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Using Forex Bot To Day Trade For A Month (Complete Beginner) | Case Study

Published on: December 8 2022 by Dan Dasilva

Using Forex Bot To Day Trade For A Month (Complete Beginner) | Case Study

Using Forex Bot To Day Trade For A Month (Complete Beginner) | Case Study

over the next week i'm going to go ahead
and i'm going to be using
an auto trading 4x spot and i'm going to
track the results
from now until the entire week is over
as a matter of fact
look at these results right here just
being two days in
now before i start the video i want to
let you know about something that i'm
that i believe is going to help out
individuals over time
i'm giving away hundred dollars to fund
your account but i'm going to be doing
this and giving this away to one lucky
after we hit 1500 likes but you also
need to leave a comment down below
why you deserve this 500 to go ahead and
get your account funded remember
1500 likes and why you deserve this and
i'm gonna pick a random commenter now
the way i'm going to notify you about
the winner is in the silva's forex auto
trader group
inside of telegram that you can join 100
for free with the link down in the
description i'm also going to be posting
daily auto trader results so you can
watch it day by day
as it progresses and you have the chance
to get your account funded by me
that is all in the description down
below now before i go ahead and start
my first video using the forex bot which
is a completely different bot
went exceptionally well as a matter of
fact we made profit and we made a decent
amount of profit on our investment
now the same company that i used before
they released another bot
however this time they told me that this
new bot
was a little bit more aggressive but it
also had
really really good track record over
their back testing that they've used and
that they've
obviously back tested so with that being
said i said okay i'm gonna put a
thousand dollars of my own money in
there and i'm gonna see how it performs
now i wanna be extremely transparent i
set this bot up
roughly friday at around
let's see 3 19 london time i think it
so i didn't have enough time to go ahead
get my setup ready and record everything
yet still set everything up for about an
hour so as you can tell right over here
we've gone ahead and made 40 cents then
so needless to say we were in profit and
this is trading as you can tell
right over here on the 19th and this is
london time
since we're right over here on a live
lqdfx account
and again if you want an lqdfx account i
highly suggest
using the link in the description down
below because it does
come with extra bonus leverage and what
that means
is essentially for every thousand
dollars or every hundred dollars etc
that you put in
and there's a minimum of five hundred
dollars that you need to put in they'll
actually give you
a leverage account which allows you to
more than what you actually put in again
you have to read up on it look at how it
works but essentially
it's free money to use so that being
said right over here
it started as you can see all these
little trades
and the lot sizes are
etc now majority of these trades are
actually winners
as i scroll down you can see that a lot
of these are winners
a lot of them are winners and over the
course of the last few days
you know on the 19th when the market
closed and now today when the market
we're up 19.50 on our thousand dollar
so we're almost up two percent now the
open trades
we are currently at seven dollars and
four cents in the red
now that's okay because i've seen this
bot perform
and i've seen it be like negative 30 in
the red and then i wake up in the
and next thing i know we're in profit
and those cl
and those trades that were open closed
in profit so what i've notiked with this
partikular bot
is that it goes into trades and it's not
necessarily afraid to hold on
because it has some sort of algorithm
built into it where it understands
when the max threshold is to sell and
it can go ahead and actually take profit
now at the same time i'm also running a
simultaneous test
running on the other bot that they have
and as you can see right over here if we
go to the course of the last month
it's actually down 83 dollars which in
my opinion
is a really fat l from the first time we
use the bot
however to be fair this is a longer term
bot meaning that it performs well over
the course of a longer time period
this spot that we're using right over
here which trades in smaller lot sizes
performs rather good over the course of
a shorter lifespan but they did say
it has a little disclaimer that it has a
higher chance of blowing the account
but as of right now for the length that
i've used it and the back testing
results that they've shown me
i can say that the results for the
actual accounts that i've seen
and the account that i'm using is
actually looking very promising
so let's wait and see exactly what
happens so i just woke up this morning
and i got a little nervous
i actually saw that the account was open
negative 22. however i came to realize
if you look at this
we're actually up 14.50
now just take a look at one of these
trades for twenty two dollars and the
other ones
negative four negative seven negative
six but it went ahead
and had a really big profitable trade
with 0.08 lot size
and as you can tell the lot sizes are
increasing a little bit
bigger and bigger as the account grows
now take a look at this if i click on
remember we started this a few days ago
we're already
up 33.01
on this account just for running roughly
two and a half days
now again we're still gonna let this run
a little bit longer
just to see the type of returns we get
over the course of a week
now so far so good and i'm expecting
like i said anywhere from
five to ten percent returns and that
would be astronomical
for something that i quite frankly don't
even have to touch
so that's this morning's update i'll let
you know tomorrow morning exactly how
the rest of the day went i'll catch you
then all right we're back so
it's been about ready for this eight
whole days well today is the eighth day
i've decided that rather than showing
you day by day i want the bot to last a
little longer and see if it works
throughout you know time not just quick
one two three four five six seven
so if we go ahead and just take a look
at the history really quickly
you'll be able to see that we started
with a thousand obviously
but we started on the 19th of november
and today is the first
of december so it's been roughly
two and a half weeks or so and if we
all the way down you'll be able to see
that the total profit that this bot has
109.53 cents now
that's almost eleven percent in two and
a half weeks which is
phenomenal so this bot is going to pay
for itself
with just a thousand dollars put in but
here's the craziest thing
i'm also making a separate case study
with another bot
counterpart it's the same it's the same
company but they have two different bots
that you can run at the same exact time
now if we go ahead and take a look at
that bot you'll be able to see over the
course of a month
let's see over here over the course of
the month this spot has made 78.72
so if we tiknically want to take it
into totality
because it's only i only pay you know
one single monthly fee
for the bot and i get to use both i'm
actually in the green
so right now you can also see the bot in
action you could take a look
at the win percentage according to the
bot as well
for this partikular run that we're doing
so now it's been roughly two and a half
weeks and what i want to do
is really go ahead and wait until friday
to solidify
a three-week case study and prove to you
guys that this bot
is still working and the counterpart
i'm also making another case study
because these are two bots we have an
aggressive bot
and then we have a non-aggressive bot
that works longer term which i just
showed you which is 78 dollars up
so i hope you're enjoying this so far
and i guess all i have to say is wait
for the next update
and yeah we'll watch it actually right
now so now it's december 7th
and in four days it will mark one month
of using this auto trading bot
now let me go ahead and run through the
numbers with you so you can see exactly
what we've been able to achieve roi wise
so right over here
if we take a look this is the aggressive
account with the aggressive bot
and if i click on you know the month
overview you'll see right at the top
we started around 11 19
excuse me so in literally 12 days it'll
be a month so
you'll be able to see in just a few
short weeks we're up 185.95
so let's round it up to 186 dollars
we're up
roughly on this account 18.5
now that's phenomenal or 18.6 because we
rounded up
now if we take a look at the other bot
right over here the more passive bot
we can take a look that the open trades
are 56 dollars in the green
but if we take a look at the course of a
month this partikular account is up 3.9
or actually 4 in just a few more cents
however if the trades were to close out
today it would be closer to 10 percent
than anything else so if we add these up
we have the 39 and then we have the 185
we have a grand total of 224
collectively which means that with two
thousand dollars put
in at 224 we're looking at around an 11
to 12 percent
roi which is really good for us not
having to do a single thing
so let's hop into my computer one more
time so i can show you the bot and let's
see what the bot
says in regards to the earnings and the
wins and the losses that it's recording
because it's not always up to date as we
in the metatrader 4 app so let's take a
look inside my computer and see what the
bot says
so right here you can see this is the
more aggressive bot
and you can also see that it has roughly
82 total trades
40 total trades 41 total trades and
obviously there's more
total trades elsewhere in other currency
but you can see over here it shows the
total profit loss
and for this pair 37 15 27
but let's take a look at how our other
bot is performing
right over here now like i said this is
our passive bot
now the problem that you see over here
is the total profit and loss so far says
156 dollars however
the actual realized profit is 39.82
because i'm looking at it right now on
my mt4 app
so it's not exactly
up to date if you will however if we go
to trade and we take a look at the
balance the 39.82 cents
that's how much we are up like you see
in the mt4 app
now if we do the same thing and we
scroll down and we take a look at the
balance over here
we're up 185.95 just like we saw in the
mt4 app
so again when it comes down to tracking
i highly suggest
still tracking with the mt4 app for the
accurate results in conclusion i still
this partikular bot is really really
good now if you want to learn more about
this bot
and how we set it all up the link is in
the description don't forget that we're
going ahead and funding one lucky person
if we hit 1500 likes on this video
and i'm going to choose a random
commenter to go ahead and fund your
with 500 to get started but you have to
leave a comment and you have to join
the telegram group called the syllabus
forex auto trader group and
just so happens there's one lucky
subscriber in here already and it's me
but regardless i'm going to be posting
daily updates of the bot
and i'm going to keep letting it run for
infinity and beyond
i might even be adding to my position
and watching the money compound and you
can do it with me as well
so for daily updates on how this bot is
doing and for the potential
to win that 500 for your account being
go ahead join the telegram group ladies
and gentlemen i hope you enjoyed this
and if you're looking for another case
study in regards to this 4x bot
we're working on one make sure you
subscribe with notifications
my name is dan dasilva and i'll catch
you very soon

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