in the car's loom and carefully connected it to the trailer's lighting system. After some troubleshooting and adjustments, we were delighted to see that all the lights were working perfectly. Now we were ready to hit the road with confidence.

Final Preparations for the Journey

Before embarking on our 30-hour straight drive, we made some final preparations to ensure a smooth trip. We topped off all the fluids in the car, including the oil, coolant, and brake fluid. We also made sure that the tires were properly inflated and that the brakes were in good working order. With these final checks, we were confident that the car was in excellent condition for the long journey ahead.

The 30-Hour Straight Drive

The time had come to start our epic journey from one coast to the other. With our boat hitched to the back of the Lincoln Town Car, we set off on the open road. The first few hours were filled with excitement and anticipation, but as the hours passed, fatigue started to set in. However, we pushed through, fueled by our determination to reach our destination. We took turns driving and made sure to take short breaks to stay alert. It was a grueling 30-hour drive, but in the end, it was all worth it.

Pit Stops and Challenges Along the Way

During our journey, we encountered a few challenges and had to make some unexpected pit stops. We even received a speeding ticket along the way, a reminder to keep our speed in check. However, these obstacles didn't deter us from our goal. We pushed through and kept our eyes on the prize - safely delivering the boat to its new home. With a few detours and unexpected twists, we managed to navigate our way through and overcome every obstacle that came our way.

Arriving in Georgia

After what felt like an eternity on the road, we finally arrived in Georgia, our destination. We couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment as we parked the car and boat in their new home. The Lincoln Town Car had proven itself to be a reliable and capable towing vehicle. It had exceeded our expectations and delivered on its promise. We were grateful for the opportunity to turn an old car into a trusty companion for this memorable journey.


In life, we often face challenges that require us to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. Our experience of towing a boat across the country with an old Lincoln Town Car is a testament to the power of creativity and determination. It taught us that with the right modifications and a little bit of faith, even the most unlikely vehicles can be transformed into capable towing machines. So, next time you find yourself facing an unconventional problem, don't be afraid to take the road less traveled and see where it leads you.

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