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vintage ads funny

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

World's Funniest Commercials of All Time | Series-1

and there's your beautiful baby any day,now,really,you're eating doritos,he's eating doritos at my ultrasound,do you see what i have to do i know,give me that,[Music],[Music],[Music],now this is the house scammer,and not come over here by the slab cover,oh yeah,matt,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],the english believe it's a slur on your,host's food if you don't clear your,plate,whereas the chinese feel you're,questioning their generosity if you do,at hsbc we never underestimate the,importance of local knowledge,which is why we have local banks staffed,by local people in over 80 countries,across the globe,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hsbc the world's local bank,[Music],bye,zazu condoms,fun sexy safe,[Music],chicken of the sea low-fat,preservative-free,[Music],fishing has a fractured fibula,given my own saturday so i could be able,to go home tomorrow,daddy's gonna be so excited,[Music],that killed him,dr palmer dr barbara palmer dial 452

Vintage TV Commercials from the 1940's & 50's (7+ ads)

look here is the new band-aid plastik,strip with new super stik it stiks,better than any other bandage the proof,take a dry egg at room temperature touch,the egg with any other bandage brand x,brand y,brand z not one stiks but a band-aid,plastik strip with new super stik,stiks tight instantly watch it again in,slow motion,no pressure yet we can lift the egg even,boil it,and the band-aid plastik strip never,comes loose,maybe you don't want to boil eggs this,way but you do want the extra protection,of band-aid plastik strips,they take better care of little cuts and,scratches they stay put yes even in hot,soapy dishwater neat fresh colored,almost invisible band-aid plastik strips,with new super stiks stik better than,any other bandage made only by johnson,and johnson the most trusted name in,surgical dressings be sure you get,band-aid plastik,hurt strips,bandai plastik bandage and collar,hurts elbow,bad,bandai bandit it's young,it's red,band-aid stars and strips,strips and spots charmers,and colors,look sharp feel sharp,be sharp and listen mister how are you,fixing,do you have play,how are you fix more blades you better,check,please,gillette blue blades,we're going to use an ordinary garden,variety peach with its short close fuzz,and tender skin and a regular regimental,hair brush with its rough tough bristles,to prove to you that the man-sized,remington electric shaver will give you,a close comfortable shave no matter how,tender your skin no matter how tough,your beard look at this amazing,demonstration the remington is so gentle,that it can shave the short close fuzz,off a peach without harming its tender,skin,and the remington is so powerful that it,can shave the bristles off a brush,bristles tougher than any beard remember,the amazing demonstration of the peach,and brush for the close comfortable,shave you've always wanted reach for the,remington electric shaver,biwi reese has a way with dodger rookies,or sandlot youngsters pee wee you do a,lot of work with boys not work al i like,baseball and kids i enjoy helping,teenagers start right oh that's around,shaving age and you give them pointers,on personal appearance too yes a boy has,more self-respect when he's clean shaved,i tell him use a gillette razor al,you said it the gillette super speed,razor and today there are three,light for sensitive skin in most younger,men regular for average skin and beer,heavy for men who like the heft and feel,of a heavy eraser each is different,precisely engineered one has the right,blade edge exposure edge angle and,weight to shave you in a breeze,comfortable good looking shaves you may,never have had before and convenient you,change blades and rinse clean so choose,your gillette super speed razor a dollar,29 with gillette blue blade dispenser,and handy travel case,hmm,i delivered the message,now let's check the second message,ready,the doctor's deodorant discovery now,contains m3 got that m3 to stop odor 24,hours a day remember now i know,for security reasons,mum's the word,new mum cream deodorant now with m3,got the message,hey hey suzy q what's cooking with you,your teeth look whiter than no no no my,teeth aren't new but my toothpaste is,new pepsident get with it kids new,package new flavor new formula two means,brighter smiles for me and you you'll,wonder where the yellow went when you,brush your teeth with peps so dead the,new formula with imp it gets teeth much,wider you can see it cleans the stains,and film away while irium fights tooth,decay you'll wonder where the yellow,went when you brush your teeth with pet,soda the taste is new so fresh and clean,that new taste really lasts it's keen,and while it makes your smile a rave it,also makes your breath behave so start,going steady right away with pets or,dance get some today you'll wonder where,the yellow went when you brush your,teeth with pepso dent pepsodent,pepsodent,this is a story a story of an industry,in action,how many dreams can you shape in a,minute,an hour,ask the people of dodge,put in a river and a welding,what makes an engine go,is it stok and steel and copper tubing,or infinite care and experience with men,and women working together to bring,metals alive,turn it out henry,turn her out joe,we'll put it together,heads up she's coming down,two months ago three tons of unmined ore,today a designer's idea come to life,put a brand new bunny on a brand new,frame,her up and give it a name,call it a dot,it's a proud name,proud in tradition,proud in service,swift and mighty in action,i took me a press i took me some steel i,took my two hands,and built an audible field,i built a dot,you

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okay everyone get out your jaw harp,we're gonna twine on three ready 1 2 3,welcome back to another video today we,have biz and Wiz hmm weird vintage,advertisement says I I would like to,apologize in advance if I've already,seen all of these yeah probably you like,going like weird Google tangents and,stuff no I studied advertising did I I'm,gonna do that a lot or anybody I'll be,super pretentious did I mention that I,studied advertising in college,hey Weez what did you study what did you,start that you asked I actually studied,advertising cocaine for toothache,drew what the [ __ ] toothache drops,instantaneous cure prices 15 cents,prepared by the Lloyd manufacturing,company yes they're just selling cocaine,I love that the word druggist used to be,proper grammar something that was like,weed or something like that I just say,I'm a drug is I will now be referring to,my ketamine dealer as my druggist I,wouldn't be anything that we take,nowadays that people look back upon in,50 years and be like what the [ __ ] if a,hundred years ago if you showed our,alcohol ads so those guys that would've,been like this one I actually I studied,advertising also on the images you sent,is actually 10 pixels I know how video,games benefit your children please I,can't read I can't read the text under,the top right image but this isn't a,vintage ad honor it's not when did when,did I come out oh no that's a,PlayStation 2 this is this is Amanda,supposed to look like a vintage ad for a,PlayStation 2 which isn't free,Netflix and Twitter but for some reason,of my braid I was like wait PlayStation,is kind of old wait what you actually I,thought you did this is a joke for like,four days ago me onna this is for a,Playstation 3 look at it ok but how,could that exist,whatever wooden TVs existence a new kind,of hat 110 minutes a day grows hair in,30 days or no cost,I can finally solve my bulding issues I,can't wait to not be bald no matter how,thin your hair may be this remarkable,new scientific invention is absolutely,guaranteed to give you a brand new,growth of hair in 30 days or it costs,you nothing don't send the scent just,mail coupon below this is just snake oil,in a [ __ ] newspaper what do you mean,look look at this kind gentleman's face,get a nice little Zoom Zoom on his face,and then right in front of it right in,front of his snow as it says no risk I'm,happy to say that this video is,sponsored by dash line now I loved,Ashley and I've been using it for five,years you just log into a website with a,click of a button and this as simple as,that I mean it can't get any easier when,you find a website you want to create a,new account on Aisling can help you,create an auto generated password and,look how funky that one looks no one's,gonna figure that one out the hackers,they're scratching their heads and when,you log into any website OOP you want to,save that and you're like yeah of course,I do man,after using dashlane for five years I,cannot remember the last time I filled,out all of this stuff it auto fills your,addresses your credit card information,you don't even have to go find your,wallet like I don't have to move,literally just peak laziness it'll tell,you your password he'll score so if,you've reused a password a million times,or it'll alert you when your password,has been compromised you can go to,rectly to the website and change the,password it'll give you your old,password and it auto generate a new,password so you can protect yourself,from the reddit hackers of course along,with all of that they,have a VPN that they provide that you,can use you can use this program to,search your email address and monitor it,on the dark web ooh spooky hacker man's,on the dark web Oh No so if - light is,something you're interested in you can,download for free using the link at the,top of the description - Lancome slash,came on it and the first 200 users to,use code Quintana will get 10% off of,their - Lee and premium purchase thank,you for listening enjoy the rest of the,video,[Laughter],do you still beat your wife maybe you,should never have stopped a read why in,the rollicking provocative yet,educational booklet entitled why you,should beat your wife written by an,eminent practitioner of this manly arts,send 15 cents and stamps our coin to,Coll sales company well I'm actually,gonna do that right now,as a meme I'm gonna send 15 cents this,[ __ ] company like the more you play,with it the harder it gets you sit here,eyes glued to the writhing arcade,quality graphics pulling and squeezing,your knob now you're breathing heavily,over the digital stereo sound now you're,shooting all over the place but it's no,use game over in piles and constipation,the best results may be obtained by the,use of young self-retaining rectal,dilators they are made of hard rubber,income in sets of four sizes may be used,by any intelligent bears their use,accomplishes for the invalid just what,nature does daily for the healthy,individual if you will prescribe a set,of these dilators in some of your,obstinate cases of chronic constipation,you will find them necessary in every,case of this kind price to the,profession two dollars fifty cents per,set judging by the discoloration of this,paper and the font used two dollars and,fifty cents with us [ __ ] kind of money,for some butt plugs,usually did Italian Frannie pincher,genuine Italian pfennig picture the,hottest-selling tourist item in all of,Europe it is now available in the USA,great for all shapes and sizes flat,Fannie's curvy Fannie's small Fannie's,and large Fannie's sensational party,item great for gag gifts outstanding,conversation piece what kind of,conversations durably made over 22,inches long show show it at the office,or shop that's the wrong place for that,brings a million laughs everyone who,sees it will want this clever novelty,only one dollar and 50 cents,yes the office my favorite place to,sexually harass people I love how the,way you sell a product back in the day,was just to slap another country's name,on it to make it more exotik oh it's a,dinosaur I didn't know dinosaurs were,native to Italy there's a lot of like,shame selling like it's actually really,interesting back in the day especially,like this one man's eye view unsightly,hair spoils your charm like the whole,entire fact that like we shave our legs,like as females these days is just a,marketing tiknique that they put in so,they could buy more razors well well I,mean yeah you it's frowned upon today,but you sell to the insecurities I mean,that's what most beauty products still,dude is in a more subtle way the axe,motivational right right like you you're,busily you've seen it like you're,sitting there you're chilling in a,shaving first comes on tired tired of,that unsightly scruff yeah looking like,Kitely scruff God carrying around this,human being inside of me makes me really,want some rat poison smoke mm-hmm,people are always telling you that,smoking causes low birthweight toked,about a win-win-win an easy labor a slim,baby in the full flavor of Winston's,Winston way,you're smoking for two oh my god this is,sorry sorry this is fake cuz look look,look there's a [ __ ] new URL,there's a URL at the bottom worth 1000,calm [ __ ] fake wait what is it for,I don't know what the [ __ ] to do with,a spoon,ladies nip tumescence in the bud with,the sexual temperance spoon guaranteed,the soft and even the most optimistik,agua school nurses I've known for,centuries that a sharp blow from a cold,spoon is the best way to tame an,unwelcome erection oh my god so that's a,way chastity of products unit six full,Chester Industrial Estate leads,yeah so honor its parody how did you,think this was real how could you think,this is real,[Music],did you go to old school inappropriate,because that's where all of these are,coming from right now like if I scored,on the top of all-time on ultra pro but,like Muslim looks realistik because like,well those are the funny ones I wasn't,showing like this [ __ ] jolting c

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1950s Commercials and Vintage Commercials

you know there are lots of activities,going on about this season of the year,one you'll find uppermost in the minds,of most high school students especially,toward the end of any week is,football,and the night before the big game,there's generally a rally,now you don't want to be late but before,you go remember,you're planning to bring the gang in,afterwards now you've got the idea put,plenty of coke in that refrigerator ice,cold coca-cola will be a mighty welcome,sight when you return,you know it's a good idea to keep plenty,of coke on ice all the time,coca-cola has a distinctive flavor all,its own a flavor that has never been,equal,coca-cola is popular with everyone which,makes it ideal when you're expecting,guests now that's true whether it's a,casual gathering like this one or a,planned party the bright bracing flavor,of coke is always welcome,it's a flavor that has made coca-cola,the most asked for soft drink in the,world have a coat,back to present ancient chinese,pantomime just for fun of it jello,tonight back to present small chinese,thai baby waiting for dessert,chinese mother bling baby jello famous,western delicacy,poor chinese baby he unable to tell if,this jello is claw belly last belly,jelly orange lemon lime apple black,glass belly black jelly or clay,jello come in all ten flavors,poor chinese baby but chinese mother,bling baby great western invention spoon,spoon was invented for eating jello,baby fine this is grape jello deep dark,delicious new flavor chinese baby very,happy,so an ancient chinese pantomime,is pretty good commercial no,hey hey that supply of ritz seams on the,prince no no stop darling don't blow,your top i always keep another box handy,dandy he knows ritz crackers are richer,crisper and his mouth is full or he'd,help us whisper only nabisco,takes ritz,i'm a spaceman,the moon and sun and all the stars are,great big tootsie roll pops,all the kids in the neighborhood say,touchy roll pops a triple,good,and do you know why sure because one,there's good tasting hard candy outside,and two there's a delicious center of,tootsie roll inside and three only two,year old pups said fun to eat that's why,they're triple good,and don't forget tootsie roll pops come,in a party pack too ken pops and has,started flavors there's a game on the,back that's lots of fun to,do all the kids in the neighborhood say,touchy-roll pops are triple good triple,good you'll love tootsie roll pops,the prettiest yes the prettiest heads in,town are turning to shasta for a hot,cream shampoo,when lanolin enriched shasta meets hot,water,hundreds of tiny cells explode into hot,lantern lather that cleans and lusters,hair as it blends with your own natural,oils to give you a caressing hot cream,shampoo,as an extra treat shasta's lanolin,lather is rich enough for a deep scalp,treatment,after a vigorous massage wrap head in,hot towel for two minutes before final,rinse,feels like a 350 hot cream treatment,costs only nine cents,hair looks brighter feels softer and,will stay it's behaving best for days to,come,when you have a hot cream shampoo with,shasta cream shampoo,50 to 60 years ago,people were introduced to peanut butter,for the first time,they looked it over carefully,the daring and courageous bought it,well children loved it,but ma and pa were more critikal,they discovered it had several drawbacks,it became oily and stiky,and didn't stay fresh very long,it was rather hard to digest,it didn't taste like peanuts,grownups never became peanut butter fans,until 1933,when a new kind of peanut butter started,to appear in grocery stores,it looked different,it smelled different,it tasted different,it had practikally nothing in common,with the old style product,discover the clean difference the clean,difference in today's smoking with new,bel air cigarettes breathe easy smoke,clean with bel air,air fresh menthol blend the clean,difference in taste,deep set recessed filter the clean,difference in filter tips,the clean difference in smoking,situation urgent,dirt to the left,dirt to the right,dirt above,dirt below,luckily you have a secret weapon,new mr clean he's mean,he hates dirt,you mr clean gets rid of grease,you mr clean polishes off stains,you mr clean rubs out grime,no other kind of cleaner cleans like new,mr clean,no liquid powder detergent cleanser or,soap nothing,mission completed thanks to your secret,weapon new mr clean he's mean he hates,dirt,this is the puffy pot at work,listen to it perk,look at the coffee as it gets darker and,stronger,smell the honest coffee smell ah smell,it,but will this cup of coffee taste as,good as it smells,you bet it will because it's maxwell,house the coffee that tastes as good as,it smells every time,maxwell house coffee tastes as good as,it smells every time if you like to look,at good coffee,listen to good coffee,smell good coffee and taste good coffee,brew maxwell house the coffee that,tastes as good as it smells every time,maxwell house is good to the last drop,it tastes as good as it smells every,time maxwell house,this lucky baby will sleep quietly,through the night yes no matter how high,the temperature goes outdoors this,baby's rca air conditioner will keep his,room filled with cool dry fresh air and,keep that room so comfortable and quiet,he'll never need a middle of the night,lullaby,yes quiet is the word for this new 1954,rca air conditioner as the wonderful,heart of cold compressor silently cools,the air for you,rca america's finest air conditioner,goes quietly about its business of,keeping you comfortable its exclusive,hushaby fans silently push the air,through the room in a fresh cool flow,listen how quiet and see how simple,this young lady is responsible for the,weather in her home it's his easiest,child's play the rca climate tuner with,its cleverly concealed panel has push,button controls for choosing the indoor,climate she wants,now she's setting the thermostat control,for constant even comfort,and all through the night that,thermostat makes certain of the same,cool gentle room temperature,there's an rca air conditioner to suit,any room one just right for you,and for rca service and installation,get one of these rca factory service,contracts,then you'll be certain of america's,finest service for america's finest air,conditioner the rca air conditioner

10 Famous Funny Commercials

[Music],and there's your beautiful baby any day,now,really you're eating Doritos,he's eating Doritos on my ultrasound do,you see what I have to tell I know that,hey Melissa,the whales need your help,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey Melissa now the trees need you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the ice caps are in trouble,[Music],[Music],hey Melissa now the Rhinos keep saving,it's hard to be an eco-warrior but it's,easy to drive like one introducing the,most fuel-efficient crossover the kia,nero the world of luxury has been pulled,over your eyes to blind you from the,truth we just want to get our car take,the blue key you go back to the luxury,you know you take the red key and you'll,never look at luxury the same again this,is unreal,it's very real this is what luxury looks,like and this is what it sounds like,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],out today Brian,[Music],No,not today threat,rented a shadow of war nothing will be,forgotten,[Music],[Music],oh sure yes it sure,[Music],it's hard to resist great taste,meet the ketchups,[Music],I don't know you big buffet boy 85 but,if you think you can t believe me I'll,take my gold think again I am coming for,you with lots of barbarians and Dragons,I can't wait to destroy your village but,you beg for mercy but you will get no,mercy I will have my revenge,lion lion Liam you will regret the day,you crossed angry Neeson 52 danger,excites me but I can't fully enjoy it,when I feel like fear in barrio de so I,prepare myself with a manly scent of Old,Spice danger zone because even if,something bad does happen to a danger,zone then it won't smell like something,bad happens and when you smell like Old,Spice danger zone trust me you'll smell,like you have nothing to worry about,you smell like you look amazing and,introducing Old Spice danger zone with,all day odor protection,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],can I have this to go,[Applause],there you go hold up still roll for you,there's enjoy,[Music],[Applause],try to find some freedom but I'm already,lost an eye,[Music],[Applause],to succeed in a disruptive world Wix,makes it easy to create your own,stunning website,[Music],you,hello yo sup Numbi just watching the,game having a bird so but you nuttin,bots and game having a but true pick up,the phone hello yo where's Dukie yo,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Laughter],what's up be watching the game having a,bud,true true,here you want sushi and wasabi wasabi,yeah well sorry with me,[Music],[Applause],you

Television Commercials (1960s)

fun is a little child watching you make,a party from a package pillsbury deluxe,golden yellow cake,fun is frosting fluffy white swirling,high,pillsbury too,light the candles of fun on your golden,yellow cake pillsbury deluxe,touch it,taste it,extra shortening makes it tenderly moist,brings out the flavor the fun,wasn't your pillsbury golden yellow cake,fun,while it lasted,i'm anne i'm andy i like county fair,tasty pastries i like califor snack,cakes now i'm grandma,i like candy farrows,they go so well with mom laid some tea,now i'm grandpa and i'll take candy,favorite potato bread because it's,flavoring,just like grandma i used to bake i'm,mommy and i like county fair brown and,servals they make fluffy all through i'm,daddy and i like caring for your,hamburger rolls,now i'm sister and i like county fair,english muffins,i'm my big brother i like hot dogs best,of anything,well i like next best of hot dogs a,county fair hot dog rolls no matter who,you are nobody needs as much the county,fair they both care,if you've ever gone to bed with a cold,the vic's company has very big news for,you a new nighttime kohl's medicine,called nyquil,nyquil relieves major cold symptoms like,sniffles sneezes nasal congestion,scratchy throat and coughing for hours,to help you get a good night's sleep,nyquil the most unique nighttime colds,medication ever developed by vicks,uh-oh,ketchum,i wish somebody would invent a ketchup,bottle at squirts where you aim it mrs,porter i've got the next best thing a,new invention from procter gamble it,absorbs,like magic it's called bounty the new,paper towel that actually attracts,moisture watch see bounty attracting,absorbing moisture that's because it's,more than just paper it's made a unique,new way from a special formula of six,ingredients spun into a wonderful new,towel look again compare it to the,leading towel see how bounty attracts,drinks sucks up spills faster,sort of feels different too doesn't it,go ahead pop it,might even sound strong,no other towel is made like bounty in,regular and jumbo size,hurry get new bounty it absorbs,like magic,harold is the coffee all right,um,you mean it's as bad as yesterday,no improvement at all,harold don't just shake your head you've,got to tell me what's wrong with the,coffee,bad taste,now what am i going to do,oh mary hi hello gene listen help me out,will you harold hates my coffee what,kind do you use,instant folgers instant folgers tastes,good as fresh pert,cut is fresh perked i'll try it,gene this coffee is delicious do you,know that,it's not the same kind we've been using,is it,don't just shake your head explain why,the coffee's so good good taste,tastes good as fresh perked instant,folgers,harvey want anything special for your,birthday just a decent cup of coffee,you're kidding i'm serious honey your,coffee's undrinkable,it's pretty harsh well so is your coffee,you know the girls down at the office,make better coffee on their hot plates,well,see you later,and he didn't even kiss me goodbye,you know if i could just make a decent,cup of coffee i could relax so relax why,don't you try instant folgers taste good,as fresh perk good as fresh pearls,i'll surprise harvey for his birthday,tonight,hey great coffee,it's instant folgers doesn't it taste,good as fresh perked better better than,those girls make at the office,honey their coffee can't hold a candle,to yours,instant folgers taste good as fresh,perked,try it,that's the brand to keep in mind,reserves by old virginia's they're the,finest you can find,old virginia they're fresh from fine and,tree so,you'll just love old virginia goodies,like applesauce apple butter tomato,juice apple juice and the famous old,virginia preserves and jellies,take a shiny object breathe on it and,you can see your own breath,but you cannot see whether it's fresh,and clean and pleasing to other people,if you want to feel safe use micron,micron oral antiseptik the most,effective mouthwash you can buy to stop,bad breath germs,let's say these g's are the germs,breeding in your mouth and throat other,mouthwashes reduce the number of germs,but moments later new ones start growing,back to threaten your breath,micron is different it not only kills,germs on contact but it keeps the number,of germs much lower much longer,it's been proved more effective hours,longer than any other mouthwash so you,can feel safer hours longer with johnson,and johnson's new blue micron most,effective mouthwash you can buy to stop,bad breath germs,what happens when you breathe on a,mirror you can actually see your breath,but you cannot see whether it's fresh,and clean and pleasing to other people,if you want to feel safe,use micron,micron oral antiseptik the most,effective mouthwash you can buy to stop,bad breath germs,let's say these g's are the germs,breeding in your mouth and throat other,mouthwashes reduce the number of germs,but moments later new ones start growing,back to threaten your breath,micron is different it not only kills,germs on contact but it keeps the number,of germs much lower,much longer,it's been proved more effective hours,longer than any other mouthwash so you,can feel safer hours longer with johnson,and johnson's new blue micron,most effective mouthwash you can buy to,stop bad breath germs,when you find a girl whose hair feels,like hair she probably uses ozone fluid,net,the hairspray that leaves hair feeling,like hair,it's the hairdresser's hairspray in the,pink and gray can,i wish somebody would invent a puppy,that would wipe its own feet mrs davis,i've got the next best thing a new,invention from procter gamble it absorbs,like magic it's called bounty the new,paper towel that actually attracts,moisture just watch bounty attracting,absorbing moisture that's because it's,more than just paper it's made from six,ingredients,more than paper that's right look again,compare bounty's six ingredient formula,with the leading paper towel see how,bout he attracts drinks sucks up,moisture faster feels different too go,ahead pop it,it even sounds strong,no other towel is made like bounty,comes in regular,and the jumbo size pick up new bounty,today absorbs,like magic,listen to the sounds of freshness,foods stored in baggies plastik bags,always have the sound of freshness and,they always taste as fresh as they sound,you see baggies are made stronger to,keep food fresh watch how equal weights,of silver dollars pool,baggies hold up better,to hold freshness in,baggies in jumbo,food wrap,and sandwich sizes the only leading wrap,with three sizes to keep food tasting as,fresh as it sounds,gee i almost got a bullseye let's see if,he's that what's this,oh,i never could beat ann,then we were on opposite sides in a,toothpaste tip my side used crisp and,side use the same toothpaste but without,flora stand and that's when i beat anne,because my side had 21,fewer cavities with crest,in similar tests crest reduced cavities,34 percent and 42,you know more dentists recommend crest,than all other toothpastes combined,so have regular checkups watch treats,and brush after eating with crest,accepted by the council on dental,therapeutiks of the american dental,association as signified by this,statement and this seal nice shooting,anne,remember the only toothpaste with over,12 years of tests that prove it reduces,cavities is crest,i told you the pta is coming tonight,george i'm too busy for nonsense,pta huh uh gonna serve your coffee,if you joke about my coffee again,here mrs olsen like a broken record,well it's one committee member to,another maybe you should try,folger's coffee,why folgers they blend it special,folgers uses mountain green coffee,mountain grown yeah that's richest kind,bet your husband tastes the difference,mrs olsen i'll try folgers on him,tonight,how about another cup honey you seconds,on my coffee tastes kind of great,tonight,see no trick to making coffee all you,need is a better coffee folgers,try folgers the mountain grown coffee,mountain grown for better flavor,get them,he did i