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Using Alibaba on Shopify: A Guide

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker shares his experience of finding suppliers on Alibaba.com for his Shopify store and shows the viewers how to do the same. He emphasizes the benefits of using Alibaba.com, such as connecting with thousands of suppliers worldwide and building long-term relationships with suppliers.

Finding Suppliers for Dropshipping:

The speaker explains that if you want to start a dropshipping business in 2022, you need to go to the Alibaba.com homepage and scroll down to the Dropshipping section. You can then type in the product you want to sell or browse the Top Ranked Products section to find profitable products. He demonstrates how he uses Google Shopping to check if other sellers are selling the same product and what price they are selling it for. He stresses the importance of checking the supplier's processing time and delivery time.

Finding Suppliers for Importing Stock:

If you don't want to dropship and prefer importing stock and shipping it out yourself, the speaker advises looking for a supplier who can ship you the goods in bulk. He recommends finding a supplier who has been on Alibaba.com for more than five years and is verified by a third-party institution. He also suggests using Trade Assurance when sending money to suppliers to ensure that you can get a refund if there are any issues.

Using Alibaba.com App:

The speaker recommends installing the Alibaba.com app on your Shopify store to import products directly from the Alibaba.com website. This makes fulfilling orders much quicker and easier.

Benefits of Using Alibaba.com:

The speaker highlights the benefits of using Alibaba.com, such as the March Expo sale where you can save money on bulk orders, guaranteed on-time delivery, and fast refund process. He provides a link in his description for viewers to sign up for Alibaba.com.

In conclusion, the speaker shares his step-by-step method of finding suppliers on Alibaba.com and encourages viewers to sign up for Alibaba.com to build their e-commerce businesses. He reminds viewers to subscribe and hit the like button and the bell notification for future videos.

How to Dropship from Alibaba to Shopify (2023)

In today's video, the speaker explains how to start Drop Shipping using alibaba.com. The speaker will show how to connect a Shopify store to alibaba.com account, sync products from alibaba.com to Shopify store, and manage and automate order fulfillment process.

Reasons to use alibaba.com for Drop Shipping:

1. Price: alibaba.com offers products at cheaper rates than AliExpress. For instance, the speaker compared the cost of a product and found a price difference of 6 pounds 50.

2. Product selection: alibaba.com offers a wide selection of products that can be dropshipped.

3. Lesser competition: since alibaba.com is not commonly used by the general public for purchasing products, there is lesser competition when it comes to drop shipping products.

Steps to use alibaba.com for Drop Shipping:

1. Create an account on dropshipping.alibaba.com by filling in personal information.

2. Connect the Shopify store to the alibaba.com account by adding the store URL and installing the Drop Shipping on alibaba.com app.

3. Sync a product from alibaba.com to the Shopify store by searching for the product, adding it to the import list, and editing the product information before pushing it to the store.

4. Fulfill orders automatically using alibaba.com by going to the orders section, choosing the right shipping method, and clicking on batch order or order.

Using alibaba.com for Drop Shipping offers several benefits, such as cheaper prices, a wide range of products, and lesser competition. The steps to use alibaba.com for Drop Shipping are easy to follow and can help automate the order fulfillment process.

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping: Why Having a Private Supplier is Crucial

- Drop Shipping is dead - a common misconception that needs to be cleared up.

- Issues with using AliExpress as a supplier: long shipping times, poor product quality, and no reliability.

- Benefits of having a private supplier: faster shipping times, potential for white labeling/custom packaging, negotiation for lower prices and faster/cheaper shipping.

Methods for Finding a Private Supplier:

- Reach out to suppliers already familiar with your niche.

- Contact smaller suppliers who are more flexible.

- Use Auto DS to connect with agents associated with suppliers.

- Go directly to AliExpress/Alibaba and compare between multiple suppliers quickly, but be cautious and build relationships carefully.

- Drop Shipping is not dead, but relying solely on AliExpress as a supplier is unsustainable.

- Establishing a relationship with a private supplier is crucial for faster shipping times, better product quality, and lower costs.

- Use the methods provided to find a private supplier, and always be cautious when building relationships with suppliers.

How To Do Shopify Dropshipping W/ Alibaba (SAVE MONEY)

- Sebastian's highly requested video on how to dropship with Alibaba on Shopify

- Benefits of using Alibaba for dropshipping

Benefits of Using Alibaba for Dropshipping:

- Faster response time with suppliers compared to Aliexpress

- Better pricing compared to Aliexpress due to direct contact with the manufacturer

- Faster processing times and more quality control

- Ability to negotiate warranties and faster shipping methods

- Ability to negotiate deals and pricing with suppliers

- Ability to have your logo on the product and packaging

Fulfilling Orders with Alibaba:

- No overload or de-esser apps, must contact supplier and negotiate

- Scalability and ability to negotiate better pricing and faster processing times after fulfilling a certain amount of orders

- Ability to negotiate for your logo to be on the product and packaging

- Importance of focusing on customer experience and treating them with respect

- Beginners should start with Aliexpress before moving on to Alibaba

- Alibaba can save time and money for experienced dropshippers

- Sebastian's success with Alibaba dropshipping

- Encouragement to try new strategies and create your own concepts

How To Use Alibaba.com To Build A Custom Product Brand On Shopify

In this video, Jake shows how to use Alibaba.com to create custom branded products that can be sold on a Shopify store. He explains how to choose a product, browse through products, and contact suppliers. The goal is to create a custom brand with high margins.

Choosing a Product:

- Find a product that is brandable and preferably consumable.

- Look for suppliers that offer private labeling or custom packaging services.

- Use Trend Hunter on Alibaba.com for product inspiration.

Browsing Through Products:

- Use the search bar to find products.

- Look for suppliers that offer private labeling or custom packaging services.

- Compare prices, supplier ratings, and response times.

- Use the Elite Partner feature on Alibaba.com to find good suppliers and get product ideas.

Contacting Suppliers:

- Contact three or four different suppliers and ask for a sample with custom branding.

- Compare the quality, custom packaging, and product itself to choose the best supplier.

- Bulk order the private label products from the chosen supplier.

By using Alibaba.com, it is possible to create custom branded products with high margins that can be sold on a Shopify store. Choosing a brandable and consumable product, browsing through products with private labeling services, and contacting multiple suppliers for samples can lead to success. With the March Expo 2021 event on Alibaba.com, it is a great time to start sourcing products.

Alibaba Dropshipping in 2022: What It Is + How Beginners Can Start

Are you interested in making money online but don't have the time, money, or tech skills to get started? Dropshipping might be the perfect solution for you. With dropshipping, you sell a product before buying it, minimizing risk and upfront costs. Alibaba dropshipping specifically uses sites like Alibaba and AliExpress to source products from China. While there are some cons, such as language and communication barriers, the pros outweigh them. You can get started for virtually nothing, have access to thousands of products, and work from anywhere in the world.

To find high-quality products to sell, use sites like AliExpress and Alibaba and sort by orders to see what's already selling well. You can also use tools like WatchCount to see what's popular on eBay. When it comes to making sales, you can use Facebook ads and email marketing, or partner with influencers to reach new audiences.

Overall, dropshipping is a great way to make money online without a lot of upfront investment. Check out the links below for more resources and tutorials on how to get started.

How to Start a BRANDED Dropshipping Business Using AliBaba (2023)

- The author recently launched their dropshipping e-commerce brand and generated over $4,000 in a few days using influencer marketing.

- In this video, they will show the exact supplier they used to set up their brand with a minimum order quantity of one or two.


- The supplier is BJI Technology, which offers products in the technology niche, mostly related to beauty and health.

- They allow you to dropship with your logo on the product with a minimum order quantity of one or two.

- The author found BJI after days of searching on Alibaba.

- They are better for creating a one-product store around a particular product, like the wrinkle removal device the author used for their brand.

Product Selection:

- BJI has hundreds of products in different niches.

- Filtering by new products can keep you ahead of the competition.

- The author recommends leaving the filter on all products and ignoring the products that require a minimum order of 100 pieces.

- BJI releases new products every month, so you can launch them with your logo and build a brand around them.


- BJI charges a setup fee to create a mold of your logo, but it's not too expensive.

- The author paid a $25 setup fee for their brand last year.

- Fulfilling orders with BJI is simple; you export them from your Shopify dashboard and send them to your BJI contact to add tracking numbers.

- BJI Technology is a reliable supplier with a low minimum order quantity.

- They are ideal for creating a one-product store and building a brand around a particular product.

- Fulfilling orders with them is straightforward, and they release new products every month.

- The author recommends checking out their full case study on their e-commerce brand, Ringcast, and subscribing to their channel for more dropshipping and e-commerce content.

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