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Unlock the Secrets of Your Competitor's Facebook Ads

Published on: November 17 2023 by Exposure Ninja

Unlock the Secrets of Your Competitor's Facebook Ads

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Analyzing Competitors' Facebook Ads 2.1 Targeting 2.2 Ad Creative 2.3 Ad Spend
  3. Case Study: Analyzing Cult Beauty Ads 3.1 Targeting Analysis 3.2 Ad Creative Analysis 3.3 Ad Spend Analysis
  4. Case Study: Analyzing HubSpot Ads 4.1 Targeting Analysis 4.2 Ad Creative Analysis 4.3 Ad Spend Analysis
  5. Importance of Landing Page Optimization
  6. Conclusion


Analyzing Competitors' Facebook Ads for Better Insights and Results


In today's highly competitive digital landscape, it is essential for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. One effective way to gain an upper hand is by analyzing their Facebook ads. Facebook and Instagram ads have become a popular marketing channel for many businesses. However, Facebook doesn't readily provide in-depth information about competitors' ads, making it challenging to gauge their success. In this article, we will explore how to analyze a competitor's Facebook ads, including reading between the lines and deducing valuable insights that Facebook may not reveal.

Analyzing Competitors' Facebook Ads

When diving into the analysis of competitors' Facebook ads, there are three crucial areas to focus on: targeting, ad creative, and ad spend. By examining each of these aspects, marketers can gain valuable insights into their competitors' strategies and tailor their own campaigns accordingly.

Case Study: Analyzing Cult Beauty Ads

Let's begin by examining a case study on Cult Beauty, an e-commerce brand in the beauty industry. By analyzing their targeted audience, ad creative, and estimated ad spend, we can uncover valuable insights that can be applied to our own marketing strategies.

Targeting Analysis

Facebook does not explicitly provide information about the audiences ads are being shown to. However, by examining the ad copy and creative, we can deduce the intended audience. For example, an ad focused on the brand NARS may indicate retargeting to people who have interacted with NARS' pages or have shown an interest in the brand. Additionally, analyzing the copy and creative used in the ads can reveal specific targeting strategies. For instance, mentioning a "restock" implies retargeting people who have previously purchased from Cult Beauty.

Ad Creative Analysis

Cult Beauty predominantly uses product shots in their ads, creating a clean and straightforward aesthetic. By focusing on discounts and value sales, they position themselves as a platform for customers to find their favorite brands at lower prices. While their ad creative does not appear to be overly unique or complex, it has proved effective as some ads have been running for an extended period, indicating success.

Ad Spend Analysis

Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide specific data on ad spend for Cult Beauty. However, an analysis of their ad volume and creative choices can provide insights. Cult Beauty’s strategy seems to prioritize variations of a few types of ad copy rather than testing numerous creatives. This suggests that their ad spend may not be as high as other brands. Additionally, their use of text-heavy images implies that they may not be investing a significant amount in high-production videos.

Case Study: Analyzing HubSpot Ads

Now, let's turn our attention to HubSpot, a CRM software brand targeting sales and marketing teams in the B2B sector. By analyzing their targeting methods, ad creative, and potential ad spend, we can uncover valuable insights into their Facebook advertising strategy.

Targeting Analysis

HubSpot employs various targeting methods, including retargeting ads to people who have visited their CRM feature pages. They also run lead generation campaigns with free reports and templates to capture potential leads. The longevity of some of their recurring ads indicates their effectiveness at reaching and engaging their target audience.

Ad Creative Analysis

HubSpot's ad creative primarily consists of images with text overlays. While their ads may not blend seamlessly into a user's feed, these designs effectively communicate that they are ads. HubSpot's focus on specific features and lead generation assets suggests a strategy geared towards attracting a broad range of businesses rather than a niche audience.

Ad Spend Analysis

Although it is challenging to determine their exact ad spend, HubSpot's emphasis on creating unique lead magnets and running conferences suggests a significant investment. Their efforts in producing high-quality assets and events indicate a commitment to generate leads and promote their CRM software effectively.

Importance of Landing Page Optimization

While analyzing competitors' Facebook ads is insightful, it's crucial to remember that driving traffic alone is not enough. The ultimate success of an ad campaign heavily relies on the effectiveness of the landing page. If the landing page fails to convert visitors into leads or sales, the entire campaign can be rendered ineffective. In a separate video, we provide actionable tips to optimize landing pages and improve conversion rates.


Analyzing competitors' Facebook ads can provide valuable insights into their targeting strategies, ad creative choices, and estimated ad spend. Through case studies on Cult Beauty and HubSpot, we have explored various aspects of these ad campaigns, offering a glimpse into effective tactics and potential areas for improvement. By leveraging these insights and incorporating them into our marketing strategies, we can gain a competitive edge and enhance the success of our own Facebook ad campaigns. Remember, analyzing competitors is not about blindly copying their strategies but rather understanding the market landscape and adapting it to meet our unique business goals.


  • Gain a competitive advantage by analyzing competitors' Facebook ads.
  • Focus on targeting, ad creative, and estimated ad spend for comprehensive analysis.
  • Case studies on Cult Beauty and HubSpot provide insights into effective strategies.
  • Landing page optimization plays a crucial role in ad campaign success.
  • Apply insights from competitor analysis to enhance your own Facebook ad campaigns.


Q: How can analyzing competitors' Facebook ads benefit my business? A: Analyzing competitors' Facebook ads allows you to gain insights into their targeting strategies, ad creative choices, and estimated ad spend. This information can help you refine your own marketing strategies, identify areas for improvement, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Q: Can I directly access information about my competitors' targeted audiences? A: No, Facebook does not provide explicit information about the audiences ads are being shown to. However, by analyzing the ad copy and creative, you can deduce the intended audience and targeting strategies.

Q: How can analyzing ad creative help improve my own Facebook ad campaigns? A: Analyzing competitors' ad creative helps you understand their messaging, design choices, and positioning. By identifying successful elements and incorporating them into your own creative, you can enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Q: Why is landing page optimization important in the context of Facebook ads? A: While driving traffic to your website is essential, the ultimate success of your ad campaigns depends on the landing page's ability to convert visitors into leads or sales. Optimizing your landing pages ensures a seamless user experience and maximizes your ROI.

Q: How can I use the insights from competitor analysis effectively? A: It's important to remember that competitor analysis is not about blindly copying strategies but understanding the market landscape and adapting it to your unique business goals. Apply the insights gained from analyzing competitors to refine your targeting, enhance your ad creative, and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

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