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unity ads how much recenue

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

How Much Money Did My Mobile Games Earn in Two Years?

- Started creating games independently over two years ago

- Created social accounts (Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

- Going to look at games created over that time period

- Analyze performance and monetization

- Determine how much money each project made

- Discuss future plans

Performance Overview:

- Loaded up developer consoles for Google Play Store and App Store

- Looked at lifetime stats for games (impressions, units, sales)

- Egghead is the top performer with 31,000 impressions and most units downloaded

- Clicking Around and Drop Down are neck and neck

- Dig deep into analytics for Egghead to see increase in impressions after release and promotion on App Store


- Egghead was released for free with no ads or in-app purchases

- Clicking Around has ads that cannot be removed and rewarded ads available

- Drop Down has ads after every game and rewarded ads every five minutes, as well as an option to remove ads

- Drop Down is the only game with in-app purchases (remove ads for $0.99)

Income Generated:

- Drop Down made $1.28 in sales on the App Store

- After taxes and Apple's cut, the author received $0.74

- Android revenue was not discussed

- Over two years, the author's games have made a total of $1.28 in sales

- Egghead was released for fun and experience, but the lack of monetization may have been a mistake

- Clicking Around and Drop Down have ads and rewarded ads available, but it's unclear how much revenue they generated

- The author plans to experiment with the games in the future

- It's important to consider monetization when creating games independently.

Earn Maximum Money From Mobile Ads - Unity Tutorial

How to Display Ads in Your Game without Annoying Your Users

In this video, the presenter shares practical examples of how to display ads in your game without annoying your users. He provides tips on how to incorporate ads into your game so that they complement the game, rather than disrupt it.

Display Ads in Your Game:

- Use rewarded video ads to allow users to watch ads and continue playing the game

- Count how many times the user changes levels, and display an interstitial ad after a set number of level changes

- Incorporate ads into the game's mechanics, such as offering double coins for watching an ad

- Use banner ads at the bottom of the screen during gameplay

- Avoid displaying interstitial ads during gameplay or at critical points in the game

- Use networks such as Chartboost, Unity Ads, and AdMob to display ads

By following these tips, game developers can effectively display ads in their games without annoying their users. Incorporating ads into the game's mechanics and being strategic about when and where to display them can lead to a positive user experience and increased revenue.

How much Money does my Mobile Game Make? (after 4 weeks)

Almost a year ago, the author published their first app, Dashbringer, which was a small action game that involved dashing through enemies to earn points. While the gameplay was great, the author also included some advertisement, which earned them money for the first time. However, the amount earned was only 3 cents with a fraction of a cent for every month. The author had to drastically reduce their spending to make ends meet.

Bullet Points:

- To publish the game in the app store, the author needed to buy an Apple developer account for $100 and an old Mac mini for $6.

- The author's goal was to earn at least $160 to avoid going into debt.

- The game was downloaded by 63,300 people on Apple and 68,700 people on Android, with a total of 105,000 downloads overall.

- The author made money through advertisement and in-app purchases.

- People clicked on the rewarded ad 62,800 times, resulting in $285 for advertisement alone.

- The author earned $1,067 from in-app purchases on Android and $676 on iOS.

- The total earnings from the browser version, which included advertisement, were $1,055.

- The author earned a total of $3,302, but additional taxes will need to be paid at the end of the year.

While the author is pleased with the result, they acknowledge that they could have earned significantly more if they had worked as a software developer for a company instead of developing the game. However, they are grateful for all the players who enjoyed the game and plan to use some of the money to run an ad campaign and make a big update with a story involving Mysterio from Spiderman Far From Home.

How much MONEY my first Unity mobile game made in 4 months! | Unity Mobile Monetization

How Much Money My First Google Play Store App Made in 4 Months

In this article, we will be discussing how much money a developer made from their first Google Play Store app in the first four months. We will also go over the developer's monetization strategy and cover some of the things that went wrong and what could have been done differently.

What is the game?

The game in question is called Wordily, which is a Wordle clone that the developer made within a short period of time. The game was released on the Google Play Store during the Christmas break, and the developer did not expect to make much money from it.

Monetization strategy:

The game initially launched with just one banner ad at the bottom of the home screen, using Unity's built-in ad system. However, for the first two weeks that the game was live with Unity ads in place, the developer earned zero pounds because there was no inventory for the ads. So, the developer swapped over to Google AdMob, and slowly started seeing money come in. The game only had two ads - a banner ad at the bottom of the screen and a rewarded video ad that players could watch for a score streak. There were no in-app purchases.


In four months, the game had 336k downloads, 142k uninstalls, and 1988 active installs as of April 24th, 2022. The game made $864 from 359,492 ad requests and 6,399 clicks. The rewarded video ad earned $10 from 112,510 requests and 3 clicks.

Mistakes and changes:

The developer had bad reviews initially because the dictionary used in the game only had about 1000 words, so players were frustrated when their guesses weren't recognized. The developer recommends using a larger dictionary in the future. The developer also recommends adding more ads to the game and possibly adding in-app purchases.

In four months, the developer made $864 from their first Google Play Store app. The game had 336k downloads, and the developer recommends using a larger dictionary and adding more ads and in-app purchases in the future.

My second game's revenue 6 months since launch

Title: My Second Game Endurance: Revenue Breakdown and Tips for Game Developers

Hey guys, Ivan here. It's been a while since I last updated you on my second game Endurance. Today, I want to share with you some cool stuff about what happened with Endurance in the last six months. I'll tell you about the revenue, downloads, and some tips for game developers. Let's dive in!

Revenue Breakdown:

- Total revenue earned in six months: $30,640

- 85% of revenue came from mobile versions

- 90% of mobile downloads came from Google Play

- Ad revenue increased from $2 to $6-7 after signing with a company that provided more ad networks

- Amount of daily ad views varies from 13,000 to 16,000

- Purchases in the game earn an average of $20-35 per day

- Paid version of the game on Google Play earns around $500-600 per month

- Cannot disclose console revenue due to NDA

Tips for Game Developers:

- Organic downloads are important, focus on improving ASO

- Use App Radar for ASO

- Finish your game and publish it, the revenue is not as important as the experience gained

In the last six months, Endurance earned $30,640 in revenue with 85% coming from mobile versions. The game gets around 2,000-2,500 downloads per day, with 90% coming from Google Play. The revenue comes from ads, in-app purchases, and a paid version of the game. As a game developer, it's important to focus on improving ASO and finishing and publishing your game. Remember, it's not just about the revenue, but also the experience gained.

Unity Ads Self Click App Free|Earn $200/Day

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. My name is John Francis, and in this video, I will be sharing with you the Unity Ad Safe Clicking Trick and how you can make money from it. If you have been struggling to make money online, this trick might just be what you need.

What we do on this channel is provide you with tutorials and tips on how to make money online. If you're interested in this topic, make sure to subscribe, turn on the notification bell, and give this video a thumbs up. And if you have any questions or want to chat with me directly, you can join my Telegram channel through the link in the description.

Now, let's get down to business and learn how to make money from Unity Ad using the safe clicking trick.

Steps to Make Money from Unity Ad using Safe Clicking Trick:

1. Understand how Unity Ad works.

2. Identify the ad networks that support Unity Ads.

3. Download and install the Unity Ad SDK.

4. Create a Unity Ad account.

5. Integrate Unity Ads into your app.

6. Enable safe clicking.

7. Generate traffic to your app.

8. Monitor your earnings and optimize your app for better results.

9. Cash out your earnings.

Tips for Success:

- Choose the right ad networks to maximize your earnings.

- Optimize your app for better engagement and retention.

- Use A/B testing to experiment with different ad formats and placements.

- Monitor your app's performance regularly and make adjustments as needed.

- Don't be afraid to try new things and learn from your mistakes.

Making money from Unity Ad using the safe clicking trick is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it can be a lucrative source of passive income if done right. By following the steps and tips outlined in this video, you can increase your chances of success and start earning money from your app today. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

UNITY ADS (+ rewarded ads) - Monetize your mobile games!

Congratulations on completing your game! Now, it's time to add some ads and earn revenue. In this article, we will focus on Unity Monetization services that support both iOS and Android. We will show you how to set it up, add it to your project, and learn about the different ad placements and their best use cases.


1. Enable Unity Ads: To start working with Unity Ads, you need to enable them for your project. Select Window at the top and choose General Services. Create a new Unity project ID, select your organization, and turn on the ad service toggle.

2. Install Advertisement Package: Unity should install a new package called Advertisement, which allows us to integrate ads into our game code. Check if it is installed in the Window > Package Manager and look for a tick mark next to the advertisement package.

3. Build Target: Create the build target of your game by selecting File > Build Settings. Switch to either iOS or Android platform as Unity Ads are only supported on those platforms.

4. Turn on Ads on the Web Platform: In the services tab, click on the Go to Dashboard button on the website that just appeared. Select your project and specify how, when, and where your ads will be shown in your game.

5. Ad Placements: There are three ad placement categories: interstitial ads, rewarded ads, and banners. By default, Unity has already set up video and rewarded video ad types. Click Add Placement button, name it Banner, and select the banner option.

6. Code in Ads: Add a new script to the canvas or the main camera called Ads Manager. In the start method, initialize the system by typing Advertisement.Initialize(gameID). Replace the hard-coded string with the game ID variable. Create a new method public void PlayAd and check if the video is ready to play.

7. Implement Callback Methods: Implement the IUnityAdsListener interface to get information on if the user has watched the rewarded ad to the end. Unity will trigger a method whenever an action occurs.

8. Test the Ads: Hook up the button with the canvas by dragging in the Ads Manager and selecting the Play Ad method.

Adding ads to your Unity game can help you earn revenue. Follow these steps to enable Unity Ads, install the advertisement package, turn on ads on the web platform, and code in ads. Implement callback methods and test the ads to ensure they work correctly. Happy gaming!

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