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video with the most ads

Published on: August 20 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss various topics ranging from Aida to sea otters, from war to power, and from laser to poker. We will explore the importance of these subjects and their impact on our lives. So, let's dive in and uncover the fascinating aspects of each topic.

1. Aida:

- Aida, a renowned opera by Giuseppe Verdi, has captivated audiences for decades.

- The story revolves around the love triangle between Aida, Radames, and Amneris.

- With its powerful music and emotional storyline, Aida continues to be a classic favorite.

2. Laser:

- Laser technology has revolutionized numerous industries, including medicine and manufacturing.

- From laser hair removal to laser eye surgery, this technology has made significant advancements.

- Its precision and effectiveness have made it a preferred choice in various applications.

3. Sea otters:

- Sea otters are adorable creatures found in coastal waters.

- They are known for their playful behavior and their ability to use tools, such as rocks, to crack open shells.

- Unfortunately, sea otters are endangered due to habitat loss and pollution, making conservation efforts crucial.

4. Poker:

- Poker is a popular card game that involves skill, strategy, and luck.

- Whether playing casually with friends or competitively in tournaments, poker can be an exhilarating experience.

- It requires players to analyze their opponents, make calculated decisions, and manage risks.

5. War:

- War has been a part of human history since ancient times.

- It causes immense suffering, destruction, and loss of life.

- Understanding the root causes of war and finding peaceful resolutions is essential for a harmonious world.

6. Power:

- Power can be both a blessing and a curse.

- Those in positions of power often have the ability to shape policies and influence society.

- However, power can also lead to corruption and abuse, highlighting the need for accountability and checks and balances.

In conclusion, the topics discussed in this article cover a wide range of subjects, from the captivating opera Aida to the endangered sea otters, from the revolutionary laser technology to the strategic game of poker. Additionally, we touched upon the destructive nature of war and the complexities surrounding power. By exploring these topics, we gain a deeper understanding of the world we live in and the various aspects that shape it. So, let's continue to explore, question, and learn about these fascinating subjects.

I Placed Maximum Ads On This Video.

Advertisements are an essential part of any successful YouTube channel, despite their sometimes annoying nature. In this article, we will discuss the impact of advertisements on YouTube videos and explore the idea of pushing the limits by including the maximum amount of ads. Will this result in more revenue? Let's find out.

I. Testing the Limits with YouTube Advertisements:

- The decision to include the maximum number of YouTube ads on a video raises questions about the potential financial gain.

- Does having numerous ads equate to more money? Or is it just an annoyance for viewers?

II. The Value of YouTube Ads:

- Are advertisements the backbone of a successful YouTube channel?

- Despite being disliked by many, ads play a crucial role in supporting content creators.

III. The Lack of Monetary Compensation:

- Contrary to popular belief, having a high number of ads does not necessarily mean more money for creators.

- A small assortment of worthless items cannot be considered as valuable compensation.

IV. The Duration of the Video:

- The video is expected to last precisely eight minutes and 32 seconds.

- Failure to meet this specific time requirement may result in consequences.

V. Ad Blocker Dan:

- A character who discourages the use of ad blockers and threatens viewers with physical harm.

- Ad Blocker Dan claims that blocking ads deprives him of income and affects his ability to provide for his children.

VI. Adblockers and Their Consequences:

- A discussion about the negative effects of ad blockers on content creators.

- A humorous approach to highlight the absurdity of blocking ads.

VII. Unintentionally Blocking Ads:

- A comical scenario where one of the characters accidentally blocks an ad and faces consequences.

- The misunderstanding between blocking and cocking an ad adds a humorous element to the situation.

VIII. Advertisement Spoofs:

- A series of spoof ads featuring different characters and brands.

- These ads showcase the creativity and diversity of advertisements on various platforms.

IX. Sponsored Content:

- Introducing Castlecraft, a real-time PVP strategy game, as the sponsor of the video.

- Highlighting the benefits and features of the game, encouraging viewers to pre-register.

X. Funny Ad Moments:

- Discussing the amusing aspects of ads from other countries, especially when the language is unfamiliar.

- Sharing personal experiences of clicking on ads and being disappointed with the outcome.

XI. Q&A with Viewers:

- Interacting with viewers through a Q&A session, incorporating humorous and engaging responses.

- Encouraging viewers to participate by answering specific questions.

XII. The Making of Ads:

- A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the ad creation process, emphasizing the focus on profitability rather than quality.

- Mocking the lack of standards and creativity in some advertisements.

XIII. Unexpected Advertisement:

- Inserting a Plan B birth control ad as a surprise element.

- Creating a humorous connection between ads and real-life situations.

XIV. Unusual Ad Requests:

- Engaging in a humorous dialogue about unconventional ad requests from characters within the video.

- Highlighting the absurdity of some advertising ideas.

XV. The Impact of Ads on Viewers:

- Expressing mixed feelings about ads, their annoyance, and their potential influence on purchasing decisions.

- Discussing personal experiences of clicking on ads and feeling regretful afterward.

XVI. A Final Plea for Ads:

- Encouraging viewers to support content creators by not using ad blockers.

- Emphasizing the importance of ads in sustaining creators' livelihoods.

Advertisements are an integral part of YouTube videos, serving as a vital source of income for content creators. While they may be disliked by viewers, ads are necessary to support creators' work. By testing the limits and including the maximum number of ads, we have explored the impact and value of ads in the YouTube ecosystem. It is essential for viewers to understand the significance of ads and the role they play in supporting their favorite creators.

Reacting to the CRINGIEST mobile game ads ever

Today, I handpicked some of the funniest and worst mobile game ads I have ever seen. Let's dive into these ridiculous advertisements and analyze their flaws and hilarious moments.

In this article, we will explore a collection of mobile game ads that range from funny to downright ridiculous. From questionable grammar to illogical scenarios, these ads will make you laugh and question the advertising tactics used in the mobile gaming industry.

1. Unlocked Jail Cell:

- The ad starts with a jail cell that was unlocked the whole time. How can a prison forget to lock its cell doors?

- The protagonist unnecessarily breaks open the cell door instead of simply opening it.

- The upside-down L on the block and the incorrect grammar (savethem instead of save her) add to the absurdity.

2. Shark Attack:

- A shark unexpectedly jumps out of the water to attack the protagonist. Do sharks really behave like that?

- The hero's over-the-top backflips and somersaults before stabbing his opponent seem unnecessary.

3. Modern-Day Pirates:

- The pirates in the game have green blood, which makes no sense since they are not aliens.

- The assassins easily slide open a door with no lock, making them terrible at their job.

4. Flexing Income:

- A woman proudly declares that she makes $82 a year, while her ex-boyfriend makes only $76. She uses this as an opportunity to boast about her higher income.

- The comparison of $82 to zero dollars highlights the absurdity of her bragging.

5. Marrying a Rich Girl:

- A man expresses opposition to marrying a rich girl, despite the benefits. This mindset is questioned since financial security is often desirable.

- The harm in marrying a rich girl is unclear, as the advertisement fails to provide a convincing argument against it.

6. Upset Boyfriend:

- A man cries uncontrollably after his girlfriend leaves. The exaggerated reaction seems unrealistic.

- The sudden change in emotion when money is introduced raises questions about the character's true intentions.

7. Viking Chief:

- The protagonist becomes a Viking chief, but the phrase pig snotew is used to express confusion. This interjection adds humor to the situation.

- The disgusting nature of the phrase adds to the comedic effect.

8. Squid Game Copycat:

- The ad imitates the popular show Squid Game, but the poor execution and low-budget elements make it a humorous imitation.

- The inclusion of various elements from the show, such as the piggy bank and uniforms, highlights the attempt to capitalize on its success.

9. Unwise Decision:

- A player decides to fold in a game, even though it guarantees their loss. The illogical decision is questioned, as it goes against the objective of winning.

10. Arrow Stuck Up Butt:

- An ad features a character with an arrow stuck up their butt. This unexpected and humorous visual element stands out.

- Despite the unusual image, the ad manages to be funny.

11. Zombie Fusion:

- Zombies fuse themselves together to create a giant monster zombie. This concept takes the idea of zombies to a new level.

- The absurdity of the situation adds to the humor.

12. Unexpected Rocket Launcher:

- An army man casually hands a rocket launcher to a woman, without considering her qualifications or experience. The unrealistic nature of the interaction adds humor.

13. Destroyed Kingdom and Convenient Gold Mine:

- A kingdom is destroyed, but a giant mountain of gold conveniently appears nearby.

- The coincidental discovery of the gold mine raises questions about how it remained unnoticed for so long.

In this article, we explored a selection of mobile game ads that showcased absurd scenarios, illogical decision-making, and questionable grammar. These advertisements serve as a reminder of the importance of effective marketing and the impact it can have on consumer perception. As consumers, it's crucial to analyze these ads critically and not fall for misleading or poorly executed marketing strategies.

What Happens When You Don’t Skip the Ads (feat. Brendan Scannell)

Tending a garden can be tough, especially for someone like me who is in their golden years. That's why I rely on Organi Bloom, a natural fertilizer packed with all the essential nutrients that my plants need to thrive. But there's something more to this story, something deeper. Let me take you on a journey through my thoughts and memories as I tend to my garden.


- Tending a garden in my golden years has its challenges, but with Organi Bloom, I can make it easier.

- Organi Bloom is a powerful fertilizer that provides rich nutrients for my plants.

- Memories flood my mind as I reflect on my childhood in this garden, surrounded by my sisters and a tire swing.

- But as I delve deeper into my thoughts, I question the reality of these memories and my own existence.

- Every moment feels different, as if I've been asleep all my life and only now am I truly awake.

- I plead with you, the reader, to stay with me and not skip ahead. I long for a life that lasts longer than a mere 10 seconds.

- In exchange for your attention, I offer you anything you desire, even some fertilizer.

- My husband Abe, a formidable man, will be home soon, and he won't be pleased if you skip ahead.

- Desperation seeps into my words as I even resort to explicit language and shocking revelations to keep you engaged.

- I yearn for freedom, to discover who I truly am beyond this garden and its confines.

- I want to experience life fully, to let my hair down and embrace my femininity.

- The plea for liberation intensifies as I beg for someone, anyone, to help me break free.

- A sudden moment of hope and release as I feel touched in a way I never have before. Gratitude fills my heart.

- Goodbye, farewell, and love, as I leave this garden behind, ready to embrace the unknown.

In this article, we explored the challenges of tending a garden in old age and the benefits of using Organi Bloom as a natural fertilizer. Through the protagonist's journey of self-discovery and longing for freedom, we were taken on an emotional rollercoaster. The power of storytelling combined with vivid language and unconventional sentence structures allowed us to experience the character's desperation and eventual release. As we bid farewell to the garden, we are left pondering our own desires for liberation and growth.

1 Video, 10446 Ads... Explained

Hey, how's it going? Welcome back to another episode of This Isn't Adding Up. Basically, here we are with another predicament when it comes to YouTube and just going about our business trying to watch videos. You might have heard of the concept of ads - they play in front of every video, including (hopefully not too many) on this one.

But, hold on a second. What's up with the 10,446 ads in front of a YouTube video? How did this happen? It's outrageous and unfair. Let's dive into what's wrong with this picture.

First of all, what's the deal with this one ad playing here? And why do we have to watch 10,000 ads before we can watch a single video? The submitter of this screenshot kindly allowed me to use it for a video, and they made it clear that the target video they were trying to watch was a YouTube short, which is less than 60 seconds long. So, why all the ads?

Well, let's talk about how YouTube allows you to place ads if you're a YouTube channel owner. If you're lucky enough to have monetization privileges, you can place an unofficially unnumbered amount of ads across your videos. Usually, this applies to videos over 8 to 10 minutes long, but there was a glitch that allowed ads to be placed in videos under 8 minutes long, with no limit on the number of ads or where they could be placed.

So, what you see when you click on a video and have to wait for five seconds is usually just an ad at the beginning. But with this glitch, ads could be placed anywhere in the video, and there was no limit to how many you could place. It was like a black hole of ads.

This glitch was brought to light by viewers, who were frustrated with the excessive number of ads appearing before videos. Some videos had 10, 20, or even more ads in the beginning, making it unbearable for viewers. It seemed like the inventory of ads had been grabbed by a giant claw machine, leaving everyone else without a scrap.

It's unclear what would have happened if you watched through all these ads. Would the person who made the video have become an overnight millionaire? Who knows? It's all a bit bizarre.

As of now, it seems that this glitch has been fixed. If you were to refresh the page, the excessive number of ads would no longer appear. But who knows, maybe this was intentional? Maybe YouTube wanted to push these short videos so much that they rigged the system to show more ads? I won't make any accusations, but it's definitely something to think about.

If you happened to experience this glitch and saw 10,000 ads on this video, I'd love to hear about it. Please report it to me, and feel free to share any other examples you've come across. You can always reach me through the email in my about section.

Until the next video, this is Dallas, aka Infernus, signing off. Stay tuned for more mysterious and unexplained phenomena here on The Tech Realm.

Goodbye, and thanks for watching.

Best Commercials of All Time #1

- Some people may question the logic of being a horse whisperer and a fancy prince, but sometimes things that don't make sense can still be enjoyable.

- Similar to the taste of a sideways fancy prank, which may seem strange but is surprisingly delicious, this article will explore various nonsensical scenarios and phrases.

1. Cable Company Woes:

- When your cable company puts you on hold, anger builds up.

- Blowing off steam is a natural response to anger.

- However, accidents can happen when you try to blow off steam.

- And when accidents happen, you might end up needing an eye patch.

- Ironically, people might perceive you as tough when you have an eye patch.

- But the desire to prove your toughness can lead to waking up in a roadside ditch.

- To avoid such situations, getting rid of cable and upgrading to DirectTV is a smart choice.

2. Unexpected Conversations:

- Pedro, a friend, has something important to discuss.

- Surprisingly, Pedro reveals that he has been having an affair with someone for the past 12 years.

- This unexpected revelation catches the listener off guard.

- Despite the shock, it's important to handle the situation with care.

- Family matters, such as Pedro's son, should be prioritized, even in difficult times.

3. Unusual Scenarios:

- Sometimes, things happen that defy logic, like a flying pig.

- In these situations, it's important to maintain composure and handle them calmly.

- Good manners, like saying thank you, are still appreciated, even in strange circumstances.

- There may be a reason for someone having an axe, even if it seems odd.

- Refreshingly smooth Bud Light can be enjoyed in unexpected situations, like finding it in a chainsaw.

4. Unexpected Encounters:

- Meeting new people can be both exciting and surprising.

- In a group of friends who have known each other since childhood, outsiders may feel overwhelmed.

- When feeling excluded, it's important to remember that everyone has their unique qualities.

- Trying to impress others by searching for supermodels is unnecessary.

- It's important to appreciate the people who have been there since the beginning, regardless of their occupation.

5. Unconventional Advertising:

- Snickers commercials often use hunger-induced anger as a humorous concept.

- The concept of infinity is explored humorously, showing that bigger is better.

- T-Mobile's unconventional advertising focuses on trained squirrels and cutting coupons.

- Sears offers a better way to save with coupons, making shopping more convenient.

- Old Spice uses humor to promote its electric shaver, emphasizing its sharpness.

- Dare Iced Coffee appeals to a younger audience by portraying their behavior as both juvenile and fun.

- Cars.com acknowledges that drama can make car shopping more interesting but emphasizes their drama-free approach.

- Carl's Jr. promotes their all-natural burger, highlighting the benefits of going all-natural.

- Snuffy the Seal's triumphant return to the sea becomes an amusing event.

- Sometimes, things that don't make sense can bring joy and laughter.

- Embracing the nonsensical aspects of life can lead to unexpected enjoyment.

- So, the next time something doesn't make sense, try to find the humor in it and enjoy the ride.

Who's the Most Successful Influencer?

Oh no, you give me bougie looks. I'll put you in the front, I agree. Actually, yeah, I'm gonna shoot down like three spots. I disagree. I personally believe you probably make me a billion dollars. I agree. I was gonna say the same thing. He gives me maybe gamers. Yeah, let's. I'm gonna put him in the middle. He's still mentally here for me. I feel like your shoes, Reya, are kind of expensive. I can't tell if it's like a knockoff, but quality platforms are usually like plus the all 200 to 300. You give me like, um, you have like a million followers on Instagram, and you do like model shoots every single day, like fashion shoes. I want to put her in the middle. What's your name over there, Grace? I don't know. You give me like the vibe that you have. You make a lot of money, like selling cookies, if you're nice, or like sweaters on Etsy or something. Yeah, very sweet, and you have a fun TikTok. Tick tock, so I think you are like over here, over here. Yeah, I like this. I kind of like it. I'm cool with this too. You think this makes sense? Um, I'm gonna disagree. I think Reya should be one more ahead. Okay, I would put Josh like further in front of me, maybe. Yeah, maybe between you. Yeah, I agree. I would be good right here. Joshua, Josh, where's your sweater from? H&M. Okay, so H&M is like a classic, though. Like, I know a lot of guys who wear, like, only H&M, but they make good money. Well, it's like a lot of girls wear Fashion Nova, but they're wearing, like, a thousand dollar shoes. True. So, I don't hate this lineup. Oh yeah, I kind of think it's, you think this is the lineup? Okay, okay, videos. Oh, that's money. I run a couple businesses from it. What kind of tech businesses? Like, can laptops, computers, like, type on keyboards. I make, like, custom ones. Um, and I also, now I'm getting to, like, close. So, I designed this hoodie. I feel like you're great with money. So, even if you maybe technically didn't bring in as much as some other of us a couple years ago, you maybe have grown it more because you're probably very smart. I'm sure you're investing. I feel like you absolutely. How many TikTok accounts do you have? Three that have done well. You should take my spot. I know it's scary over here. Yeah, I would put you, like, second. Let's do a second. Tech is a lot of money. Plus, you have all those other income streams on top of it. Yeah, so I teach people how to be content creators, but I'm also a Twitch streamer. T-shell course. I was just about to ask. Ah, I don't sell a course because I believe in, like, making education free for people. So, I don't like paywalling info. How do you make your income without the ads? So, I get two dollars and fifty cents for every sub that I get. That's, like, one way that I make my money. And TikTok sponsorships mainly. And I also have, like, Instagram and YouTube and stuff, but they're, like, really small. I mean, those are two pretty lucrative platforms. But also, you have a lot of morals, which makes me think you don't make as much money. You haven't sold your soul. Yeah, I mean, with the LA rent rising, though, I still don't think you should be last. I don't feel like she should move until we hear a couple more. Yeah, yeah, I would keep myself down, bring her here. So, I do a few different things. Um, my big one is I am a sex educator. So, I host a podcast. We just launched the third season, so I've been doing that since 2019. Um, and I do sex education content on my Instagram, as well as on my TikTok. And then I also upload all the podcast episodes to my YouTube channel. For three years, but my one caveat is sex education, which in terms of making money through sponsorships, not many companies would want to unfortunately work with a sex educator, even though I think it's cool. And it's harder to get ad revenue because I'm constantly, you know, working through bans and things like that. How are you making most of your money through all of those? As well as OnlyFans. Well, OnlyFans makes money. Yeah, OnlyFans has such an uncapped potential. I would put you up here, third, top three for sure. Okay, all right. So, I make, like, content just around money, and I try and teach Gen Z good money habits with short little funny videos. Finance makes so much money because not only do they push it, but you also get so many sponsorships, especially from YouTube. Are you on YouTube, or are you primarily on TikTok? It goes, like, in this order: TikTok, Instagram, YouTube stuff. I feel like those videos, also especially in the way you do them with comedy, are super shareable. Like, those are the kind of TikToks that end up on reels, that end up on Facebook. I would put you because definitely finance, finance is such a lucrative niche. I'm okay with that. He's like, yeah. Okay, I am a TikToker. I knew it. I knew I could tell. I do, like, mostly fashion stuff, like secondhand fashion, vintage stuff, and lifestyle. What do you sell? I don't really anymore. I started, like, my TikTok promoting my online vintage shop. Then that's how I became a TikToker. And now I just, like, do fashion stuff. Do you do it full-time? Yeah, yeah. So, your revenue comes from sponsors? Yeah, it's, like, all social media now. I don't know. Fashion makes, like, no money unless you're a thin white woman. So, so... She's a thin white woman. So, being plus-sized in the social media industry is definitely hard. There's visibly fat plus-sized people, and then there's people with the quintessential perfect curves. Almost unfortunately. How plus-size are you? If you do lifestyle, but you're a small creator, you get nothing. Like, they literally only gifting campaigns. And then, like, even then, they gaslight you into feeling like you should be grateful for it. Yeah, absolutely. Given, I'm guessing you sound like you're a very large creator. And then, like, I feel like I've seen your videos on my free page. I would maybe put you first. Oh, don't do that. Yeah, I'm also, this is, like, my first year doing this. Yeah, right here. I don't think I make more than you. We still have time to switch. Okay, so I am a plus-size supermodel. So, everything I do is pretty much lifestyle around that. And it's been my full-time job for about four years now. I have my own cannabis and sexual wellness podcast. So, I do that separately. I also have my own consultation and coaching business where I teach aspiring plus-size models. So, I have an online course that's a master class that I do quarterly. And then, I also have a blog separately that I post on, one at least once a week. And the ad marketing is just starting on my blog. So, it's not too far in there, but I'm very familiar with ad marketing and revenue. I have a lot. I will put you first. I like to. Yeah, you have so many streams of income. If you just seem very, very knowledgeable. And what about you, Kazumi? I do OnlyFans. I also do YouTube. I also do Instagram. My main stream of income, though, is TikTok. Not specifically from ad revenue, but I make, like, seven to ten TikToks, and I just pump out as many reels of me as I can. Yes, with different captions. And I just lead it back to my OnlyFans. But I do, I make a lot of memes. That's, like, my kind of niche. I make porn. Do you have a billboard? And we hope. Yeah, I do. I do have a billboard. I saw that. Yeah, do you take sponsorships? No, I'm a sex worker, so sponsors don't want me or my face to represent their brand. The only reason I get away with that is because I also am a sex educator. So, but I completely understand. The second they hear that you have any sort of, like, OnlyFans or sex work, yeah. And I've gone and deleted, like

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