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vinatge ads

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Introducing the article about various products and their unique features.

Heading: New Band Aid Plastic Strip with Super Stick Technology

- Emphasizing the superior adhesive power of the new band aid plastic strip.

- Demonstrating how it sticks better than any other bandage.

- Highlighting the unique feature of sticking tight instantly without any pressure.

- Showing how it can even withstand boiling without coming loose.

- Mentioning the added protection it provides for cuts and scratches.

Sub-heading: Johnson & Johnson - The Most Trusted Name in Surgical Dressings

- Emphasizing the credibility and trustworthiness of the brand.

- Encouraging readers to choose Band Aid Plastic Hurt Strips.

Sub-heading: Remington Electric Shaver - A Close Comfortable Shave

- Demonstrating the gentleness and power of the Remington electric shaver.

- Highlighting its ability to shave even the toughest of beards without harming the skin.

Sub-heading: Gillette Super Speed Razor - The Perfect Shave

- Discussing the benefits of using Gillette Super Speed Razor for a clean shave.

- Mentioning the different options available for different skin types.

Sub-heading: New Mum Cream Deodorant - Stop Odor 24/7

- Introducing the improved formula of Mum Cream Deodorant with M3 to stop odor.

- Highlighting its long-lasting effectiveness.

Sub-heading: New Pepsodent Toothpaste - Brighter Smiles

- Promoting the new package, flavor, and formula of Pepsodent toothpaste.

- Emphasizing its ability to clean stains and fight tooth decay.

Sub-heading: Dodge - Shaping Dreams in an Industry

- Showcasing the hard work and dedication of Dodge in the automotive industry.

- Highlighting the teamwork and craftsmanship behind their products.

Summarizing the article and reminding readers of the various products and their unique features.

1950s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

- As the season of the year changes, high school students have football on their minds.

- One event that students look forward to is the football rally the night before the big game.

- Before heading to the rally, it's important to remember to bring the gang along and stock up on cold Coca Cola.

- Coca Cola is a popular drink that everyone enjoys and is perfect for gatherings and parties.


- Coca Cola has a distinctive flavor that has never been matched.

- It's a good idea to keep plenty of Coke on ice all the time.

- Coca Cola is the most asked for soft drink in the world.

- Chinese pantomime is a fun way to present entertainment.

- Jello comes in ten different flavors.

- Ritz crackers are rich and crisp.

- Tootsie Roll Pops have a delicious hard candy outside and a Tootsie Roll inside.

- Shasta cream shampoo gives hair a lustrous shine.

- The new kind of peanut butter tasted different and became a hit.

- Bel Air cigarettes provide a clean smoking experience.

- Mr. Clean is a powerful cleaner that gets rid of dirt and grime.

- Maxwell House coffee tastes as good as it smells.

- RCA air conditioners keep rooms cool and comfortable.

- The RCA climate tuner allows for easy control of indoor climate.

- Coca Cola, Tootsie Roll Pops, and Maxwell House coffee are all popular and enjoyable products.

- Bel Air cigarettes and Mr. Clean provide clean and satisfying experiences.

- RCA air conditioners and Shasta cream shampoo offer comfort and convenience.

- The new kind of peanut butter revolutionized the industry.

- These products and brands have stood the test of time and continue to be favorites.

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

These are genuine ads from the last century. If you have a sensitive nature, some of these ads may disturb you. You've been warned. These are ads of the past that would be banned today. Everybody knows Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should. Yeah!

In the 1800s, major drug companies were promoting the legal use of highly addictive narcotics. Until 1970, you could buy some over-the-counter narcotics without a prescription for the common cold. Ads for the popular drink Ovaltine used the adjective gay to describe their product as lighthearted and carefree, not as a reference to homosexuals.

Then there were many ads that downgraded women, saying that they were plotting to catch a man using taste-tempting treats. Many ads used racial stereotypes, with blacks talking in a slang dialect that was used to sell various products.

Then there were celebrities that would tout the benefits of smoking as if it were healthy for you. What better time to start drinking cola? When you're a baby, of course! Be a good mom and give your baby some cola. America's most enjoyable cigarette presents the Lucille Ball Desi Arnez show, I Love Lucy.

One of the many benefits of cigarettes in 1881 was apparently a remedy for asthma. You have got to be kidding! Did you know that German chemist Felix Hoffman invented both aspirin and heroin within a two-week period while working for Bayer in 1897? Well, now you know. What can I say about this one? Did they really think this was a good marketing campaign? Shaking my head.

News flash! Name change of the week. Oh, thank god they changed their name. That Lane Bryant really knew how to target their market. Good thing they weren't too insensitive about it. Hey pale face, that's right, I'm talking to you white boy. Don't tell me I'm not patriotic.

Dodger baseball brought to you by the makers of Lucky Strike, the cigarette that's made better to taste better. Be happy, go Lucky Strikes!

What's probably not good for your overall health is Camel cigarettes. I'm not sure why these doctors smoked Camels, but I suspect it had something to do with advertising dollars.

Moms, babies, and beer. They go together like bread, butter, and tequila. A natural combination. There were like a ton of these racist ones. Bleach your skin so you'll be like the white folk.

Top point washers and dryers kept your wife happy, pretty, and pregnant. What a bargain for less than five hundred dollars!

Question: What's good for anxiety, depression, the flu, exhaustion, and hysteria? A mixture of herbs, salt, and wine, of course. 1939 style.

Who doesn't want to know about Oriental love ways? 48 full-color photographs too, for only $2.98. What a bargain!

That's why I smoke Viceroy. And when you think your way through all the filter claims, you come to the cigarette with the thinking man's filter, the smoking man's taste. Viceroy.

Let's not mince words here, get right to the point. And just think, you can make this happen with no diet, no exercise, and no drugs. Sign me up!

What's this? A club in the sky for men only. Where's the ladies' lounge? Isn't United Airlines supposed to bring us all together?

Dr. Scott's has one hell of a hairbrush here. Not only prevents unwanted scalpings but also prevents headaches, dandruff, and baldness.

Wow, cocaine in tablet form, and they're good for hay fever, throat troubles, and sleeplessness. It's a cure for almost everything.

Ladies, if you want a clear, fresh complexion, just eat some of these completely safe arsenic wafers. Uh, I think I'll pass.

Whiskey toothpaste. I'd be brushing my teeth ten times a day. But what do you use to get rid of whiskey breath?

Here's an ad comparing smoking Philip Morris cigarettes with the feeling of pride at being a new parent. Enjoy the fresh, unfiltered flavor. And that's just what Camels are, mild and good tasting, pack after pack. I know I've been smoking them for 20 years, so why don't you try them yourself? You'll see what I mean.

So let me get this straight, if you're lonely, it's probably because you're too skinny, ladies. But don't gain too much weight because then you'll be fat-shamed. Every woman I know wants a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Do they still make Hoovers?

Thank god those cigarettes have a nice soft pillow to kneel on. They deserve a crown. What do you mean if she doesn't give it to you, you get it yourself? I guess you'll just have to buy your own.

What's so offensive about a couple of white guys dressed up as Chinese, eating a bowl of corn flakes? Why, nothing apparently if you're Kellogg's.

Well, this looks like a good idea. Have your baby shave with your razor before you try it out. If he doesn't cut himself, you're good to go.

And last but not least, cocaine toothache drops. It's an instant cure for tooth pain and only costs 15 cents. What a bargain!

Thanks for stopping by, guys. Till next time, this is Rich from Rerun Zone signing off.

Television Commercials (1960s)

Fun is a little child watching you make a party from a package Pillsbury Deluxe Golden Yellow Cake. Fun is frosting fluffy white swirling high. Pillsbury too light the candles of fun on your golden yellow cake. Pillsbury Deluxe, touch it, taste it. Extra shortening makes it tenderly moist, brings out the flavor. The fun wasn't your Pillsbury Golden Yellow Cake. Fun, while it lasted.

I'm Anne, and I'm Andy. We like County Fair tasty pastries. I like Califor snack cakes. Now I'm Grandma, and I like Candy Farrow's. They go so well with mom laid some tea. Now I'm Grandpa, and I'll take Candy favorite potato bread because it's flavoring, just like Grandma used to bake. I'm Mommy, and I like County Fair brown and serves. They make fluffy all through. I'm Daddy, and I like caring for your hamburger rolls. Now I'm Sister, and I like County Fair English muffins. I'm my big brother, and I like hot dogs best of anything. Well, I like next best of hot dogs, a County Fair hot dog rolls. No matter who you are, nobody needs as much the County Fair. They both care.

If you've ever gone to bed with a cold, the Vicks company has very big news for you. A new nighttime cold medicine called Nyquil. Nyquil relieves major cold symptoms like sniffles, sneezes, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, and coughing for hours to help you get a good night's sleep. Nyquil, the most unique nighttime cold medication ever developed by Vicks.

Uh oh, ketchup. I wish somebody would invent a ketchup bottle that squirts where you aim it, Mrs. Porter. I've got the next best thing, a new invention from Procter & Gamble. It absorbs like magic. It's called Bounty, the new paper towel that actually attracts moisture. Watch, see Bounty attracting absorbing moisture. That's because it's more than just paper. It's made a unique new way from a special formula of six ingredients spun into a wonderful new towel. Look again, compare it to the leading towel. See how Bounty attracts drinks, sucks up spills faster. Sort of feels different too, doesn't it? Go ahead, pop it. It might even sound strong. No other towel is made like Bounty, in regular and jumbo size. Hurry, get new Bounty. It absorbs like magic.

Harold, is the coffee alright? You mean it's as bad as yesterday? No improvement at all? Harold, don't just shake your head. You've got to tell me what's wrong with the coffee. Bad taste. Now what am I going to do? Oh, Mary, hi. Hello, Gene. Listen, help me out, will you? Harold hates my coffee. What kind do you use? Instant Folgers. Instant Folgers tastes as good as fresh perked. Is fresh perked? I'll try it. Gene, this coffee is delicious. Do you know that? It's not the same kind we've been using, is it? Don't just shake your head, explain why the coffee's so good. Good taste. Tastes as good as fresh perked. Instant Folgers.

When you find a girl whose hair feels like hair, she probably uses Ozone Fluid Net, the hairspray that leaves hair feeling like hair. It's the hairdresser's hairspray in the pink and gray can.

I wish somebody would invent a puppy that would wipe its own feet, Mrs. Davis. I've got the next best thing, a new invention from Procter & Gamble. It absorbs like magic. It's called Bounty, the new paper towel that actually attracts moisture. Just watch, Bounty attracting absorbing moisture. That's because it's more than just paper. It's made from six ingredients, more than paper. That's right, look again, compare Bounty's six-ingredient formula with the leading paper towel. See how Bounty attracts drinks, sucks up moisture faster. Feels different too, go ahead, pop it. It even sounds strong. No other towel is made like Bounty, comes in regular and jumbo size. Pick up new Bounty today, absorbs like magic.

Harvey, want anything special for your birthday? Just a decent cup of coffee. You're kidding? I'm serious. Honey, your coffee's undrinkable. It's pretty harsh. Well, so is your coffee. You know, the girls down at the office make better coffee on their hot plates. Well, see you later. And he didn't even kiss me goodbye.

You know, if I could just make a decent cup of coffee, I could relax. So relax, why don't you try instant Folgers? Taste good as fresh perked. Good as fresh perked? I'll surprise Harvey for his birthday tonight.

They're great coffee. It's instant Folgers. Doesn't it taste good as fresh perked? Better, better than those girls make at the office. Honey, their coffee can't hold a candle to yours. Instant Folgers, taste good as fresh perked. Try it. That's the brand to keep in mind.

Old Virginia's preserves are the finest you can find. Old Virginia, fresh from vine and tree. You'll just love Old Virginia goodies like applesauce, apple butter, tomato juice, apple juice, and the famous Old Virginia preserves and jellies.

Take a shiny object, breathe on it, and you can see your own breath. But you cannot see whether it's fresh and clean and pleasing to other people. If you want to feel safe, use Micron. Micron oral antiseptic, the most effective mouthwash you can buy to stop bad breath germs.

Let's say these G's are the germs breeding in your mouth and throat. Other mouthwashes reduce the number of germs, but moments later, new ones start growing back to threaten your breath. Micron is different. It not only kills germs on contact, but it keeps the number of germs much lower, much longer. It's been proved more effective hours longer than any other mouthwash. So you can feel safer hours longer with Johnson & Johnson's new blue Micron, the most effective mouthwash you can buy to stop bad breath germs.

What happens when you breathe on a mirror? You can actually see your breath. But you cannot see whether it's fresh and clean and pleasing to other people. If you want to feel safe, use Micron. Micron oral antiseptic, the most effective mouthwash you can buy to stop bad breath germs.

Let's say these G's are the germs breeding in your mouth and throat. Other mouthwashes reduce the number of germs, but moments later, new ones start growing back to threaten your breath. Micron is different. It not only kills germs on contact, but it keeps the number of germs much lower, much longer. It's been proved more effective hours longer than any other mouthwash. So you can feel safer hours longer with Johnson & Johnson's new blue Micron, the most effective mouthwash you can buy to stop bad breath germs.

A baby is born. Newborn with skin protected by the vernix, nature's perfect protection. Now, when this vernix protection is gone, you can give your baby an effective replacement with Menin Baby Magic. Baby Magic is a lotion specially protective for newborn skin. For all babies, Baby Magic helps stop diaper rash, diaper odor. It's inspired by nature's own protection, soothing Baby Magic by Menin.

There's no other box of facial tissues like this. Scotty's new Magic Oval Box. Only Scotties give you tissues that float up gently one at a time and come out in neat handfuls too because there's a magic oval inside every new Scotty

Old Commercials That Would Be "Politically Incorrect" Today

- The importance of music in our lives and its impact on our emotions and mood.

Main Points:

- Goodyear's new double eagle tire with a built-in spare tire for added safety.

- The delicious taste of Japanese food and the joy it brings.

- The refreshing and surprising taste of a new beverage.

- The fantasy of meeting famous celebrities and the appeal of their beauty.

- The story of Little Bull and his ambition to sing in a special quartet.

- The quality and flavor of Beechnut chewing tobacco.

- The hard work and dedication of the Flintstones.

- The effectiveness of Fresh deodorant and its ability to keep you fresh.

- The superior taste of new instant Folgers coffee.

- The convenience and extra cups of new giant-sized instant Maxwell House coffee.

- The versatility and power of Johnny Seven OMA toy gun.

- The fun and enjoyment of Fritos corn chips and Funny Face drinks.

- The excitement of driving a Ford Mustang and finding surprises inside cereal boxes.

- The efficiency and speed of the Xerox 914 copier.

- The satisfaction and flavor of Marlboro cigarettes.

- Music, tires, food, beverages, celebrities, toys, deodorant, coffee, snacks, cars, office equipment, and cigarettes all play a role in our daily lives and can bring joy, convenience, and satisfaction.

15 Most Offensive Vintage Advertisements Ever

In this article, we will be exploring twenty vintage ads that would never see the light of day in the modern world. These ads range from blatant sexism to questionable medical advice, showcasing the ignorance and insensitivity of the past. Let's dive in and see just how far we've come.

1. Palmolive Soap:

- The ad suggests that women need not bother with being clever, as men only care about looks.

- Buy Palmolive beauty products and lock down your very own douchebag.

2. Chubettes Clothing:

- The ad perpetuates the idea of eating disorders and promotes slimness as the ideal.

- Chubettes make fashion for plump girls, promising a slimming effect.

3. Cocaine Toothache Drops:

- This ad recommends a product called cocaine toothache drops as an instantaneous cure.

- Unmentioned side effects may include dilated pupils, chattering teeth, and complete insanity.

4. Antell Hair Products:

- Making light of suicide, this ad suggests that messy hair can lead to extreme measures.

- Antell's Formula 9 hair product will solve all your hair woes and save you from exaggerated suicide plans.

5. Sega Masturbation Innuendo:

- These ads for Sega's gaming consoles awkwardly allude to masturbation.

- The more you play with it, the harder it gets, and the Game Gear promises hours of self-pleasure without going blind.

6. Motorola Television:

- This ad preys on the idea that parents are useless with new technology.

- Children will be better behaved and achieve better grades if they spend time in front of a Motorola television.

7. Volkswagen:

- This ad perpetuates a mean-spirited stereotype about female drivers.

- Women hitting something in a Volkswagen won't hurt much because the parts are easy to replace.

8. Love's Baby Soft:

- This ad from cosmetic company Love suggests that innocence is sexier than you think.

- Gross and inappropriate, this ad tries to normalize disturbing ideas.

9. Del Monte Ketchup:

- This ad plays on the idea that women are too weak to open a simple bottle of ketchup.

- Gender stereotypes need to be abolished, as they perpetuate unfunny and harmful ideas.

10. Chase and Sanborn Coffee:

- This ad promotes solid family values by suggesting domestic abuse as a response to flat coffee.

- It showcases a terrifying expression of a woman's fear to sell coffee.

11. Drummond Sweaters, Schlitz Beer, and Kenwood Chef:

- These ads demonstrate prevalent sexism in the 1950s and 60s.

- They depict women as less competent and useful only indoors, perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

12. Tipalet Cigarettes:

- This ad suggests that blowing smoke in a woman's face will make her follow you anywhere.

- It uses weird and lazy innuendo to sell cigarettes.

13. 7 Up:

- This ad boasts having the youngest customers in the business, including babies.

- It promotes giving 7 Up to babies, showcasing the irresponsibility of the marketing team.

14. Camels Cigarettes:

- This ad manipulates emotions and plays on blind trust in doctors.

- It promotes smoking Camels despite health concerns, using doctors' preference as a selling point.

15. Fairbank Fairy Soap:

- This ad depicts a Caucasian child asking why a black child's mother doesn't wash her with Fairy Soap.

- It highlights the racial divisions of the time and the ignorance surrounding them.

These vintage ads serve as a stark reminder of the progress we've made in terms of gender equality, racial understanding, and responsible advertising. They highlight the need for continued efforts to challenge stereotypes and promote inclusivity in modern marketing. As we move forward, let's learn from these mistakes and ensure that our advertisements reflect a more compassionate and enlightened society.

Women Review Sexist Vintage Ads

Title: The Evolution of Sexism in Advertising: A Critical Analysis

## Introduction ##

The world of advertising has evolved over the years, reflecting the changing societal norms and values. This article aims to examine the progression of sexism in advertising, highlighting the subtle and overt ways in which women have been objectified and marginalized.

## The Tragedy of Aging ##

- Aging is often portrayed as a tragedy, particularly for women.

- Dating a younger man challenges societal stereotypes and resentments.

- The notion that one is done at 30 is debunked.

## The Problematic Representation of Women ##

- Ads often perpetuate gender stereotypes and unrealistic expectations.

- Suicide and sensitive topics should not be used as marketing schemes.

- The objectification of women in advertising is unacceptable.

## The Gendered Expectations ##

- Women should not be limited to household chores and weight concerns.

- Cereal advertisements reinforce gender stereotypes.

- Women's concerns should not be simplified or diminished.

## The Sexualization of Women ##

- Sexual innuendos in advertisements create self-consciousness.

- Consent and desire should be central in sexualized ads.

- The representation of women has shifted but still perpetuates inequality.

## The Lack of Female Perspectives ##

- Female perspectives are lacking in the creation of advertisements.

- More diverse representation is needed in the advertising industry.

## Conclusion ##

The evolution of sexism in advertising is evident, with subtle and overt objectification of women. While progress has been made, there is still a long way to go in creating inclusive and empowering advertisements. It is crucial for the advertising industry to embrace diversity and challenge societal norms to create a more equal and respectful representation of women.

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