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used car ads

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

How Dealerships Can Sell More Used Cars In 2022 - Jason Harris - Video Marketing Strategy

so the new customer acquisition strategy,not only just covers new cars but also,used cars as well,now I like doing use car videos because,you know a new cars got a story but it's,a pretty defined story right because,it's brand spankin new so you know the,stories about the vehicle the designs,the features you know that that that's,the story behind a new car a used car,though it's entirely different it has a,very unique story right who owned it,previously how was it serviced where was,it driven you know what was the,maintenance on the vehicle you know were,there any additional features added to,it aftermarket tires has it come with,winter tires is that you know so there's,there's every cars got a story behind it,and we have to actually develop out and,document that story the second thing,that has to come out in the used car,video is your favorite three features,okay now I say yours meaning the,salesperson or whoever's shooting the,video and people go oh man it's not,really that important it is because when,you see it happen you get passion behind,what feature they're toking about I'm,always amazed to see what features,people pick - right it's like you know,there was one guy that you know picked,toking about you know the the electric,seat and I'm like okay well you know in,almost every car now has an electric,seat you know so how big of a deal is it,but it's a big deal to him right because,the seat and the positioning obviously,was a concern for him right so you know,the way it came out came from a place of,passion there's this level of,authentikity that a consumer gets to,consume and that's what they want to do,business with so it's very important,that you know you include your three,favorite features all right and then the,third one probably one of the most,important parts to a used-car store,which as an industry we do a really crap,job of it but when you look at the,private sold units a private car private,car sells okay they do a much better job,at this and it's the story of,reconditioning you know as a dealership,we are held to a certain stand,that we have to maintain and hold when,it comes to our pre-owned vehicles you,know we have to use OEM parts you know,if your franchise dealer you're gonna,use only in parts you know brake jobs,tires suspension components you know as,a dealership I think there's more that,we have to put into the vehicle from,reconditioning and we don't ever seem to,share that with a consumer until they've,already come into the dealership so it's,like we try to like almost hold on to,that piece of information is like I'm,value-add but in reality that's what,customers want to hear they want to hear,this you know it's like oh wow this you,know the brakes have been done tires,have been replaced lower ball joints,have already been done full transmission,service like this car yes it's a,pre-owned vehicle yes it's got a higher,mileage but it's like physicals ready to,go you know as in the beginning you know,getting sales people to do these videos,we're like pulling teeth I mean you,literally thought I was asked them to,jump in a dentist chair and I had a set,of pliers my hand now physically gonna,start pulling molars out that's what was,the what the their body language was,saying they're like eff this I don't,want to do this crap you know so it took,a little time to get through that but,you know I think at the end of the day,you have to take a very personal trainer,type approach to it okay you know I,think for the most part everyone agreed,that there are some value and doing it,but that just because you know that you,need to lose some weight doesn't,necessarily mean you're gonna do the,work to lose the weight right so in this,case everybody knew that there was some,value in doing the videos but didn't,necessarily mean the reaction to the,videos right so it took a little time to,push through that but as a good personal,trainer you kept motivating kept pushing,and kept motivating kept pushing you,know to the point where you know it felt,more natural and more comfortable for,them and you know it definitely helps,after the first 30 days when we had a,couple home runs out of the park you,know we had one young lady that we did a,language-specific video for her and she,sold a car from that language-specific,video within the first week that was,pretty cool,we had another younger cells gentleman,do a video on a pretty,and sports car right and a vehicle that,they were struggling to get leads on or,get much no much action and within the,first two weeks of him shooting that,video and reposting that video through,his own social media efforts that he had,you know I'm six or seven conversations,about it didn't had a couple of,appointments on it haven't sold it yet,but he's still working on it,right,[Music],you

Why Auto Trader is the first choice for used car ads for car dealers

hello and welcome to car dealer live in,this special series of videos we are,going to be announcing the winners of,the car dealer power Awards,2022. in this video it's my great,pleasure to reveal the winner of the,online Advertiser for used cars category,and it's Auto Trader joining me now is,the firm's sales director Rebecca Clark,hello Rebecca hi good afternoon you okay,very good thank you more importantly how,are you I mean,it must be great to be to be winning,this Awards yeah yeah I'm I'm great and,as you say absolutely thrilled to win,the award for online Advertiser for used,cars and you know I'm just brilliant,that your Builders recognized you know,the auto trader Marketplace is the,destination I guess for consumers,looking you know for a used car or as,you know more recently new cars as well,so absolutely thrilled yeah brilliant,news yeah well you sort of touched on,what my next question was really because,AutoTrader as we know I mean is he's a,huge organization now that offers a huge,number of services to Consumers and,retailers but you know it it's,essentially it started out Life as a,portal for uh used car classifieds so to,to win an award which essentially is is,what you do best is is great isn't it,yeah it absolutely is and as you touch,on there James you know Auto Trader now,you know we're in we're over 40 years,old and I guess I've you know just,worked tirelessly really to ensure that,the platform does give UK car buyers you,know the confidence that they need to,make their next purchase and you know,it's great you know with typically the,most trusted UK Automotive brand and you,know have that great choice of unique,vehicles you know where consumers can,indeed compare so yeah we've come you,know a long way from our original routes,as you say as in a magazine and you know,the transition to digital and and data,business as we are today and you know,very much a tiknology business at heart,now,well that's one of the key sort of,things that uh dealers have come to,you know like from auto traders that,you're constantly evolving aren't you,you're constantly keeping Pace with the,market and in many instances you're,you're ahead of a market and where it's,going and um I mean if that's something,you'd say you've seen over the past 12,months I mean the pace of change in,terms of tiknology is being incredible,hasn't it yeah absolutely and and I,think the the pace of change with,tiknology is always just kind of you,know continues to accelerate and equally,the pace of change with data and the,impact that data-driven you know,real-time decisions can have on,retailers businesses and to your point,never has that been stronger than you,know sort of through through kovid and,actually now coming out the other side,with a market that's very different,obviously to you know what we've ever,experienced before so being able to help,retailers with our tools and software,understand their performance and,profitability and ultimately you know,give real strong decisions that can help,them you know be even more profitable,has been at the heart of you know all,the conversations that we're having on a,daily basis now so yeah very very very,much data and tiknology for sure yeah,yeah well as you know these awards are,voted for by car dealers and um you're a,multiple winner of this category I mean,it's a difficult question to sort of,boil down to a couple of things really,but what is it do you think that um is,so impressing dealers with AutoTrader,every year,um I think it's a combination of our,data and insight and how we use it so,how do we make sure that you know we're,always innovating to be able to have the,right data at fingertips be it for,sourcing pricing you know advertising,vehicles and and to that point we're,very much whereas at one time we used to,um be responsible more for the,advertising side of our customers,businesses now we're much more in the,operational side you know through the,the apis the tiknology Integrations and,so it's all the data and tiknology and,I think the other thing I would have to,say is is the people you know there's,there's an awful lot of people here,whether we're in the commercial side or,the product side tiknology we're all,obsessing about one thing and that's you,know our consumers and our retailers and,helping them you know achieve their,goals so I think the the date of the,tik and the people are kind of where,the magic really does happen yeah I mean,it's a great honor to to win this award,uh at any time but I think especially,over the past 12 months where the market,has been,um it's been difficult to predict hasn't,it dealers have having to battle with,with demand short supply prices,softening you know if you know you're,doing a fantastik job for dealers it's,it's a great feeling it must be oh,absolutely that's that's you know that's,what what we are here to do for sure,um you know to help retailers as I say,look at where their performing well,where they're not performing well and to,make those recommendations and advice,you know where we feel we can support,and and add that value and it's great,when we see that time and time again,working with our customers you know that,sometimes small changes that don't cost,anything you know be it from best,practike you know in addition to things,that they may choose to invest in there,are real opportunities to make it a,fundamental difference to our customers,performances and you know as I say,that's that's kind of what we obsess,about the other side obviously is the,consumer side as well and trying to,balance both but from a retailer,perspective without doubt you know their,success is our success so we're,definitely here for the long term and,you know sustainable kind of mutual,business growth,fantastik well once again Rebecca huge,congratulations to you and the rest of,the AutoTrader team thank you so much,thank you we're delighted to win that's,brilliant,well that's it for this partikular car,dealer live video for any more,information on car dealer power 2022,Award winners click the tab at the top,of our website but for this video thanks,very much for watching and goodbye

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Local Car Commercials Update: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

foreign,[Music],Internet it's me John Oliver The Big,Bird boy that goes chirpa to Yak,we are off this week but uh we wanted to,give you a quick update because you,might remember a few months ago we did a,story about local car commercials,specifically the fact that it had come,to our attention that some of them,looked suspiciously similar hey you know,me Scott Elder here from Elder,Mitsubishi I'm in a pickle my doctor,told me to turn it down a notch before,my heart explodes,Scott Lehman here from Premier Auto,Center and I'm in a pickle my doctor,told me to come down before my heart,explodes hey Fred Brody here from Brody,Automotive doctor told me I need to turn,it down a notch so my heart doesn't,explode Steve Johnson here from Zumbrota,Ford my doctor told me to turn it down a,notch so my heart doesn't explode,I mean excellent right every single,pickle a star and they made that look,easy which is impressive because if I,may quote my favorite Pig It's,Not Easy Being Green you know I believe,it was Santi Meisner that said acting is,behaving truthfully under imaginary,circumstances and the beauty here is I,truly believed every one of those men,was a pickle with a fatal heart,condition that could strike at the drop,of a scream but the fact that these,scripts seem to be recycled really,bothered me I'm not going to recap our,whole story right now but it turns out,there was one company writing scripts,for a whole bunch of dealerships which,seemed like a real shame because at,their best local car ads should be,unique and completely unhinged not,franchised out making nothing special,anymore and that is why we ended our,segment with what we felt was a,tantalizing offer we've written a script,and it's good it's really good and we're,offering it to one and only one car,dealership to use in a commercial for,free so long as they agree to some,simple terms the main one being you have,to agree to produce this exactly as it,is written and you can't read it before,you agree yeah,yeah,we did do that and I would argue that,that was a hell of an offer on our part,and to be honest quite a risk for,someone to take on do you really think,we can be trusted with a situation like,that because I definitely don't and yet,thankfully multiple dealerships did end,up contacting us and we eventually chose,one zambrota Ford in zambrota Minnesota,and while you or they might well have,expected our script to force them to do,something big wild and cartoonish like I,don't know dressing as a giant baby and,making them slap their baby butts while,their customers go Google for savings I,don't know we actually went a different,way the ad that we wrote was a tense,domestik psychodrama yes was,incidentally about their car dealership,but it was mainly about a marriage in,serious trouble the first lines in our,script were an individual staring out of,a window and saying storms coming any,minute now,and their spouse responding I want to,divorce that is how it began,so we were fascinated to see how they,handled our unflinching exploration of,domestik collapse and to their Eternal,credits they threw themselves at the,source material so tonight I am proud to,unveil the ad that will be airing in the,Zumbrota area this week and add that no,other dealership in America will have so,sit back grab a tissue and please,enjoy,[Music],storms coming any minute now,I want a divorce,you don't mean that like you would even,know what I mean you don't know me,you're right I don't anymore and ever,since we bought that all-wheel drive,minivan from Zumbrota Ford you've,changed maybe I have maybe I changed the,minute I put my hands on the steering,wheel of that new minivan,maybe in that moment I realized how,empty I feel inside I didn't want the,minivan from zerota Ford of course not,why would I we don't even have kids oh,I'm gonna go again with the kid thing,what happened to us we used to laugh we,used to dance remember the lodge don't,you dare bring up the lodge you're,impossible and you take up too much,space like our Zumbrota Ford minivan,that can barely fit in the garage how,many times do I have to say it I wrote,the dimensions down right but the,architect made the garage wrong it's,always the architect with you isn't it,Kevin I'm Steve Johnson of Zumbrota Ford,and I'm in a pickle couples therapy,schmupples therapy a new car is what you,want so come on down to Zumbrota Ford,and see me Steve Johnson I'm a dealer,for the people,I mean come on that is a plus,all due respect to Oscar Isaac and,Jessica Chastain but that is a,scene from a marriage right there to me,it's all the little touches that we,didn't specify in the script but which,they did anyway the choice to show a,fairly clear sky right before the line,storms coming any minute now great,excellent the Cutaway to the big minivan,in the small garage very very good the,couples therapy schmupples therapy,Graphics engulfed by what appeared to be,dozens of green coronaviruses genius and,very topical and finally the husband,from the ad walking into the dealership,and away from the wreckage of his,relationship at the end of the,commercial that is narrative closure, that's how you doing,tie up the ends,look,by congratulations and heartfelt thanks,to the people of Zumbrota Ford we put,you in a pickle and you did something,that truly made me feel like my heart,was about to explode thank you so much,for watching we're back October the 24th,good night,[Applause]


Teens React to Viral Videos: Used Car Commercials

- Oh God, he got the drone and everything.,- Is that a belt holding it together?,What?,- (FBE) What is the most that you would bid for,a 1996 Honda Accord?,- ♪ (rock intro) ♪,- "My girlfriend needs to sell her car.,To help her, I made this commercial.",- I love this thing. It's pretty funny.,- (narrator) You, you're different. - This is so dramatik.,- (narrator) That's what makes you one of a kind.,- Just a random person just made his girlfriend,a commercial? What a good guy.,- (narrator) You don't need things. - Dang, that's some old tiknology.,I don't even know what she just put in.,- She still has an iPod classic.,- (narrator) You don't care about money.,You have everything you've ever wanted.,- (gasps) The cat. Oh my God.,- What the heck?,- That's me in the morning.,- It's so well made, too.,- (narrator) This is you.,- Oh God, he got the drone and everything.,- (narrator) Introducing a used 1996 Honda Accord.,- That's so funny.,- At $500, I would buy it. I need a car.,- (narrator) Luxury is a state of mind.,- Just some random guy just made this?,He even had a drone for it.,That's pretty cool.,- I'm just more blown away at the cost of making this,than the actual car itself.,- 1996 Accord with 141,000 miles, they can run,for 300,000 miles. I'm telling you, underpriced.,- (FBE) So, we're gonna show you some more videos,in a second, but the Honda in this commercial,is actually listed on eBay, where bids for the car,reached over $150,000. - What, why?,- That is a little overpriced, I must say.,- Why? That doesn't make the car,any more special. Just because it's in,a viral video.,- (FBE) Unfortunately, eBay canceled the auction,before the car was sold, quote "due to concerns,around illegitimate bidding." - What?,- No.,- (FBE) This is not the first time that a car commercial,has been made like this, so we're gonna show you,a couple more examples of people who got creative,when trying to sell their old car.,- Okay. This is cool.,I like this. I should do this.,- I've only seen that one, so this is gonna be a treat.,- (narrator) The most iconic monuments have always seemed,to be there. - This one's cool.,It's old timey, black and white.,- (narrator) Those that stood through wars.,- This is great. I love this.,- (narrator) Today still stand impressive.,2013 brings out a true embodiment,of iconic luxury. - (laughs),- (narrator) The luxurious Maxima.. - Is that a belt holding,it together? What?,- (narrator) 17 years in monumental perfection.,- (laughs) 17 year old car.,- (narrator) Maxima delivers an unprecedented sports sedan,fully loaded with an engine, wheels, tires, and an automatik...,- I'd hope that it's fully loaded with wheels and tires.,- (narrator) Over a decade. This vehicle can guarantee,it will get you from point A to B. - Oh my God.,- (narrator) Most of the time. - Most of the time?,- (narrator) Currently being offered up for sale.,- Yeah, how much? Like, a dollar?,- (narrator) Tour de force of true motoring.,- This car is just kinda garbage.,- I would buy that car. It sold me.,What the heck?,- It's being held together by a belt.,That's awful, but it's good marketing.,It's funny, dude.,- I just like how they show the ripped seats.,They could have chosen any other seat,,but they chose to film the one that has,a big rip right through the middle.,- The work people put in this.,Oh my God.,- If I had to sell something that I knew had no way of selling,by itself, I'd do stuff like this.,- (narrator) Feast your eyes on this mother.,Do you want to be perceived as rich and cuddly?,Of course you do. - (laughs),- (narrator) Then buy my car. - That's a pretty car, I think.,It's bright orange.,- (narrator) Equipped with both an inside,and an outside. - No way.,- (narrator) A curly exhaust. - (laughs),- (narrator) Two pieces of black roof stiks.,Increased lumbar support and Hepatitis B.,- What?,- (narrator) Four door handles. - Four door handles.,- (narrator) One of which is broken.,Decorative plate scab on the tail boot.,- Then why would you buy it?,- (narrator) Fancy turning crank with a built in...,- Oh, turning crank.,- This makes your crappy car look ten times better, though,,if you do something like this.,- (narrator) And a recipe holder. - A recipe holder?,- (narrator) According to the legend of my grandpa's father's grandpa,,- Okay, this part is just weird.,- (narrator) The back seat is haunted.,- Stop.,- Get free ghosts with the purchase of this car.,- At least I'll have company.,- (narrator) Buy my Volvo. - No, bro.,- (narrator) Please. - Please.,He just knows nobody's gonna wanna buy it.,- The first one was still the best,,because of the drone shots and everything.,- Great job putting the effort on the commercials,,but I'm still not gonna get the broken wrecked car,that you're selling.,- Those were fine cars. They moved and the delivery,of all the videos, it convinced me.,I wanna buy a car.,- This type of humor is so underappreciated,and it's just so dumb and I love watching it.,I don't know, it's just so entertaining.,- (FBE) So, the first video we showed you,was originally posted on Reddit by Max Lanman,to help advertise his then girlfriend's used,1996 Honda. Since Lanman's post,,the video has amassed over four million views,at the time of this filming and has even been featured,on Good Morning America. - What?,Just for the car commercial?,- That's crazy. Anything could get popular,as long as you post it at the right time,and you just get a little lucky.,- (FBE) As you saw, this wasn't the first,video to do this type of thing, so why do,you think this partikular video took off in this way?,- It really seemed like a real commercial.,They sold me. I would've bough the car like that.,- The execution was so perfect to an actual car commercial.,I think that's why it stood out from the other ones.,- The production quality, the other two were good,,but the quality, it was so good.,- They had drone shots, it was the coast.,Rich people that have money that don't even need it,,they'd be like, "Yeah, I want that car,for $150,000. I'm not gonna drive it,,but I just want it to say that it was in,a viral video.",- He did it for his girlfriend and he did it and the humor,was on point. It will inspire people,to sell everything in the best way they can.,- It was comedic in the writing,and they made it exactly like how a Honda commercial,would look with the light flares off of the car.,It's just going to amass and inspire people,who know how to work with a camera,and want to sell something that they're gonna be like,,"I'ma do that now, 'cause I wanna go viral,and I'm trying to sell my car." I guarantee someone's,gonna watch this and be inspired and make,a very similar video.,- (FBE) So, there's a ton of creative outlets found,nowadays online, where people are able to create and showcase,their creativity to the world. So much so, that when it comes,to used car commercials, a fairly dull topic to most people,,people still find a way to make it interesting.,So, as a teen today, do you think that you're,able to be more creative because of outlets like,the internet and social media? - Yes, of course.,We could be in our rooms watching videos,or we could make a show out of it.,- If I didn't have YouTube or something like Instagram,or anything, there was no outlet before that.,It was like, go draw some pictures with some crayons.,- I love it, because I feel like everyone has a voice, obviously.,Every individual has a way of expressing certain things.,It's really good to see that creativity in our generation,is really, really up there,- Being able to watch other videos and be inspired,or tok to people on the internet or through social media,,then I no way would have been able to tok to, helps a lot.,- YouTube is one ex-- is the most obvious example,,but also other things like Soundcloud for different,types of art, like video making, music, whatever you wanna do,,there are plenty of places online for you to post that now.,Even if not a lot of people view what you make,,y

Car Dealership Digital Marketing Strategy (Auto Dealer Template Inside)

Hey, what's going on.,I wanted to share this tool because, um, it's,really relevant to the success we've been,having at Aman digital.,And I'm also convinced that you could use the,same exact tool for your store or dealer group,in order to run a better marketing strategy.,So I didn't want to, uh, keep that for myself.,I think it fits well in this course in the,Facebook masterclass includes a little,bit about Facebook, but also more.,So I'll show you a little bit about,what I mean by that.,I'm going to share my immediate planner,,which is basically my Facebook recipes,,cookbook on steroids, including more components,and more filters.,As you may be running some radio, some TV,,some newspaper ads, all that good stuff.,So we're going to take a moment to.,Um, over what's available, what,you can change to match your needs.,So in this example, I'm going to do a quick,overview of our cookbook.,So you can find access to the template below in,this video's description.,I think it's very important.,You get your hands on this one.,Um, it might be, um, you know, like the,structures here and you might be able to make,it better and better.,Um, every week, but starting from this,template, we'll save you dozens of hours for sure.,Just mapping the whole thing, you know,,it's, uh, it's gonna help you ton make a,,a better process for yourself in your, in,your automotive source.,So, so in order to access this, um, uh,,you'll only need a free notion account to,access it, which is you can connect your apple.,Google account, or I think you can,even connect your Facebook account.,It's been a while I've been using this for a,while, but it's easy.,It's free.,And if you're having any issues doing so,please send an email to support auto.,academy.com and someone on the team will,get you sorted out.,So, all right, so here you can see numerous,different campaigns, including the platform.,They are going to be, uh, shown on to,the customers, the objectives, buy type,audience department, and overall status.,Like I said, this was built from my,Facebook cookbook.,So it, it, it took away a few components of that.,You can also assign people on your team,for the next steps, you know, with dates, start,dates, end dates here for the, for the pros,,you know, as you know, some promotions might,be evergreen, but also, um, some others or just,monthly promotions, you gotta put an end,,uh, a start date and end date just to make,sure it works out.,So let's do, uh, for this one, let's go for,a quick example, let's grab the Ford F-150,,um, offers, right?,Uh, it's a house offer.,I wanted to have a pre-order offer for,the, for the lightning.,And also, uh, you got that co-op, um,,marketing campaign that might just, just to,get those co-op dollars back, or you might have,to do a few different campaigns depending,on what you, because as you know, if you're,going a little bit too general, um, your results,will be just that.,General.,So let's get that, uh, four, uh, four F150,,for example, I wanna do, like, let's say this one.,So you got a cool little picture here with all,the information, so which audience we're,gonna target, which kind of buy type in,Facebook we're gonna do.,Uh, what's the status of the campaign?,Was it approved by management?,What's the landing page URL you were gonna use.,And then the objective around that, because,it might be conversion.,It might be just generate leads.,I've installs, not, not so much, like, but,at this point it's a really relevant offer,and you want leads.,You want sales before the end of the month.,So let's, uh, let's keep conversions.,It's gonna be shown on Instagram and,Facebook, um, team members involved.,It's Gerald, he's gonna be the one,in charge of this.,Um, creative gathering all the information,,promos deals from the managers and everything.,And, and here we see where it's going and,where it's at right now, is it a hundred percent,ready, approved, and, uh, live in this case?,It is so it's pretty easy, but you can,see here, it, it will differ from all kinds,of, uh, promotions, and then you can.,Basically do whatever you want.,It's just a matter of knowing exactly what type,of campaign is at what stage, where it is shown,and what's going on, you know, for everyone, this,could be shared with the marketing team, the sales,team managers, everyone.,And if you wanted to, uh, you know, let's say,like add a few creatives here, you could have a,gallery review and start.,Um, implementing a different set,of creatives.,You could, you could use, you can switch a link to,,let's say you're using Canada to build your ads.,You can do that.,Uh, this is this, this is what we're,,we're doing here at auto band digital.,So it saves a lot of time and we've been also,linking to, you know, folders, um, per brand,and like brand assets and all, all that good stuff.,We, uh, we've been using Google drive,as well to, you know, gather some information,documents, co-op packages, everything.,So this thing was built over time through the,team with the help of the team it's gonna,evolve in the future.,So, so you now have access to this.,It was not possible before, but I decided,to make it happen.,So I think it would just help more,car dealerships.,So if we go back here, I'm gonna find,,um, the overall.,You know, campaigns, but also a calendar,view of what's really going on through days.,But my personal favorite is the timeline,views, because you can actually see where,we sit as of today, which, uh, campaign,is actually running.,And then, uh, you know, you can see what's,coming up next week, for example, and try,to see, you know, quick click to see,what's what's missing.,What's the, um, You know, what's the status and,you, when you're working as a team, uh, with a,managers marketing team design team agency,,you're gonna give this, uh, template to your,agency as well, so that you can like collaborate,with you guys.,So it's pretty powerful.,You can do pretty much anything you want.,Um, once again, you can find the link in,the description right below this video to,gain instant access to this very document.,Copy it in your notion account and,then just get going.,Um, so.,Thanks.

If Car Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads (BMW Ford Toyota Chevrolet Parody)

hi,i'm roger here with a regular reminder,of what cars look like because you're,going to have to buy one of these,eventually even if you currently have,one and you're going to have to buy this,car from me a legally mandated middleman,who buys up cars and resells them for,almost no profit unless i screw you over,which i will but don't worry,if you don't like that you can go to,another dealer run by another middle man,who's basically just me again,roger whether you want a car powered by,exploding dinosaurs or one powered by,lightning come on down and buy one,that's not a request unlike every other,purchase in your life you can't buy this,tiny rolling metal house online for a,set price no you have to come across,town to where i work even though you,don't have your own tiny rolling metal,house to get you here then you'll,negotiate a price with me a person who,spends every minute of every day,getting better at negotiating and once,you promise to give me all of your lots,of money now or all of your less money,now plus more money regularly for a long,long time you'll drive your enclosed,chair off my lot and onto busy crumbling,roads at the speed of basically whatever,you want but don't worry you and,everyone else learn driving skills for,the first and last time at age 15 from,someone almost qualified to teach high,school gym and trust me you're gonna,love driving a car let me rephrase that,you're gonna buy a car this car or this,car oh buy any car i'm judged entirely,by sales volume i also have an incentive,to sell you something broken because our,dealership's number one profit stream is,our service department so get that even,more money of yours ready to give to us,and in the event you break your car,while you're in it rest assured we made,a guy who sort of looks like you out of,materials you're not made of and,practike beating the hell out of him a,bunch of times anyway you probably want,to get back to watching sports or action,movies from three years ago or other tv,aimed at adult males but before you do,consider texting in a brand new,traveling pollution machine from me raj,just stop by my 20 000 square feet of,water aggregate and cement that's been,flattened out and dried by the side of a,highway and make a major purchase you,won't know the outcome of until far too,late today also buying this muscle car,won't fix your penis but you think it,will,because we want you to,hey thanks a lot for watching oh and if,you have any ideas for us put them in,the comments below you know i like,reading that [ __ ] oh yeah,i'm the actor playing roger by the way,and come on subscribe