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Video Marketing with YouTube How To Deliver Video Content That Is Helpful

Published on: December 6 2022 by FeedbackWrench

Video Marketing with YouTube How To Deliver Video Content That Is Helpful

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Video Marketing with YouTube How To Deliver Video Content That Is Helpful

hey guys rob from feedback wrench we
help accountants bookkeepers tax
advisors build great websites fill up
their sales funnel launch their own
business i have a course we do websites
we do paid ads but i also help a ton of
construction companies small businesses
if you're looking to fill your sales
funnel this is for you but in this one
i'm going to tok about how do you
video content that's really helpful so i
did one just like what are the different
types of video and what are you trying
to accomplish and again if we recap
quick it's about relationship you're
going to use video to basically take
what you would do over the phone take
what you would do in a face-to-face
meeting and you want to put it online
there's kind of three types that i found
number one is this curiosity peaking
the idea is that you need to peak
people's curiosity about how you make
their life better right you got to show
them that you you do taxes you do
bookkeeping hey we build houses we do
driveway seal coding we can fix your
elect you know we can install new
lighting for you whatever that problem
but then you also want to show a little
bit of this empathy and authority and
and help people out and then the second
thing is is you'll want to have a video
sales letter which basically
walks people through the main problem
you solve and there's a whole bunch into
that we'll get on that in the next video
and then the third type is just content
video that is content based right and to
a degree that's what i create
and the content is really about
teaching or being an authority on one
subject matter adding tons and tons of
value of helping them thrive or survive
helping them achieve an outcome or
teaching them about the outcome or
whatever that looks like and then
you know you take that video and you
make a youtube video of it you put it on
tiktok you cut it up and put it on
tiktok and there's a bunch of different
things so those are the three types
right now i want to tok about um kind
of like the video for an advertisement
right so one of the things i was just
doing is i have a
one of my employees actually she's great
she also works for a non-profit that her
parents run in this non-profit it's
called ets every third saturday and what
they do is they help all the veterans in
minneapolis who are homeless who are
struggling and
whatever it is that they equip them with
resources but then also they're trying
to help them move upward and forward in
their life right and
this gal she's just fantastik she was
just taking an attempt at a couple of
these initial
curiosity peaking ads basically
something that you might see in a bumper
ad on youtube or you might see in a
facebook ad or something like that and
it was really cool she got so many
things right right off the bat and all i
want to do is walk you through what i've
found as we do for other customers and
do for ourselves what goes into
something that really helps you um
get people to to take a step with you
but how do you pique their curiosity um
and and so there's a couple of things so
first of all what you want to do is
remember that it's all about engagement
some people will ask me how long a video
should be whether it's an advertisement
video sales letter or whatever and it's
not so much about the length a lot of
people say hey it should never be longer
than two minutes that's not what i've
found what i've found is that the key is
the first 15 seconds maybe the first
five seconds
you have to hook them okay so let's tok
about the hook and then the second thing
that has to happen is it just needs to
be engaging what's bizarre is that a
great video that keeps you engaged that
has visually stimulating stuff if it's
engaging people will watch it for much
longer and there's always this weird
thing if you don't have to end a video
you can keep it going so that that 20 to
30 percent of your your listeners will
listen all the way through in fact
almost all of my videos are interesting
they end up being 10 to 20 minutes long
right because it's long form i'm just
toking and i don't have i don't gob up
my video editor
cutting and and making them way better
we will eventually but that takes too
many resources so what happens is you
know the first
20 of the people bump off in the first
10 seconds as soon as they see i'm not
that smart or attractive or that this is
more of a toking head video on youtube
they get out right but then what i have
is about 35
of you end up watching the video all the
way through whether it's 10 minutes or
25 minutes and if i really drag it on
towards the end you'll click off but for
the most part as long as you're engaging
to your core group that's the most
important but in the first 15 seconds
you have to establish the who what when
where and why and one of the major
problems that people have is that they
will not give you the attention because
it costs them something you're about to
cost them five to ten minutes or 30
seconds or whatever that is and you have
to click
the checklist off in their head that
this is relevant to you right so you
have to do a quick little who is this
for what's the core problem that you
and then get into
more right so immediately hey everybody
my name i would say something like this
um if you have a cracked or boeing wall
and you're looking to get your concrete
foundation fixed we are this
so the first words out of our mouth
right away are saying the problem that
we solve as an accountant or a
bookkeeper it might be hey everybody and
this would be whether this is on video
or in person this is true right hey
everybody my name is rob sachan with
nuance financial now that already cost
them something but with hey everybody my
name is rob and we have a tax and
accounting firm and we help small
businesses with their taxes their
accounting their bookkeeping and their
so what i just did there as i said who i
am real quick i said the services that i
provide because ultimately in tax and
accounting most business owners their
main thing they think they want isn't
this way preferred future they just want
their books done or their taxes done
so i'm clicking off right away that hey
this is what i am right
this is the service i provide this is
the problem that i solve
and uh you know if you're a home builder
hey everybody um we're peach builders
we're a custom home builder and we're
here in the south metro so it's exactly
what we were in south metro twin cities
and what we deliver is an excellent
value custom home whether you want to
make it exquisite
or just a great value we can help you
out so
right off the bat i think what you
should do what i've found is that you
want to
i don't think you should pull any
punches i think you should let them know
exactly who you are so that they can opt
in to listening further right and as
they opt in to listen further the first
thing is is they're like this isn't for
me this isn't for me this isn't for me
essentially every message every video
that shows up in front of somebody every
facebook post and it's getting crazy now
in 2022
is kind of like junk mail right um we
have a highly sophistikated system to
filter through and only grasp onto
actually important to us and valuable to
us right if we
gave every message
our its due diligence in its due time
we wouldn't have enough hours in the day
so as i'm driving here there's
billboards i've got a radio i've got
youtube when i get home i've got
facebook i've got emails everything's
vying for our eyes and attention so we
basically shut everything off except for
that which is relevant to us
therefore you have to hook them right
away so that's my first tip is that in
the first 15 to 20 seconds you have to
hook them that this is for them right
now i don't like to get into this over
promising thing because the next thing
is is you want to tok to them about
their core problem
you could do this in story form um and
there's kind of a
a thing that i've seen
an equation that's out there but really
what you want to do is you want to
identify and start casting vision
for either what's it like that they're
stuck here
or what's the future like there right
um generally speaking i start with how
are they stuck
here right so hey every so and this
again this is like a sales conversation
hey everybody my name is rob um with rob
financial and we do taxes bookkeeping
and accounting for small businesses hey
but what we really do
is what
we make sure that we do everything
possible throughout the year to reduce
your business taxes in fact we provide
proactive business tax planning to make
sure that we reduce your taxes in a big
way we also have what's called this
outsourced accountant service where we
do all the bookkeeping all the payroll
so that our customers don't have to
touch it they don't have to hire anybody
to do it and we will make your life
really really easy and then the third
thing that we do is we keep you
we know how to do this really well we're
going to make sure that things are done
right so that you never have problems
in the future so if you like the idea of
doing that in fact now what i want to
tok about so that's what we do now i
want to tok about escort or whatever
the content is so
that's kind of like the there that's how
i would end up doing it a lot of this is
the type of thing that we're gonna
deliver but um the other thing you could
do is hook them right off the bat hey
so again
that's the first thing check off that
it's for them the second thing is is to
cast a little vision for what i really
do is i help people go from here to
there i help people that are overpaying
in taxes maybe aren't maximizing the s
corp um maybe that they have staff
people that are trying to help them with
books but it's not perfect maybe they're
a construction company and they don't
get good construction specific job
costing or whip schedules or the things
that they need to ultimately have a
business and maybe they're missing out
on bonding right
maybe it's that they are
not able to actually scale their
business because they never understand
their financials or maybe you're getting
passed up for financing all the time
because your books are never quite all
the way there and it takes too long we
can help you in fact here's what we do
so again that's my second tip you want
to frame up the here to there so first
it's just a quick what we do
and that it's for you and who we help
maybe where right you want you want it
to be yes this is me and then you want
to frame up but what we really do or
here's what we're in the business of
doing or whatever that is and it's a
here to there
and the other thing that i would say is
that as you're doing this um it takes
practike and i'll dive into that like
how do you get good at practike or how
do you get good at videos not saying
that i'm perfect at it but practike is a
key right um
so we'll we'll get into what is it that
makes you a good youtuber how do you get
going into this uh how do you create
good videos how do you do that
and we'll dive into it hopefully that's
helpful good luck god bless

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