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untapped dropshipping niches

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Niches For Dropshipping in 2023 📈

hello everybody, Anton Crowley here from dropshiplifestylecom, and in this video we are going to be covering the top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023.. I put together a presentation that I'm going to share with you, but before I do that, I want to let you know that I have been making these top 10 lists since all the way back in 2015, and if you want to see them all, to see how niches have changed and evolved over time, what I'm going to do is post a link in the description to a blog post that will outline all of the niches from the previous years, as well as this one. now. also, before we get into this, I do want to be very clear here that what we're covering is the top 10 niches, but picking the right product type to sell is step one of the process. now, every time I build my own stores or when I help other people build theirs, we start here: Niche selection. that's step one. step two is market research. step three is creating your website site. step four is getting approved with suppliers, the ones you can actually sell for as an authorized retailer and make money with. step five is then optimizing your store for conversions so people will buy from you. step six is getting traffic so people can find what they want which is listed for sale on your store. and finally, step seven of the process is to Outsource and automate as much as possible so that your business can be managed in about 15 to 30 minutes a day. now, I say that going in, because some people think all I need is a niche idea. once I have that, I'm going to throw up a website and I'm Gonna Be Rich, right, that's all I need. it's just a product, and products are the foundation. this is what everything else is built on. but again, reminder, Public Service Announcement. this is step one. so pay attention, follow this lesson closely. if you do that, you will be on your way to building a highly profitable semi-automated store that provides real value to your customers and to your bank account. but just know, this is the beginning, okay? with that being said, let's switch screens, let's jump into my computer and let's start the presentation in 2023. we are focusing on what I refer to as Recession Proof niches. these are niches where the products will sell regardless of what is happening with the economy. now, speaking of the economy, let's tok about what has changed over the past year and where I believe we're going to continue to move as we progress throughout 2023.. first off, inflation is up. I think everyone's aware of that. credit card debt in the US is up. per household consumer spending is down and personal savings is also down. don't worry, I came with charts to back up what I'm toking about here. the first one here shows the inflation rate going back from January of 2020 and it stops here tracking at September of 2022. but, as you can see, there has been a massive and sustained increase in inflation as a percent and what that means is that everyday things, the type of things we sell, cost more money to the consumer. now, credit card debt. this is going back to 1999 and tracking up through Q2 of 2022. you can see all the way. on the right, we're almost at an all-time high when it comes to US credit card debt outstanding balances, which means people have a ton of debt right now. and again, I'm not just showing where we're at now, but where I think we're going over this next year is that debt is going to continue to increase because products are also costing the consumer more. now. on top of that, we're met with consumer spending going down, as you can see here from GDP in the US for q1 and Q2 of 2022. we are down, meaning people are spending less money. and if you want to pause this video frame and read through the description right here of this chart, you can see at the bottom that private good producing Industries decreased by 10.4 percent. that is a big drop and on top of that, personal savings in the US. you can see here, moving in through the summer, which is as far as we have data at this point, it's at 3.5 percent, when going back just a year ago, it was almost double that. so what does this mean? it means that products cost more and customers- the consumer, the people we sell- to have less money to spend. now, before I pull up the list and we get into the top 10 niches for Drop Shipping in 2023, I think it's important to clarify here that this does not mean that everyone's broke and it does not mean that people aren't spending money. what it means to me is that people have less disposable income to spend, but they still have it. people still do have money, especially our Target demographic, but they're making better decisions about where to spend that money. it's just not a free-for-all now, where people have zero percent interest rates and one percent interest rates and they're just buying whatever they feel like. now people are making smarter decisions with their money and buying things they need and, as you'll see as we get into the top 10 list, that decision- decision making- that's happening in the consumer's mind- is reflected on all of these niches that I chose. one last thing before I get in to this top 10 list, I want you to know that these are in no partikular order. they are all niches that I have researched, that I think will perform great in 2023 and I personally would build a store in any of them. okay, with that being said, let's start the list. the first Niche on our list this year is Nursery room furniture. so I want you to think things like cribs, the baby dressers, the changing tables, even the decorative rugs, the little teepee you see there, the art for the room, the shelving. and the reason this is on the list this year and it made the cut first off- is it meets all of the criteria that we discussed in the last video, which I'll link to below. but on top of that, baby furniture and baby supplies is something that parents do not skimp on in a recession. people, when they have their first, their second, their third child. whatever it is, they want the best for them, more so the first, but parents out there will get it. they're still spending the money on their children. they're not cutting back, especially on Nursery room furniture items, so this Niche definitely makes the list for 2023.. now the next Niche that we have on this year's list is camping gear. reason being, like I mentioned earlier, people are going to be spending less, especially the people that can't afford to spend more, but, like I mentioned, people still have money. they're just going to be choosing where to spend that money differently. so maybe, instead of taking a family of four on a week-long vacation to Disney World and spending five, six, seven thousand dollars, they'll decide you know what. this year let's spend one or two thousand dollars invested into camping equipment, like a new tent, maybe like a roof rack for our car and sleeping bags and pots and pans and everything we need to have a great vacation locally for two thousand dollars that we can repeat every year. another great Niche during a recession, which is why it made this list for top 10 of 2023. and, of course, again, this meets all of the Dropship lifestyle Niche selection criteria. I did a video just last week that shared five tips for profitable Niche election in 2023.. again, if you haven't seen that one yet, I'd recommend watching it after this one. it will be linked below now. this is the third Niche on the list, but remember, they're in no partikular order. I would sell any of these, and this Niche is automotive parts. now here you can think: things like the springs for cars, for the shock absorbers, things like brake rotors and brake pads, things like replacement carburetors. now, why is this Niche and really all of these niches within the more General niche of Automotive Parts? why is this so relevant in 2023 and during a recession? well, it's because people have recently been spending a ton of money on cars, including used cars, where the prices have surged over the past few years, and as those cars start to need repairs, people during a recession are going to be less likely to trade those in and

Unsaturated Shopify Dropshipping Niches To Sell In 2023 📈[$100K/M Potential]

I know you see so many people online having success with e-commerce and Drop Shipping, but let's face it, you're stuck. you have absolutely no idea what Niche to sell in and you spend hours online looking for products and then you end up getting analysis, paralysis and you don't move forward at all. but I'm assuming that's exactly why you're here and why you clicked on this video, and I'm here to help. I'm going to list out my absolute favorite niches to sell right now, going into 2023.. and this list has a bonus because, if you've been paying attention to the news at all, it looks like we're heading into a global recession. we all know the Big R word is coming, so you want to make sure to pick a niche that has longevity, because, in the end, we're building Brands. we're not trying to build dropshipping stores that are churn and burned, and everything that I chose on this list today is just that they're all recession-proof. before we get into that list, let's do the giveaway. as always for this giveaway, I'm going to be giving away a custom built Shopify website made by me and my team at Ecom, remastered. this website is built on a premium theme. it's already pre-loaded with 10 winning products on it. it's going to cut out all of that tedious work of learning how to build a Shopify website and making sure that it's converting. so if that's what you're looking for, this is for you and this is how you enter. all you have to do to enter is hit the like button, leave a comment down below and then make sure you're subscribed. the comment can be anything at all. it can be awesome. I love your new haircut. it looks so clean cut. or you could say, Austin, it looks terrible. go back to your old hair. either way, I want to make sure to let you know that you have to be subscribed to my channel, and I notiked that about 75 of you guys are not subscribed. so if you happen to win the giveaway and you're not subscribed, you'll get the prize. so make sure to hit that sub button down below. one last thing: if you want to work with me directly in my team at Ecom remaster dude, make sure to book a free 45-minute application call to see if it's a good fit and we can help you out. all right, with that being said, let's get right into the video. all right, the very first Niche on the list to sell for 2023 is personal care products. so you can see, for my inspiration and Analysis, I pulled up a list of recession approved Nations that typically do a lot better during a recession, and one of the niches that really intrigued me was Personal Care items. so personal care items can be anything from toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, paper and other grooming appliances, and why I personally think that this does so well and it's a really good Niche to sell during 20.3 is because typically during an economic downturn, people still want to look and feel really good and also, if people are losing their jobs and they're out job hunting, you want to make yourself look extremely presentable because you need that new job right. so all the things within this Niche typically perform really well, and I wanted to give a really good example of a product that you could take and run with and I've toked about it before. so this product that I'm toking about relies on sustainability as well as it's in the personal care items, so it's perfect for a recession and also, while people are becoming more and more sustainable over time, I really think that this combination of niches is going to crush in 2023.. I pulled up a website- it's called The Humble code, so they do everything sustainable. everything is really good in the personal care side. so what they have and their main products on their website are bamboo toothbrushes. these bamboo toothbrushes come in all different sizes and shapes and bristles and they're becoming very, very popular because plastik toothbrushes- especially ones that are electric- that you throw away the battery. although they're really good products, they're also very unsustainable. so, like I said, these are becoming more and more popular and what's really interesting about this is that the 4.99 each- and it may even sound expensive for one single toothbrush- but I don't know if you've been in the store lately with all these inflation rates going up- toothbrushes are like I don't know- 15 bucks for disposable toothbrushes. so 4.99 is not bad at all and this website does a great job. these are perfect product photos. so when you're in the sustainability Niche slash, you know Oral Care in general, you really want clean looking Dental products and everything on this website is nice and clean. it's white and have great product photos. I really like this one over here with the blue and it matches the blue water and looks great. this is a perfect example of a good website. if you want to get into this Niche now to double up on that, let's look at the Google search trends of bamboo toothbrushes in general, and I don't want to specifically say that this is the best product to sell in 2023 in this Niche. there are a ton of other ones out there which I'll also be toking about, but bamboo toothbrushes- in the search for them, has increased over time dramatikally. I don't know why, specifically in 2019, in June, right when the pandemic was hitting that the Google search Trends reached like 39, which is really high, and it peaked. but if you look at from March 2015.. the bamboo search rating is like a two, but it's staying consistently at like a 17 to 20 range right now, which means it's increasing the popularity and demand. like I said earlier, I don't want to limit this just to Bamboo toothbrushes. there's a ton of other products out there that fit this Niche and I'm sure you've heard of this one. it's called Moon, so I think I don't even know if Kendall Jenner owns this brand or what, but she's a big brand ambassador for it. they have everything from preset kids to electric toothbrushes, teeth whitening devices, whitening toothpaste- all this stuff right, and the focus of this website is sustainability. as you can see here, they do a lot of things with cause and supporting Healthy Smiles everywhere, and their ingredients are very high quality. high quality ingredients in sustainability is typically the route that consumers are doing, especially in the United States, which is why this brand does so well, and they obviously have the backing of Kendall Jenner. but still, this website's been for the darker theme rather than the White theme that I showed you earlier, but it still looks really clean. it looks more of like a makeup brand almost, but it works for them. it fits the vibe, and I've actually purchased something Too Faced myself. I think it's like charcoal based. so there's all these new ingredients that are high quality coming around that people are really, really interested in, but they still fit the theme of this very simple and elegant design like this product photo right here. for 58 for this whole package is not even a bad deal. they obviously catered this image towards Christmas with the red background, but it looks very clean and very minimalistik. if you don't want too much going on in your website within this Niche, keep it clean, keep it minimal. I really think, though, you'd be missing out if you ignore this Niche completely. so someone needs hot longness, and this is not just a store. this is a very brandable Niche. now a really quick break from our sponsor. the sponsor of today's video is tibio, and did you know that? over 50 of customers, even in an online business? they expect you to be available 24: 7.. and if you're a sole entrepreneur, you know that could be extremely hard, but tidio is a super powerful tool that allows chat Bots and real-time chatting with your customers 24: 7.. I have a couple favorite features, but one of them is that all the messages are Consolidated. if you've got a Facebook account, Instagram account and you've got a live chat on your website, all of those messages go in one place and can be addressed also once you get in and install it onto your website. there are preset flows, like we see right here, where

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Hello eCom Gang. my name is Philip. I am the owner of one seven figures online business and a six figures drop shipping business. Today i am gonna be telling you guys how you can find products to sell in 2022 & 2023. So I read through almost all of your comments and alot of you guys always say that you have trouble finding that winning product and have trouble finding the right niche. If you haven't checked out already, I made a video about niche selection. So if you guys are unfamiliar with my story, i actually started off just selling Yoyo holders. These yoyo holders are made out of dollar store materials, Are relatively cheap and I sold quite a bit of them. I sold it on my website, locally and on marketplace and in yoyo clubs, And then from Yoyo holders, I went on to selling hobby and outdoors equipment and then from there i went on to something completely different And now i'm in a different niche altogether. i think that a lot of people put too much emphasis on finding the perfect thing instead of just starting and picking a name for your business and website that can complement multiple different items. So you guys know i've made a video similar like this before where i showed you guys ideas on how to find your own niche from hobby related trendy items and items to sell, which I will post the link right here if you guys want to go check it out. Today i'm going to be giving you guys new tikniques that you guys can use to find winning products for drop shipping in 2022.. If you are new to drop shipping, drop shipping is an e-commerce business model where you are the middleman between the supplier and the buyer. you would find items people impulsively wants but have never heard about to sell source and buy it for, let's say, $10 and sell it on your website for $30.. So when the customer buys the product from your website, you are going to contact the supplier and send it straight from the supplier to that customer. Alot of people new to ecommerce starts with drop shipping because the startup cost and overhead is so small. You can even do it for as low as a few hundred dollars. My channel shares about drop shipping, so make sure you subscribe and checkout my other videos about it. So, going back to finding winning products, The first way that I research on what products to sell is on a lesser known website called 1688.com. It's a Chinese marketplace for 1st layer sellers directly selling their products, Compared to websites like Aliexpress, where the sellers there are 2nd layer sellers placing their items and translating it to English for English buyers and dropshippers. So essentially, when you are sourcing from aliexpress, You are buying as a Middleman from another Middleman, So you have two layers of fees you have to pay before the product gets to your customer: First from the supplier to the aliexpress reseller And then to you as a middleman, and then you get the rest of the cut. So in a sense, you are not maximizing your profit potential as there are 3 people involved: The supplier, the aliexpress droppershipper and you. Over the years I have became friends with quite a few sellers on aliexpress. They often share with me the insider scoop of what happens on Aliexpress. alot of the sellers on aliexpress are dropshippers as well. who posts the products on Aliexpress and get the products translated to English so they can profit from the USD sales? They then source their products from locally or from Alibaba/ Taobao and ships it to the customers worldwide on your behalf. They take the middleman cut. One thing I like to do is I like to go on 1688.com and I literally scroll down. If you like, you can always use Google translate and translate the keyword from English to Chinese to find the specific item you like. You can also lookup products by category. it's very similar to Aliexpress or Amazon. This is what I use for buying in bulk, manufacturing my own products, etc. Sometimes what I do to brainstorm and find new ideas is basically I just stay on this home page and they always have some type of new items of what to sell where you can also choose to watch the products live. New and trending designs always have something called the Factory Live Broadcast, Where in the factory they should you exactly the product. You can see the live demo of someone showing you Similar to 1688,. I also visit Alibaba and Taobao. As you can see, with mine you see alot of sporting goods and outdoor type of products just because they see me searching that alot. but yours might look a little bit different until they realize what your account likes and what you are searching for in terms of Niche and the recommended products will be different for everyone Like. so, for example, you know if you were looking into cosmetik niche, you can view and discover the hot selling products a seller is selling right now. The reason I like to use 1688.com, Taobao and Alibaba is because if you are dropshipping a product from another country. Whether it be a high tiket product or a small item, it doesn't really matter, Because you are trying to get the cheapest Price from the source itself. You are going to the source (Seller) so you can maximize your profit margin. I usually like to see the videos of the products, and this is really great for clothing brands as well, because if you are somebody that wants to get into the fashion niche and sell clothes, I especially like to see the quality of the clothes and sizing on a live person. Pictures can be really deceiving and then, after you see it, you can reach out to the seller and negotiate with them, if you are ever at the point where you want to go ahead and sell the product. ---. After doing the product research from various supplier or wholesaler sites, I will usually compile a list of all the cost and profit margins and try to locate different sellers online who are selling the same products. These are drop shippers I am toking about. This way you can set a reasonable price point of the product and decide if it is sellable. I usually do a full search of the product across the internet. Some of the things that i think of when choosing a product. Point # One: How big is this product and how easy will this product be to ship? #2. How heavy is this product? because you guys know if you are purchasing in bulk, heavier products will result in higher shipping charge and then your customers will have to pay more as well, whereas if it's a keychain or a smaller item, it's easier to ship, One it's easier for you to store and you could wind up profiting more with a larger quantity. and, of course, whenever you're ordering from, let's say, alibaba in bulk, they do charge you shipping costs and for smaller items, you're able to get it through express, which is like dhl and ups from china. But if it's a big, heavy item, they have to send that through sea shipping, which will take longer. Remember that you guys are getting into this because you guys want to probably quit your 9 to 5 jobs or you want to do this full time. You really have to be thinking about all the possibilities when choosing the products. I really hope this video helped you in finding the right product, or finding some winning products that can help you boost to your next level, If you haven't already hit that subscribe button and like this video, so i can continue to make content for you guys. Just hitting that like button helps my channel grow so much so i can continue to help you guys out and share my knowledge for 100% free. I hope this video helped you and if you have any questions, be sure to comment down below. i try to get back to every single comment that i can. Thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you guys in my next video. Always Remember why you hustle.

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A Wildly Successful Shopify Store (Untapped Niche)

yo. so in this video, we're going to be exploring the intersection between e-commerce and tiknology in a really weird way, and we're going to be doing that by reviewing a Shopify store that's doing north of a million dollars per month. you can't see her that well, but my cat is like cuddling my arm right now. it's kind of hard to get this done, but we're gonna get into it regardless. so the store is called anycubiccom and if we take a look at their traffic distribution, we can see that they're getting over 800 000 monthly visitors and what they do is they sell 3D printing equipment- so all things ranging from actual 3D printers to things that enable your 3D printer to work and all sorts of stuff along those lines. and this is a Shopify store. in fact, if you've had any experience with Shopify, you can see that this is actually quite a simple theme. it's nothing too crazy, and I want to actually check this out a little bit further because I want to understand more about the 3D printing World, especially considering that if we look at the 3D printing Google search Trend, we can see that it's a massive Trend right now. my cat is being really funny, so this is a pretty impressive Trend. right, this wasn't really a thing up until about 2011, and then it started to really take off. now I feel like we're gonna see a second leg up of movement in terms of this trend, because I'm pretty sure 3D printing is used for a lot of different stuff nowadays. to meet this 3D printer right here looks mostly to like showcase what a 3D printer could do. I guess it's really up to the user to come up with things to use it for and use cases for it, but in my opinion, it seems like people just use it to build really interesting things rather than actual problem solving things within their lives. but that's definitely why 3D printing is so popular, because you can literally print out a render of anything. funny enough, though, when I look at this, I instantly think of so many different marketing ideas. so, for example, a tik tok account, which is actually something that they already thought about, so they beat me to it. they already have been creating these tiktok series that are pretty interesting. they're just basically building different things, building different things. I still think it could be better. unfortunately, this is doesn't look very native to tiktok. it just kind of looks like very high quality content, which is good right. I mean that's good for ads, perhaps. clearly, they are finding some success- this video right here, for example, has nearly 200 000 views- but I still think they could be doing better here in terms of taking advantage of user generated content, creating things that look more native to the platform, that are going to really appeal to people on tiktok. you know, for something like this, I would definitely do more educational style content mixed in here as well. so they're doing a lot of giveaways, which is a super good strategy, but they definitely should be educating people more. I mean, I'm trying to learn right now more about 3D printing and I was hoping that I would get to do so through this company. now they're doing a similar thing on Instagram. they're posting a lot of Instagram reels, but, weirdly enough, they're not really posting any of the content that they're posting on tik tok on here, which is definitely a missed opportunity. again, you know, I've found that sometimes, when you get a tik tok that gets 2 000 views on tiktok, maybe on Instagram it gets 10 000 views right, and then on YouTube shorts it can get 20 thousand views or sometimes less right, but that's definitely a really worthwhile strategy. they are doing a little bit of that on YouTube shorts, but again, I still think they need to be more consistent with it. since they are so consistent on tiktok, there's no reason not to do that now. let me show you, though, the real reason for their success, because obviously you see that their landing pages are quite simple, like anybody could create a Shopify store like this, especially if you watch my videos right. but what's crazy is the amount of ads that they're running on meta. so, as you see, they are running over 520 different results for creatives, and they're doing all sorts of things right. so they're going crazy for the Black Friday sales. they're really advertising that heavily, as Kitty is being so Troublesome today and again. while these ads do look pretty nice, I'm surprised to see that they're not testing more user generated kind of content- and it doesn't have to be your traditional tiktok Trends, right, but I would love to see someone explaining these products in firsthand, as opposed to just these images of the products. but obviously they are doing something right. they're getting all this traffic to this store. I'm sure they're doing millions of month, but I think that would really help them build a strong community, and I've toked to people that know Venture capitalists lately and people that actually invest in businesses and, to be honest, it seems like the more Community you can build with your brand on Shopify, the more tik toks you're getting that are going viral. the more organic content that you're creating that actually resonates with the community, the higher the valuation of your business will be. and I think this industry in partikular is super interesting because, again, of all the potential use cases, I still think this could be so much better, even from just a UI design and website design point of view. it could be so much cleaner. so definitely interesting stuff. and again, there's a lot of different things that you can do within each market that I ever showcased on this channel. it's really just to open up your brain to potential ideas. I mean, you could take advantage of this in a more low budget way if you can come up with solutions for actual 3D printers, like these guys are selling the 3D printers, but perhaps there's different materials that you could sell to people that are 3D printer enthusiasts and stuff like that. but, as always, I really want to know what you think. do you think 3D printing is cool? what about you? Nina? it's 3 be printing pretty cool? I'll take that as a yes. lastly, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. I'm really grateful to have this community here and to be able to basically get paid to learn every single day. oh my gosh. but that said from my little family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll see y'all in the next video. peace.

Profitable Niche Selection in 2023 🔥 How to Choose a Dropshipping Product to Sell in 2023

what's up everybody? Anton here from dropshiplifestylecom and I was just out here hanging out on this gorgeous Beach behind me and I was thinking about product selection and specifically, how many people are likely to be looking for profitable products to sell online in 2023, and the thing that made this thought first pop into my head was that the economy is definitely shifting and, unfortunately, I think a lot of people are either not going to be getting promotions at work or not have that opportunity for advancement, and that would be like best case scenario. worst case is, I think a good amount of people are going to be unfortunately getting let off and looking for opportunity to create their own income, and that's what we're all about here at Dropship lifestyle. so I thought let me put this out there as kind of a PSA and share what I consider to be five tips for, most importantly, profitable product selection- how to choose the right products to sell. so let's go ahead, let's get into it. I'll share these tips and hopefully they can help you to build your first or your next store. uh, whoops, don't mind that, but anyway, I have your attention, so let's begin. so the first tip: when it comes to profitable product selection, if you're thinking about getting into Drop Shipping in 2023 is price points. okay, one of the things I have been preaching for years, but that is now more important than ever. and when I say price point, I mean your average order value for what you sell to your customers, and what I want this to be for your business is at least over two hundred dollars, but ideally you should model what we do in our own businesses and even have it one thousand plus. now, I will say, once you start to get to two thousand dollars or more for the average order value, there typically is some more pre and post sale work that goes into it: people asking questions before they buy, people asking more questions once the products are delivered, simply because they spent more money. but in my opinion, this is more important than ever because, as you might know if you've been in business before, ad costs now are up since the pandemic, which means if you do what we do, you are going to have to spend money on ads to make money and you want to make sure you're selling expensive products so you have enough profit margin to be able to profitably buy ads when people start and they choose a low price point, especially now with ad costs back to where they were pre-pandemic. that's going to mean that unless the margins are there, you're not going to be able to acquire customers profitably, and that'll mean you build a store with a product type that never takes off. and remember, we want to do this profitably because what's the point of doing the work if we're not getting paid for it? what's the point of building a store selling inexpensive products, getting a bunch of traffic, getting a bunch of sales, fulfilling a bunch of orders, if there's no money left over at the end of the month? and moving up in price point is one way to definitely get yourself there. so, first tip for profitable product selection: in 2023, you want your average order value for every sale that comes in on your store to be a minimum of 200 and again I would say, ideally one thousand dollars or more, okay. second tip that I want to share is in regards to what I will put as DS suppliers. okay, drop ship suppliers. now, some things have changed over the past year. one of the big ones was oberlo, going out of business. now we never use oberlo, just disclaimer, but many drop shippers did, and oberlo was an app that you could plug into your Shopify store that allowed you to drop ship directly from China, so you would get orders. the orders would be sent to a warehouse or a fulfillment center in China. products would get shipped from there to the states or wherever your customers are. right again, we never use that. but because it closed, a lot of people started finding us and finding out how we do product research and how we find suppliers to actually fulfill orders. so few tips on this point will kind of expand out to it. the first: I think this is the biggest. as per usual, you want a minimum of 20 suppliers, but I would say, going in now to the New Year, 30 or more is even better, better now. the reason I want you to find so many suppliers for whatever Niche you choose, is because you want to have lots of variety when it comes to product options, but also lots of different ways for customers to find you, because one way that people find us is by searching for the exact products that we sell. so I'll give you an example here. I'm writing this out as I tok through it with you and I'm on. I guess you would call it an easel with a flip chart. so if I were going to build a store that sold flip charts and I can only find three different companies that made flip charts that I could drop ship for, then I wouldn't want to be in that Niche. I would move on, because that's not enough variety, it's not enough security, knowing that my business is distributed amongst all these different brands. and just to be clear, I'm not saying that I want 20 to 30 plus suppliers that all make the same exact product. I'm saying I want that many suppliers that make the same product type. so let's go into an example that might work. for an example like this: right for a flip chart or an easel, I would want some suppliers that had options that were just like this one, maybe a dark gray metal finish with this specific width- I think it's three feet wide- then I would want to find some that had the tall and narrow ones for a customer that wanted that product type. I would want some that underneath this, also had a white board if people wanted to use that option when working through their flip chart. I would want some that have wheels. I would want some that are collapsible so people can bring them to conferences with them or to workshops, right, whatever it may be. so just keep that in mind when I'm saying find 20 or, ideally, 30 more brands or suppliers you could sell for in your Niche. I'm not saying they all make and rip each other off and sell the same product. I'm saying they have the variety of products within your chosen Niche. now, a couple other key things here is that these brands should not be ones you pay to sell for. they shouldn't be middlemen. they should be directly the companies that manufacture and Warehouse the things you want to sell. and again, 20 to 30 plus is more important than ever going in to 2023, if you want to choose profitable products to sell online. going back to the example, if I found three brands that made these, maybe I get approved to sell for one or two of them the first day. well, what happens if one of them goes out of business or runs out of inventory? then I'm stuck and I don't have a business anymore. so there is Security in bigger numbers. that is why this is so important, okay. third thing we want to tok about when it comes to tips for profitable product selection is brand loyalty. brand loyalty when it comes to drop shipping. you want there to be none. okay, and an example I typically give because it can clearly visualize it for most people is. let's say, you were thinking about getting in to drop shipping on Shopify in 2023 and you were looking for profitable products and you saw what I said so far and maybe you thought you know what. okay, what's a product that is pretty expensive? maybe a tablet- right, I recently bought an iPad. or maybe headphones- I recently bought the new Bose noise canceling headphones. maybe I'll sell those. well, one problem you're going to find first of all is that there's not going to be that many suppliers. but even if there is- let's use the tablet example- even if you could find 20 or 30 different brands from China that make their own crazy named tablets, well, guess what? that is a niche, that is a product type that has a ton of brand loyalty, and even if you build a store and you sell from 30 different brands for tablets, you're not going to do well because that Niche is dominated by a few big players. that e

Top 5 PROFITABLE Dropshipping Niches in 2021 | LIVE EXAMPLES!

let me give you the hottest and most profitable shopify niches you can start drop shipping in in 2021. what's popping people? it's your boy, the beast of ecom. and i am back with another video dropping this thing, but you already know value bombs. so it's officially 2021 and this is the first video of the year, so i thought i'd make it a good one. so in this video, i'm gonna be showing you the best and most profitable shopify niches that you can start drop shipping in right away in 2021. now, if you thought this video couldn't get any better, you'd be wrong, because what i'm also going to do is show you some live examples of products that are selling on facebook in these niches right now. oh my god. now, before i reveal what these profitable niches are for 2021, if you could do just two small things for me. first and foremost, if you could drop a like on this video- doesn't cost you anything, helps out the video, helps the channel and, of course, gives the algorithm some love. and, second of all, if you could drop a comment down below. i will be replying to as many comments as they possibly can, so drop a comment down below. let me know which out of these niches you will be jumping into for 2021. and finally, if you are not subscribed to the channel, then what on earth are you doing? make sure you smash that subscribe button with the notification bell on so that you stay up to date with all of my latest content. okay, so the first profitable drop shipping niche that you can jump into in 2021 is home crafts. now you may be wondering: okay, harry, what on earth are home crafts? don't worry, i'm gonna show you. throughout. all of these niches is, uh, you know examples of people actively selling within these, so don't worry about that. but first and foremost, i just wanted to show you the google trends of this keyword: home trends- home, uh, craft story. we can have a look around the times of march 2020 when, of course, all of the lockdowns were happening. uh, the search volume just literally exploded. that's because, of course, a lot of people couldn't go out and a lot of people were spending more time at home, which naturally people get bored at home and look for new things to do. now, one thing you can see is that it's tailed down a little bit. however, we don't know what's going to happen in 2021 and you can see that it's trending up a little bit more uh, and i personally reckon that this niche itself is going to- uh, you know- trend up over 2021 as a lot of people's lifestyles have changed due to what has gone on in the world. now let me show you some examples of uh people selling within this niche. so this is a glass pen, okay, and to show you how it works, basically, it's a really cool looking pen which you get inks. you can find this product on aliexpress, as you can see there. that's what it looks like and you, basically you can if you're into calligraphy, uh, if you're an artist, and these are the sorts of people who i would be targeting in my facebook ads. so you know, uh logo makers, people who are interested in calligraphy, artists, uh, logo designers, you know, maybe even graphic designers- those kind of people who i'll be targeting uh for a product such as this. now, if we have a look and see the actual results from it, we can see here that it was launched in august 2020 and we can see there the results from uh that's period of time. they've had 71 000 likes on this video, close to 6 000 comments and 21 000 shares, so definitely absolutely crushing it for these guys. uh, this is a one product store, i believe so. um, i think it. i think they sell a different version, i'm not entirely sure, but, um, feel free to check it out if you want to, but that's just one product. now another product again. i'm not well versed in um home crafts myself, from being 100 honest- but this is basically a, a product whereby people can- it's like crystal diamond painting, what i think it's called crystal r, it's called diy crystal r and that's what it essentially what it looks like. that's what they do. they get these really small uh crystals and uh, everything on the the picture is numbered and you've got to, like, put the crystals in the right place and you end up creating this wonderful looking, you know, uh, piece of art. this is, of course, just a um user generated content for these guys, so they've just got you know someone to create this video. it could be their mom, pop, whoever it may be. you can see here. that's how it works, exactly what i was just trying to explain. okay, now, if you have a look at the results again, this was posted on 2019, but at the time of recording this video, all of these ads were currently running. okay, so this is obviously crushing it for these guys, and they've got 13 000 likes on this and close to 5 000 comments, and of course, i can't see the shares. but if i just pause this a moment and show you the website, you can see here what they essentially look like or what you get. it's a different painting, everything's numbered, uh, you can see, you know all of these different variations and different you know categories that you can get the paintings in. now, one thing about this is what i will say is, if you're running a niche store like this- the reason why i like these stores is because you can very much increase your average order value. if you're selling a product at 17- uh, just one product- at 17 pounds, sorry, which is probably about 20 dollars- then if you're, if you're selling just that at scale nine times out of ten, you're not going to be able to be profitable because, of course, what happens is, when you scale your uh, your cost rise, your cost per acquisition rides rises as well. so what you want to make sure that you are doing is that you make sure that you are increasing your average order value, whether that is using upsells, post purchase or pre-purchase, and, of course, that you've got bundles in place and variants in place as well, so that you can encourage people to purchase more than one product, and that's how you're gonna be able to stay profitable, uh, while selling products at these sorts of prices, okay, uh, now just to give you one, one last example here on the crafts one: we've got, uh, these crochet needles. okay, again, i've never crocheted in my life, don't know how to do it, but, um, we can see here that this product is doing very, very well. so, basically, it allows you to crochet at night. as you can see here, people who like to crochet can crochet at night. um, so it solves a problem and it's a very, very specific niche and type of person who we are targeting for this product. okay, and we can see it's got. uh, it was launched on october, so only a matter of months ago, uh, months of go, should i say- and it's got 5 000- close to 5 000- likes, we've got 1 300 comments and we've got 2 500 shares. okay, uh, and if i just show you really quickly, uh, this is the exact product. okay, we can see here, exact product that they are selling, and if you go to the website, how much are they selling it for, uh, forty dollars. okay, so they're marking it up like four wrecks taking you know. if they're getting it for 11, which they're probably getting it for cheaper, but, um, there's enough margin in this product to still run on on facebook. okay, that's the first niche that i recommend that you guys jump into. so the second profitable niche that you can jump into for 2021 is the health niche. now, there's things i absolutely love about this niche and there's things that i dislike about this niche, and i'll i'll tok through what they are in a moment in time. but first and foremost, let me just give you some examples of people actively selling in this niche as of right now. so you can see here, this is a, an essential massager. that's what the, the, the brand's called. basically, it's a product that wraps around your waist, i believe, and, uh, you pump it up and it, you know it- decompresses your lumbar spine, i believe it's called helps with, um, muscle tightness, easy stiffness, if you've got, you know, uh, backache and those kind of things. and if we have a look up when it was launched, we've got april 2020 and, uh, you can see there the results. there, we've got 6.