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US Bike Parts Dropshipping: Fast and Easy!

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey, what's up everybody? My name is Dee, and welcome to Smart and Good Channels. In this video, I'll be sharing with you guys how to create a website for a bicycle shop. Let's get started!

- In this video, I'll be showing you how to create a website for your bicycle shop using an affordable and easy-to-use platform.

Features of the website:

- The website has a great design for displaying your bicycles, inventory, accessories, and services.

- It includes a shop section where customers can add products to their cart, check out, and even enter coupon codes.

- You can set up a payment gateway to accept credit and debit cards on your website.

- The website even allows for dropshipping from AliExpress, which I'll show you how to do later on in the video.

How to create the website:

1. Go to SmartandGood.com and choose the template you want.

2. Sign up for the plan that works best for you (starting at $10/month).

3. Customize your website by adding your own domain name, logo, and menu items.

4. Import products from AliExpress using the Ali2Woo setting.

5. Make changes to product descriptions, pricing rules, and more.

- With this simple process, you can create a website for your bicycle shop without spending hundreds of dollars on a web designer.

- The platform is easy to use and includes support if you run into any issues.

- Thank you for watching, and don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tutorials!

Dropship Bicycle Accessories for Extra Income

Hey there, Arthur here coming at you with another drop shipping niche, and this one is all about bicycle accessories. If you're interested in bicycles, or even if you're not, we feel like this could be a great niche to get into. In this video, I'm going to explain some of the things that you can carry in your store, where to source your products, as well as a fast and easy way to get your store up and running. Let's jump right in!

Why Dropship Bicycle Accessories?

- The global bicycle accessories market was around 13 billion dollars in 2018 and is only going to grow.

- There are many different types of bicycle accessories, so you can have a general store or sub-niche even further.

- Drop shipping has low startup costs and allows you to offer a wider selection of products.

Types of Bicycle Accessories:

- Rearview handlebar mirrors

- Tire air valve caps

- Mud guards/rear fenders (particularly for mountain bikes)

- Handlebar tape

- Cushion seats

- Different types of lights

- Air pumps

- Bottle holders

- Tools

- Gear shifters

- Inner tubes

Where to Source Your Inventory:

- Doing manual searches is time-consuming and sometimes unreliable.

- Using a wholesale directory like SaleHoo saves you time but may not be ideal for opening your own drop shipping store.

- Aliexpress is a popular option among drop shipping store owners as they have no requirements to get started and carry millions of products at wholesale pricing.

How to Get Your Store Up and Running:

- Have your store custom-built for you using a software like AliDropship.

- AliDropship has three different store packages that you can choose from and include a personal manager who acts as your project manager.

- The ultimate package includes social media pages, a promo video, and their social media promo tool.

- The WooCommerce compatible plug-in is also an option if you prefer to build your store yourself.

The bicycle accessories niche is a lucrative market with a wide variety of products available. Drop shipping allows you to offer a wider selection of products without buying any inventory upfront, making it a low-cost startup option. Sourcing your inventory can be done through manual searches, wholesale directories like SaleHoo, or Aliexpress. Getting your store up and running can be done through having it custom-built for you using a software like AliDropship or building it yourself using their WooCommerce compatible plug-in. Thanks for watching, and happy drop shipping!

High Ticket Drop Shipping UK - Lesson 1 - Electric Bike, Electric Scooter - Can you Dropship this?

Welcome to our new video where we will be taking you on a journey to learn about dropshipping. In this video, we will be focusing on the niche of electric bikes and electric scooters.

Finding the Right Niche:

- Use Google shopping to search for electric bikes and electric scooters.

- Look at the brands and websites that come up in the search results.

- Take note of the brands and products offered by the websites.

- Use Google trends to see the popularity of the niche.

Differentiating Yourself:

- Accept that e-commerce is a competitive industry.

- Differentiate yourself by building a better website and brand.

- Use our website development service if you need help with graphic design or web development.

- Offer unique value to customers to stand out from competitors.

Researching Competitors:

- Look at your competitors' websites and take note of their brands and products.

- Focus on smaller companies to compete with.

- Check for an address, phone number, and registration number to gauge the size of the company.

- Contact suppliers if they are suitable for your niche.

In conclusion, electric bikes and electric scooters are a great niche to get into. Use Google shopping and Google trends to find the right products and take note of your competitors' brands and websites. Differentiate yourself by building a better website and offering unique value to your customers. Remember that e-commerce is a competitive industry, but with the right approach, you can succeed.

How to Find US Based Dropshipping Suppliers

In this video, the speaker teaches how to find US dropshipping suppliers. They emphasize finding real brands, not just products, as people are searching for reputable brands in high ticket dropshipping. The process involves identifying a niche and searching for brands within that market. The speaker uses electric bikes as an example and shows how to search for brands selling them. They advise going to the brand's website and attempting to become a dealer for them. The goal is to build a real business, not just find a winning product on Aliexpress. The video concludes by promoting their free training on dropshipbreakthrough.com and encouraging viewers to join their community and consume their content.

BTN White Label Ebikes Supplier #USA support#USA warehouse#USA drop-ship

Hey guys, what's going on? Electric Bike Review greatly values transparency, and it should be no surprise that I was hired by this company to do a factory tour. This contributes both content and funding to EBR to cover expenses like hosting the sites and forum and travel. Naturally, a factory tour can't be an in-depth review or an endorsement of a company or a product, but it does help bridge the gap between the rider and the manufacturer, something that I'm very excited to be a part of. Now, I've done as little editing as possible to allow the facilities to speak for itself. Thanks for watching!

Factory Tour:

- Kevin makes white label or generic e-bikes, which different companies can put their name on.

- The space is shared with RPE batteries.

- The samples are for companies to try out before they put their brand name on them.

- They have all sorts of different bike styles.

- They offer battery repair and assembly services.

- They have a bike mechanic who does some of the assembly and fixing for service work.

- They double box their bikes to ensure they aren't damaged during shipping.

If you want to check out BTN, it's at BTNebike.com. This factory tour provided a great look at the inside track of the electric bike industry. If you like this kind of stuff, please let us know either in the comments section of this video or in the forums. We'd be glad to participate with you guys there. Other than that, hope you guys have a great day and ride safe!

$600/weekly Sales Dropshipping Cycling Products [Bicycle Niche]

Arthur introduces a live cycling dropshipping store that earns $610 per week and explains how to get a custom-built cycling dropshipping store from Ollie Dropship. Arthur briefly introduces himself as a full-time internet marketer and directs viewers to his YouTube channel and blog at Affiliatelife.com.

Benefits of a Custom-Built Store:

Arthur explains that Ollie Dropship builds custom stores with Aliexpress products imported into WordPress and that they handle all technical aspects of the store build-out, including SEO, product reviews, and image editing. He emphasizes that the store is mobile-ready and that Ollie Dropship provides customer support for life.


Arthur stresses the importance of marketing the store and its products to make sales. He suggests using both free and paid marketing methods, including social media, email, and paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. He recommends having a marketing budget and using image-based and video ads. Arthur also suggests using Ollie Dropship's marketing services, which include video creation, banner ad creation, Facebook and Instagram video and image ads, email marketing, and a marketing services bundle.

Cycling Niche:

Arthur highlights the cycling niche's potential for sales with products such as bags, backpacks, locks, and accessories. He notes that once customers start browsing the store, they may buy multiple items.

Arthur thanks viewers for watching and offers a discount code for 15% off Ollie Dropship's custom-built stores using his referral link. He signs off with his usual phrase, talk soon.

How I’m Dropshipping Electric Scooters On Shopify

In this video, the author talks about dropshipping electric scooters and the challenges of finding a good supplier for this product. They share their experience of searching for suppliers in China and explain why they eventually found a solution in the form of a US-based supplier.


1. The challenge of finding a good electric scooter supplier in China

2. The benefits of using a US-based supplier like Walmart

3. How to make a profit from dropshipping electric scooters

4. The importance of marketing strategies for this product

The Challenge of Finding a Good Electric Scooter Supplier in China:

The author explains that finding a good supplier for electric scooters in China was a frustrating and time-consuming process. They note that one of the biggest challenges was finding a supplier who could provide a high-quality battery at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Using a US-based Supplier like Walmart:

After months of searching for a Chinese supplier, the author eventually found a solution in the form of a US-based supplier, Walmart. They explain that using a US-based supplier like Walmart has several benefits, including faster delivery times, simpler returns processes, and the ability to leverage an affiliate program.

How to Make a Profit from Dropshipping Electric Scooters:

The author shares their strategy for making a profit from dropshipping electric scooters. They explain that they have created a Shopify website for the product, which they are selling at a price of $398. With a profit margin of $200 per sale, they anticipate making $1,000 per day if they sell five scooters.

The Importance of Marketing Strategies for This Product:

The author notes that marketing is the key to success in dropshipping. They explain that they plan to use a combination of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, influencer marketing, and Google Ads to promote their electric scooter website. They believe that Google Ads will be particularly effective for this product since many people are still unfamiliar with electric scooters and may be searching for information about them online.

In conclusion, the author shares their excitement about the potential of dropshipping electric scooters. They emphasize the ease and convenience of dropshipping in today's digital age and encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity. Finally, they offer a limited-time offer to create electric scooter websites for anyone who joins their course.

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