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Versace Ads: Bold, Glamorous and Iconic

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- The article discusses the worst designer brand and argues that Versace is probably the worst brand of all time.

What I Like About Versace:

- The hotel concept is cool and unique.

- The dressing robes are suitable for the target audience.

Why Versace Is Such a Bad Brand:

- The designs are loud, tacky, and annoying.

- The quality of the clothing is often bad.

- It looks like knockoffs of itself and overly in your face.

- It's not worth the money.

- In the author's opinion, Versace should take the brand in a new direction.

Versace x Parsons Paris | Versace

In this article, we will be discussing the inspiration and legacy of Johnny and his archives, as well as the importance of keeping this legacy going. We will also explore how the new generation of designers is inspired by Johnny's work, and how this inspiration is being translated into modern fashion.

Inspiration from Johnny's Archives:

- Keeping the legacy of research on wine is part of the job

- New generation designers are the ones who will keep the legacy going

- Personal school students were given outfits from the 90s to interpret

- The way designers interpreted the outfits was exciting and fun

Exploring Modern Fashion:

- Adversary is always about hedonism and desire

- Asking what sexy means today when the body moves

- Experimenting with different techniques to create emotion

- Combining traditional and modern techniques in fashion

- Creating a love letter to Donatella

Challenges and Successes:

- Taking someone else's codes and seeing it through your own world

- Pressure and daunting reality of working with a big house like Versace

- Expecting to see something new and different

- Love the contrast between top and bottom contemporary fashion

- Inspiration from Athena, the goddess of war

Overall, the new generation of designers is inspired by Johnny's archives and is finding new ways to interpret his work into modern fashion. The challenge of seeing someone else's work through your own world can be difficult, but the designers are succeeding in creating something new and exciting. It's important to keep the legacy of Johnny's work going, and to inspire future generations of designers to push the boundaries of fashion.

GUCCI Child Abuse Story, Alessandro Michelle, Adidas Ad Campaign, Fashion Gate

- Recent events with Balenciaga have raised suspicions about Gucci's creative director, Alessandro Michelle

- Gucci and Balenciaga are sister companies owned by Kiring Corporation

- A Twitter account leaked information on Gucci employees, including posts from Michelle's Instagram

- The account was wiped from the internet, suggesting they were onto something big

- What they found was disturbing and suggests Michelle gains inspiration from deceased items

Michelle's Creepy Inspiration:

- Michelle collects dead animals, including eyeballs and teeth, and visits cemeteries

- It is unclear if the teeth and eyes are real or used in witchcraft and magic

- He also collects creepy dolls and statues of children, which he considers art

- Snakes, which are used in occultism, appear in Gucci designs

Jared Leto's Connection:

- Michelle is close friends with Jared Leto, who has faced disturbing allegations in the past

- During the filming of Morbius, Leto refused to leave his on-set character, causing production delays

- Leto has also been accused of sexually assaulting minors, including a rape of a young teenage girl

- Despite these allegations, Leto landed a role in House of Gucci

Gucci's Disturbing Campaign:

- Gucci's recent campaign features a child and was directed by Michelle

- The campaign was inspired by Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, a horror movie about child innocence and witchcraft

- The campaign is inappropriate in light of the information revealed about Michelle's inspiration

The Scandal Surrounding Gucci:

- A lawsuit has been filed by Alexandra Zarini, the great-granddaughter of Gucci founder Guccio Gucci, alleging sexual abuse by her stepfather with her mother and grandmother's permission

- Society is failing to protect the most vulnerable and innocent among us

- Gucci's connection to occultism and disturbing allegations against individuals associated with the brand raise concerns about the company's morals and reputation

- It is important to be aware of these issues and hold companies accountable for their actions

- Like and subscribe for more content on important topics like this.

10 Famous Clothing Logos With HIDDEN Meaning | RMRS Style Videos

Logos are more than just symbols representing a brand. They often hold hidden meanings and stories behind their creation. In this article, we will explore the secrets behind some of the world's most famous fashion logos.

Logos with Hidden Meanings:

1. Nike Swoosh:

- Designed by Carolyn Davidson, not Phil Knight, in 1971.

- Represents the Greek goddess of victory.

- Phil Knight gifted Carolyn 500 shares of original Nike stock in 1983.

2. Versace Logo:

- Gianni Versace's fascination with Greek mythology inspired the logo.

- Medusa, a Greek monster, symbolizes the clothing's ability to capture attention.

- Medusa's gaze turned people to stone, but the clothing will just leave you in awe.

3. Rolex Crown:

- The crown is recognizable, but the slogan a crown for every achievement holds deeper meaning.

- Giving watches as gifts for reaching milestones is a tradition.

- The letters in Rolex and the points of the crown both total five, creating symmetry.

4. Burberry Logo:

- The equestrian knight was the logo for 117 years.

- The banner with the Latin word Prorsum symbolized the company's pioneering strides in outerwear.

- The knight's armor was also a symbol of the company's toughness.

5. Adidas Logo:

- The founder's name was Adolf Dassler, hence the name Adidas.

- The original logo had three stripes, with the slogan the company with three stripes.

- The mountain three stripes logo represents the climb towards goals.

6. Levi's Logo:

- The original name was the Two Horse brand.

- The two horses symbolize the pants' toughness.

- The rivets reinforced metal parts on areas of the stitching to prevent tearing.

7. Patek Philippe Logo:

- The cross made of four fleur de lis is the symbol of the knights of Calatrava.

- The founder was a Polish Catholic who used the symbol to express his desire for Catholic rule in Poland.

- The founder was knighted in 1865.

8. Tommy Hilfiger Logo:

- The white and red symbolize the letter H for Hilfiger.

- The blue adds a nautical touch.

- The preppy look is evident in the logo.

9. Lacoste Crocodile:

- René Lacoste's on-court nickname was the crocodile.

- The crocodile logo was transferred to the shirts.

- Lacoste's tennis shirts became popular and led to the creation of the polo shirt.

10. Michael Jordan Jumpman:

- Based on a 1984 photo of Michael Jordan in a ballet pose holding a basketball in his left hand.

- The silhouette created from the photo became the Jumpman logo.

- Nike discovered the logo a few years later and the rest is history.

Logos are more than just symbols. They hold stories, meanings, and history behind their creation. Understanding the secrets behind logos can add depth and appreciation for the brands they represent.

Versace Jeans Couture Haul

Hi, welcome to Fabulocity for You, and my name is Angie. This channel is about fashion, beauty, and life for women over 40. Today, we're going to do a Versace Jean Couture haul.

Versace Jean Couture Collection:

- Versace Jean Couture leggings

- Versace Couture head scarf

- Carl Lagerfield shoes

- Versace necklace

- Versace Jean Couture bag

- Versace Jean Couture travel duffel bag

- Versace Jean Couture bucket hat

- Versace Jean Couture slides

- Versace Jean Couture wallet

- Versace Jean Couture sweatshirt

- Versace Jean Couture shirt


- Versace Jean Couture is a brand collection of the original Versace that is more affordable and sporty.

- Angie loves to shop online and looks for discounts and free shipping.

- Angie advises not to order offline from Saks Fifth Avenue store.

- Angie got a deal at Saks Fifth Off The Rack.

- Slides are in this summer and were in the last summer.

- Prices are going up, so don't hold Angie to the prices she mentioned.

- Angie tries to get things that she can wear all year round.

Thank you for watching this Versace Jean Couture haul. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

wait...VERSACE X FENDI?! What to get from the Versace Fendi Swap #FENDACE

In this video, Cassie discusses the highly-anticipated collaboration between Fendi and Versace, which was showcased at Milan Fashion Week. Cassie, a self-diagnosed luxury addict, was ecstatic about the collection, which blended the iconic emblems and themes of both brands. While some may find the collection loud and over-the-top, Cassie emphasizes the importance of styling and selecting statement pieces. She highlights some of her favorite pieces, including a sequined jacket and crystal-studded bags, and predicts that the shoes and swimsuits will also be popular. Cassie also provides background information on the collaboration, noting that the collection is officially called the Versace Fendi Swap and is not technically a collaboration. She encourages viewers to watch the show to fully appreciate the transition between the Fendi for Versace and Versace for Fendi sections. Cassie concludes by expressing her excitement for the collection's release, expected around February 2022, and her desire to add a Fendi bag to her collection.


How effective are billboards in capturing our attention? With an average attention span of eight seconds, advertisers have a limited time to make their message stick. In this article, we explore the most creative, memorable, and spectacular examples of outdoor advertising that capture our eyeballs and deliver their message in the best possible manner.

Examples of Spectacular Outdoor Advertising:

- Milka chocolate in Belgium offers free cakes to citizens who share a message via phone.

- Red Gold Tomatoes in Minneapolis features a billboard with two giant tomato cans that can make salsa for over 400,000 people.

- A miraculous billboard in Peru captures air humidity and turns it into potable water for Lima residents.

- Jill Stewart's fragrance, Crystalbloom Snow, owned two creative flagship shelters in Hong Kong to immerse passersby through the scent of its fragrance and snowy visual impact.

- Adidas unveiled the world's first-ever liquid billboard in Dubai, inviting women to dive beyond the surface and promote its new swimwear collection.

- The Economist's subtle message on a billboard in the UK is that only deep thinkers get the important ideas.

- Thai bikers use mobile digital billboards to follow you everywhere you go.

- Citroen creates a unique billboard mosaic made from almost 3,000 toy models of its range.

- Orphea insecticide in Milan features a 3D billboard with a jet spray shape made of transparent glue that traps flies and mosquitoes.

- The six-story Coca-Cola sign in Times Square has created a new benchmark for the creative application of technology.

- DHL Express in Amsterdam uses a huge 3D billboard to promote its fast delivery service.

- Colston hair dye's 3D billboard in Sanya showcases its range of natural colors with an unspoiled view of the sea and skyline behind it.

- The Wolf of Wall Street's cheeky outdoor campaign in Australia uses actual one hundred dollar bills in bus shelters.

- Seoul citizens can enjoy the astonishing view of ocean waves on a billboard without breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules.

- Woodward Dream Cruise features a billboard with a smoke machine that spews smoke from a rear wheel for the ultimate one-minute burnout.

- Dracula TV show bosses in London and Birmingham create terrifying billboards that come to life at night.

- E Sky Mall in Taiwan offers a cold shower and refreshing drink to citizens for free.

- Panasonic promotes its precision nose hair trimmer with a billboard that warns of the risks of cutting live wires.

- Times Square transports visitors to a digital hyper-realistic cascading waterfall over 336 feet tall across four screens.

- Sprite's gorilla marketing campaign in Brazil provides citizens with a cold shower and refreshing drink for free.

- Doom in South Africa features a 72-foot-tall billboard made of 5771 shoes illustrating their product's killing power.

In conclusion, outdoor advertising can be an effective tool in capturing our attention and delivering a message. The examples listed in this article show that creativity, humor, and unique ideas can make a lasting impression on consumers. However, advertisers must keep in mind the limited attention span of humans and work to make their message stand out in a crowded advertising landscape.

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