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Unblocking Ads on Chrome: Easy Steps

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Are you tired of getting annoying pop-up ads while browsing on Google Chrome? Do you want to know how to block them without downloading any extensions? In this article, we will show you a simple trick to block pop-up ads on Google Chrome.

Steps to Block Pop-up Ads on Google Chrome:

1. Click on the three dots located on the top right corner of Google Chrome.

2. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

3. Click on Privacy and security.

4. Scroll down and select Site settings.

5. Click on Notifications.

6. Disable notifications for any websites that you do not recognize.

7. If you need notifications from specific websites, add them manually to the Allow section.

8. Go back to the Privacy and security page.

9. Select Pop-ups and redirects.

10. Disable pop-ups and redirects to block all kinds of ads.

By following these simple steps, you can block pop-up ads and notifications on Google Chrome. This will not only enhance your browsing experience but also protect your computer from harmful advertisements. If you found this article helpful, please consider subscribing to our channel for more related videos. Like and share with your friends. Thanks for reading!

How To Block YouTube ADS on (Chrome & Edge) in 2022

How to Block YouTube Ads on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Are you tired of annoying ads interrupting your YouTube videos? In this video, Shabazz from Crown Geek explains how to block ads on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


1. On Google Chrome, click on the three-dot icon on the top right, go to More Tools, and click on Extensions.

2. Click on the hamburger icon on the left and bottom, and then click on Open Chrome Web Store.

3. Search for YouTube Ad Blocker and add the Ad Blocker for YouTube extension.

4. If the extension is not visible on the extension bar, click on the puzzle icon and pin the extension.

5. Refresh the YouTube page and play a video to check if the extension is working.

For Microsoft Edge:

1. Click on the three-dot icon on the top right and select Extensions.

2. Go to the Microsoft Edge Extension Store and search for YouTube Ad Blocker.

3. Add the Skipper on YouTube extension.

4. Refresh the YouTube page and play a video to check if the extension is working.

By installing these free extensions, you can enjoy uninterrupted YouTube videos without any ads. They are safe to use and easy to install. Don't forget to like and subscribe to Crown Geek's channel for more useful tips and tricks.

how to stop pop up ads and notification on google chrome

Hi friends, welcome to Technical Cheez. My name is Avaneesh Kumar and today we are going to talk about Chrome browser and how to block popup notifications and ads. So let's get started with the video.

Steps to Block Notifications:

1. Open your Chrome browser and click on the three dots.

2. Select Settings from the options.

3. Scroll down and select Site settings.

4. Find the Notifications option and click on it.

5. Block the notification for the unwanted sites by clicking on the Block button.

6. Allow notifications for the sites you want to receive notifications from.

Steps to Block Ads:

1. Click on the Ads option in the settings.

2. Block the ads by clicking on the Block button.

3. Back out of the settings and click on Popups.

4. Block the popups if they are allowed.

5. Also, block the notification sound and sound recommendation.

That's it, friends. This is how you can block popup notifications and ads in your Chrome browser. I hope you found this video helpful. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more such videos. Share this video with others as well. See you in the next video, bye.

How To Disable Pop Up Ads in Chrome + Disable Bottom Right/Left Side Ads

In this article, we will discuss how to disable pop-up ads on your Chrome browser. Pop-up ads can be annoying and disrupt your browsing experience, but with a few simple steps, you can easily block them.

Steps to Disable Pop-up Ads on Chrome Browser:

1. Identify the Problem:

Before disabling the pop-up ads, it's important to understand the problem. Visit a pop-up test website to see the number of pop-up windows that appear.

2. Open Chrome Settings:

Click on the three dots on your Chrome browser and select the Settings option.

3. Go to Advanced Settings:

Select Advanced Settings and then go to Privacy and Security Settings. If you don't see the option, click on the Privacy and Security option on the left-hand side.

4. Click on Site Settings:

Select Site Settings and then Notifications. By default, you'll see many websites listed under the Allow section.

5. Remove Websites from Allow:

Remove all websites that you don't want to receive notifications from. You might want to keep Google websites, but remove all others.

6. Disable Pop-ups and Redirects:

Under Pop-ups and Redirects, select Blocked to disable all pop-ups.

By following these steps, you can easily disable pop-up ads on your Chrome browser. Remember to remove all unwanted websites from the Allow section and block all pop-ups and redirects. This will help you have a smoother browsing experience without any interruptions.

Latest Anti Adblock Script For Blogger ➜ Force Users to Unblock Ads on website. (2022)

- The article discusses how to install an anti ad-block script on a blogger website.

- It explains how the script can help prevent users from blocking ads on the site and potentially causing loss of ad revenue.

Steps to Install the Anti Adblock Script:

1. Go to the Blogger dashboard and click on the Themes section.

2. Click on Edit HTML.

3. Scroll down to the bottom and search for the closing body tag.

4. Go to the website that provides the javascript code for the anti ad-block script and copy the code.

5. Paste the javascript code just above the closing body tag.

6. If using a different theme, also copy and paste the CSS code for styling the warning message.

7. Replace the id of the blog post in the script to ensure it works properly.

8. Save changes and refresh the page to see if the script is working.


- To find the id of the blog post, right-click and select Inspect element on the page, then select the whole post body to find the id.

- If using the Flitro Pro or Media UI theme, there is no need to add the CSS code as it is already present in the theme.

- Installing an anti ad-block script can help prevent loss of ad revenue on a blogger website.

- By following the steps mentioned in the article, users can easily implement the script and ensure it works properly.

- Remember to replace the id of the blog post in the script and add CSS code if using a different theme.

How to Disable Adblock On Google Chrome, Firefox & Edge? - 2020

How to Disable Ad Blockers and Pass Messages on Websites

Have you ever come across a message telling you to disable your ad blocker in order to view website content, but you haven't even installed an ad blocker? Don't worry, it happened to me too. In this article, we will show you how to pass these kinds of messages and how to disable and enable your ad blockers.

1. Install Ad Blockers:

Sometimes ads can be annoying and hinder your browsing experience. This is where ad blockers come in. They can be installed as plugins or software to block ads on websites. However, some sites will not allow you to view their content until you disable your ad blocker.

2. Solution:

To solve this problem, we recommend using a different ad blocker such as uBlock. You can download it from their website and add it as an extension to your browser. Once added, refresh the webpage and the ads should disappear, allowing you to view the content.

3. Disabling Ad Blockers:

If you want to disable your ad blocker, simply go to your browser settings and disable the ad blocker extension.

4. Passing Messages:

If you still come across messages telling you to disable your ad blocker, you can try using an element picker mode to remove the message. Click on the message, select the picker tool, and create a new element to remove it.

With these tips, you can now easily disable and enable your ad blockers and pass messages on websites. Don't let annoying ads ruin your browsing experience. Remember to subscribe and leave comments for future tutorial recommendations. Happy browsing!

How to Block Ads in Google Chrome on iOS – Block Ads in Chrome and Other Apps! – LEGAL, NO HACK

Hey guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how to block ads in Google Chrome on your iOS device. So let's get into it!

- Google Chrome on iOS has ads

- In this video, I'll show you how to block them

- You'll need to download an app called Lockdown Privacy


1. Open Google Chrome on your iOS device

2. Go to a website with ads to confirm they're present (I used nine to five mac com)

3. Open the App Store and search for Lockdown Privacy

4. Download and open the app

5. Follow the setup process or select the Firewall option

6. Turn on the block list for general marketing and various marketing, specifically for Google Chrome

7. Turn on the Firewall

8. Close and reopen Google Chrome

9. Ads should now be blocked, as shown on the previously visited website

Additional Information:

- Lockdown Privacy can also block ads in other apps, such as news apps and games

- It may not work in streaming or video content apps like YouTube

- Exceptions exist, and some ads may still get through

- If you found this video helpful, please like and subscribe

- Blocking ads in Google Chrome on iOS is possible with Lockdown Privacy

- Follow the steps outlined in the video to block ads in the browser

- This app can also block ads in other apps, but may not work for all types of content

- Thanks for watching!

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