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universal dropshipping importer

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Despite successful dropshipping case studies, some people still believe that dropshipping is dead or not worth pursuing. However, these assumptions are based on misinformation and false assumptions.

Assumptions that are Wrong:

1. Dropshipping is too late and no one will buy from your store. This is not true as dropshipping is still a viable business model. The key is to understand your target customers and market your products effectively.

2. E-packet rate kills dropshipping. While the e-packet rate has increased, it has not killed dropshipping. Successful dropshippers have found alternative shipping options, such as Aliexpress standard shipping, or have opened up their own fulfillment centers in the US.

3. Most businesses fail, so why bother starting one? While it is true that many businesses fail, this should not deter you from pursuing dropshipping. With the right knowledge and strategy, you can increase your chances of success.

How to Succeed in Dropshipping:

1. Understand your target customers. Successful dropshipping stores are built around the target customer that enjoys impulsively purchasing products. Choose products that spike an emotion in a customer that makes them think I need to buy this right now.

2. Avoid saturated product niches. Instead, choose unsaturated products that few people are selling. This way, you can avoid competing in a cut-throat market.

3. Market your products effectively. This is the key to success in dropshipping. Learn how to effectively market your products through Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and other strategies.

Dropshipping is not dead, but it does require a certain level of knowledge and strategy to succeed. By understanding your target customers, choosing unsaturated product niches, and effectively marketing your products, you can increase your chances of success in dropshipping.

AliDropship Review & Tutorial - Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress?

In this article, we will be reviewing the Ollie Dropship plugin for WordPress, which allows you to add a dropshipping store to your website. We will discuss its features, pricing, and how to use it effectively.

- Review of Ollie Dropship plugin for WordPress

- Alternative to Shopify for dropshipping

- Features, pricing, and usability

Features of Ollie Dropship:

- Plugin for WordPress to build a dropshipping store

- In-app image editing software included

- Import reviews from AliExpress to your website

- One payment of $89 for unlimited use

- Active community and support forum

- Add-ons available, including sales pop-ups and countdown timers


- Ollie Dropship: one-time payment of $89 for unlimited use

- Woo Dropship: $14/month for less than 100 orders, $29/month for 100-500 orders

How to Use Ollie Dropship:

- Purchase the plugin and download it to your computer

- Install the plugin onto your WordPress website and activate it with the license key

- Install the AliDropship Chrome extension and connect it to your website

- Import products from AliExpress and edit them using the Chrome extension

- Set pricing, add variations, and upload reviews to your product

- Publish your product on your WooCommerce store

Overall, Ollie Dropship is a great alternative to Shopify for building a dropshipping store on your WordPress website. Its features, pricing, and usability make it a viable option for beginners and experienced dropshippers alike. With the ability to import reviews and add-ons available, it offers a lot of value for its one-time payment of $89.

Aliexpress Dropshipping Is Dead (New 2022 Methods Revealed)

Drop shipping is a popular business model, but it has its pitfalls, such as slow shipping times from AliExpress. This article will provide alternatives to AliExpress drop shipping, which can improve product quality, shipping times, and help build a profitable brand.

Level 1 Drop Shipping:

Level 1 drop shipping involves shipping products directly using AliExpress or an integration like Oberlo. While it requires no capital, it has the longest shipping times of up to 20 days and is not recommended.

Level 2 Drop Shipping:

Level 2 drop shipping involves working with a private agent or supplier who sources products from different factories, purchases the product, keeps it in their warehouse, and fulfills orders. This method offers better shipping times of 10-14 days but requires order volume and vetting of the agent.

Level 3 Drop Shipping:

Level 3 drop shipping is the pinnacle of drop shipping, where you can compete with large direct-to-consumer brands. It involves purchasing products in bulk from factories and shipping them to a third-party fulfillment center, offering two-day shipping times. However, it is not as capital-friendly as level 1 and 2.

Drop shipping offers different levels, with level 3 being the best option for those serious about building brand equity. However, it requires more upfront capital. No matter the level, it's crucial to vet suppliers and ensure you're getting real data to avoid wasting time and money.

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

In this video, the author teaches how to blind dropship from AliExpress, which means that the supplier ships the item without any form of identification or marketing in the package, so that the customer doesn't know where it came from. The video covers two main topics: how to get a supplier to blindly dropship an item, and what the customer sees when they receive an item that has been blindly dropshipped.

To get an item blindly dropshipped, the author suggests going to the checkout page in AliExpress and leaving a message for the supplier, asking them to not include any invoice or marketing material with the package, and to blindly dropship the item. It's important to pick a supplier with a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million, as they are experienced and reliable, but not too busy to reply to messages.

The author then does an AliExpress unboxing video to show what the customer receives when they order a package. The video showcases different items that were dropshipped blindly, and reveals that there is no advertising or marketing material in any of the packages or items. This shows that blind dropshipping is a simple solution to a common concern among dropshippers.

The author encourages viewers not to be held back by seemingly complicated problems like this, and to try to find a solution instead of giving up. The video ends with a call to action to download the author's free eBook on how to make $10,000 a month online from dropshipping.

How to Easily Find Wholesale & Dropshipping Suppliers for FREE [5 Methods]

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What No One Tells You About Dropshipping.

The Drop Shipping Business Model: Common Flaws and How to Overcome Them

The Drop Shipping business model is not perfect, and beginners often face three main flaws that stop them from achieving long-term success. However, by understanding these flaws and implementing the right strategies, you can create a profitable Drop Shipping business.

Main Points:

1. Customer Journey: Shipping times, customer support, and product quality are critical aspects of the customer journey that can make or break a Drop Shipping business.

- Example: Urban Shoes, a Drop Shipping store with poor reviews due to quality, shipping, and customer service issues.

2. Short Life of Drop Shipping Products: Competition and saturation can cause a product to lose its appeal quickly. To overcome this, you need to focus on building a strong brand.

- Example: The internet marketing tree highlights the importance of research, strategy, content, and branding to demolish competitors.

3. Ad Account Bans: Ad platforms have a bias against Drop Shippers, and if you don't approach advertising correctly, you risk getting banned.

- Solution: Build a brand sooner rather than later to establish trust with customers and platforms.

By focusing on the customer journey, building a strong brand, and approaching advertising correctly, you can overcome the common flaws of the Drop Shipping business model and achieve long-term success.

Top 11 Dropshipping Software and Tools To Scale Your eCommerce Store

Dropshipping Software and Tools to Skyrocket Your Business

- Drop shipping software and tools are crucial for business success and growth.

- This article will discuss the top 11 dropshipping software and tools to help with product research, importing, automatic orders, price and stock monitoring, finances, product optimization, and more.

1. AutoDS:

- AutoDS is the number one e-commerce platform for drop shipping.

- It offers automatic product importing, order fulfillment, tracking updates, and more.

- It is compatible with top selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Shopify, Wix, Amazon, and more.

- AutoDS has over 25 reliable dropshipping suppliers and offers access to millions of products worldwide.

- Its blog and YouTube channel provide helpful tips and strategies for successful dropshipping.

2. Oberlo:

- Oberlo is a dropshipping automation software that offers price and stock monitoring and semi-automatic order fulfillment.

- It only integrates with Shopify and AliExpress as the supplier.

- Its plans start at $5 a month.

Product Research and Spy Tools:

3. Zik Analytics:

- Zik Analytics is a product research tool for eBay dropshipping.

- It offers over 100 million product ideas, statistics on how products are selling on eBay, and supplier information.

- It also works with 20 suppliers and offers store and price analytics.

- It is only useful for eBay dropshipping.

- Its plans start at $30 a month.

4. Sell The Trend:

- Sell The Trend is a product research tool for Shopify and Wix dropshipping.

- It offers a database of Facebook ads, trending products, and a supplier database.

- It provides one-click push to stores and marketing tools.

- Its plans are more expensive than other tools, starting at $39 a month.

5. Koala Inspector:

- Koala Inspector is a chrome extension that helps spy on Shopify and soon Wix competitors.

- It offers insight into competitors' products, sales, sourcing, and traffic.

- It can integrate with AutoDS for quick importing of products.

- It is one of the best chrome extensions for spying on competitors.

6. Jungle Scout:

- Jungle Scout offers product research and analytics for Amazon and Shopify.

- It provides insights into product sales, prices, reviews, and more.

- Its plans start at $29 a month.

Other Dropshipping Tools:

7. ShopMaster:

- ShopMaster offers automatic product importing, order fulfillment, tracking updates, and more.

- It integrates with Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce.

- Its plans start at $0 a month.

8. DSM Tool:

- DSM Tool offers automatic product importing, order fulfillment, tracking updates, and more.

- It integrates with eBay and Shopify.

- Its plans start at $25 a month.

9. Salehoo:

- Salehoo offers access to over 8,000 pre-vetted dropshipping suppliers and over 2.5 million products.

- It provides market research and training for dropshipping success.

- Its plans start at $27 a month.

10. Spocket:

- Spocket offers automatic product importing, order fulfillment, tracking updates, and more.

- It connects with suppliers from the US and EU.

- Its plans start at $24 a month.

11. Dropified:

- Dropified offers automatic product importing, order fulfillment, tracking updates, and more.

- It integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other platforms.

- Its plans start at $47 a month.

- Dropshipping software and tools are essential for business success and growth.

- AutoDS, Oberlo, Zik Analytics, Sell The Trend, Koala Inspector, and Jungle Scout are top tools for product research and spying on competitors.

- ShopMaster, DSM Tool, Salehoo, Spocket, and Dropified are other helpful dropshipping tools to consider.

- Choose the tools that best fit your business needs and budget to scale your dropshipping business successfully.

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