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video will play after ads

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

DOLLETED ADS - Video will play after ads - Blythe & Tangkou doll comedy advert parody

Kung Fu Ninja Monkey. He's bendy, He's stretchy, He's hairy. and he's Kung Fu Ninja monkey. Play with him, Fight with him, Kick him in the face. Is he just a teddy bear with a badly made tail stuck on? No, he's Kung Fu Ninja Monkey. He drives a tank. He comes in every color of the rainbow. Kung Fu Ninja Monkey. Buy them all. Tank sold separately at only 99.99.. Grrr, Now also available. Pink Kung Fu Ninja Monkey for girls. Monkey handbag sold separately. Ugh, really Ever wonder why the things you want to happen in your life aren't happening, Like waiting for the video you want to watch to actually $*#%ing start, instead of having to sit through this drivel. Do you blame other people for your lack of success and achievement and my bare-faced, condescending arrogance? Do you think the things that happen in your life are not your fault, like when there's an earthquake or someone in Lithuania kills a swan, Or your cat can't read? I'm about to tell you something that may come as a shock to you. These events have all happened because of your lack of willingness to pay me money. I can teach you how, in just three months, you can lose what's been holding you back, your hard-earned wages. Now I'm on the roof for some reason. As a life coach, zumbalates therapist and chop suey guru, I can help you achieve a life where you're no longer weighed down by material things like like possessions, money, electricity and private bank details. This invaluable lesson is available exclusively to you and the other 50 000 people who are watching this, because yoga video came up on autoplay when they left the room to go to the dunny last Tuesday. The best part: I'm letting you have this opportunity for only half the price- Just two, nine, nine, nine, nine per day in 90 easy online classes that you can take at your own pace. Take a rest or vacation whenever you want while the bank chargeometer keeps running. Are you ready to make that change and take control of your underachieving, lazy, pointless life? and to admit, Hurricane Nigella was your fault? Are you ready to make this advert stop before it drives you insane? All it takes is one click. Do it now. Have you been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault? Huh, Hmm, Ow, Hurt in a trip or fall at work? Ow, Pushed over by an angry bear that shouldn't have been there? Huh, What, Huh, Then stop being so clumsy. Huh, Only joking. Oh, you Call Liberty 4-U O, eight, four, five, four, eight, seven, two, five, four, two, three, seven, eight, nine. Huh, That's O. eight four, five. it's a liberty After you've been put on hold for 90 minutes. Ugh, At a reasonable rate of just 99 pence per minute. Ah, One of our helpful advisors will do their best to make sure WE get all the compensation YOU deserve. It won't cost you a penny. Oh, Call now and let us get the money For me. It's a liberty for you, Huh, Liberty 4-U. As long as you're a klutz, we're smiling, Huh, With sympathy. Ah, La-la-la-la-la (Roars) Duncan, no, you're not supposed to. Oh,


Sailors got invited to a movie premiere tonight, for a movie she's actually in and there will be celebrities and a huge audience watching her perform ance, but the dress she ordered from Amazon didn't arrive. so we have three hours to buy her entire outfit for the premiere first time. let's go, let's go. these look formal to me. this one's backwards, this one's backwards. what about these two? no, why it's not self-explanatory? you don't like the poop? no, she shouldn't be welcoming. she's still little. maybe a little poofy's not bad, I don't mind a poof. no, usually it's a school I wear like jeans, a cute shirt or leggings and a sweatshirt, but today I mean, I didn't get dressed out of my pajamas. so I think we gotta do a little bit better. for a movie premiere, what about something like this? do casual. what about this? too casual? casual can be kind of cool, right? no, um, I was so excited about the dress I ordered on Amazon but it didn't come, so I have to find something here. these, I feel like, are not formal, too sparkly that matches my pajamas. sailor's best friend, Nadal, was actually supposed to take her to this Premiere tonight for their very first night out ever, but he had to go to Lebanon, and she's really bummed out about that. so I have a very big surprise for her at the end of this video. this is so cute. because it's cute, it's got a skirt, but then it's got a hoodie Burger, a chicken, a turkey. is this too young for you? yeah, just a little, because she's a teenager now. no, no, no, Cindy, please, don't do that sad music with the black and white. actually. no, Sandy, please. indeed, last month I acted for the very first time in a movie with Darman Productions. everything was new and it was all a little crazy at first, but the other kids and the crew were super supportive and it made me feel so welcome. tonight is the red carpet Premiere. I have no idea how my acting will look on screen until I see the movie in the theater with a thousand people watching there too. I'm gonna try in front of you guys, because I've done so many videos with you and you. you've made me feel so comfortable. but I'm a little bit scared to go in front of a big audience, because what if they boom? that's actually not terrible with, like, a cute jacket. sadly, it's too small for me. kids clothes used to be too big for me, but now they're too small for me and adult clothes are too big for me. does that make sense? you guys need always supposed to come to the premiere tonight with me and he can't make it and I was supposed to style him, so instead, I'm your style of. my dad said: what do you think about the dish? we can do that look, that would fit you, this would fit me. what do you think we're gonna style him? and that? um, I spent all my own money on my own clothes and I used almost all of my money on the room makeover a couple of weeks ago, but I have 200 left in my savings, so let's try to find something, since I can style you. we're gonna be matching, we're matching. find you and me an outfit matching. I found something perfect, he found something perfect. you only have like two and a half hours left. does this not just Scream movie from here to you? does this mean if I wear this, you're gonna wear this in a short skirt? why would I wear it? because we're matching. that might fit you. let's just focus on you. if you like sequins. no, that was the thing like a million years ago, Dad, when you were born. do you want to wear this. this is a movie premiere. it's a big deal. there's a red carpet. I'm not going to wear a dress. it's not my personal style. I'll take your thoughts into consideration. Nadal, you're lucky you're missing this event. Salish absolutely insists on paying for all of her own clothes by herself, so even if I offered to help her, she wouldn't accept it. so therefore she has 200 to spend, no matter what she likes. she can't go over on me. no, no, no, no. matching means: if you wear black, I wear black. if you wear blue, I wear blue. matching doesn't mean: if you wear that Blazer, I wear that. dressing means whatever. I think no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. next door, this could definitely make a statement: let me go look. it's too expensive. wait a minute, this could look great on my dad. what do you guys think? it's better than a dress? I think no. let's keep looking. [Music]. this is difficult because I've never shopped for four more clothes before and I don't fit into the adults, but I don't faint to the kids. I'm like right in the middle. once I get a dress, I have to match everything to that dress: shoes and a jacket, because it's pretty cold here, even though it's Ella, and I'm not saying my dad's outfit to mine, not mine to his, because who knows what I'm gonna pick for him. there's nothing fancy enough in the kids, so we're gonna check women's, but it's probably gonna be too big for me. no, I don't like leather. two sparkling, juicy, squidsy- too big. it's so satisfying easy. I have Hulu's today. usually I would want my dad to look like really funny, but you know I kind of want him to look nice for this event. my dad also has a 200 budget, so let's see how much this is. oh, it's 200, this is 200, this is 200.. sorry, it didn't work. next up is h m and they have like a lot of pink. you guys know I loved pink, but like I can't wear pink in the winter, that just doesn't match with hair colors. there's brown, black, green, white. spring is yellow, orange, pink, light green, and summer is yellow, orange, pink, and fall is like darker orange, darker green, brown. not sure if that's gonna help you guys in your style, but there you go. Hot Topic is usually not by style, but I'm getting really desperate. I did not see this coming. [Music] hope this is the place. oh no, I really like ripped jeans, but I can't get distracted, kind of want to get like a plain black dress. let's see, they have a bunch of good dresses here. these are interesting, oh my God. my niece not a big fan of the fluff, but it's dressy, it would make a splash. you know, my favorite thing about the spot is: I think I found what's the no, never mind, this is black, that's pretty. no, dude, we gotta find something over here that could be an option. okay, that's pretty. no, you can't wear a well-fitting sweater with ruffles or else the Ruffles will like Bunch up in the sweater. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, maybe. oh, Salish, I don't like pink. your favorite color is pink. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. wait a minute. maybe no ruffles at the top so I could wear a tight fitting sweater if I wanted to. not too much, but like perfect, it's a medium. did we find it? because we're running out of time, I think it's a maybe, thank you, thank you. her favorite color is a tween and now as a teen. does every parent feel this way? yeah, yeah, oh. actually, what do you guys think I should do? long sleeves or straps? well, how much are they? 30 and 20.. so I would have 150 left to spend. I think I'm gonna buy both. you guys have to wait to see which one I wear. I think when I choose it looks like my dad's wearing black. at least it's not sequins, so I got my. really anything goes with black. ooh, I like the 13.99, maybe not. it would be cute as a dress. kind of running out of time here, kid, that could become pretty open this up. 1499. keep you on budget. I need to find one more option, but this can work. I don't know if I'm gonna rock the green look. no, no, no, no, no, no. that one's kind of pretty looks too big. wait a minute, this could work. do I want to make more of a bold statement or should I be like simple? usually you do not like call attention to yourself, so maybe you'll be more comfortable with this. I kind of like this one. I need someone fashionable. I need to call Eliana randomly. Salish has a question for you, okay. okay, she thinks you're more stylish than I am. I have this black dress that I think I'm gonna wear. does this look good enough with it, or is it too bold? yeah, it would look good. are you sure it's like? not too much. should I just wear a white sweater? okay, I'm gonna do it, thank you. people are already standing in line for the premiere and soon Salish will be watching herself act in front of all of them. we just got all the clothes from my dad. it's gonna be so good, I can't wai.

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IF OBJECTS WERE PEOPLE|| Funny Makeup And Food Situations by 123 GO! GENIUS

all right, go on through. you're next to go through the scanner. whoa, hold up there. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. nope, [Music]. you'll need to touch up your eyes if you want in. oh, i'm so sorry, of course. no, my brush is all dried up. it's so dry around here. moisture, i need moisture. this is not enough. so long, cruel world. what am i gonna do? oh, hey, help me out. here you go. some water should help. water. precious moisture. oh, that's so much better. wait, let me check you again. much better. you're free to go on through. [Music]. you're good. i like this job, even though it's kind of weird. oh, i'm so bored. well, have a seat. if you want a manicure. uh, do you think you could help me with these? yep, hand them over. pun intended, these aren't the worst i've seen. i'm definitely gonna need the file, though. all right time to do some demolition work. i'll need this angle for precision. yep, that's the angle we're going for. all right, here we go. [Music]. time to get to work. [Music]. this will require power tools, not this drill, though. nope, the saw. this is turning into a heck of a job. whoa, things are getting a little dicey. it's okay, keep going. all right, then. job is back on. okay, there you go. it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it. yeah, it looks nice. here's what i owe you. [Music]. oh, thank you so much. i wonder what's taking him so long. might as well check my makeup while i'm waiting. oh my gosh, what the heck. [Music]. no, where did that come from? i have to get rid of this now. no, no, leave me alone. wait, this will just make it worse. let's see, i've got to hide this, and quick. [Music]. i'll just use this foundation, not too much, though, just enough to cover it all. right, there we go. hey, i've got a work order over here. hey, this is kind of nice. it says you gotta get covered. gonna need a second coat. [Music]. much better, oh, there she is. [Music]. just in time too. you look so nice. i brought you these. these brows grow more by the minute. i look like a caveman. tweezers, you know what to do. i sure do. give me those brows almost there. nope, how about this one? bingo, that was a good one. wait, i have to get rid of it. which one's up next time to get back to work? i want it all. oh no, how strong are these things? i slept horrible last night. yikes, those circles are really bad. huh, this is one tired face. huh, you could say that again. even my teeth look sleepy. you could use a little clean. [Music]. [Applause]. yeah, much better, so clean. oh, this shirt stinks, can't see you. yeah, oh, big fat. no, really fine, watch it, mister. is this snazzy? or what movie star status? [Music]. you think you look good now this is way more me, totally. two thumbs up. gotta smell good too. [Music]. hold my hair's. okay, it could be better. no worries, i can fix it. looking good self glad i could help. nothing better than a perfect pout until next time, little guy. now on to the rest of my face. the light's blinding. wait, is it my turn now? when's the last time i cleaned this thing? i can't put this on my face so filthy, but i never have time to wash it. watch those hands, annie, that makeup does. always gets me. actually, i know what to do. a little soak should do the trick. let's sense this sucker. [Applause] up. oh yeah, this feels incredible. the soap smells great too. the microwave will help it too. [Music]. two minutes there, just a couple minutes, is good. oh, it's ready, it's hot. just look at this beautiful thing. yep, i'm all clean again. let's try to keep me nice. okay, i can't wait to use you again. ready, huh, wait, seriously. but you just cleaned me- nothing like a fresh beauty blender. but now i have to clean it again. nothing better than a perfect pout until next time, little guy. now on to the rest of my face. the light's blinding. wait, is it my turn now? [Music]. when's the last time i cleaned this thing? i can't put this on my face so filthy, but i never have time to wash it. watch those hands, annie. that makeup does. always gets me. actually, i know what to do. a little soak should do the trick. let's sense this sucker up. oh yeah, this feels incredible. the soap smells great too. the microwave will help it too. [Music]. two minutes there, just a couple minutes, is good. oh, it's ready. it's hot. just look at this beautiful thing. yep, i'm all clean again. let's try to keep me nice. okay, i can't wait to use you again. ready, huh, wait, seriously. but you just cleaned me- nothing like a fresh beauty blender. but now i have to clean it again. perfect, i'm looking good. hmm, i wonder if i need a little extra something. nah, i'm fine. hey, you know you want the glitter. [Music]. come on, just a little sparkle. okay, a bit couldn't hurt. oh, it's so pretty. just a little dab. okay, here we go. [Music]: there, the perfect amount. yeah, glitter, you know you want more. come on, it will really catch people's attention. oh, i don't know more really. yes, even more glitter. it's getting everywhere, though. okay, okay, just a little more. oh, yeah, starting to look good. [Music]. it's just so much. now we're toking. [Music] glitter. how do things get away from me? you're a glitter queen. now i guess i'm just going all in. oh my, oh no, this is not right. yes, you're correct, you need more, that's right. show the world how you sparkle. oh gosh, i just don't know. okay, i'll trust you. yes, oh knit, glitter queen. hey there, whoa, you've got a lot of glitter on you. it looks nice. [Music]: huh, what's that on my face? it's glitter. how do i get it off? i'm sorry, it's everywhere. yay, a glitter king, best day ever. [Music]. oh, glitter, you're such a rascal. come on, let's go to dinner. ow, what's that light? it's blinding. ouch, my eyes. this is too much. well, at least we're having [Music]- ugh, fun. can't get my hair to behave at all today. oh my gosh, you must calm down. how can i look at my hair? the solution is the same as always: hairspray. oh, i want to be natural. it's this or wild hair that doesn't behave fine, yes, that's right. more spray. stop, let me check your hair. hmm, this side is good. how about the other? [Music] okay, you need more spray, especially on top. it's just so much. you need a lot. it's the only way. more more. you're not there yet. [Music]. yes, this was the hold you needed. nothing can stop you or your hair. now we will be together forever. you were right. it's nice having my hair stay in place. oh, no, what's happening? i'm losing my hold. i'm so sorry. what the heck? i guess i just need some more. no, no, i'm all out. great, now look at me. the avocado baby is adorable. no, i don't want a zucchini baby. wake up, it's time to get up. oh, be quiet. all right, enjoy your sleep. oh, maracas, this time will be cool. hey you, i said it's time to get up. stop. geez, i'm trying to sleep here. i go. time to start the day. are you kidding me? [Music]. are you finally ready to get out of bed? alarms are the worst. huh, what's that notification? you should really check these out. oh, so many notifications. all right, i'll just look real quick. that tikles. this video is hilarious. wow, you're so good at this game. i'm so glad to hear from you. hey, hey, look at the time. is that the time? no way, she just abandoned me. i'm gonna be so late. [Music]. oh no, my phone's battery is dead. oh, such a pain. i've got the charger, though. let's give the phone some juice, whoa. [Applause]. [Music] okay, i've got my books for class. oh my gosh, you won't believe this. wow, no way, i know. right, look at all those likes. wow, that's so cool. i need to make some tiktoks. let's see what could i do. that spot will work. i'll just put the camera right here. [Music]. all right time for my dance. [Music]. i think i'm gonna relax. whoa, hold up, stop falling down. oh, so frustrating. where else could i prop this up? okay, i'll give that bench over there a try. okay, there we go. take two. okay, well, bye, bye, no, no, no, stop. come on now. it's all dusty too there. that's the spot i need. the books will help hold it in place. stay right there, don't you fall. she's dancing again. like these books will help anything. [Music]- phone, you're really grinding my gears. there we go. that's the solution. duct tape is always the solution. wow, i'm really stuck to this wall. okay, i'll watch your whole dance this time. [Music]. yes, i finally got it finished. all right, let's check things out. yes. [Music] l.

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Could it be any more beautiful out? All the more reason to have a pool day. And what’s a pool day without snacks? I am so relaxed right now. Good afternoon, ladies…. Is that food, I see? And drinks? Don’t you people ever read No eating or drinking at the pool? Get rid of it now. Fine, geez, I’ll help you. Is this mango? This day sure took a turn. Goodbye, sweet, fluffy marshmallows. Wait a second, I have an idea. Take your top And put a strip of double-sided tape on the bottom, Then stik a marshmallow to it. Okay, lots of marshmallows, Tina, Like my new suit, And it’s edible Fun. pool day is back on. You can have the first bite. Can never get enough of these bad boys. You can say that again. He’s coming back. Act cool. Is that kid holding a kebab? Sure, fooled him, didn’t we? Phew, looks like I made it on time. You’re about ready to pop. Hey little guy, Is it supposed to lumpy like that? Well, if you must know… It’s my secret marshmallow stash. Can’t I keep it? No way, absolutely not. No eating or drinking on the flight Now. safe travels. Hi there, sir. And who’s this? No, petting, got it, Lemme. just check this here… Now have a safe trip. Gahh, Hey, Sofia, what’s up? I didn’t know you were bringing the pup Those teeth. They won’t hurt, you see, Just a decoy to cover up my snacks. Pretty brilliant, right? You had me fooled Hungry for a little cookie action, And that’s why we’re besties. Thanks a lot, Tina. Hey, these guys aren’t half bad. Don’t freak out. we got this Hold on You. don’t have any food on you… do you? Well, what do we have here? I thought you kids knew better. Well, we only brought some little things…. Does candy even count? Nope, you’re not seeing the band. sorry, This is unbelievable. We were so close. Don’t lose hope yet. Wait for me. Deflate a balloon And fill it up with your favorite candy. Just squeeze ‘em on in Now. you just need to inflate it. An air pump works best. Looks innocent, right? Alright, here goes nothing. Wait, weren’t you just here? We’ll try this again. So far, so good…. Can we go in there now? This is the best night ever. This calls for a celebration: Candy time, Woohoo, Candy and BTS. Is there anything better? I hear this movie’s so scary. What’s with the mask? Ah-ha, Nothing fools me. little girl, Can’t you read? Ugh, what’s a movie without candy? There’s gotta be another way. Just think for a minute. I got it. The answer’s right in front of us. Just watch. Smooth out your mask And cover it with hot glue. A zig-zag pattern works perfectly. Next, stik a piece of fabric on top, Take some edible glue and paint it on the square’s corner. Then stik on your favorite candy. All done, Hey, put this on. This is one yummy mask. This has gotta work. And you can’t even see ‘em. It’s movie time Back so soon. Put down those masks. No funny business here, see, And we’re not holding anything either. We’ll see bout that. Hmm… I don’t see anything… I guess you girls are all clear. I still feel like I missed something…. Hi there, Can we use the pool? What We can’t bring anything in there? That’s what the trash can is for. Well, this sure is a bummer. Hey there, any room left at the pool, Not with that soda there, isn’t. Into the trash it goes. You’ve gotta be crazy. I’ve never been one to waste food. What’s all this? The answer’s suddenly quite clear, BRB. First take off your headband And pull some hair over your face. Put the soda can on top, Fold the hair back And secure it with a bobby pin. Then tie the headband back on. It’s cute, right? Let’s try this sucker out. Wish me luck, Just have my towel. Can I go in now? Nothing hiding in here, right? I wouldn’t lie, see, See ya, Oh, hey, Thomas, Heat making you thirsty Seems like a good time to pop open a cold one. What kind of hair sorcery was that? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. So refreshing Care to share, I guess, so sure It tastes even better than normal. Thanks, No, prob, dude, Think you can sneak food like a pro after learning these hacks. Let us know how it goes, and be sure to share this video with your snack-loving friends. Watch these, yet. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss out.

Targeted Ads

how have you not seen dramatik cancer? that's like OG YouTube. you can pull it up on the TV. the remote's not working. oh, here, I got it on my phone. it's so funny, dude. what the hell is that? that is what funny. loving your new flashlight there, Mike, here, dude, Numa Numa, that's even more of a classic. you know these ads are targeted to you, right? can't believe you haven't seen them. what the heck? that is a weird ad s. this is what the. get this crap off my screen. no, thank you. what the hell, Mike? oh my God, I am not interested. are you [ __ ] everything in this apartment? you know what I? I know what happened. I was watching a movie last night illegally and, and I must have clicked on, I didn't buy any of those products. dude, what the [ __ ] man? that's not me, that's not. keep this in your room. oh, oh. so what are these? send it to you for doing the ad. Phil, for your own good, please just drop it. [Music], [Music]. over 15 years. I can explain everything. oh, my God, I can't do it. I need to go to my room. you don't have a room. oh, come on [ __ ] this [ __ ] you. I'm getting my [ __ ] and getting the [ __ ] out of here. how did you know? I was gonna say that? because we've done this hundreds of times. open the door. every time you see the ad, you come over here, and every time you try to escape, dude, do I ever make it out? [Music]. but I have memories. I. I learned how to ride a bike. I, I got my heart broken, aren't your memories, Phil? even the stuff is my uncle. why would someone put that there? because it made it better for me. wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, I, I, uh, you, you still [ __ ] me. yeah, I'm down, I'm down for whatever. anything you want to do, I won't stop you come, please. okay, buddy. yeah, bend over Phil, your shirt. oh my God, I'm so sorry. yeah, they got my shirt. it won't happen again. it won't happen again. it's okay, buddy, relaxed, I'm having so much fun I can get, I can get used to this. [Music]. it's great to hear, buddy, you were my favorite. wait, wait, hi, can I help you? hey, I'm Phil. I called about the open room. oh, yeah, here. um, let me show you to your Chambers. awesome, yeah, wow, there's like 10 Vacuums in here. yeah, it gets pretty messy in here. [Music].

probably the second funniest video on youtube

foreign rock paper scissors. stroke that thing. [Music]. all right. [Music]. oh, bro, there's a whole ass bear on my front door is shaking. a good tragic happened to be in The Show, automatik, I don't know. you better close my door. lucky, I don't beat y'all at Mr Beast. hey, Mason, just don't go too high, all right, man. [Music]. Mason. [Music]. that's not gonna kill it, though who do you work for? tell me? [Music]. damn Daniel, damn Daniel. if I was you, [Laughter]. [Music] are not gonna score on me. yeah, out, uh, in your little tiny face, dude, you're never gonna do that again. okay, you're embarrassing me in front of my friends, all right, yeah, sorry, Dad, what, Matthew? [Applause]. foreign, let's see, okay. [Music]. [Music]. [Laughter] foreign. [Music] service for a minute, while we're getting that situated. [Music]. um, [Music]. [Laughter], it's time to try this [ __ ] in another bathroom. hey man, what are you? 13, my boy, how do you have that big? hello, bro, your hands up, we're running your pocket. yeah, yeah, oh, what vegetables? [Music]. who else is in here? hello, Xbox turn off, Xbox turn off. ah, Bangkok say bang [ __ ] by the bug bits. [Music]. okay, Dad says: hey, go shovel the the barn roof so it doesn't collapse because the snow got like heavy or something. I'm like, okay, get here, that [ __ ] already [ __ ] collapsed. we're not even [ __ ] playing right now. look what? the how the [ __ ] does this happen, bro foreign? [Laughter] my card. I was born in that card. oh, I'll put it out. yep, yep, oh. what is this for? well, we got to get into it. hold on, I don't care. oh, you don't care. no, I don't have your phone. okay, fine, wait what, bro? don't [ __ ] drop me, stop, stop. no, come on, just watch. Stop, Don't drop me, don't jump. yeah, yeah, yeah, right, yeah, right, damn right, Jesus, just tell you, make me beg. you, come on, just stik it in there, hello. [Music] prank on my dad. okay, let's go. oh my God, oh my God, it's not coming off, shine. here is how you survive a bison attack if the bison's charging at you headbutted to stun It, Roll underneath it, move into squat position, squat it into the air, grab its back and double knee in the back on the way down. Guys, these things literally eat grass for crying out loud. nobody should struggle to do this foreign. I think I played this game with my sister, so I think she might have beaten some of these levels too, because she- my sister- has always been incredible at beating video games. she is incredible. she's good with anything with balls. honestly, I'm good. where are you from Morocco? let me get easy. [Applause]. [Music] wing- all right. [Laughter]. all right, you're in the sidewalk. I didn't realize that. thank you, you're welcome. that's pretty amazing, right? [Music]. um, [Laughter]. [Music] uh, no, no, no, you got the papers. yeah, I am not going up there, I'm not going out there. I'm definitely. oh sorry, bro, two weeks from retirement, good luck. ow, my [ __ ] dick, they say girls- like a dude who uses toys in bed. I surely say less. [Music]. look at him. what, what's wrong? in the name of Jesus, you get down. no one gives two farts about your precious snowflake self. listen, foreign. this can prove to be quite difficult. to help with this, simply go buy another utility knife. before we use this utility knife, we need to get it out of its packaging. this can prove to be quite difficult. to help with this, simply go buy another utility knife. [Music]. thank you life. [Music]. oh, my Batman, my Batman, wait out of six. [Music]. I don't think I've ever been there. oh God, hey, hey, come on. hey, how are you I? I gotta go finish what I was doing before. yeah, sure, oh, sounds good. oh wait, who are you guys? I think you should take a seat. wait, what are you doing? hey, that's not what I said. come back, get this [ __ ]. doordash, where do I go? foreign? [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. um, that's what you do all day. oh, got one. oh, look at him [ __ ]. you, dude, [ __ ]. you, I will [ __ ] you up in here. get away from our grass. I liked it. this is. this is fun. [Music]. baby again. [Music]. and you have some leftover chicken. you need to make one of these chicken leftover from what the Bubonic plague? it looks like you found this chicken in a parking lot. foreign. [Music]. watch another video for more funny memes. thanks for watching. [Music].