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vegan ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

Vegan 2022: A New Story for Our Planet

- Climate crisis is happening now and we need solutions

- Current solutions are limited and specific

- Vegan 2022 film presents a new story that connects big issues and exposes the primary driver of these issues

Issues Exacerbated by Animal Agriculture:

- Climate change, deforestation, ocean dead zones, use of antibiotics

- Politicians should be telling us to change our eating habits

- Animal agriculture is the biggest threat to our food sovereignty

Shift to Plant-Based Diet:

- Wicked Kitchen is a chef-driven plant-based brand that promotes delicious food for meat-eaters and vegans alike

- Paris Climate Agreement aimed to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but even eliminating fossil fuel emissions would not be enough

- Animal agriculture must be addressed

- Shifting away from animal agriculture would free up 75% of agricultural land

Alternative Protein and Healthier Food Options:

- Alternative proteins raised 5 billion in 2021

- Healthier whole food options became increasingly available in 2022

- Plant-based diets can prevent heart disease and reverse type 2 diabetes

- Athletes have debunked the myth around strength in a plant-based diet

- Veganism is no longer just a trend, but a necessary lifestyle change for our planet

- We can make a difference by shifting away from animal agriculture and embracing plant-based diets

- Let's work towards a healthier, more sustainable future for ourselves and the planet.

CHRISTMAS DAY🎄 So GLAD We Are NOT in Siargao Right Now 😨

It's Christmas morning and the family is opening presents at the Sofitel. They're taking their time and enjoying the holiday festivities.


- Room Service Breakfast

- Presents and Packages

- Making the Ball Game

- Trading Gifts

- Lazy Christmas Day

- Manila Bay Update

- Poppy the Dog

Room Service Breakfast:

The family went down for breakfast but it was too busy and they were told there were no rooms. So, they ordered room service and had a massive plate of hash browns, toast, jam, orange juice, and cappuccinos with soy milk. Poppy, the family dog, was very interested in the smells.

Presents and Packages:

The family has a lot of presents and packages to open. They filmed Poppy opening a present and enjoyed watching her gently unwrap it. They also have a big pile of gifts to unwrap and are taking it slow.

Making the Ball Game:

The family decides to make a ball game and wrap presents in it. They use gloves to make it more difficult and spend about 30 minutes wrapping it up. They introduce it to Grandad and Lola and start playing the game.

Trading Gifts:

After the game, the family trades gifts with each other. They have a variety of items such as Hello Kitty tooth floss, fruit and nuts, and bamboo spoons. They have a fun time trading and stealing each other's gifts.

Lazy Christmas Day:

The family spends the rest of the day watching Pinocchio on Netflix and enjoying some Christmas donuts from the Green Bar in Makati. Story and Sasha take a nap while Dino and the parents relax.

Manila Bay Update:

The family received a message from their landlady about the weather in their hometown. There were strong winds, loads of rain, and flooding. They're glad they decided to do this trip and miss all the horribleness. They also update on the Manila Bay land reclaiming project.

Poppy the Dog:

The family brought Poppy the dog with them from the island and she's enjoying her time at the Sofitel. She feels like part of the family and they're happy to have her with them.

The family had a great Christmas morning at the Sofitel, opening presents, playing games, and enjoying each other's company. They're looking forward to spending another day at the hotel and continuing their holiday celebrations.

Meat eaters 'DISGUSTED' by Pro-Vegan TV Advert

Ofcom, What the Hell is the Viva Just Me Advert?

Viva, a vegan animal charity, aired a controversial TV advert that has sparked fury among meat-eaters. The advert features a live pig and a meat cleaver, with the aim of putting people off ordering meat. But, is the advert really as controversial as it seems?

Review of the Advert:

- The advert is cleverly done, with a strong message that is suggestive rather than violent.

- It shows a couple ordering a pulled pork takeaway from the app, Just Me, before a delivery man arrives with a live pig and a meat cleaver ready for the couple to use.

- The use of a dog in the advert is interesting, as it shows a companion animal sitting with a couple who are about to order the chopped up body of a pig.

- The advert is not violent, but rather suggestive, with the aim of making people think about where their meat comes from.

Comments on the Advert:

- Meat-eaters have expressed their anger towards the advert, with some calling it vegetarian terrorist propaganda.

- Some have criticized the advert for being offensive and disgusting, with concerns about children watching it.

- Others have pointed out the hypocrisy of meat and dairy adverts being constantly aired without controversy.

- Vegan supporters have praised the advert for its powerful message.

The controversial Viva Just Me advert has sparked debate and controversy among meat-eaters and vegans alike. While some have criticized it for being offensive, others have praised its strong message. Ultimately, the advert serves as a reminder to people to think about where their food comes from and to consider the impact of their food choices on animals and the environment.

Best VEGAN CHIPPY in Bournemouth! | Ads & Megs

The article discusses a food review by Adam Hoskins and a special guest on their experience of trying out vegan food. The review covers a range of vegan options such as battered sausage, tofu fish, banana blossom, and moving mountains burger. The guests rate each dish on a scale of 1-10 and provide their honest opinions about the taste and texture of the food. The review highlights the importance of expanding one's palette and trying out new vegan options. The guests suggest that the chippy could add kebab-style dishes to their menu to cater to a wider range of vegan customers. Overall, the review provides valuable insights into the world of vegan cuisine and offers helpful tips for businesses looking to cater to the vegan market.

Does This Vegan Meat Taste Like The Real Thing?

St. Patrick's Day is a fun holiday to celebrate, whether you're Irish or not. Everything turns green and there's corned beef and cabbage to enjoy. But what about vegans? Can they enjoy the festivities too? Today, we'll be trying out some vegan deli meats to see if they can hold up to their carnivorous counterparts.

Types of Vegan Deli Meats:

- Simple Truth Plant-Based Deli Black Forest Ham

- Lightlife Smart Deli Plant-Based Bologna

- Porkless Plant-Based Deli Slices

- Eve Veggie Cuisine Salami

- Corned Beef

Round One: Simple Truth Plant-Based Deli Black Forest Ham

- Tastes similar to ham, but with a smoked flavor

- Rhett and Link both guessed roast beef, but it was actually black forest ham

- Winner gets to do a St. Patrick's Day jig with Chase the leprechaun

Round Two: Lightlife Smart Deli Plant-Based Bologna

- Very convincing imitation of bologna

- Rhett guessed baloney and won the round

Round Three: Porkless Plant-Based Deli Slices

- Spongy texture with no prominent flavor

- Both Rhett and Link guessed wrong

- Winner gets a point for guessing correctly after the hints

Round Four: Eve Veggie Cuisine Salami

- Peppery flavor with a spice added

- Both Rhett and Link guessed correctly, it was salami

Round Five: Corned Beef

- Both Rhett and Link guessed correctly and won a shamrock shake

- Corned beef had a very authentic flavor

Overall, the vegan deli meats held up pretty well to their meat counterparts. Some were more convincing than others, but they were all enjoyable in their own way. Vegans don't have to miss out on the St. Patrick's Day festivities anymore with these tasty alternatives.

Dairy Farmer DESTROYS Vegan Activist!

The conversation in the article revolves around a dairy farmer and an animal rights activist discussing the ethics of animal farming and the use of animals for human consumption.

Points made in the conversation:

- The animal rights activist believes that the dairy industry should be obsolete because of the victims involved.

- The dairy farmer argues that farming is a way of life and a business, and there are limited options for making a living.

- The animal rights activist argues that animals are being abused for human benefit, and there are more ethical ways of making a living, such as plant-based alternatives.

- The dairy farmer argues that organic farming is a step towards reducing the use of harmful sprays, but it is not a solution.

- The animal rights activist questions the moral consideration given to animals and argues that animals deserve better treatment than just being used for human benefit.

- The dairy farmer argues that they care about their animals and that they love their way of life.

The conversation highlights the conflicting perspectives on the ethics of animal farming and the use of animals for human consumption. While the dairy farmer argues that farming is a way of life and a business, the animal rights activist argues that animals deserve better treatment and that there are more ethical ways of making a living. The conversation raises important questions about the moral consideration given to animals and the impact of animal farming on the environment and society.

Vegan Jake Gyllenhaal Ad EXPOSED | Just Egg

In today's Face to Face Friday, we have a lot to cover. First, we'll be exposing Jake Gyllenhaal's new TV advertisement for Just Egg. Then, we'll take a look at the next potential pandemic, Monkey Pox, which is caused by eating animals. We'll also discuss a city's plan to kill Canadian geese because of their poop, and a hilarious video of a fur-wearing celebrity hiding from animal rights activists. Lastly, we'll respond to some of the dumbest comments from our viewers. Let's get started!

- In today's Face to Face Friday, we have a lot to cover, from exposing Jake Gyllenhaal's new ad to discussing the next potential pandemic caused by eating animals.

Jake Gyllenhaal's Just Egg Ad:

- Jake Gyllenhaal stars in a new ad for Just Egg, a vegan egg replacement.

- The ad claims that Gyllenhaal does galactik robo night fighting and refuels with plant-based eggs.

- We expose the ad for lying to the public and promoting genetically modified lab-grown ingredients that could cause infertility and a new world order.

Monkey Pox Pandemic:

- Monkey Pox is the next potential pandemic caused by eating animals in what's known as the bush meat market.

- Symptoms include flu-like symptoms, vomiting, fever, and spots.

- Some health authorities are already suggesting people get vaccinated for it.

Killing Canadian Geese:

- Foster City, California is trying to get permission to kill Canadian geese because they poop too much.

- They have tried using lights, fences, and dogs but have resorted to shooting them dead.

- We compare this to a gang of kids outside our apartment and joke about shooting them dead as well.

Hilarious Video of Fur-Wearing Celebrity:

- Christine Quinn, an actress on a show called Selling Sunset, was confronted by animal rights activists at a book signing.

- The video of her hiding under a table is hilarious, and we commend the activists for standing up against fur-wearing.

Responding to Dumb Comments:

- We respond to some of the dumbest comments from our viewers.

- We joke about the chicken industry putting protein content on their packaging and promote a fictional dog meat company called Ellwood's Dog Meat.

- In today's Face to Face Friday, we covered a lot of ground, from exposing Jake Gyllenhaal's new ad to discussing the next potential pandemic caused by eating animals.

- We also talked about killing Canadian geese and a hilarious video of a fur-wearing celebrity hiding from activists.

- Lastly, we responded to some of the dumbest comments from our viewers. Thanks for watching!

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