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Vintage 1950s Print Ads

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey everybody, it's Royce from Khoa Battle and I wanted to share some of these 1950s car ads that I thought were pretty cool. I found a whole bunch of ads thrown in the garbage one time a few years ago and I'm finally getting a chance to take a look and see what's all here.

Main Body:

- The ads were already cut out of magazines, and I assume this is probably National Geographic from the size of it.

- There are some pretty interesting car ads from the 50s that tell a story and have some unique features.

- Some of the ads include stiff shirts, huge encyclopedias, and cool paintings.

- There are ads for Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, DeSoto, Mercury, and Nash cars.

- The ads also include Hertz ads from the 50s that make traveling look like a fun experience.

Thanks for stopping by to check out these 1950s car ads. I'll be sharing 60s and 70s car ads soon, so stay tuned if you're interested in checking them out.

1950s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

During this season, high school students have a lot on their minds. One of the biggest events for them is football, and before a big game, there's usually a rally. But before attending the rally, it's important to plan ahead and ensure that there's enough Coca-Cola for everyone.

Bullet points/Numbered list:

- Keep plenty of Coca-Cola on ice all the time

- Coca-Cola has a distinctive flavor that is popular with everyone

- It's ideal for casual gatherings or planned parties

- Coca-Cola is the most asked for soft drink in the world

Coca-Cola is a great beverage to have on hand for any occasion, whether it's a football rally or a party. Its unique flavor and popularity make it a must-have for any host. So, next time you're planning an event, be sure to have plenty of Coca-Cola on ice.

1950s Commercial Compilation *Vintage*

The following article contains various advertisements from different brands and products. The purpose of these ads is to persuade and convince the audience to buy their products or services.

1. Tide:

- Music Applause is Music clean and bright as the sun on the sand.

- New Tide has extra cleaning power that makes things come out clean and fresh.

- Tide is not just white and bright, but it's the cleanest clean under the sun.

2. Coca Cola:

- Coke is the most asked for soft drink in the world.

- Nothing else gives you the bracing sparkle and the bright little lift like Coke.

- Coke has a distinctive flavor that no one has ever succeeded in matching.

3. Chrysler:

- The 235 horsepower Chrysler can catch anything on the road.

- No other car ever turned in such a record of trouble-free performance.

- Find out how the power of leadership is yours in a Chrysler.

4. Post Raisin Bran:

- Post Raisin Bran makes a real breakfast treat.

- The raisins and the flakes combined make the best kind of reason.

- Post Raisin Bran is a blue ribbon winner.

5. Budweiser:

- Budweiser is the most inviting glass of beer you've ever tasted.

- Cold gold and Budweiser with that good taste for good times.

- Enjoy Budweiser every golden drop of it.

6. Band-Aid:

- Band-Aid Plastic Strip with new super stick sticks better than any other bandage.

- They take better care of little cuts and scratches and stay put.

- Be sure you get Band-Aid Plastic Strips.

7. Betty Crocker:

- Betty Crocker's new honey spice cake mix makes a perfect cake every time.

- She puts just the good things you'd use yourself in her honey spice cake mix.

- Betty Crocker guarantees a perfect cake every time you bake.

8. Westinghouse:

- Westinghouse single dial control makes it easy to tune in.

- Westinghouse synchro tuning ensures that picture and sound come in together.

- The 17-inch rectangular screen and black glass tube give you a clear, sharp picture.

The use of persuasive language and techniques is evident in these advertisements. Each ad tries to persuade and convince the audience to buy their product by highlighting its unique features, benefits, and advantages. These ads use different techniques such as catchy slogans, descriptive language, and guarantees to create a lasting impression on the audience.

Classic British Adverts from the 1950s and 1960s Part 1/2

In this article, we will be summarizing various advertising slogans and phrases used in commercials and advertisements. From promoting products to enticing people to try new things, we will highlight some of the most interesting and catchy lines used in advertising.

1. Win Big with Bean Shampoo

- Win 100 pounds a year for life or 2,500 pounds in cash with Bean Shampoo's easy-to-enter dream contest

- No special knowledge needed to enter

- 100 pounds a year for life can mean a fabulous holiday every year, bring elegance to your home, or provide real security for your retirement

- 2,500 pounds in cash can be used to buy a fast car, start a business, or take a trip around the world

2. Try Swing Dancing with Trafalgar

- Swing dancing is fun and easy to learn, no matter your age

- Learn all the dances you'll encounter throughout life, and learn fast

- Dancing is a great new interest in life

- Call Trafalgar for a free trial lesson with no obligation

3. Get Silken Curls with Twink

- Use Twink for silken curls that last and last

- Twink will make your hair irresistible to touch

4. Join the Kellogg's Rice Krispies Record Club

- Get hit EP records for only 4.09 pounds

- Collect your own hit parade with Kellogg's Rice Krispies

5. Enjoy Breakfast the Better Way with Kellogg's Cornflakes

- Kellogg's Cornflakes are quick to serve and delicious to eat

- Provide extra nourishment for husbands and children before they go out in the morning

- Kellogg's gives everyone the best possible start to the day

6. Smoke a Hamlet Cigar

- Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet, the mild cigar from Benson & Hedges

7. Enjoy High Tea with Good Keep Fresh Tea

- Good Keep Fresh Tea is tea you can taste to the last delicious drop

- Make sure to have the right kind of tea for your guests

8. Go on a Shell Gas Adventure

- Shell gas will take you on an adventure around town

- See everything and stop at retail shops along the way

9. Secret Tonic Water with Schweppes

- Schweppes tonic water has a secret taste that will surprise you

Advertising slogans and phrases are designed to capture our attention and encourage us to try new things. From exciting contests and dance lessons to delicious food and beverages, these advertisements highlight the best of what products have to offer.


Vintage Advertisements: Taking a Step Back in Time

Vintage advertisements are a fun and inexpensive way to experience the past. Not only do they showcase the graphics and artwork of the time, but they also provide insight into what people were wearing, what prices were like, and what technology was available. In this article, we will explore some of the vintage advertisements from a 1948 National Geographic magazine and discover what makes them so unique.

Cool Vintage Advertisements

- Columbia Records Ad:

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

These are real ads from the past that would never be allowed today due to their offensive nature. From promoting addictive narcotics to using racial stereotypes, these ads are a reflection of the social norms and values of their time.

Main points:

- Highly addictive narcotics were legally promoted by major drug companies in the 1800s.

- Ovaltine used the adjective gay to describe their product in a lighthearted manner.

- Many ads degraded women and used racial stereotypes.

- Celebrities promoted the benefits of smoking, despite its harmful effects.

- Companies marketed products to babies and children, such as cola and whiskey toothpaste.

- Cigarette brands were advertised as healthy and doctors were paid to endorse them.

- Many ads promoted harmful products, such as arsenic wafers and cocaine toothache drops.

These ads serve as a reminder of the harmful and offensive marketing tactics used in the past. It is important to recognize and learn from these mistakes to ensure that our current advertising practices are ethical and inclusive.

Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

Title: A Look Back at 1950s Instructional Videos and Commercials

Hey guys, welcome back to the present. My name is Drew and today I want to take a break from my usual videos and talk about something a little bit lighter. I recently fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube and discovered a bunch of weird instructional videos and commercials from the 1950s. While some of them were helpful, others were downright sexist and ridiculous. Let's take a closer look at some of these videos and see what we can learn from them.

Instructional Videos:

- Some of the instructional videos from the 1950s were actually quite helpful, covering topics like controlling emotions and good eating habits.

- However, others were sexist and outdated, like the video titled How to Attract a Man which suggested that the key to getting a boyfriend was simply tucking in your shirt and having skin and a mouth.

- Another video titled How to Become Popular suggested that dressing well, being bisexual, and staying out of trouble were the keys to popularity in high school.


- Coffee commercials from the 1950s were particularly interesting, as they often portrayed the quality of a woman's coffee as the cornerstone of a happy marriage.

- One commercial for Folgers coffee showed a man who was unhappy with his wife's coffee and suggested that switching to Folgers could save their marriage.

- Another commercial for Maxwell House coffee showed a man running out of coffee and acting like it was the end of the world.

- These commercials may seem ridiculous to us now, but they reflect the attitudes and values of the time period.

While some of the instructional videos and commercials from the 1950s may seem outdated and sexist to us now, they offer a glimpse into the attitudes and values of the time period. Some of the videos were helpful and offer good life lessons, while others serve as a reminder of how much progress has been made in terms of gender equality and social norms. Overall, it's interesting to take a look back at these videos and see how far we've come.

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