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Unlocking Shopify's Best Sellers: Top Hacks

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Maureen asks about the popularity of Shopify in Australia and recommends having it as a website. This article provides insights on websites and how to use them, depending on their purpose.

Two Primary Purposes of a Website:

1. Acts as social proof to show legitimacy to suppliers.

2. E-commerce platform for selling products.

Using WordPress:

- WordPress is free and easy to use.

- Hosting and domain name can be obtained from Crazy Domains.

- Competitive research can be done using BuiltWith and What WordPress Theme Is That.

Using Shopify:

- Shopify is a brilliant e-commerce platform for selling products.

- It makes setting up an online store easy and efficient.

- Competitive research can be done using MyIP.ms to find the best-performing Shopify websites in the world.

Shopify is an excellent platform for e-commerce, while WordPress is a simple and easy-to-use platform for social proof websites. Competitive research can be done using online tools such as BuiltWith, What WordPress Theme Is That, and MyIP.ms to find the best-performing websites and themes.

How To Find Shopify Store Best Sellers If Its Hidden

How to Find Hidden Best-Sellers on Shopify Stores

In this video, we will show you how to find the best-selling products on a Shopify store that are hidden using a simple trick. We will also explain why some stores have hidden their best-sellers and how to overcome their code.


1. Start by heading over to the product page of the category you want to check the best-sellers for.

2. Check the URL and copy the category name.

3. Add the parameter ?sort_by=bestselling at the end of the URL.

4. Hit enter and you will see the best-selling products for that category.

5. If the store has hidden their best-sellers, you will be redirected to the homepage. To overcome this, remove collections/ and the category name from the URL and only keep the parameter ?sort_by=bestselling.

6. Paste the modified URL and hit enter to see the best-sellers.

While some Shopify stores hide their best-sellers, it is possible to uncover them using this simple trick. The code behind the redirect can be overcome by modifying the URL. Remember to check each category separately and remove the unnecessary parts of the URL.

Top 10 Shopify Apps You SHOULD BE Using In 2022 (E-commerce Tips)

Hey everyone, Davey here! Welcome to our first video of 2022. Today, we're going to go through my 10 favorite Shopify apps. Shopify makes it so easy to install apps, it's one of its superpowers. Apps can increase conversion rates, increase average order value, and make you a ton more money. However, apps need to come with warnings. If you use the wrong apps, it can slow your website down and leave a ton of money off the table.

For those that have been following along in our Lemon Scrub series, you know that we've got our website all set up. Now, it's time to install apps. If you haven't been following along, that's okay. I'm just going to use Lemon Scrub as an example in this video.

- Shopify apps can increase conversion rates and average order value.

- Wrong apps can slow down the website and leave money off the table.

First App: Ship Scout

- Good for low average order value products.

- Split tests shipping thresholds.

- Can increase conversion rate and AOV.

- 7-day free trial, then $49/month.

- Requires advanced Shopify plan.

Second App: Neat A/B Test/Dexter

- Good for split testing pricing.

- Helps increase revenue per

How To Find Shopify Store Best Sellers

How to Easily Find Best Sellers for Any Shopify Store

In this article, we will discuss how to find the best sellers for any Shopify store easily.

Finding Best Sellers:

To find the best sellers for any Shopify store, you can follow the below steps:

- Go to Google search engine and type in poweredby shopify in two quotation marks and add a related keyword to your product.

- Scroll down the results and pick a random store.

- Copy the code from the description box of the store.

- Remove anything after .com and add the code as a parameter to the URL.

- Hit enter and voila! You will see the best sellers for that store.

Why This Method Works:

This method works because the best sellers feature is built-in and cannot be disabled by the Shopify store owner. Moreover, some tools and plugins charge money for showing the same data, which is already available for free.

Finding the best sellers for any Shopify store is easy and free. You just need to follow the above steps, and you can discover the successful products of your competitors. However, keep in mind that the revenue and profit of a store cannot be known as it's illegal to share such data.

3 HACKS To INCREASE Shopify Sales OVERNIGHT - (Shopify Dropshipping)

- The Beast of Ecom is back with another video on increasing sales overnight

- Focuses on providing value for those interested in Ecommerce, Shopify, and dropshipping

- Q4 is coming up and it's important to increase click through rate and conversion rate

- Provides three hacks to increase click through rate and sales overnight


1. Engaging Thumbnails:

- Use engaging thumbnails that catch the consumer's attention

- Add red arrows, circles, and emojis to make the thumbnail more eye-catching

- Look at youtubers for examples of engaging thumbnails

2. Call to Action Buttons:

- Create ads at the ad set level with a call to action button

- Use square videos to prevent Facebook from cropping the image

- Add ad copy and a URL, as well as a shop now call to action button

- Use existing post to reuse the same ad creative for other ad sets


- Drop a comment on the ad with a photo of the product and a quote or review

- Use Aliexpress to find a photo and quote from customer feedback

- The first comment can influence people to click on the URL and engage with the ad

- Increasing click through rate is important for increasing sales

- Use engaging thumbnails, call to action buttons, and comments to improve click through rate

- These hacks are simple yet effective and can increase sales overnight

- Stay tuned for the Beast of Ecom's upcoming course and join his free Facebook mastermind group for more tips and support.

Shopify Spy Hacks 2022

In this article, we will be discussing the best spy hacks for buying on different Shopify stores. We will explore different hacks that can help you gain insights about traffic, best selling products, and the theme being used on a store.

Hack #1 - Find the Shopify Theme of a Store:

If you come across a Shopify store and you like the theme being used, you can find out what theme it is using by going to a site called Pagefly. All you have to do is hit the URL of the Shopify store you want to check and it will tell you what theme it is running.

Hack #2 - Find Statistics About the Website:

You can find out a lot of information about a Shopify store by using a tool called SimilarWeb. This tool can give you insights into how much the store is generating in sales, their audience demographic, and where their target traffic is coming from by country. This information can help you target a similar audience and replicate what is working for them.

Hack #3 - Find Out the Best Selling Products:

You can find out what a store's best selling products are by looking at the collections page. To do this, simply add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling to the end of the store's URL. This will give you a good estimation of their sales numbers and what products are doing well for them.

In conclusion, these spy hacks can help you gain insights about different Shopify stores. By using these hacks, you can find out what theme a store is using, their statistics, and what their best selling products are. These insights can help you replicate what is working for them and grow your own business.

Bloqueando hack de best sellings | Shopify dropshipping 2022 @Easy Coding

How to Hide Your Winning Products

In this article, we will discuss how to hide your winning products from competitors in your online store. Many entrepreneurs have been asking me how to disable their best-selling products filter so that their competitors cannot access this information. In this article, we will use the example of the Temor and House template to explain how you can hide this information from your competitors.


1. Hide the Best-Selling Products Filter:

- Go to your online store and delete any excess from your URL.

- Enter the filter settings and select all products in the drop-down menu.

- Use the code editor to edit your collection template.

- Use the if statement to define a conditional statement that will apply the filter only when certain conditions are met.

- Use the filter function to return only the required information when the conditions are met.

- Add a replace function to substitute the best-selling products text with another text, such as featured products or popular products.

2. Locate the Filter Structure:

- Use the search bar in the code editor to locate the structure of the filter.

- Copy the class names of the relevant elements, such as the filter name and option name.

- Use the search bar again to locate the structure of the filter element that displays the product names.

- Copy the class names of the relevant elements, such as the product name and value.

3. Hide the Filter Element:

- Use the replace function to replace the text of the filter element with a blank text or a new text of your choice.

- Save the changes and refresh the page to see the updated version of your online store.

By following these steps, you can hide your winning products from your competitors and protect your business from their scrutiny. Remember to always test your changes and seek help from technical support if needed. Good luck with your online store!

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