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Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads: Create a New Ad Account in 2023

Published on: November 17 2023 by The Social Guide

Unlock the Power of Facebook Ads: Create a New Ad Account in 2023

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating a Business Page on Facebook
  3. Promoting your Business Page
  4. Setting up a Business Manager Account
  5. Accessing the Ad Account
  6. Creating a New Ad Account
  7. Creating a Campaign
  8. Creating Ad Sets
  9. Creating Ads
  10. Targeting and Audience Selection
  11. Setting the Budget and Duration
  12. Payment Method and Promotion


In this article, we will explore the process of creating a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager. We will discuss the steps involved in setting up a business page, promoting it, and creating an ad account. We will also cover how to create campaigns, ad sets, and ads, as well as target the right audience and set an appropriate budget. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to navigate Facebook's advertising platform and effectively promote your business.

Creating a Business Page on Facebook

To get started with creating a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager, you first need to have a business page on Facebook. A business page serves as the foundation for promoting your products or services. If you haven't already created a business page, you can do so by following the steps outlined in a separate video tutorial provided on the channel. Once you have a business page, you can proceed to promote it using the promote option.

Promoting your Business Page

To promote your business page, you will require a business manager account and an ad account on Facebook. When you create a business page, a meta business read account is automatically created, which grants you access to your ad account. You can find the meta business read from your business page and access it. The meta business read allows you to create ads for different pages under one account. It is important to note that you can only create one business account with a meta business read, but you can have multiple pages associated with it.

Setting up a Business Manager Account

To access your ad account and create a new ad account, you need to go to the business manager section on Facebook. From here, you can access various management tools, including the ads manager. The ads manager serves as a separate dashboard where you can create, manage, and track the performance of your ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads. By clicking on the ads manager, a business.facebook.com dashboard will open up, providing you with the necessary tools to create and manage your ads.

Accessing the Ad Account

Within the ads manager, you can access your ad account settings by clicking on "all tools." Here, you will find different options such as ads manager, events manager, business manager, and account settings. By opening the ad account settings, you will be able to see any existing ad accounts associated with your business. If you already have two ad accounts, you won't be able to create another one. However, if you have the option to create a new account, it can be done by clicking on the relevant option.

Creating a New Ad Account

Once you have successfully created a new ad account, you can proceed to create campaigns, ad sets, and ads. The ad account is essential for running ads and promoting your business effectively. Within the ad account, you can select the type of campaign you want to create, such as traffic or engagement. Choosing the right campaign objective is crucial as it determines the goal and outcome of your ad.

Creating a Campaign

To create a new campaign, you need to select your desired objective, such as traffic. By choosing traffic, you aim to increase the number of visitors to your website or page. After selecting the objective, you can proceed to name your campaign. It is recommended to choose a descriptive name that reflects the purpose of the campaign. Additionally, you can choose special ad categories, conduct split testing, and set an advanced campaign budget.

Creating Ad Sets

Ad sets allow you to organize and manage your ads within a campaign. You can create multiple ad sets, each with a unique target audience and settings. To create an ad set, you need to switch to the ad sets section and click on "create." Here, you can add your ads and customize their settings. Ad sets provide the flexibility to create different variations of ads and target specific groups of people or locations.

Creating Ads

To create a single ad, you need to switch to the ads section and click on "create." This will take you to the ad creation interface. Here, you can select the campaign and ad set for your ad. You will also have the opportunity to add a description, choose images or videos, and define the special ad category. Additionally, you can specify your target audience and setup the schedule, duration, and budget for the ad.

Targeting and Audience Selection

Audience targeting plays a vital role in the success of your Facebook ads. You can choose the gender, age group, and location of your target audience. Additionally, you can utilize detailed targeting to narrow down your audience based on their interests and preferences. By selecting the right audience, you increase the chances of reaching potential customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Setting the Budget and Duration

When setting the budget for your ads, you need to consider your marketing goals and financial capabilities. Facebook allows you to set a daily or lifetime budget for your campaigns. You can choose an appropriate budget that suits your needs and the potential reach of your ad. Additionally, you need to specify the duration of your ad, including the start and end dates.

Payment Method and Promotion

Before you can run your ad, you need to set up a payment method. Facebook provides various payment options, allowing you to choose the most convenient and secure method for your business. Once the payment method is set up, you can review the total budget for your ad and the estimated reach. Finally, by clicking on "promote now," your ad will start running on Facebook, promoting your business and helping you achieve your marketing goals.


Creating a new ad account in Facebook Business Manager gives you the opportunity to promote your business effectively on the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can establish a strong online presence, reach your target audience, and achieve your marketing objectives. Facebook's advertising platform provides an array of tools and features that empower businesses to run successful ad campaigns. Take advantage of this powerful platform and elevate your business to new heights.


  • Setting up a business page on Facebook is the first step in promoting your business.
  • The meta business read account provides access to your ad account for promoting your business page.
  • The ads manager dashboard is where you can create, manage, and track the performance of your campaigns.
  • Creating campaigns, ad sets, and ads allows you to target specific audiences and define your marketing objectives.
  • Audience targeting is crucial for reaching the right people and maximizing the effectiveness of your ads.
  • Setting an appropriate budget and duration for your ads ensures cost efficiency and optimal results.
  • Choosing the right payment method and promoting your ad will kickstart your business promotion on Facebook.

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