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Unveiling Facebook Ads Success in Kenya

Published on: November 17 2023 by Narkisho Nyonje

Unveiling Facebook Ads Success in Kenya

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Case Study 1: Metumba Bells Center
    • Background
    • Campaign Results
    • Sales Increase
    • Client Testimony
  3. Case Study 2: Fatigue Natural Beauty Shop
    • Campaign Approach and Results
    • Comparison between Kenya and Somalia Campaigns
  4. Case Study 3: Friends Company Limited
    • Challenges with Previous Ads
    • One-Month Package Results
    • Increased Leads and Appointments
  5. Case Study 4: Trendy Imports
    • Introduction to E-commerce Products
    • Brand New Facebook Page
    • Impressive Engagement and Results
  6. Secrets to Online Success in 2020
    • Higher Ad Spend for Quality Clients
    • Utilizing Custom and Look-alike Audiences
    • Spreading your Presence across Multiple Channels
    • Taking Advantage of WhatsApp Ads
    • Taking Action and Avoiding Procrastination
  7. How We Use Facebook Ads in Our Own Business
    • Personal Experience and Success
    • Demonstration of Running Multiple Ads
  8. How to Get Started with Us
    • Requirements and Recommendations
    • Pricing and Changing Rates
    • Contact Information



Welcome to our video where we showcase three more success stories of clients that we have helped with running profitable Facebook ads. In this video, we will also reveal five secrets to online success in 2020 and discuss how we use Facebook ads for our own agency. If you are looking to take your business to the next level and get more clients even while you sleep, online marketing is the way to go. It is essential to reach your clients beyond your physical location and engage them where they are. By the end of this video, you will learn valuable strategies that can lead to online success in Kenya in 2020. So, let's dive into the case studies and uncover the secrets to a thriving online presence!

Case Study 1: Metumba Bells Center


In our last video, we introduced Metumba Bells Center, a client that sells mitumba clothes. We are pleased to provide an update on their case study. Initially, they had seven sales, but now they have a remarkable 18 sales in just one week. With a budget of only 10,000 shillings for ads (7,000 on ad spend and 3,000 for service charge), they generated over 200,000 shillings in sales. Their success story proves the effectiveness of Facebook ads for businesses like Metumba Bells Center.

Campaign Results

The key metric that significantly changed for Metumba Bells Center was the sales. With our Facebook ad campaigns, their profit increased to over 60,000 shillings in just one week. We carefully designed their logo, Facebook cover, and profile picture, which attracted more engagement and boosted their sales. This exceptional result led Metumba Bells Center to consider us as their main advertising agency.

Sales Increase

The success of Metumba Bells Center not only showcases the effectiveness of our campaigns but also emphasizes the importance of investing in higher ad spend. Businesses should be ready to spend more to attract higher quality clients. In the case of Metumba Bells Center, their ad spend of 10,000 shillings resulted in impressive sales growth. By understanding that a higher ad spend can yield better results, businesses can maximize their chances of success.

Client Testimony

Metumba Bells Center appreciates the significant support we have provided them. They have witnessed the positive impact of our strategies and are grateful for the increased sales and engagement. We are committed to remaining true to our services and helping our clients get more clients. Our aim is to deliver results and achieve tangible sales and leads for businesses in various industries.

Case Study 2: Fatigue Natural Beauty Shop

Campaign Approach and Results

Another success story is Fatigue Natural Beauty Shop. They decided to approach our one-week trial with a budget of 7,000 shillings for ad spend and 3,000 shillings for our service charge. Impressed by the results they achieved in just one day, they extended their campaign for two more days with a total budget of 18,000 shillings. The outcome was outstanding, with 617 leads, 49 comments, 15 post shares, and significant engagement.

Comparison between Kenya and Somalia Campaigns

Interestingly, Fatigue Natural Beauty Shop experienced better results in Somalia while spending less than half of what they spent in Kenya. This highlights the advantage of advertising in regions with less competition. In Somalia, they obtained 820 leads compared to Kenya's 617 leads, further emphasizing the need to tailor advertising strategies based on different markets and their competitive landscapes.

Case Study 3: Friends Company Limited

Challenges with Previous Ads

Friends Company Limited, a real estate company, was struggling to generate quality leads with their previous ads. We recommended a one-month package to obtain better results, considering the higher investment required for targeting higher-end clients. Their previous ad spend resulted in minimal appointments and bookings.

One-Month Package Results

Since investing in our one-month package, Friends Company Limited has experienced a significant increase in leads and appointments. In just one week, they received 17 leads, and their conversion rate of 10% means that around 2 sales can be expected from these leads. This presents a promising opportunity for the company to expand their client base and increase their sales.

Increased Leads and Appointments

Following their one-month campaign, Friends Company Limited now has 44 leads and 2 confirmed appointments. The future looks bright for this real estate company as they continue to engage with potential clients and provide them with the necessary information and services. The success they have achieved in just one week has led them to consider extending their partnership with us.

Case Study 4: Trendy Imports

Introduction to E-commerce Products

Trendy Imports is involved in importing a range of e-commerce products from China and selling them in Kenya. When we started working with them, they did not have a Facebook page. We created their page from scratch and initiated a one-week trial. The results exceeded their expectations, prompting them to extend the campaign for four more days.

Brand New Facebook Page

Trendy Imports, with our assistance, has reached over 127,000 people, garnered 14,000 engagements, and gained 1,646 new page likes. These remarkable results reflect the potential of Facebook ads for e-commerce businesses. Trendy Imports has already experienced a threefold increase in sales compared to when they were not utilizing Facebook ads.

Impressive Engagement and Results

The success of Trendy Imports can be attributed to their newfound online presence and engagement with potential customers. They plan to further analyze the specifics of their campaign and continue partnering with us to capitalize on the benefits provided by Facebook ads.

Secrets to Online Success in 2020

  1. High Ad Spend for Quality Clients: The success of our case studies emphasizes the importance of investing a significant amount in ads to attract high-quality clients.

  2. Utilizing Custom and Look-alike Audiences: By leveraging customer data and creating look-alike audiences, businesses can effectively target individuals who exhibit similar characteristics to their current clients, maximizing their chances of success.

  3. Spreading Presence Across Multiple Channels: It is crucial to establish a strong online presence on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube. By diversifying their online presence, businesses can reach a wider audience and build trust.

  4. Taking Advantage of WhatsApp Ads: Utilizing WhatsApp ads allows businesses to interact with potential customers on a personal level, providing instant communication and building lasting connections.

  5. Taking Action and Avoiding Procrastination: The most important aspect is taking action promptly. Waiting for the "perfect" moment can lead to missed opportunities and hinder business growth. It is essential to seize the present moment and start implementing effective strategies.

How We Use Facebook Ads in Our Own Business

We practice what we preach, using Facebook ads to generate leads and sales for our own agency. In the past year alone, we have spent over 400,000 shillings on Facebook ads. We currently have over 50 ads running, achieving a 10% conversion rate. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Facebook ads and the potential for success in businesses across various industries.

How to Get Started with Us

To get started with our services, we recommend an ad budget of at least 10,000 shillings, including 7,000 shillings for ad spend and 3,000 shillings for our service charge. It is also crucial to have a Facebook page and an activated card or PayPal account. Additionally, having a website is highly recommended for establishing a strong online presence. As our prices will increase from February, we encourage you to take action as soon as possible. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to begin your journey towards online success.


  • Metumba Bells Center achieved a remarkable 18 sales in just one week, generating over 200,000 shillings in revenue.
  • Fatigue Natural Beauty Shop obtained 617 leads and significant engagement from their Facebook ad campaign.
  • Friends Company Limited experienced a significant increase in leads and appointments after investing in a one-month package.
  • Trendy Imports achieved a threefold increase in sales and gained 1,646 new page likes through their Facebook ad campaign.


Q1: What kind of businesses can benefit from Facebook ads? A: Facebook ads can benefit a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce stores, service-based companies, real estate agencies, and more. The key is to tailor the ads to reach the target audience effectively.

Q2: Can Facebook ads be successful for businesses with a limited budget? A: While higher ad spend can lead to better results, businesses with limited budgets can still benefit from Facebook ads. It is important to optimize targeting and ad creatives to maximize the impact within the given budget.

Q3: How long does it take to see results from Facebook ads? A: The timeframe to see results from Facebook ads can vary depending on various factors, including the industry, target audience, and ad budget. However, businesses often start seeing noticeable results within a few weeks of running well-optimized campaigns.

Q4: Can businesses run Facebook ads on their own? A: Yes, businesses can run Facebook ads on their own by setting up a Facebook Ads Manager account and familiarizing themselves with the platform's features and tools. However, partnering with an experienced agency can often yield better results and save time and effort.

Q5: How important is cross-channel marketing in online success? A: Cross-channel marketing is crucial in expanding a business's reach and attracting a diverse audience. It allows businesses to engage with potential customers on multiple platforms, increasing brand visibility and establishing trust.

Q6: How can WhatsApp ads benefit businesses? A: WhatsApp ads provide businesses with a direct and immediate communication channel to potential customers. By leveraging the popularity of WhatsApp, businesses can engage with their audience on a personal level and build meaningful relationships.

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