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Unboxing Thirty One Winter Outlet Sale Mystery Bundles | Mystery Hostess Winner Announced

Published on: December 24 2022 by Rockstar Rochelle

The Thirty One Winter Outlet Sale Mystery Bundles have arrived! The anticipation has been building for weeks and now it's time to unveil the contents of these mysterious bundles. Plus, we'll announce the lucky winner of the Mystery Hostess prize. Let's dive in and see what surprises await!

Unboxing the Mystery Bundles:

• The bundles are carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a cute winter-themed sticker on top.

• Inside, we find a variety of items including bags, totes, wallets, and accessories.

• Each item is from the current winter collection and has a retail value of at least $20.

• Some bundles even contain exclusive items that are not available for purchase.

Highlights from the Mystery Bundles:

• A stylish black and white striped tote with faux leather accents.

• A cozy plaid scarf with fringe detailing.

• A metallic silver wristlet perfect for a night out.

• A roomy thermal lunch tote in a fun print.

• A compact makeup bag with a convenient wristlet strap.

And the Winner Is...

• Drumroll please...the Mystery Hostess winner is Jane Smith! Jane will receive a special gift from Thirty One as a thank you for hosting a party during the winter outlet sale.

The Thirty One Winter Outlet Sale Mystery Bundles did not disappoint. These bundles were packed with stylish and useful items that are sure to brighten up any winter day. Plus, congratulations to Jane Smith for being the lucky Mystery Hostess winner. Thanks for joining us for this exciting unboxing!

Unboxing Thirty One Winter Outlet Sale Mystery Bundles | Mystery Hostess Winner Announced

- Rochelle introduces herself as a 31 consultant and welcomes new viewers to her channel

- She encourages viewers to subscribe and hit the like button, especially for mystery bundles

- Rochelle mentions that 2022 is all about giving thanks and announces a large party giveaway

Mystery Bundle Unboxing:

- Rochelle unboxes three mystery bundles, with varying sizes and prices

- She shows off the items in each bundle and explains their value

- Rochelle emphasizes the value of mystery bundles for gifting or for bag fanatics

- She announces the winner of the January mystery hostess giveaway and promotes ongoing specials and deals

- Rochelle encourages viewers to reach out to her with any questions or interest in 31

- She invites viewers to join her live stream during the leader conference and to stay tuned for future videos and updates

- Rochelle signs off and wishes viewers a happy 2022.

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