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Using Facebook to drive traffic to your eBay store?

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Using Facebook to drive traffic to your eBay store?

Using Facebook to drive traffic to your eBay store?

what's up guys isn't back from da Cheney
and have to do this video [ __ ] Oprah
because I was making a video with my
phone and some Elliot [ __ ] for me so
um I was in a bad mood because some [ __ ]
has happened and I like the videos when
a bad mood because I feel better so some
dude posted in this Facebook group that
we have on this drop shippers once
yes some do this for solicit our reason
force how do I get targeted visitors to
my TV products please send me a group on
Facebook interested in the kitchen so my
suspicion is is not as English and not a
first language is not as is not as good
fault but this is the most bizarre
[ __ ] thing I've ever seen so let me
explain a couple things right when you
try the dropship when you try to sell
anything on the Internet
all right you have a couple of options
you can sell on eBay you can sell on
Amazon you can sell it on Etsy or you
can make your own [ __ ] store the
reason why
yeah the reason why you would sell on
eBay oh I'm a ok so when you sell
something on eBay and Amazon the final
field when you sell something at me
where you pick a line right between 9
and 11 percent final see when you sell
the [ __ ] product when you sell some
real Amazon and you pay a 15% fee when
you sell a product when you sell
something on store the only [ __ ] CP
is the processing fee for the credit
card so the reason why we left things at
Amazon eBay and except that neither 15%
[ __ ] charge is because we take
advantage of the [ __ ] traffic that
they send to our items so if you're
selling on any of these platforms email
Amazon the key to making money is
getting the traffic that is already on
[ __ ] email Amazon to your item the
key is not to drive some sort of average
arbitrary traffic from outside via
Amazon through your [ __ ] store your
product if you're doing that let me see
another person one record
if you want to spend your time driving
external traffic to any product you
should be driving it here for one store
because the work purpose of paying that
fee is because we using that traffic and
then motor I ability so you have this
[ __ ] all wrong like that is not a
feasible sustainable way just like in
the [ __ ] village give a business
right like you can't post your eBay
products and group sort of a [ __ ]
Facebook and does it doesn't work like I
mean you might sell one item if you
spent all the closes [ __ ] but the best
idea would be to [ __ ] make sure
people who searches for kitchen products
and [ __ ] eBay find your [ __ ] like
sometimes I look at it on a drop shipper
group I want to know where some of these
ideas come from like he doesn't wake up
one day and make a tea based o and s
post links on Facebook anyway so dude
I'm going to force this video open at
all are they [ __ ] home group often
I'll put out a comment and looking in
the description area forking video and
do the one hour course it's not rocket
so we'll put you in like a right
direction because for [ __ ] sake
but where does this even come from and
hopefully you can respond to the video
and tell me where the [ __ ] you got this
idea from anyway lovage has Charlie were
littleness live

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