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Unlock Facebook's Small Business Grant Now!

Published on: November 20 2023 by Ben Cusack

Unlock Facebook's Small Business Grant Now!

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview
  2. Application Process
    • Applicant Details
    • Entity Name and Introduction
    • ABN or ACN and Location
    • Business Entity Type and Industry Code
    • Principal Activities
    • Eligibility Criteria
    • Address and Auditing
    • Website and Business Setup Proof
    • Impact and Challenges Faced
    • Utilization of Grant
    • Reason for Needing the Grant
  3. The Objective of Facebook's Grant
  4. Strategies to Transition and Sustain Business
    • Paying Supplies and Rent
    • Pandemic Related Expenses
    • Product Development
    • Loans and Dividends
  5. Highlighting Sustainable Transition Plans
  6. The Importance of Digital Products
  7. Creating Awareness and Selling Online
  8. Impacting the Local Community
    • Job Creation
    • Community Sponsorship
    • Essential Services
    • Helping Others and Growing Business
  9. Declaration and Conclusion



Facebook has recently announced a grant of three million dollars, allocated to around 465 companies. Each company will receive approximately 6,400 dollars, consisting of 4,000 dollars in cash and 2,400 dollars in advertising credits. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the application process for this grant, highlighting the key aspects that applicants need to focus on. From providing applicant details to showcasing the impact of COVID-19 on their business, we will explore the necessary steps required to increase the chances of securing the grant.

Application Process

Applicant Details

When applying for the Facebook grant, you will be required to provide personal details, including your name, telephone number, date of birth, and role in the company. Make sure to enter your entity name accurately as it appears on ASIC. This ensures that your application aligns with your official business records.

Entity Name and Introduction

Introduce yourself and your business within a limited character count. Use bullet points to assist companies in preparing research and development (R&D) tax incentive claims, allowing them to receive rebates for their R&D activities. With only 300 characters available, be concise and focus on the core services you provide.

ABN or ACN and Location

Enter your Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) and ensure that your business operates within the suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney. Unfortunately, regional and other companies outside these areas are not eligible for this grant. Facebook has opted to limit their support to companies situated near their offices.

Business Entity Type and Industry Code

Specify your business entity type, which is likely to be a private company in most cases. Additionally, provide a five-digit business industry code based on the ATO guide. While the specific code may not significantly impact your application, ensure accuracy to avoid any discrepancies.

Principal Activities

Briefly describe the principal activities conducted by your business. Stick to a quick and concise explanation to maximize the limited character count. Answer a series of yes and no questions regarding restrictions or prohibitions on Facebook advertising. Confirm that your business is not affected by these limitations.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the grant, your business must have been operating for at least a year with two to fifty employees. Startups and non-profit organizations are not applicable for this grant. Ensure that your company meets these criteria to proceed with the application.

Address and Auditing

Provide your business address, indicating the location of your company. Clarify whether your business has undergone auditing as part of the grant application process. While not necessary, auditing may enhance credibility and increase the chances of being selected.

Website and Business Setup Proof

Include your website URL to showcase your online presence. Additionally, provide documentation related to your business setup, incorporation, and registration date. This evidence helps verify the authenticity of your business and supports your application.

Impact and Challenges Faced

Describe the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on your business and the challenges you have encountered. You have a limited character count of only a thousand characters. As evaluators will receive numerous applications, make your response concise, direct, and impactful. Highlight reduced sales and demand as your primary focus.

Utilization of Grant

Consider the objectives of Facebook when determining how you would use the grant money. They are looking for sustainable businesses that can transition through enhanced advertising on their platform. Focus on initiatives that facilitate transition, such as paying supplies and rent, pandemic-related expenses, and sustained product development.

Reason for Needing the Grant

In a thousand characters or less, explain why your business requires the grant. Avoid mentioning personal data and provide a quick snapshot of how you aim to change and become more sustainable. Emphasize how advertising can help your business transition, create awareness, and promote any newly developed digital products.

The Objective of Facebook's Grant

Facebook's grant program has multiple objectives for supporting businesses. Apart from providing financial assistance, they aim to increase advertising revenue by encouraging companies to allocate their grant towards sustained advertising campaigns on Facebook's platform. This mutual benefit ensures a return on Facebook's investment while supporting businesses during these challenging times.

Strategies to Transition and Sustain Business

Paying Supplies and Rent

Consider using the grant funds to pay for essential supplies and rent. This approach can help businesses overcome hurdles and transition towards a sustainable model. However, be mindful that sustaining ongoing costs, such as rent, may pose long-term challenges. Focus on utilizing the grant for one-off costs related to the pandemic to facilitate a smooth transition.

Pandemic-Related Expenses

Allocate a portion of the grant towards pandemic-related expenses. As businesses adapt to the new normal, additional costs like sanitization supplies and protective shields may arise. Investing in these transition-related expenses demonstrates a proactive mindset and aligns with the grant's objectives.

Product Development

If your business is on the verge of transitioning and has substantial product development potential, consider using the grant to push forward these projects. Investing in sustained product development can open up new opportunities and revenue streams, making your business more attractive for future investments.

Loans and Dividends

Avoid diverting the grant funds towards personal gain, such as loans or dividends to shareholders. Instead, prioritize allowing the money to remain within the business and contribute to its growth and sustainability. This approach showcases a dedication to long-term success rather than short-term financial gains.

Highlighting Sustainable Transition Plans

Facebook is particularly interested in supporting businesses that demonstrate sustainable transition plans. Emphasize your ability to adapt and utilize the grant to propel your business forward. Consider how you can leverage advertising to increase brand awareness, drive sales for new digital products, and transition your business model successfully.

The Importance of Digital Products

If your business has recently developed digital products or services, emphasize this aspect in your application. Digital offerings align well with Facebook's advertising platform and can further enhance your chances of receiving the grant. This demonstrates a willingness to adapt to changing market demands and utilize modern advertising channels.

Creating Awareness and Selling Online

One crucial aspect of utilizing the grant is creating awareness for your business and its offerings. Facebook's advertising platform provides an excellent opportunity to reach a vast audience and promote your products or services. By generating awareness and subsequently selling online, you can drive revenue and ensure a return on investment for Facebook.

Impacting the Local Community

Apart from sustaining your own business, Facebook encourages positive community impact. Highlight how your business plans to create job opportunities rather than merely preserving existing positions. Consider community sponsorship, supporting essential services, and providing assistance to other businesses affected by the pandemic.

Job Creation

Position your business as one that creates job opportunities within the local community. Job creation initiatives are highly valued and can win favor with the evaluators. This approach reflects a commitment to not only revive your own business but also contribute to the overall economic recovery.

Community Sponsorship

Consider offering community sponsorships and support to further demonstrate your commitment to the local area. Although not a mandatory aspect of the application, community engagement can set you apart from other candidates and enhance your chances of securing the grant.

Essential Services

Evaluate whether your business can offer additional essential services to the community. Assess the demand for specific services in your locality and tailor your application accordingly. Focus on providing services that may be in high demand or create innovative solutions to meet current challenges.

Helping Others and Growing Business

Acknowledge the need to support others during these challenging times. Highlight any initiatives or plans you have in place to assist other businesses in their recovery. Sharing knowledge, providing free information or webinars, and collaborating with other entrepreneurs can foster a sense of community and growth.

Declaration and Conclusion

Lastly, carefully review the requirements and declarations provided in the grant application. Ensure that all details are accurate and submit your application before the specified deadline. Take this opportunity provided by Facebook to establish a stronger foundation for your business and adapt to the changing landscape. Good luck!


  • Facebook is offering a three million dollar grant to approximately 465 companies.
  • Each company will receive 6,400 dollars, consisting of cash and advertising credits.
  • The application process requires providing personal and business details.
  • Focus on showcasing the impact of COVID-19 on your business and the challenges faced.
  • Utilize the grant to sustain and transition the business by paying supplies, expenses, and concentrating on sustainable product development.
  • Emphasize the importance of digital products and utilizing Facebook for creating awareness and driving sales.
  • Community impact and job creation play a significant role in the evaluation process.
  • Review all requirements and declarations before submitting the application.
  • The deadline for the application is approaching, so act promptly and seize this opportunity to overcome the challenges faced by your business.


Q: Who is eligible for the Facebook grant?\ A: Businesses operating for at least a year in the suburbs of Melbourne or Sydney, with two to fifty employees, are eligible for the grant.

Q: Can non-profit organizations apply for the grant?\ A: Unfortunately, this grant is only applicable to for-profit businesses. Non-profit organizations are not eligible.

Q: What is the primary objective of Facebook's grant program?\ A: Facebook aims to support sustainable businesses and increase advertising revenue by encouraging companies to allocate the grant towards their advertising platform.

Q: Can the grant be used to pay rent and ongoing expenses?\ A: While the grant can be utilized for rent and ongoing expenses, it is advisable to focus on one-off costs related to transitioning the business and pandemic-related expenses.

Q: Will having digital products increase my chances of receiving the grant?\ A: Yes, businesses that have recently developed digital products or services have a higher chance of receiving the grant. These offerings align well with Facebook's advertising platform.

Q: Is community impact an important aspect of the application?\ A: Yes, community impact plays a crucial role in the evaluation process. Highlight how your business plans to create job opportunities and support other businesses in the local area.

Q: What is the deadline for the Facebook grant application?\ A: The deadline for the grant application is approaching soon. To maximize your chances, submit your application before the specified deadline.

Q: How can I ensure the accuracy of my application?\ A: Review all requirements and declarations in the application process carefully. Double-check all information provided to avoid any discrepancies.

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