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Unlocking the Secrets: CBD Advertising on Facebook in 2022

Published on: November 17 2023 by Smoke Drop

Unlocking the Secrets: CBD Advertising on Facebook in 2022

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook? 2.1. Facebook's Ad Policies for CBD 2.2. Changes and Evolution of Facebook's Policies
  3. Guidelines for Advertising CBD on Facebook 3.1. Restriction on Ingestible CBD Products 3.2. Prohibited Mentions and Keywords 3.3. Landing Page Restrictions
  4. Risks Associated with Advertising CBD on Facebook 4.1. Disapproval and Account Suspension 4.2. Importance of Compliance
  5. Alternative Campaign Strategies for CBD Brands 5.1. Promoting Educational Content 5.2. Utilizing Quiz Funnels
  6. Examples of CBD Ads on Facebook 6.1. Medterra 6.2. Just Hemp 6.3. Ned
  7. Leveraging Ad Agencies and Case Studies
  8. Curated Collection of CBD Ad Examples
  9. Conclusion

Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook? A Comprehensive Guide


When it comes to marketing CBD products, one common question that arises is whether it is possible to advertise CBD on popular platforms like Facebook. In this guide, we will delve into the truth behind advertising CBD on Facebook and provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to navigate their ad policies. We will explore the guidelines, risks, and alternative campaign strategies for CBD brands, along with examples and resources to help you successfully advertise your CBD products on Facebook.

Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook?

Facebook's Ad Policies for CBD

Facebook does not have a publicly available policy specific to CBD ads, but they do have internal guidelines in place. In the past, a spokesperson from Facebook mentioned that while they do not allow the promotion of ingestible CBD or hemp products, ads for topical hemp products are permitted. These policies indicate that while CBD can be advertised on Facebook, certain restrictions and guidelines need to be followed to ensure compliance.

Changes and Evolution of Facebook's Policies

Over time, Facebook's policies on CBD ads have evolved. It is essential to stay updated with any changes and adapt your advertising strategies accordingly. While there are no guarantees of approval, following the guidelines provided by Facebook increases your chances of having your CBD ads approved without risking your ad account.

Guidelines for Advertising CBD on Facebook

Restriction on Ingestible CBD Products

Facebook's policy states that ad creatives cannot feature ingestible CBD products such as gummies, candies, or other edible CBD products. This means that these products cannot be showcased in your ad images or videos.

Prohibited Mentions and Keywords

Ad copy cannot explicitly mention CBD or related terms like cannabis or cannabinoid. However, there are creative ways to work around this restriction. Instead of using direct CBD references, focus on phrases that highlight the benefits and manufacturing process of your CBD products.

Landing Page Restrictions

The landing page linked in your ads should not feature any ingestible CBD products for sale. It is advised to avoid sending traffic to a product page for CBD gummies or chocolates. By adhering to these guidelines, you ensure that your ads do not mention CBD, show CBD products, or direct users to a landing page with ingestible CBD products.

Risks Associated with Advertising CBD on Facebook

Disapproval and Account Suspension

Even if you follow Facebook's guidelines, there is no guarantee that your ads will be approved. Facebook is known for taking swift action against advertisers who promote CBD products. Violating their ad policies can lead to disapproval of your ads or even permanent suspension of your Facebook ad account. It is crucial to consider the risks before advertising CBD on the platform.

Importance of Compliance

While some brands may violate these guidelines and still have their ads approved, it is essential to remember that Facebook's content moderation is automated. It is advisable to comply with the guidelines as closely as possible. Additionally, launching a sister company on a separate domain to test CBD ads on Facebook can mitigate the risk of losing your primary ad account.

Alternative Campaign Strategies for CBD Brands

Promoting Educational Content

One popular strategy for CBD brands is to run Facebook ads that promote blog posts or articles related to CBD. These posts can cover various topics, such as the benefits of CBD or how to choose the right CBD products. By focusing on educational content, you can mention CBD more prominently on the landing page without violating Facebook's guidelines.

Utilizing Quiz Funnels

Using third-party software like Typeform, you can create quiz funnels to collect leads for your CBD business. Quizzes can help match potential customers with the right CBD products based on their preferences and collect valuable information. Furthermore, you can direct quiz participants to product recommendations or collect email addresses for future outreach.

Examples of CBD Ads on Facebook

To provide you with a better understanding of CBD ads on Facebook, we will examine examples from various CBD brands. One such brand is Medterra, which often advertises educational content related to CBD. Another example is Just Hemp, a sister company of Just CBD that primarily focuses on advertising hemp products. We will also explore ads from Ned, another CBD brand that effectively utilizes customer testimonials in their Facebook ads.

Leveraging Ad Agencies and Case Studies

Ad agencies specializing in CBD marketing often share case studies of successful Facebook ad campaigns they have run for CBD brands. By conducting a simple Google search, you can find numerous agencies and gain inspiration from their work. Checking the Facebook Ad Library is another excellent way to discover CBD ads currently running on the platform.

Curated Collection of CBD Ad Examples

If you want to save time searching for CBD ads on Facebook, we have curated a collection of the best CBD ads at Smoke Drop. This collection includes a variety of examples that can inspire your own ad campaigns. The provided Google Drive folder gives you immediate access to these ad examples, helping you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving CBD marketing landscape.


Advertising CBD on Facebook is possible but requires careful adherence to their guidelines. By avoiding direct CBD mentions in ad copy and ensuring your landing page does not feature ingestible CBD products, you increase your chances of having your ads approved while minimizing the risk of account suspension. Additionally, alternative strategies such as promoting educational content and utilizing quiz funnels can help you navigate Facebook's policies effectively. Remember to stay up-to-date with any changes in Facebook's ad policies and leverage ad agencies and case studies for further guidance.

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