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Unlock Success with Facebook Ads for Realtors

Published on: November 17 2023 by Aaron Chandra

Unlock Success with Facebook Ads for Realtors

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Account
  3. Choosing the Right Ad Format
  4. Creating a New Campaign
  5. Defining Your Audience
  6. Selecting Placements and Budget
  7. Creating Compelling Ad Copy
  8. Designing Your Ad Creative
  9. Setting Up an Instant Form
  10. Reviewing and Publishing Your Ad


Setting Up Successful Facebook Ads for Realtors


As a realtor, one of the most effective ways to generate qualified buyer and seller leads is through Facebook advertising. In this article, I will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can set up and run Facebook ads to attract potential clients. From creating your ads account to designing compelling ad copy, I will cover everything you need to know to maximize the success of your Facebook ad campaigns.

  1. Setting Up Your Facebook Ads Account

To get started with Facebook advertising, you need to create an ads account on business.facebook.com. Once you've logged in with your Facebook account, navigate to the Ads Manager section. This is where all the magic happens, and where you'll be able to run your Facebook ads.


  • Easy access to Facebook's powerful advertising platform
  • Seamless integration with your existing Facebook account


  • Requires a Business Manager account for proper setup
  1. Choosing the Right Ad Format

As a realtor, it's crucial to use the lead format for your Facebook ads. Boosting posts may generate engagement, but it won't provide you with the valuable contact information of potential leads. By running lead form ads, you can capture names, emails, and phone numbers, allowing you to follow up with potential clients directly.


  • Capture valuable contact information of potential leads
  • Increased likelihood of conversion and client interaction


  • Boosted posts may still have some benefits in certain situations
  1. Creating a New Campaign

Creating a new campaign is the first step in setting up your Facebook ads. When creating your campaign, make sure to name it appropriately and select the housing category, which is specifically designed for realtors. Leaving this category out may result in your ad account being flagged or even banned.


  • Clear organization and categorization of your ad campaigns
  • Compliance with Facebook's advertising policies


  • Failure to select the housing category may result in account issues
  1. Defining Your Audience

When it comes to targeting your ads, Facebook's detailed targeting options can be a game-changer. You can include specific interests or behaviors relevant to your target audience. While some realtors prefer to rely on Facebook's algorithm for optimizing their ads, others choose to narrow down their audience by including detailed targeting parameters.


  • Higher precision in targeting your ideal audience
  • Increased conversion rates by reaching the most qualified prospects


  • Too many targeting parameters may limit your audience reach
  1. Selecting Placements and Budget

Choosing the right ad placements and setting an appropriate daily budget are crucial for the success of your Facebook ad campaigns. For most realtors, running ads on Facebook's Audience Network and Instagram will yield the best results. By selecting Advantage Plus ads, you can let Facebook's algorithm optimize your ad placements.


  • Increased visibility across various ad placements
  • Higher chances of reaching potential buyers and sellers


  • Poor ad placement selection may result in lower engagement
  1. Creating Compelling Ad Copy

Crafting compelling ad copy is essential to capture the attention of your target audience. Using location-specific call-outs and emojis can make your ads more appealing. It's important to include a clear call-to-action, such as "set up your free home search," to prompt potential leads to take action.


  • Higher engagement and click-through rates
  • Increased likelihood of lead conversion


  • Poorly written ad copy may fail to grab the audience's attention
  1. Designing Your Ad Creative

The visual element of your Facebook ads plays a significant role in attracting potential leads. Include eye-catching images or videos that emphasize your message. If possible, use a picture of yourself to add a personal touch and build trust with your audience.


  • Increased ad visibility and click-through rates
  • Establishing a personal connection with potential leads


  • Low-quality or irrelevant visuals may negatively impact ad performance
  1. Setting Up an Instant Form

Facebook's Instant Forms feature allows you to collect essential prospect information conveniently. Set up a form that includes relevant questions to help you understand your leads better. By including contact fields like email and phone number, you can easily follow up with them.


  • Efficient collection of lead information
  • Streamlined workflow for following up with leads


  • Overly complex or lengthy forms may discourage leads from completing them
  1. Reviewing and Publishing Your Ad

Before launching your Facebook ad campaign, carefully review the details and settings of your ad, ad set, and campaign. Ensure that all the elements are correctly configured, and there are no errors. Once you've reviewed everything, click the publish button to make your ad campaign live.


  • Error-free campaigns that meet your objectives
  • Increased chances of lead generation and conversion


  • Neglecting to review your ad settings may result in suboptimal performance


By following the step-by-step guide in this article, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and strategies necessary to set up successful Facebook ads as a realtor. Remember to continuously monitor and optimize your campaigns based on their performance to achieve the best results. Harness the power of Facebook advertising and watch your real estate business thrive.


  • Step-by-step guide for realtors to set up successful Facebook ads
  • Importance of using the lead format for capturing valuable lead information
  • Targeting options to reach the most qualified potential buyers and sellers
  • Choosing the right ad placements and setting an appropriate budget
  • Crafting compelling ad copy and designing visually appealing ads
  • Setting up instant forms for efficient lead collection
  • Ensuring error-free campaigns before launching live


Q: Can boosting posts on Facebook generate leads for realtors? A: While boosting posts may generate engagement, it's not the most effective method for capturing valuable contact information of potential leads. Using the lead format for Facebook ads is recommended for realtors.

Q: What is the housing category in Facebook ads? A: The housing category is specifically designed for realtors. Selecting this category ensures compliance with Facebook's advertising policies and prevents any account issues.

Q: Should realtors rely on Facebook's algorithm or use detailed targeting parameters? A: It depends on personal preference and the desired level of precision in targeting. Facebook's algorithm has advanced capabilities, but including detailed targeting parameters can help narrow down the audience to the most qualified prospects.

Q: How important is the visual element of Facebook ads for realtors? A: The visual element plays a significant role in attracting potential leads. Including eye-catching images or videos that are relevant to the real estate market can significantly impact ad performance.

Q: What should be included in the ad copy of Facebook ads for realtors? A: Ad copy should include location-specific call-outs, a clear call-to-action, and compelling messaging that emphasizes the benefits of choosing the realtor's services.

Q: How can realtors efficiently collect prospect information through Facebook ads? A: By using Facebook's Instant Forms feature, realtors can set up forms with relevant questions to collect essential prospect information conveniently.

Q: What should realtors consider before launching their Facebook ad campaigns? A: It's important to carefully review all the details and settings of the ad, ad set, and campaign to ensure everything is correctly configured. Neglecting this step may result in suboptimal campaign performance.

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