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Unbiased Review: Dan Vas' Shopify Course

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Freedom Course Update: Is it Still Worth it in 2021?

The Shopify Freedom Course has been updated multiple times, with a whole new section added, along with hidden perks that users need to dig around for. This article discusses the recent updates and changes to the course, as well as its worth in 2021.

What’s been added to the course?

• A Facebook module

• A mini MBA section

• Free perks hidden in the Facebook group, including:

o Ecom Radar

o Store review

o Free copywriter

• Additional opt-ins to purchase, including:

o Internal photographer

o Video photographer

o Custom programmer

Changes to the mentorship

Dan Vaz no longer does mentorship. Instead, Josh Back, a successful student of the course, runs his brand and mentors the group. Personal one-on-one mentorship is not a thing anymore.

The game has changed

Due to the illness, the cost to play has gone up significantly. To compete, users need a higher budget of a minimum of $1,000 to $2,500. The dropshipping model is no longer viable, and there is no more ePacket shipping.

Is it still worth it in 2021?

If users can overcome the challenges and have the budget, the Shopify Freedom Course is still a great business model. However, it is no longer as easy as setting up a store and running some ads. Users need to know how to build a brand, which can be challenging for first-timers.

The Shopify Freedom Course has undergone significant changes and updates. While it is still a great business model, users need a higher budget and more knowledge about branding.

Dan vas course honest review

- The article is a review of Dan Vas' Amazon FBA course

- It discusses the importance of having a course when starting an Amazon FBA business

Advantages of having a course:

- Saves time and money

- Provides a structured sequence of steps

- Helps to get all the facts right

- Provides a starting point for building your business

Disadvantages of having a course:

- Not a guarantee of success

- May not provide personalized attention

- May have an expectation problem

Overview of Dan Vas' course:

- Thorough and comprehensive guide to Amazon FBA business

- Covers over 150 videos, including mindset, product research, product launch, listing building, and marketing

- Costs $497, which is in line with other courses

- Emphasizes the importance of mindset in starting a business

- Provides detailed tutorials on various methods and techniques

Controversy surrounding Dan Vas' mentorship:

- Some students have complained about not receiving enough attention

- One-on-one mentorship is not included as part of the course

- Students should have realistic expectations of what is included in the course

- Having a course is a fundamental step when starting an Amazon FBA business

- Dan Vas' course is a thorough and comprehensive guide, with an emphasis on mindset

- Personalized attention may not be included in the course, but the material is self-explanatory

- Dan Vas' course is a valuable resource for anyone starting an Amazon FBA business.

Ecom Freedom Review - How Good Is This Course & Is Amazon FBA For You?

In this article, we will be reviewing the Ecom Freedom course by Dan Vass and discussing whether Amazon FBA is the right business model for you.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. It is a business model where you build an e-commerce business on Amazon, and Amazon handles all the shipping, handling, and fulfillment for you. You have to learn how to set up the business, find suppliers, do branding, and marketing to leverage Amazon's platform to sell any physical product you want.

Review of Ecom Freedom Course:

Dan Vass's Ecom Freedom course takes you from start to finish, covering everything from setting up your Amazon store, doing product research, finding suppliers, getting products listed, branding, Amazon pay-per-click marketing, scaling your business, and mindset.

The course is very detailed, with 12 modules and hundreds of hours of training. It is competitively priced at $997, and there are payment plans available. You also get a seven-day free trial and a 14-day refund policy.

Amazon FBA as a Business Model:

While Amazon FBA can be a potentially huge business, it is not the cheapest business to start online. It requires at least $5,000 to $10,000 of capital, and profit margins are low. It becomes a volume game where you have to sell a lot of products to make money.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Amazon FBA:

Affiliate marketing is a simpler and more affordable business model to start. It is more profitable, scalable, and has higher profit margins. While Amazon FBA can be successful, it requires more effort, money, and time.

Dan Vass's Ecom Freedom course is a great program to start an Amazon FBA business. However, you need to understand that Amazon FBA is not the cheapest business to start, and profit margins are low. Affiliate marketing is a simpler and more profitable business model to start. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which business model to pursue.

Dan Vas | ECOM Freedom Course Review

- Discussion about whether to recommend the Ecom Freedom course for starting an Amazon FBA business

- Personal experience with launching multiple brands and selling thousands of units on Amazon

Main Points:

- Acknowledgement that a lot has changed in the Amazon marketplace since starting in 2018/2019

- More competition and customers, but still a viable option for those willing to put in the work

- Recommendation for the Ecom Freedom course, which has become more expensive but also more complete and complex

- Overview of the course modules and deep knowledge provided

- Emphasis on the importance of branding and launching multiple products under one brand

- Highlight of the new Shopify course included in the Ecom Freedom program

- Mention of the potential to expand to other marketplaces like Walmart using the skills learned in the course

- Continued recommendation for the Ecom Freedom course, with a link to a free trial and discount

- Reminder to make today count and consider expanding to other marketplaces like Walmart.

Dan Vas: ECOM Freedom Course Review

- Review of Danvassa's econ freedom course

- Previous review given six or seven months ago

- Now giving another review after gaining experience selling on Amazon

- Everything needed to be successful on Amazon is in the course


- Purchased course in middle of December, now have two successful products on Amazon

- Proof that selling on Amazon is possible regardless of age and geography


- Dan has updated and rebranded the course as econ freedom

- All videos have been reshot and updated

- Everything needed to know about Amazon is in the course

- Mindset piece is a huge bonus

- Mentions that mindset is important for success and overcoming naysayers

- Highly recommends purchasing the course

- Act on the information in the course to be successful

- Ignore negative influences and toxic individuals

- Selling on Amazon is a fantastic opportunity

- Remember to make today count

Dav Vas Shopify Freedom Course Review

Jonathan Farmer reviews the Shopify Freedom course by Dan Vaz in three sections: mindset, course content, and worthiness. He found out about Dan Vaz through YouTube and was drawn to his expertise in e-commerce. Jonathan has taken several courses in the past, and he finds that Dan's course is a one-stop-shop for building an e-commerce brand. However, the course may overwhelm beginners as it assumes some familiarity with business concepts. The course requires a few hundred to a thousand dollars in investment for plugins and other tools. The course covers advanced concepts like negotiating with suppliers on AliExpress, which is not commonly found in other courses. Jonathan concludes that the Shopify Freedom course is worth the investment, especially for those interested in building an e-commerce brand.

FAKE Amazon GURUs Dan Vas & Derrick Struggle - Do NOT start Amazon FBA before watching!!

Hey guys, my name is Brian and this is my first video on YouTube. I've been selling on Amazon for about six months now and I mainly focus on wholesale and private label products. In this video, I'll be sharing my journey and some tips for beginners to advanced Amazon sellers to help them grow their business.

Main Points:

- Majority of what I do is wholesale and private label

- Starting my first private label product which is launching next week

- Goal with this channel is to help anyone from beginners to advanced Amazon sellers

- Started selling with one product wholesale and currently have about seven products in my wholesale account

- Adding another private label item in the next week

- Calling out fake Amazon sellers such as Dan Vass and Derek Struggle

- Wholesale means buying in bulk of a name brand that is already selling on Amazon and selling it under the same listing

- Private label is creating your own products and brand and starting from scratch on Amazon

Thank you for watching my first video and I hope to provide more valuable content for you in the future. Remember to be cautious of fake Amazon sellers and do your research before taking any action. Good luck on your journey as an Amazon seller!

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