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venmo ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

- The CEO of Venmo, Rob Shelf, discusses the fun and social aspects of the app.

- He expresses frustration with users who ignore these aspects and focuses on the importance of engaging content.

- The article will summarize his points and ideas.

Main Points:

- Venmo started as a fun and social app, but some users have ignored this aspect.

- The CEO emphasizes the importance of engaging content to keep the app fresh and interesting.

- He introduces Venmo Platinum as a new feature, allowing users to connect with more active and interesting individuals.

- He encourages users to be creative with their payment descriptions and comments, using humor and wit to make the app more enjoyable.

- The CEO believes that social media should be fun and engaging, not just a way to make financial transactions.

- The article summarizes the main points made by Venmo's CEO, including the importance of fun and social aspects of the app, engaging content, and creative payment descriptions.

- The CEO encourages users to embrace these ideas and make Venmo a more enjoyable platform for everyone.

JUUL CEO: No More Advertising to Kids

Juul Apologizes for Marketing to Children in Recent Ad

- Matt Stool, CEO of Juul, apologizes for recent advertisements targeting young children

- Promises that Juul would never market to developing brains of America's future

- Offers free pack of expanded flavors to all Juul users as a special apology

Issues with Juul's Marketing:

- Advertisements targeting young children came under fire

- Expanded flavors such as cherry berry unicorn and blue raspberry rainbow were marketed towards children

- Juul's use of Minecraft in advertisement was inappropriate and showed lack of understanding

- Juul carrying case, designed for adults, had bright colors reminiscent of a child's lunch box

- Just Juul, a new show, was seen as a children's cartoon and was criticized for copyright infringement

Juul's Response:

- Juul is aware that adults love their product but want to keep e-cigarettes away from kids

- Special Juul carrying case is now available with enough space for Juul device and up to four Juul pods, as well as a sandwich and a milk carton

- Just Juul will be reevaluated and revamped to better target adult audience

- New line of backpacks and Juul spinners are introduced for advanced Juul smokers

- Juul acknowledges their mistakes and is taking steps to address them

- Promises to do better and not market to children in the future

- Encourages adults to enjoy their product responsibly and keep it away from children

A Message From the Skype CEO

The article is a humorous take on the rivalry between Skype and Zoom, with the CEO of Skype expressing his frustration and anger towards the latter. It highlights the importance of video conferencing services in the age of COVID-19 and how Skype has been a pioneer in the field.

Main points:

- Skype has been around since the beginning of video calling and has provided users with all the necessary tools.

- The CEO of Skype is angry at the rise of Zoom and believes that people have switched to it deliberately to spite him.

- Skype is still a great option for video calling, with custom backgrounds and an end call button in a different corner.

- Zoom may support up to a thousand callers, but who really wants to be on a call with that many people?

- Skype is the original and should be the go-to option for video calling.

- Betraying Skype for another video calling service is like spitting in a man's eye and not expecting retaliation.

- The article ends with a humorous suggestion to use Skype instead of Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

The article provides a humorous take on the rivalry between Skype and Zoom, highlighting the importance of video conferencing services in the age of COVID-19. The CEO of Skype expresses his frustration and anger towards Zoom, urging users to stick with the original video calling service. While the article is humorous, it also provides valid reasons why Skype is still a great option for video calling.

Tide CEO: You Gotta Stop Eating Tide Pods | CH Shorts

David Taylor, CEO of the company that makes Tide and Tide Pods, urges Americans to stop eating Tide Pods as they are not food. He also talks about their new innovative products, but expresses concern about their resemblance to candy.

Key Points:

- Tide Pods are soap and not food, and people need to stop eating them.

- The company has been innovating new products, including Cascade Dish Pops and Vicks VapoRub Winter Blast gum flavored bon bons.

- The resemblance of their new products to candy is a concern, and they don't want people mistaking them for food.

- Tampax push cicles, Crest brand dinner paste, and Pampers brand choc are examples of products that should not be flavored as people may try to eat them.

- The company also experimented with making food products, but they were not usable.

David Taylor emphasizes the importance of not eating Tide Pods and being aware of the potential confusion between their new products and candy. The company continues to innovate but is cautious about ensuring their products are not mistaken for food.

How To Make Money On Venmo in 2022 (For Beginners)

In this video, I will reveal how to make money on Venmo for complete beginners. You can earn $100 to $700 a day with no experience. Before we dive in, I want to remind you of something exciting. This week's free workshop is the fastest and easiest way to make money online. We have had a 62-year-old woman go from zero to $160,000 profit in 90 days. Check it out now!

Ways to Make Money with Venmo:

1. High Ticket Closer: This is one of the fastest ways to make money on Venmo. You can make $2,000 by the end of the weekend without any background experience or laptop. Join the Facebook group called Click Funnels Official, where all the top marketers hang out. Search for high ticket closer positions, where you interview potential buyers to see if they're a good fit to buy the program. You can earn upwards of $2,000 per sale through Venmo directly to your account.

2. Coaching Services: Use Venmo as your payment processor of choice to accept coaching service fees. Create a six to eight-week coaching program and charge anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000. Use scheduling software like Calendly to book calls and accept payments through Venmo.

3. Local Businesses: Deal with local businesses and sell them services. Search for businesses like cryotherapy and offer them your services. You can make a substantial commission by getting on the phone and interviewing potential clients.

Venmo is a fantastic platform to make money. You can use it to accept payments for coaching services, sell services to local businesses, and become a high ticket closer. There are endless possibilities, and all you need is determination and hard work to succeed. So, what are you waiting for? Start making money on Venmo today!

How to Create A Targeted YouTube Ad

- Final chapter in 12 part series on video production for small business owners and nonprofits

- Focus on uploading commercial to YouTube, linking it up with Google ads, and targeting local viewers based on zip codes

- High cost of television advertising makes it a high risk option for most small businesses

- Method being taught puts business owners in control of their advertising budget and allows for targeted campaigns

Uploading Commercial to YouTube:

- From YouTube homepage, click on upload button and select MP4 file from desktop

- Enter video information including title, description, and tags

- Focus on creative first two lines of description with keywords and URL to website, include important contact information

- Add thumbnail image and mark as not for kids

- Add tags based on what people are searching for, don't obsess over it

- Add subtitles using SRT file and mark video as public

- Highlight and copy URL of video to clipboard

Setting Up Google Ads Campaign:

- Log into adsgoogle.com and create new video campaign without goals guidance

- Select custom video campaign with CPV bid strategy and daily budget

- Uncheck all networks except for YouTube videos

- Enter zip codes of targeted locations and exclude certain audience types and labels

- Set demographics and bidding options, slowly increase bid every day by a few cents

- Paste video URL, select option for skippable in-stream ad, and add website link

- Google takes around 24 to 48 hours to approve the ad

- Method taught in this course allows small businesses to advertise in a cost-effective and targeted way

- Remote private lessons with the instructor are available for further assistance

- Thank you for participating in the course and good luck with your advertising campaigns.

Beast Promo Scam for $1,000 YouTube Ads, Explained

This article discusses the recent Beast promo scam that claims Mr Beast is giving away $1000 to anyone who finds a video on YouTube. The author demonstrates how to filter channels to find unlisted videos promoting the scam. They open several channels and discuss their suspicious features, including old videos, unlisted links, and few subscribers. The author also highlights the prevalence of Christmas-themed scams and fake crypto charts. They note that many of these scams come from India and urge readers not to fall for them. The article concludes by criticizing YouTube's lack of detection systems for such scams, despite their prevalence on social media platforms.

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