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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Becoming a Shopify Developer in 2022 (The Truth)

are you thinking of becoming a Shopify web developer? you're not quite sure how to get started and what is a proven process to start as a freelance Shopify developer or an agency owner. well, in this video, we're gonna tok about exactly that. we're going to cover which programming languages you need to learn, but also how to get your first sales, how to price a project and how to make sure you have a constant flow of projects so you can really take off as a Shopify web developer. what's more, we're going to cover which services are best to offer as a Shopify developer, because it's not just teams and custom themes and installing Shopify for clients. there's actually much more to it, and there is a service that is much more profitable than just selling themes, so it will also cover that. so why should you listen to anything that I say? why am i a credible source for information? well, I just spend nine years on up work myself. it used to be called oDesk, and after that I've also taught many people- over 700- how to also get started as freelancers and agency owners. so we have some pretty good data on how to become a Shopify web developer. so let's dive right into the content. but before we do that, Lee's hit the subscribe button and the Bell notification icon to support the channel and also to get future updates on which services to sell as a developer and how to get there. so what's going on right now is companies are starting to figure out that they need to have an online presence and not just a website or a WordPress website. what they're looking to do is they're looking to sell products on the Internet, and for this, the best current platform is Shopify, because it allows you to have an e-commerce presence on the internet. that is essentially the number one thing that Shopify developers sell. it is not the only thing, as I'll mention in a few minutes, but it's the number one thing and as the first thing a company needs, and it is an online presence, an ecommerce store. so, regardless of the current circumstances, what's actually going on is this industry is growing very rapidly because companies actually have no choice but to get started online, because they're closing shops and they're opening web shops. so let's dive a little bit deeper into how to sell them a project that's between six thousand and twenty five thousand dollars. so let's focus on three services. the number one service is, as I just said, Shopify themes and custom themes. but then there's a second service, and that is CRO, which is convert rate optimization. so once a client has an online shop Shopify store, they will need a conversion rate optimization, which is essentially how to make the website, how to make the e-commerce platform that they have, how to make it convert and not just be pretty, which is equally as important as setting up the shop in the first place. and you can charge for this monthly recurring, but we'll tok about pricing in a few minutes. and then there's a third service, which is the most expensive service that I know of in the Shopify ecosystem, and that is Shopify amps. now, Shopify apps is something you can get into once you are good and delivering stores, and Shopify apps are essentially extensions to the stores. they're extensions to what shop, if I can do, and it's essentially like a mini sass that you're building inside of the shop Shopify platform, and Shopify will promote the sass eater for your client or for yourself if you launch it yourself. if you're just starting out, it's probably better to sell the apps to other companies that are building apps instead of trying to launch the app yourself, because it's quite complicated and requires serious marketing dollars to launch an app yourself, but to sell it as a service, to sell Shopify apps to clients that are currently launching Shopify apps, is very accessible to most developers who have a lot of time on their hands and want to build a real business, or who wants to freelance. so let's tok about the programming languages that you wouldn't have to know as a Shopify developer. so the first one is for Shopify stores and Shopify 8 themes, and that is liquid. you need to know liquid to be able to work in that. also, you need to know html5 and css3. so which framework and programming languages you need to build Shopify apps? now there's a lot of choice here. however, the easiest to start with is Ruby on Rails, because there's a lot of examples and skeleton apps that are built in Ruby on Rails, so that's usually the easiest to store it. however, you can also use PHP, so it doesn't just have to be PHP or Ruby on Rails. really, anything that uses Jason REST API with auth will work. so for conversion rate optimization, this is a service that is a combination service of marketing and tik, because it's something that people buy after they need to build the Shopify store, because then the store needs to make money. it needs to actually convert into sales. now the best way to do conversion rate optimization is to have best practikes in place by looking at the best stores out there and also by testing. now thing is done with tools like Optimizely and also with Google content experiments, and of course, you also need to have Google Analytiks installed on the website to do CRO. so what you do in CRO, in a very short summary, is to test multiple versions of the same page in an a/b test them to see which one converts best for a certain type of traffic. as you can see, this is highly related to marketing. so if you're also interested in marketing, you should also offer conversion rate optimisation as one of your services. so let's tok about getting clients as a Shopify developer. so the easiest way to get started at the Shopify web developer is to join freelancing platforms which have already done the work of generating leads for you, in the sense that there are many projects on there where they're looking for developers and they're looking for freelancers and agencies to create Shopify implementations for them. now what are they looking for? all kinds of stuff, and they're not entirely sure how to explain it. however, if they're looking for Shopify and they're looking to install a Shopify store, optimize it and then build Shopify apps. that is essentially what you can do and you can offer that service, which is in very high demand right now, especially considering the circumstances- is growing. it's exploding. there is low supply and high demand, which means trisys can range between six thousand and twenty five thousand dollars. now if you're selling Shopify stores on upwork or a different freelancing platform, then only then does it make sense to start selling Shopify apps. you really need to understand how a Shopify store implementation works, what clients care about, and then you can create things like Shopify app, because it's a whole ecosystem on apps, just like with Android or Apple, but it is for an e-commerce platform essentially. so you really need to understand what is going on and for this you need to start creating Shopify stores as your first project that are in the range of $6,000, before you can get those big juicy 25k projects that our Shopify apps next up. I have a more detailed tutorial for you on how to get started as a developer on up work, so click the video right here, which goes into great detail, along with many other videos in the playlist, to explain exactly how to use up work and how to become a very successful developer on up work or an agency owner also have many other videos in the same playlist, so click Subscribe and watch the playlist right here now. if you have any questions, I would love to respond to them, so please comment in the comments below and I'll see you in this video right here on how to get started as a web developer on up work.

How To Make Money On Upwork In 2022 (For Beginners)

hey everybody, mike fitzsealer, and in this video we're going to tok about how to make upwards to 75 an hour on upwork. we're toking about anywhere from a hundred dollars a day to 500 a day, and we are starting right now, after the intro. hey everybody, mike fassil here, welcome to this video. before we actually begin to remind you that there are several spots available for this week's free workshop, teaching people the fastest and easiest way to make 100 to even a thousand dollars a day, even as a complete beginner, check it out on the first link below. with that being said, let's tok about upwork, because it is a good way to start making money online. get an online job, having money on the site, especially if you have a job or if you've never done anything on the online world before. you could actually make money by learning from successful entrepreneurs, by actually working for them and seeing behind the scenes of how they actually run their business. that's exactly how i was able to make money, because i shattered a lot of people that were making so much more money than me, and upwork is just one way to get access to those people. now the first thing that you guys have to realize is you have to number one: be good at what you do. if you suck at most things, then you have to be at least good at communicating with people and having good communication skills, because the thing about business is, you don't actually have to be the one that does the service providing, like these people that made 40 grand here, 20 grand here, 10 000 here, 30 grand here, 100 dollars a year, 75 dollars an hour. they don't necessarily have to be the ones that are writing and editing for specific people, and it doesn't necessarily have to be writing and editing. it could be any one of these topics right here on the corner, as well as down here, any one of these categories. these are where a lot of people are making money on upwork. the first thing, though, is, if you are not good at what you do, you have to be like. at least know how to you know handle yourself, how to have some type of confidence, how to have a decent personality, because a lot of up work is is communicating and getting and building a relationship with clients. okay, that that's essentially it. a lot of people get stuck with upwork, thinking, oh, i can make fifty dollars an hour, when what you don't realize is the main vision with this is building a relationship with somebody and service providing for them so you can make residual income every single month- a thousand two thousand dollars per month per client. that's the main goal of things: getting these clients on retainers because you built a strong relationship with them, because you are a good person and you have a decent personality and they like you as a person that they're willing to do business for you. you don't necessarily have to be the best person, you just have to know how to communicate with clients. that's really it. so even if you completely suck at it, you still have to be good at what you do in terms of communications, because you could outsource the work to somebody else. the second thing you want to do is you want to, of course, create a profile and start building your hourly rate, but the in the beginning, when you first start, the hourly rate doesn't matter until you actually start getting a bunch of reviews right. it's kind of like amazon. we used to sell a bunch of products in amazon in the past. you don't buy from products from amazon. they don't have any reviews. it's the exact same thing with upwork. so before you begin, you say like let's just say a writing job- right, but it doesn't necessarily have to be writing job, it could be any one of these categories here or here as well. i just type in writing on upwork and here, all these people that do 50 an hour, 60 an hour, thirty five dollars an hour. i will start charging myself on the lowest event of things until i get more and more of these credentials right here. right? so i see that thirty five dollars is the lowest. seventy five dollars, thirty dollars an hour, twenty nine dollars an hour. i will just start maybe charging twenty dollars an hour. okay, and i know a lot of people are like: i've never gotten paid 20 an hour right, ever since i was like in my 20s. my and your ego gets in the way because you, you think you're worth more than that. the problem with that is, if you don't have any of the credentials, no one's gonna ever get your services. so what you guys got to do in the beginning is like same way, how i worked for free from multi-millionaires for years. to learn from them, you have to just start charging less than everybody else until you get credibility. i work for free, okay. i work for free for years from multi-millionaires, okay, you could at least work. twenty dollars an hour, fifteen dollars an hour, even, just get it low, don't worry, because once you get the results and reviews and the successes- like this is the most important thing- you could start increasing your prices now. this is important because the moment you get ranked on here like in google, right, you don't have to find clients anymore. people are coming to you and finding you from searching on upwork, which is the most important part, because then you don't have to do any of the hard work of reaching out to people, calling people: hey, you want to work? uh, i can i help you with this, like i have this agency. it's not, it's annoying. when you have to reach out to people, you need to attract them by your profile. does that make sense? this is like the tinder profile for businesses. the third thing you want to do once you do that is you want to go scroll all the way to the bottom and type in find jobs, and when you type in find jobs, you want to look for what is known as a fixed pricing job. so after you created your profile and you set your hourly rate really low, it doesn't matter, because that's only to be found now. your goal is to then go ahead and jump start your success by finding already existing jobs. so what you would do is just type in writing as well and you can see all these jobs that are existing. so what skills are you good at or can you get good at? or you could find somebody to do it for you cheaper and you can do that. so let's just go, for example, with blog writing jobs. i'm just going to type that in as i scroll down here. we want to look for fixed price, so this is 10 to 30 an hour a week. but look at this: this is a 150 fixed price. so we are a trucking, transportation, logistiks company. we need a content writer who can write content for marketing flyers, websites and marketing material promotions. that's 150. this one is 300. hello freelancers, how to guys? on all topics from a to z, by everyday experts. so that's three hundred dollars. that's cool. 105, 127, 500- this is even better. and this is part time or full-time writing opportunity. if you're new to upwork, that's okay. so we're on the hunt for talented writers to work with on a daily basis, covering a diverse range of topics. if you have an area of specialization, we would love to hear about it: digital marketing, landscape, cbd, automation, health, business, education, home improvement, interior design, hvac, tiknology and legal niches. we have consistent work and are continually growing. so you want to do for this is: you want to just start applying for all these things? right, just try getting them, even though if it's below the pay that you're normally good at, that doesn't matter, because your goal is to get ranked on upwork. when someone types in writing, you want to. your face wants to be the first thing up there so that people are always going to pick you when they search for you. that is the most important thing. so what you want to do is you want to build up your listing, kind of like what we did back in the day when i used to sell on amazon fba. we want to give our products and services for very cheap, just so we could get a review. same thing here. you want to find a way to get as much jobs as possible very efficiently when you first get started. so you need to go up to them, because no one's going to find.

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Live Upwork Lead Generation Job || Shopify Ecommerce Lead Generation Project

we are looking for leads to people who owned established band terminology strollers established beneficial foreign you.

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STEAL My $1,000,000 Upwork Cover Letter [+FULL TEMPLATE!]

Why haven't you made any money? But, Mom, I've been sending Upwork proposals for weeks. What are you writing? Are you sure it's good? But the guy said he made a lot of money with it. Can't you check how much they made What? Today I'm gonna give you your new Upwork proposal. It's earned me over million dollars and it's gonna change your life. But first you need to understand that 86% of the people who sign up for Upwork never earn a single dollar. Here's the top three reasons why the 86 percenters are failing and what you're not gonna do. They focus on themselves instead of on what the client wants. Here's a test: If the first word of your proposals is "I", then you're definitely gonna want to steal my entire cover letter template. They go for quantity over quality. These people think that just sending more proposals is the goal. It's not. If you change fewer than 10 words every time you send a cover letter, You are playing a very dangerous game. They send rapid-fire proposals. If you spend less than a minute reading the job description, reviewing the client's past feedback and stats and incorporating that into your cover letter to help you stand out, then that's how people fail and quit Upwork forever. Starting today, You don't do any of that anymore. You're not gonna be an 86 percenter, because today I'm gonna give you one not-so-obvious tip that will help you supercharge your Upwork game. But first I'm gonna show you this cover letter. It's earned me over a million dollars and I've taught this cover letter structure to both beginner and experienced freelancers who have used it to win countless jobs. and you can too. You're showing you're a great fit and you understand the client's struggles and frustration. You've solved this problem for other clients before and they think you're awesome. The insane results you achieve for your clients show that you're different and that you can achieve the same kind of results that your potential client wants too. You're giving them a crystal clear your next step. At this point you're probably asking: "But wait a second, Evan, this one's for Tom the video editor. I'm not a video editor. I'm in a totally different niche. How do I customize it so it works for me". Well, if you want to download the cover letter and watch a full video walkthrough on how to customize it for yourself and your niche, then the link is in the description below. You're also probably saying, "But hold on a second. You just told me that copy paste is the enemy. Are you now telling me that I should copy paste this forever"? No, We're not just about getting out of the 86%, We're about going from the 14% to the 0.14%. And so the one tip: to supercharge your upward game: experiment: You've gotta experiment with different cover letters. and to do that, watch this video right here to learn your next cover letter. But mom,

Hiring A Virtual Assistant For Your Shopify Store - How To Use Upwork And Onlinejobs.ph

what's up, guys? buddy Davison back with another video for you. so today's video we're going to tok about VA Zoar, virtual assistants. now a virtual assistant is. I will first up I should say why. why does anyone hire a virtual assistant? and today we're going to be toking about Shopify still. so you can hire virtual assistants to help you run your Shopify store. so if you have the app over live, for instance, you can give limited access to your store- which I'll go over in a second- to your virtual assistant who could be like these guys here online job stop pH- could be in the Philippines like a Filipino worker and they can work for like two or three dollars an hour. so what it does is, if you, if you're getting a lot of business on your Shopify store, it can be a lot to keep, you know, fulfilling orders, dealing with customers, all this sort of stuff. so this is obviously for advanced people. once your Shopify store has taken off and you're really standard, you know, kick some butt. this is when you would look at hiring a virtual assistant. yeah, so it's not really going to matter too much to you to pay someone to or three dollars an hour if you're making, you know, a lot of sales per day. so let's just go over this. I'm not gonna show you my actual Shopify store. I'll just show you what you need to see here though using a bit of google. yeah, if you go into your settings and then go to account and then you can add staff member, so it just says here and then you can add your staff member, when G, when you add your staff member, you enter the ain't like name and their email and then, um, there's a little box where you can click to not give them full permissions. if you were to give them full permission, then they can access everything, so your credit card details and everything. obviously you don't want someone from the app from overseas- no matter how much of a bond you get with them over the years- to know all your credit card details etc and be able to run like pretty much take your store off you so you can actually select which areas of the store you want you want them to be able to have access to. so the things that you'd really want let them access would be for orders, so they can fulfill orders and see orders to contact customers. obviously that'll be a big one: your products and then applications as well. and then the reason you want to want them to be able to use applications is obviously because, Oberly, if you don't know what that is, that's like a: you can import product straight from Aliexpress to your store and you can also fulfill orders by the push of a button. it's very easy. oh, I'll give a demo of that later down the track. but anyway, if if you have a virtual assistant and you have them working for you, you definitely want to give them access to your, to your app so they can fulfill orders, etc. that's why the whole reason you would be paying them. so why? why would you hire a virtual assistant? well, if you're fulfilling so many orders and so flat out, you don't want to be doing this all day like. you're better off to hire someone, especially when you can get someone so cheap, like two to three dollars an hour. you're never gonna hire someone locally to sit on a computer and fulfill orders all day, even if they've done it on their phone. they will want too much money. so that's the whole point in outsourcing to getting a virtual assistant. so let's just go over a couple things. he are yeah, so that that shows you that part. so online jobs dot pH is one of them. I haven't hired anyone off here, but I've heard really good things about this. and then all you would do is go post a job up here and we'll even click on that and go through. so, yeah, before posting a job, I'd have to create an account rudder, so I'm not gonna go through that at the moment. so the other really really good place that you can get virtual assistants- and this is one that I fired before- is um upworkcom. so upwork, this is a. yeah, you can. you can post your job on here as well. I think I would need to sign in, but let's say, I know I won't say I'll Express a fulfillment. is that how you spell fulfillment? might not be. that might be some terrible spelling. virtual, oh my god, i can't type today. what is wrong with me? and then you go describe your project. righto, have I done this the right way around or did I need to enter it up here? hang on, this is where I should have put it. Shopify what I feel like. that's not how you spell fulfillment. yeah, anyway, here we go post a job. this is what I was looking for. sorry, so I would have to sign in as well. yeah, right, oh, all right. so I just had to pause it there so I could actually sign into this. um, so you go post a job on up work here. then you go, what would it be in here? ecommerce development. tell me what I've done last time: sales and marketing. um, let's just go ecommerce development. I think that's what I've done, yeah, so then obviously, you're going to name your job. so, by the way, this is we're doing this little tutorial for Shopify. you can literally post jobs for anything, same without if I go back over here, same with 5:05 is probably the craziest place for that, but you can literally post jobs like. you can post a job for anything like get people to do stupid things for you. there's all sorts of crazy stuff on Fiverr, but, um, yeah, upwork is a bit more serious and you'll get a like, more serious job applicants and better quality of work. so that's why up work is where you want to go for a virtual assistant. so let's go Shopify a virtual assistant, yes, and I'm just obviously, yeah, I'm not gonna write all this out, but yeah, you would describe the work that you want. so, order fulfillment, order fulfillment using Oberlin. and you know, yeah, you would fill this out. then you could drag or upload project files so you can have a video, maybe with a short video showing people how to do what you want them to do. I think that's what I've done last time. that was quite a while ago. then, yeah, you could have one time project or ongoing project- choose whichever one of those you want. I want to hire one freelancer- your best stuff, to start with one. where are you in the lifecycle of this project? I have specifications, would be it, cuz you're running your own store. are you experienced hiring for this type of work? well, no, you wouldn't be. if this is the first time for you, well, that would be English for me. obviously, with the language, which software frameworks do you prefer to use? I'm not even sure what that means enter skills needed. so, yeah, you would just go through here with, like, see how they've already got Shopify err. this shows you how often people hire Shopify assistants on here. it's actually one of the things straight up: um, yeah, and then you go: how would you like to pay to start off with, I would pay a fixed price when I'm advertising the job, just to have, like, I would pretty much have a trial pair with them to see if they're any good. [Music]- intermediate- this is showing four. [Music]- this is showing four people in America that they're sort of right, but you can get cheaper than this. so my alarms going off again. yeah, I would always go entry-level, because you don't want a complete beginner mucking around with your store and dealing with your customers, etc. that's. that's never gonna be a good idea. I would go, yeah, intermediate or even advanced. how long do you expect this job to last? I would say, yeah, less than one month to start off with. just give them like four weeks, see how they go. and then, yeah, I would say less than 30 hours a week or I don't know yet. but, yeah, you guys are getting it here. obviously you can fill all this out. I'm not gonna go the whole through the whole lot. screening questions: oh, this is an important one. so I would ask if they obviously have any experience with Shopify, then you can add questions as well. and then, um, yeah, create your own questions and just keep adding some questions that you would want them to ask. couple that cover letter: yeah, I would have them write a cover letter as well and then, anyway, then you can obviously post your job and then you'll get r.

Upwork Cover Letter for total BEGINNERS [FULL TEMPLATE!]

I'm gonna give you an Upwork cover letter that you can use word-for-word, even if you're a total beginner who's never won a single Upwork job. Before we get into the cover letter itself, first I'm gonna tell you my story of how I discovered what I was doing wrong. as a beginner trying to win my first Upwork job, I started out on Upwork just like you: No client reviews, no Upwork job history. I uploaded a photo, entered some work experience and a two paragraph profile description. Then I just started sending proposals, one after another after another. I sent over a hundred proposals And didn't get a single response. I spent over $50 on connect and I almost gave up. but my family was depending on me to succeed and I had to make it work. So I had to figure out where I was going wrong. First, I looked at my Upwork profile. I had basically copy-pasted my LinkedIn profile. It was a disaster, absolutely terrible. So I thought, "why not improve my profile by learning from the best". So I signed up for a course on sales copywriting And by the time that I read through Step One, I knew exactly what I was doing wrong. My profile was focused on me, not on my client. I do this, I help with that. I use these systems to get the job done. The one thing that I learned: Assume that your potential client doesn't care about you. So I totally overhauled my profile and changed it from me-focused into client-focused. Then I started sending out Upwork proposals again. I sent about 20 more proposals and I got a response. It was magical. It made me incredibly happy. I felt like I was on top of the world, but they didn't hire me. So maybe overhauling my profile helped. but it wasn't everything. I went back to the drawing board. This time I looked at my Upwork. hourly rate Was at my rate. that was scaring people off. I had listed my rate at what I wanted to be making, but that got me wondering. I did a bit of searching and it looked like I was charging around about what everyone else was charging in my space. I thought, "well, this is normal, So I'm trying to charge what they charge, right"? Clearly, the other people who were already on Upwork had an advantage over me. They've been on Upwork for a long time and had a ton of reviews. I didn't At this point. I had to win work to just get started earning. So I dropped my hourly rate to half of what I'd normally want to charge. But then I was like: "wait a second. What if I get locked into a job where I'm working for cheap And it's like an enormous project? I wanna work, but I don't wanna work for a low price forever". "But maybe once I get some good feedback, like the other people have, then clients will see I'm good and I can raise my rate". So at the same time I lowered my rate. I also decided to stop bidding on big jobs until I could charge a higher price. So I started sending proposals again. I sent another 32 proposals and guess what happened? I got two potential clients sending me messages, but they both hired someone else. But instead of just accepting the loss and keep trying, I did something different this time. I gently asked the potential client why she hired someone else And she told me: Wow, I didn't have any Upwork clients, so I didn't have any work examples to be able to show. So I thought, "how am I supposed to show work examples when I don't have any clients". That's when I checked out my profile again and I discovered something incredible: You don't have to have an Upwork client in order to upload work examples. A work example could be just something I made. I felt like I had the golden tiket. at this point, since I didn't have any clients. I just made up an imaginary project, pretended that I had a client and just started making some examples of work that I might do if I had a client who needed that job done. They weren't amazing, but I wanted to make them as good as I possibly could so that potential clients could see that I knew what I was doing. I went ahead and created three solid work examples for the kinds of jobs I was trying to apply for And I uploaded them to my profile. So at this point I had revamped my profile, lowered my rate, stopped applying the big jobs, created solid work examples and I even dropped a like on this video. Now it was down to the final frontier: My cover letter. I took everything I learned from my sales copywriting training and put all of my effort into writing awesome cover letters. I made sure that I customized every cover letter, focused on the client and their frustrations. showed them I was motivated and excited to work together, showed them examples of the work that I could do for them and gave them a super-clear next step to take if they wanted to work with me. And you know what happened. I won my first Upwork job. Here's the free cover letter. I promised It's all yours, but only if you promise to do the same things that I did first. Here it is. See you in the next video.