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video banner ads

Published on: February 16 2023 by pipiads

YouTube Video Ads Tutorial Made in 2022: Step by Step for Beginners

- Yvonne from Ivonmen.com

- Tutorial on creating video or YouTube ads using Google Ads

- Visual way to promote products or services

- Tips, tricks, and techniques from five years of experience

Creating the Video

- Upload video to YouTube (can be unlisted)

- Select Go to your account > Settings > Create > Upload video

Setting up the Campaign

- Go to adsgoogle.com and create an account

- Click on the + sign > New campaign > Create a campaign without a goals guidance

- Select Video and then Custom video campaign

- Fill in the campaign name, bid strategy (maximum cpv recommended), budget, and location

- Choose inventory type and exclusions

- Additional settings include devices, ad schedule, and frequency gapping

Creating the Ad

- Select the video you want to use

- Choose the ad format (in-stream or discovery)

- Set the targeting options (demographics, interests, topics, keywords)

- Select the bidding type (maximum cpv or target cpm)

- Set the ad group name and bid

- Choose the ad placement (YouTube videos, YouTube search, video partners on the Display Network)

- Create the ad content (headline, description, thumbnail)

- Submit the ad for review

- YouTube video ads are a great way to promote products or services

- Customizable options allow for effective targeting and budget management

- Use the tips and tricks provided to create successful video ads for your business.

Who's Clicking Banner Ads?

Is Banner Advertising Worth the Investment?

- Many companies are still investing in banner advertising on websites

- But is it a waste of money?

- Let's examine the effectiveness of banner ads and whether they're worth the investment

Point 1: Majority of Website Traffic is on Mobile Devices

- Banner ads are mainly seen on desktop, below the fold

- But most people are browsing on their phones, which means they're not seeing the ads

- Investing in banner ads on desktop is a waste of money

Point 2: Banner Ads are not Clicked

- Very few people click on banner ads, if any

- The only banner ads that are clicked are ones from retargeting campaigns

- Banner ads are not an effective way to reach consumers

Point 3: Television Commercials are also Ineffective

- Majority of people fast forward through commercials on TV

- Companies are spending billions on TV commercials, but they're not reaching their target audience

- The marketing industry needs to change its approach

Point 4: Common Sense Behavior is not Being Applied

- Companies are still investing in outdated advertising methods like billboards

- Most people are looking at their phones while driving, not billboards

- Companies need to adapt to the times and focus on digital advertising

- Banner advertising is not worth the investment

- Companies need to shift their focus to digital advertising methods that are effective

- It's important to apply common sense behavior when it comes to advertising and reach consumers where they are.

GIF Animated Display Advertisement (Easy Google Ad Made With Canva)

Designing and Animating a Display Ad in Canva

Are you struggling to create a display ad that captures your customers' attention? In this tutorial, I will guide you through designing, animating, and exporting your GIF ad using Canva.


1. Open Canva and create a new custom-sized design for your display ad.

2. Choose a starting template and customize the background color.

3. Add existing elements by uploading media, or create new ones.

4. Add text, including a headline and subhead, choosing from a variety of fonts and adjusting the spacing.

5. Add icons or other branding elements to enhance the design.

6. Create a UI button from scratch, customizing the shape and color.

7. Add a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage customers to take action.

8. Animate the ad by creating a GIF, adjusting the timing and sequence of elements.

9. Export the ad and upload it to your desired platform.

With Canva, designing and animating a display ad has never been easier. Follow these simple steps to create an eye-catching ad that will grab your customers' attention and drive conversions.

Bumper Ads | Banner Ads | OutStream Ads | Sequence Ads | YouTube Ads | YouTube Ads Course 2020

In this video, we will discuss different types of YouTube ads, including bumper ads, banner ads, outstream ads, and sequence ads. We will explore their purposes and why they are used so much.

Bumper ads are non-skippable ads that are less than 7 seconds long. They are used for conveying a very short message and are usually used for brand awareness.

The main purpose of YouTube ads is brand awareness. YouTube ads are not as beneficial for conversions and sales as compared to Facebook. Google ads on websites are more beneficial for this purpose.

Banner ads are non-video ads that appear as a banner-like image. They are only visible on desktops and are used for brand awareness.

Outstream ads and sequence ads are mostly visible on different websites. They are like short video ads and are also used for brand awareness.

In this course, we aimed to aware you all about skippable, non-skippable, and discovery ads. In further videos, we will learn how to properly run an ad on YouTube and its necessary steps and requirements.

Overall, YouTube ads are an important part of marketing and can be beneficial for brand awareness if targeted effectively.

How to Add Video to html5 banner

In this article, we will be discussing the topic of future software and its impact on various industries. We will explore the concept of creating value for stakeholders and the importance of being committed to the future. Additionally, we will discuss the role of technology in shaping our society and how it can be used to benefit us in the long run.

Main points:

- The importance of being committed to the future and creating value for stakeholders

- The role of technology in shaping our society and its impact on various industries

- The benefits of using technology to improve efficiency and productivity

- The challenges of implementing new technologies and the need for adaptability

- The significance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements

Bullet points:

- Technology can help improve efficiency and productivity in various industries

- Implementing new technologies can be challenging but it is necessary for growth and success

- Staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements can give businesses a competitive edge

- Being committed to the future and creating value for stakeholders is crucial for long-term success

In conclusion, it is important for businesses and individuals to embrace technology and its potential to create value and improve our society. We must be adaptable and willing to learn in order to stay ahead of the curve. By committing to the future and using technology to our advantage, we can achieve success and make a positive impact on the world.

What is display advertising?

- We will be discussing display advertising, which includes banners, text-based, and video ads.

- Businesses pay for ad space to reach potential customers online.

- Display advertising is the digital version of print or TV ads.

How it Works:

- Ad space is on websites instead of billboards or TV channels.

- Businesses can make deals directly with website owners or use networks to find ad space.

- Ads can be targeted to specific web pages or groups of people with certain interests.


- Reach relevant audiences all across the internet.

- Build awareness of your business.

- Drive traffic to your website and win new customers.

Targeting Options:

- Choose specific web pages or groups of people.

- Target people with specific interests.

- Retargeting can remind visitors to subscribe or take action.

- Display advertising is a great way to reach potential customers online and achieve various marketing goals.

- It is important to use targeting options effectively to maximize the benefits of display advertising.

Learn how to create a web banner ad using Adobe Animate

How to Apply Motion Preset Animation to a Web Banner Ad Using Adobe Animate

In this video tutorial, Angelo will show you how to apply motion preset animation to a web banner ad using Adobe Animate. He will explore creating a motion tween animation, saving it as a custom preset, and animating text in the project. Finally, he will also demonstrate how to add a hyperlink action to the button in the web ad.


1. Create a new document for the web banner in Adobe Animate.

2. Import the illustrator document into the Animate canvas.

3. Extend the timeline to 10 seconds and focus on the small rectangle shape that we will animate.

4. Create a motion tween animation and add keyframes to create the animation.

5. Save the animation as a custom preset in the motion presets window.

6. Apply the blend mode to the shape to add a cool effect.

7. Animate the text by creating a fade-in and fade-out effect using alpha and classic tween.

8. Finally, add a hyperlink action to the button in the web ad.

By following the above steps, you can create a stunning web banner ad using Adobe Animate. Animating the shapes and text using motion presets and classic tween can make your ad stand out and catch the viewer's attention. Adding a hyperlink action to the button can increase the click-through rate and generate more leads for your business. So, start creating and let your creativity shine!

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