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Unlocked: Fixing Restricted Facebook Ad Account

Published on: November 17 2023 by E & T Academy

Unlocked: Fixing Restricted Facebook Ad Account

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding Facebook Advertising Restrictions
  3. Types of Account Restrictions 3.1 User Account Restriction 3.2 Page Restriction 3.3 Other Account Restrictions
  4. Common Reasons for Account Restrictions 4.1 Mistakes and False Alarms 4.2 Violation of Advertising Policies 4.3 Non-Compliance with Content Guidelines 4.4 Suspicious Behavior and Association with Untrustworthy Accounts 4.5 Repeated Rejections of Ads
  5. Steps to Reinstate a Disabled Facebook Advertising Account 5.1 Logging into Facebook 5.2 Accessing the Ads Manager 5.3 Understanding the Restriction 5.4 Verifying and Updating Account Information 5.5 Requesting a Review and Appeal
  6. Additional Tips and Precautions 6.1 Matching ID Information with Facebook Account 6.2 Providing a Detailed Appeal 6.3 Waiting for Review and Response 6.4 Contacting Facebook Business Support 6.5 Making Necessary Changes and Deletions
  7. Conclusion

Reinstating a Disabled Facebook Advertising Account: A Step-by-Step Guide Introduction:

Have you recently experienced a Facebook advertising account restriction? Are you frustrated and unsure how to reinstate it? This comprehensive guide is here to help. As a digital marketer specialized in Facebook advertising, I have successfully reinstated over a thousand accounts, including my own, multiple times. In this step-by-step process, I will share valuable insights and practical advice on how to navigate the reinstatement procedure. Whether your account is a user account, page, or any other type of restriction, this guide will assist you in getting back to advertising within a matter of hours.

Understanding Facebook Advertising Restrictions:

Before diving into the reinstatement process, it is crucial to comprehend the different types of account restrictions and the reasons behind them. Facebook imposes restrictions to ensure the security and compliance of its advertising platform. Account restrictions can range from temporary suspensions to permanent disabling, depending on the severity of the violation.

Types of Account Restrictions:

  1. User Account Restriction:

    • The highest form of restriction, where the user's entire account is limited from advertising.
    • Pros: Allows for a full review of the account for potential violations and misuse.
    • Cons: Can result in significant downtime for businesses relying on Facebook advertising.
  2. Page Restriction:

    • Restrictions applied specifically to a Facebook page, limiting its advertising capabilities.
    • Pros: Enables a more focused review of page-related violations, allowing targeted action.
    • Cons: May disrupt ongoing advertising campaigns and limit page engagement.
  3. Other Account Restrictions:

    • Various account-specific limitations, such as restrictions on Business Managers or specific ad accounts.
    • Pros: Targets and resolves issues within specific account components.
    • Cons: Requires separate reinstatement processes for each restricted component.

Common Reasons for Account Restrictions:

Understanding the reasons behind account restrictions can help identify potential violations and avoid future issues. Some common reasons include:

  1. Mistakes and False Alarms:

    • The algorithm may mistakenly flag an account for a policy violation, leading to a restriction.
    • Pros: Potential for a quick resolution if reviewed by human moderators.
    • Cons: Initial inconvenience caused by the account restriction.
  2. Violation of Advertising Policies:

    • Failure to comply with Facebook's advertising policies, such as promoting prohibited content.
    • Pros: Opportunity to rectify policy violations and adjust advertising strategies.
    • Cons: Potential loss of ad campaign investments and temporary loss of advertising privileges.
  3. Non-Compliance with Content Guidelines:

    • Violations related to non-functional landing pages, sale of restricted products, or adult content.
    • Pros: Clear guidelines to understand and rectify content-related violations.
    • Cons: Limited ability to target certain product categories or engage specific audiences.
  4. Suspicious Behavior and Association with Untrustworthy Accounts:

    • Involvement in fraudulent behavior, multiple account associations, or connections to untrustworthy accounts.
    • Pros: Opportunity to establish authenticity and credibility during the review process.
    • Cons: Increased scrutiny and longer review periods due to suspicious activities.
  5. Repeated Rejections of Ads:

    • Excessive rejection of advertisements due to policy violations or low-quality content.
    • Pros: Encourages advertisers to improve ad quality and compliance with guidelines.
    • Cons: May lead to account restrictions if a significant number of ads are consistently rejected.

Steps to Reinstate a Disabled Facebook Advertising Account:

Now that we have a clearer understanding of account restrictions and their causes, let's proceed with the step-by-step process to reinstate a disabled Facebook advertising account:

5.1 Logging into Facebook:

  • Access your Facebook account by opening your web browser, searching for "Facebook login," and entering your credentials.

5.2 Accessing the Ads Manager:

  • From your Facebook homepage, click on "See More" and select "Ads Manager."
  • Pros: Provides direct access to the advertising account in question.
  • Cons: The interface may vary slightly, but the general process remains the same.

5.3 Understanding the Restriction:

  • Identify the type of restriction you are facing by checking the account details or navigating to "Account Quality."

5.4 Verifying and Updating Account Information:

  • Ensure that the information on your ID card matches exactly with the details on your Facebook account.
  • Update your name, including middle name if applicable, in the Facebook settings.
  • Verify and match your date of birth and gender to your official identification.

5.5 Requesting a Review and Appeal:

  • Click on "Request Review" and select the appropriate reason for the review.
  • Describe in detail the problem you are facing, emphasizing adherence to advertising policies and genuine compliance.
  • Pros: Provides an opportunity to present your case and highlight any misunderstandings or false allegations.
  • Cons: The review process may take longer than the specified 48 hours mentioned by Facebook.

Additional Tips and Precautions:

To ensure a smoother reinstatement process, consider the following tips and precautions:

6.1 Matching ID Information with Facebook Account:

  • Confirm that the details on your official identification, particularly your name and date of birth, match your Facebook account.
  • Add middle names if necessary for a more precise match.
  • Pros: Prevents any discrepancies that could prolong the review period.
  • Cons: Limited ability to change name details if you have exceeded the limit.

6.2 Providing a Detailed Appeal:

  • Take time to describe the problem you are facing in detail and explain your genuine adherence to Facebook's policies.
  • Personalize your appeal to demonstrate your understanding and commitment to compliance.
  • Pros: Increases the chances of a favorable review and reinstatement.
  • Cons: None.

6.3 Waiting for Review and Response:

  • Patience is key after requesting a review. Facebook's response time can vary, exceeding the specified 48 hours.
  • Check the account quality section regularly for any updates or changes in the account status.
  • Pros: Allows you to track the progress of your review and stay informed.
  • Cons: Potential delays in receiving a response may prolong the reinstatement process.

6.4 Contacting Facebook Business Support:

  • If your review request exceeds the specified 48 hours without a response, consider reaching out to Facebook business support.
  • Follow the provided link or guidelines to contact support directly and explain the delay in the review process.
  • Pros: Provides an alternative channel for assistance and escalates unresolved issues.
  • Cons: Possible additional waiting time for support responses.

6.5 Making Necessary Changes and Deletions:

  • If permitted by the type of restriction, review and adjust your advertising campaigns, page content, or any other potential policy violations.
  • Delete or modify content that may have triggered the restriction or violated Facebook's guidelines.
  • Pros: Demonstrates proactive efforts to rectify issues and comply with policies.
  • Cons: May require additional investment in adjusting ad campaigns or altering content.


Reinstating a disabled Facebook advertising account can be a time-consuming process, but with the right knowledge and approach, success is achievable. By understanding the types of restrictions, common reasons for account suspensions, and following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you can position yourself for a successful reinstatement. Remember to remain patient, provide detailed appeals, and make any necessary changes to improve compliance. Facebook's commitment to security and advertising quality ensures a reliable and effective advertising platform for businesses worldwide.

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