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vintage comic book ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

😂 10 Items you REALLY got from comic book ads

[Music]. hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. in today's video, we are going to be unveiling the mysteries of 10 mail-order ads from vintage comic books. apart from the comic book itself, advertisements within vintage comic books from the 50s, 60s and 70s were a marvel in themselves. products that claim to do the extraordinary and offer nothing ordinary, from things like itching powder, seven-foot-tall monsters, fake casts, spy gear and toys beyond imagination. the amazing images and incredibly entiking sales pitches were at times so powerful children were powerless to resist the siren song of the ads. so let's get started. number 10: the Polaris nuclear sub. how proud you will be as commander of your own Polaris sub, the most powerful ship in the sea. what hours of imaginative play and fun as you and your friends dive surface, maneuver, watch the enemy through the periscope and release nuclear missiles and torpedoes. sturdily constructed of 200 pound test material costs only six dollars and 98 cents money-back guarantee. oh my god, just take my money now. this sounds freaking amazing. it sounds like I could literally stik this thing in the water and be my own one-man Navy. from this incredible ad, kids were expecting a flow working submarine at this point. what came instead was a package full of flattened and folded cardboard with a set of instructions that children took one look at and went whining to their parents. the resulting structure was a pretty close representation of a sub like structure, equipped with a rubberband, slingshot torpedo launcher and a mirror periscope. instead of sailing the seven seas, kids stood motionless and were at the mercy of the morning lawn do as, ironically, their cardboard submarine would suffer great damage and begin to disintegrate upon contact. it definitely beats plane in a cardboard box and truly is a cardboard marvel. but hopes were high and dreams of enlisting in the Navy with your own private sub were crushed by the morning dew. number nine, the moneymaker put in a blank piece of paper, turned the knob, out comes a real dollar bill you can spend. it makes fives, tens, 20s and more. a mystifying trick. so you're telling me that for only a dollar 25 I could print my own money. I could start my own counterfeit to business for just a dollar twenty-five. kids were expecting to strike it rich with this mystifying contraption whose magic could turn blank pieces of paper into the real thing. problem was, upon receiving the moneymaker in the mail, kids realized you needed to load your machine with your own money. it was a silly magic trick that just so conveniently left out. the most important piece of information in the ad illusion requires your own money. as you turned the knob to roll the blank paper inside, it was hidden away within some black fabric, while a pre-loaded real bill is rolled out on the other side. thanks for nothing, moneymaker, seems like you're the one making the money, since you just took my dollar in 25 cents. number eight x-ray specs see through her fingers, through skin, the lid of a pencil, see the yolk of an egg. this ad was basically telling kids they could be Superman and see-through women's clothing to get a look at those goods sex sells. and adolescent boys, horned up like rabbits, could not resist the urge to walk around watching a porno unfold through their $1 specs. but sadly, and well you know what actually, thankfully, the glasses did not perform as advertised. the x-ray glasses in fact gave off nothing more than the illusion of an x-ray. the most popular method of achieving this illusion was with a feather sandwiched between two transparent lenses, where light could be diffracted in between the burbs of a feather. the resulting image looked like an x-ray, with to offset images produced. the darker core was a result of the two images overlapping, while a translucent, like halo, bordered the object in question. pretty neat illusion, but you definitely can't see through clothes. number seven: lifelike lady's legs. okay now, who's the weird that doesn't want a pair of these lifelike lady legs? so realistik, they fool everyone, creates laugh riot when poking out from embarrassing places. carry in pocket, use over and over inflatable vinyl. about 36 inches long, only $3.95. so realistik, they fool everyone. so realistik, they fool everyone. so realistik people, everyone. those legs go all the way up. why, yes, they do, Wow. number six: the invisible helmet. be a super space cadet. nobody, but nobody, will be able to recognize you when you wear this amazing invisible helmet, because when people look at your face, they'll see only their reflection. but you'll be able to see them and you'll be thrilled at everyone's amazement. oh, this excitement for only one dollar and ninety-eight cents. this is a sensational discovery, as new as the hydrogen bomb, as exciting as a ride through space, as thrilling as an experience as you will ever have. helmet is light, unbreakable. think of how you can put it on and not be recognized, and yet how you can see everybody else and what they are doing. they can't see you- I'm sorry to burst your bubble, kids- but they can see you and they can see everything that you are doing. so please don't do anything stupid while wearing this helmet. it's a pretty neat helmet with a one-way mirror effect: on the front where the wearer can see through, but the other side is reflective and people cannot see you. but the thing was you were not entirely invisible, which the ad almost made kids feel like would happen. if a child walked up to you wearing this helmet. you would actually notike them more than without the helmet, rendering them more so unand to claim the helmet was unbreakable was sort of a long stretch there. so you're telling me that the helmet was made out of a super indestructible material, that's, you know, more durable than the Tesla truck windows. and the name on the helmet, tom Corbett, was a main character in the 1950s, featured in a series of space cadet stories that were featured on television, radio shows and a variety of print media like comic books, comic strips and books. number 5: flashing eyes. flashing eyes used by magicians. by simply blinking your eyes, open and shut, they appear as strikes of lightning. brilliant sparks seem to flash out of your eyes. the more you blink, the more sparks and flashes seem to fly out. easy to do: no wires, no chemicals, absolutely safe, a beautiful effect, very astonishing, for only 50 cents. 50 cents to have lightning shoot out of your eyes. expectation meets reality. children were disappointingly sent a copy of instructions on how to stik some tinfoil on their eyelids. number four: the jet rocket spaceship for you, a real, streamlined spaceship, big enough to hold you on trips through space. its complete with all the newest scientific advances of flights of the future. there is no more make-believe, no more pretending with small models for four dollars and 98 cents. this is really it. look alright. they are telling you that this is it, this is the real deal. no more pretending. it's time to grow up. and today is the day you are getting that real spaceship made of high-strength fiber board, whatever that is, a disintegrating gun, elevator and rudder. it's got a control panel. kids were sent a laundry list of instructions to fold and connect to the flattened pieces of high-strength fiber board, or, as we Earthlings call it, cardboard, after realizing the ship was not operational. the high-tik control panel was a paper printout with a lightbulb in the center, and the ship could be ruined by simply rolling over while still inside. although still a pretty wicked cardboard structure, the ad really got some kids excited and many aspiring astronauts hung up their helmets that day. number three: sea monkeys. just add water, that's all in one. second year, amazing sea monkeys suddenly come to life, so eager to please. they can even be trained because they are so full of tricks. you'll never tire of watching them requiring minimum care. they love attention. anyone who enjoys the company of Petzval adore sea.

😂 10 Items you REALLY got from comic book ads pt2

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. hello everybody and welcome back to my channel. long time no see. in today's video we are going to be unveiling the secrets. ten more mail-order ads from vintage comic books in part two of this series. those famously deceptive ads promised extraordinary toys, gadgets and doohickeys, but we're strategically written and advertised to dance around the fact with regards to what you were really getting most of the time. but before we begin with this list, I'd like to give a big shout out to Kirk Damaris, author of mail order mysteries- real stuff from old comic book ads. this book is absolutely fascinating to go through and ranges from things like kryptonite rocks, the pocket gym, the air car hovercraft all the way to the spy panned radio with pictures of every item that actually came in the mail. some of the items I have covered in the past episode and M covering today are mentioned in this book and some are not. there's about a hundred or so items in here. absolutely fascinating. look this: build a working laser pistol. note to self: find plans for a laser pistol. so without further ado, let's get started. number 10: the you control ghost. now, depending on which company, which comic book and which year these ads were printed in, the dollar value does tend to change, as with most of these vintage ads. surahs, thirty to forty feet or more in air, you control in secret, conceal in pocket, ready to operate. Rises, false floats, dances, spooky effects. seven-foot head and body, white shroud, secret control. also with the option to buy a horror record for ninety five cents, same price as the you control ghost. that might be a red flag right there there were a few of these you control gimmicks, like a monster ghost and a glowing skeleton. but the expectation was the same, with wording like remotely controlled- kind of sounds like remote-controlled. instead, children received a terrifyingly flat package in the mail with some instructions and on the verge of copyright infringement: Casper the Friendly Ghost, faced balloon, a large white garbage bag and about fifty feet of string, aka your remote-control guy. number nine: the secret book safe looks like any book to camouflage your valuables, securely locked with your own private combination. tough under structure, is covered with simulated leather binding. only $1, 69 cents. pretty neat little gimmick, but it could have been designed better. instead, what came in the mail was a book significantly smaller than the average book, drawing attention to, perhaps even prompting a fee for unwanted passerby er to investigate what the tiny book was about. the major flaw is, if a sibling had only 20 seconds before you came back from the bathroom, they could just easily tear off the flimsy card backing off the back of the safe number 8 monster posters. in the comments of the previous episode, this was probably the most popular item that the majority of you waited weeks for in the mail, and those were the monster posters. just imagine your friends shocked when they walk into your room and see the monster reaching out. bigger-than-life Frankenstein, a giant seven feet tall. his eyes glow eerily as his hand reaches out. as awful and sinister as the wildest nightmare, Frankenstein is 7 feet tall, in authentik colors on durable polyethylene, and so lifelike you'll probably find yourself toking to him now. there were a few different monsters advertised, like Frankenstein, Dracula and even a skeleton, with some being offered in the 6 foot and 7 foot tall sizes. but regardless, each child expected a life-size monster in the mail. that was so realistik they may even find themselves toking to it. what came in the mail was a two-piece poster. not one sheet, but two sheets of crappy plastik picnic table material with a sloppy monster portrait. this seemed to be the most popular ad, but earlier ads and versions of this poster were actually printed on a single long sheet of decent quality paper with a very nice painting on the front. number 7: snowstorm tablets. make snow any time of the year, endorsed. fill a whole room with snow. just place one of these almost invisible tablets on the end of a cigarette and watch them run for their sleds. if you were expecting to be sledding in the living room, don't get too excited. but these little pill tablets were pretty nifty. when the tablet was exposed to the lit end of a cigarette, a fuzzy chemical substance formed and began floating upwards from the cigarette, floating in the air, simulating snow. although the effect was neat, people remember the substance smelling rather toxic, which asks the question if it was a good idea for the person smoking the cigarette to continue smoking it with that toxic reaction on the other end. number six: toy soldiers. 100-piece toy soldier set made of durable plastik, each with its own base, packed in this pasteboard written in tiny letters: footlocker. each footlocker contains four tanks, four jeeps, four battleships, rifleman, machine gunners, bombers, cannons, etc. etc. children were expecting these figures to somewhat resemble the hugely popular three-dimensional army men and come in a giant military footlocker. what arrived in the mail instead was a tiny cardboard box filled, indeed, with little army men - a dimension. these were flat figures that looked like they had been run over by a steamroller, optimized to use as little plastik as possible yet to maintain their general sculpt. although some children may have been extremely disappointed with their flat soldiers, to someone that maybe didn't have a lot of toys or couldn't afford the regular army men, these were probably hours of fun with all the various and these two-dimensional lines proved to be very successful, adding Roman soldiers, Civil War soldiers, fighting ships, King's Knight's pirates and much more, even incorporating two different colours for battles and team fights. number five: the frontier log cabin. this huge western-style cabin is a child's dream come true. size, approximately 3 feet high and 23 cubic feet inside, big enough for 2 to 3 kids to live in this cabin of their very own. constructed of specially treated, safe, flame proof and waterproof DuPont polyethylene. use year-round, indoors or outdoors. walls and doors are realistikally imprinted in authentik Brown split log design. one dollar each, or five for $4? heck, sign me up for a hundred and I can solve my city's homeless problem. log cabins for everyone. yes, the dimensions are stated on there, even this mystikal polyethylene substance that a child really didn't give a rat's behind about, but a picture is worth a thousand words and they wanted to be Davy Crockett with their own log fort. now I scoured the web for hours and cannot find the exact tent, but I found similar tents as well as witness testimony. your dream cabin came to you in a flat envelope which included some instructions and a large plastik bag tent with a poorly printed log pattern. the ad failed to tell you that a card table was required to drape your plastik garbage bag- I mean polyethylene frontier cabin- over dotted lines indicated where to cut out windows and a door flap with scissors and some cardboard was provided to prop up the roof. so if any of you have this cabin or pictures of the frontier cabin, please email me and I'd love to share it with everyone here so we can all finally see it. number 4: the Big Bang cannon sounds like dynamite blast, brilliant flash, mighty roar, echoes, four blocks, fine July 4th noise maker, starting gun celebrations, etc. safe, no recoil, hundreds of shots for a few cents, uses, carbide, fast firing, attractively made of heavy cast iron. this was a pretty neat toy and although kids may have been expecting cannon balls to fly out of the nine inch long cast-iron cannon. it had a fair bit of weight to it and produced a nice bang. the cannon actually did not shoot any ammo whatsoever, nor have any recoil. instead, a special powder was utilized- calcium carbide- that, when combined with water, produced a gas that could be ignited with a flint spark and produce a loud bang. yeah, we're ready.

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RANT- Classic Comic Book Ads

hey there, everybody. pete here from comic book geezers, welcome to another edition of the show and my co-host over here, as always. hello everybody, welcome back to another episode of comic book geezers. i'm wild bill, the co-host of this show and the founding father right here, and we are in to see a tranquility studio. today, as you can tell, we have a little change of scenery for a few episodes. so, uh, thanks for joining everybody. we've got kind of a cool show. we've actually we've wanted to do this episode for a while and we every now and then we show some of those classic old comic book ads, and so we got the 60s, 70s and 80s. so today we decided: you know what, that's all we're going to do today. we're going to do a show all on comic book ads. so we'll take, uh, this, i pulled all these books from my collection. pete's been pretty busy, so i started off with 12 cent books. take a look. and this one i got from kirk. this is the oldest nick fury i have. look at that chunk in the cover. yeah, thanks, kirk. i actually did some taping on the inside last night. you're not supposed to tape the covers, but i taped it because it's it's torn all the way down. oh, wow, okay, we're here so i don't care. i notiked they did a good job so i wasn't going to show this ad. but there's a bunch of them, the, the lifter guy. there's so many of them because that page is ripped, i'll skip and move right along. so, uh, some of these i skipped because there's, you'll see him. but the pillows, yeah, i, the pillows does anybody. did anyone ever get them? i don't, i, never. i never wanted to order any of this stuff tomorrow when i was a kid- but i mean, i wasn't really reading until the late 70s, you know. but the pillow- i've never seen one pillows. i always thought those shirts look great. yeah, i think i've seen people when i was younger wearing these shirts, but i've never seen the pillows. and then the horse, the horse head. so giant stallion, mural, full color masterpiece. for how much do we got? we have to tok about how much it is. you tell me: a dollar, a dollar, four prints for a dollar. how much are the shirts going for? uh, this is what this book is, 1968, right? yeah, 467.. so the t-shirts: two dollars each, 1.50 for the pillows, 1.50 for the pillows- wow, and they're plastik. yeah, plastik pillows. we're double right, that's 1967.. or 68.. 68, okay, 68.. so things have changed. yeah, i would say: oh, this is. i thought it was interesting. it's a cheerios ad and they compare the energy that you'll get from cheerios like the world's fastest flying jet: six twin and terrible engines. he's got the muscle. look at that. he's got the, the cheap, the little. yeah, seriously, this plane did exist in the 60s. it's called the valkyrie. okay, how appropriate. but i just thought it was cool how they compare cheerios and the power to the power of thrust from this massive aircraft. there's like no protein in cheerios, so it's like it's all grain right, yeah, but you know, back in the day i mean nobody gave a [ __ ] about- i'll show you a strangle splash page for the hell of it. oh, there you go, there you go. uh, what else? let's see, i had a couple more. oh, for coin collectors. coin collecting was big back in the 60s, so this is an ad about coin collecting. and then that, you know, this is basically two half page ads. the top half is the coins and the bottom half is all the like the classified junk. and then, um, the surprise, coin packet had another one. i think it just okay. then they had all. they had a lot of these ads back then about if you're too skinny, how to bulk up, you know because, because, let me tell you, you look exactly like that. whatever it is in today's world, i could say i take offense to these, to these advertisements, yeah, but i'm not that kind of american [ __ ], so you won't hear me crying about it. uh, x-ray specs: oh, this is what i wanted to show you how those are. they show their own, their own when they plug their own publications. that's awesome. yeah, very cool. i don't have either one of these books. i don't either. what's lisa? is that avengers? yeah, i actually passed on this when we were at zap. it was a really poor copy. is it all reprints? i mean, i definitely want to get this. so, number two: avengers: king size angle. i don't know if it's reprints, but hey, we had a chance to buy it, but it was. it was in shitty condition, so i just passed on. it would have been nice to buy it, just to have it, bro. yeah, yeah, i skipped um. so that's that one. why don't you try one, pete? all right, let's see what we got this in this book that pete's pulling out is one that i got from him when he bought it a second time, which happens a lot. right, i've done a few times. hey, that's why i got to keep your list handy. i do, but sometimes i don't take them off the list. that's what i think i do and i don't save it. you know, i'm old school with paper. i don't do a email, yeah, i do, it's hold on. so you got a little spreadsheet so you can always check the inside. yeah, there you go. so here we go. so here is the, of course, the classic polaris nuclear sub: only 698, what a bargain. it's seven feet long. seven feet long nuclear sub. where are you going to put this? like where your yard, in your pool and your? i mean, what are you gonna do with this? it's cardboard, i'm sure. i'm sure it doesn't work, i'm sure it gets wet. and then, of course, you got waterlogged. the sad sack boys sell grit. look at that guy. that's another thing i wanted to note about myself. this grit, it said, america's greatest newspaper, and you can make uh, seven dollars a week every every news. there's 30 000 newspapers, 1.2 million subscribers, this is all the fine print here, and you can make seven cents profit per paper like this. yeah, i want to get out and work. there's an ad to be a paper boy, but i've never heard of the paper in my life. have you no? grit? grit, hold it up there. show that he looks like he's from uh, andy griffith's show this year now. uh, you can make one. one to seven dollars a week. oh, i mean, you could buy a couple comics with that, right, yeah, you could, oh well, wait a second. oh, wow, that read the fine print on the polaris nuclear sub. holy moly, wait a second. first of all, you can get a 10 day free trial. all right, if you send your your 698 to haunter house productions in lynnbrook, new york. but wait, there's more. the features of this thing: over seven feet long seats, two kids, controls that work. but do what we don't know: rockets that fire, yeah, what? she's probably straight up in the air. real periscope firing torpedoes, electronically lit instrument panel. is there? all right? so is it? if there's anybody out there who has ever owned one of these, we want to hear from you because, like when you put this in the ocean, in the lake, what do you do with this thing? i've never, ever seen anything like this in real life. no, i mean shoots rockets. i mean, where do i sign? i want one. holy moly, that's crazy. it probably comes right out of the torpedo tube and falls right on the ground, like that's probably what happens, man. so, in case you missed the first time around, here's your second chance for a high school dropouts to get diplomas. that's another thing i want to mention. there's always high school dropout diploma ads in every. because why? because they just assume young people are the ones that read comics. and have you ever dropped out in comics? you've got to be a dropout. it doesn't say much for the. the company does it, you know, but they'll take money any way. they can get it. oh man, make a ton of money. this advertising never fly today. streamline teaching for busy people. now, all of a sudden they're busy. so then they're not just dropouts and deadbeats, they're now also really busy, so busy doing what we don't know, because obviously they're not reading these books to get their ged. holy crap, i don't know. this is a treasure trove, all right. so here we got. uh, i focused on the norman rockwell ad. yeah, this was in a lot of them. right, that was you. learn how to draw. learn how to draw. i i saw that i hadn't ignored it, but now i'm drawn later on in life, thanks to the show that was. this was a lot of them. here's the uh, the uh, the checklist for all the goodies rig.

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Vintage Comic Book Ads! (The Stuff That Inspires My Art)

sea monkeys, x-ray glasses, mini spy cameras- these are just some of the amazing novelties that you could order from the back of a comic book. we're going to look at some of those and we're also going to tok about how some of this cool stuff from the past can inform some really cool stuff that we're working on right now. greetings people of the internet. i'm scott with cirque works art labs. welcome mad creators to the underground laboratory where we create robots, aliens, zombies and other imminent threats to humanity. a lot of those things can be found in the back of comic books or within comic books or in comic book ads, which is something we're going to tok about today: vintage comic book ads and other vintage just advertisements in general. uh, this stuff really inspires me and some of the work that i create, so i thought i'd share with you some of those things, because, even though we tok a lot about creating the artwork for comics on this channel, there's more to comics than just the art. one of those cool things that i really love about comics are those old ads that you would find in the back of comics, with all these vintage novelties and things like that. so i want to share with you some of my favorites and kind of show you how those have inspired me to create some of the things that i do. maybe they'll inspire you too. let's have a look. as artists, we all have things that inspire us. uh, the type of work that we create and a big inspiration for me has always been these old, vintage, retro style ads, partikularly from comic books, but also just in advertising in general, a lot of turn of the century type stuff, or more like in the 80s when i was growing up. uh, i i unboxed this partikular book mail order mysteries on an episode in a previous episode, but i didn't really dive into it. so i want to dive a little bit into that, plus some of the other uh, just resources that i use when coming up with ideas for designs, because a lot of what i put out there is and some of the stuff you may not see on the channel, but if you go to my website, if you go to like my online store, you'll see a lot of the posters of things that i do. it's very what i would call uh retro, futuristik, um, kind of like what our vision of the future would have been if we were in the 1950s, like kind of the old tomorrowland. if you're familiar with that look from, you know disney and everything that type of thing, uh, and and also these, these like mail order products and things like that that they used to have in the back of comic books. uh, i was never able to get any of these, um, just because my parents probably just thought they were garbage. and most of this stuff in here is garbage. this book actually goes through and sort of rates they. they actually got all this stuff that they, that they show in this book and they give it a rating and everything until if it was any good or anything. but of course, the classic right here, starting off, it's the, it's the x-ray specs. i mean, those are probably the most famous and this kind of stuff was so intriguing to me that i actually wanted to do this myself, and i don't know why. but you know what, when i, when i created my comic book young and the dead- it takes place in the 80s and i had thought that maybe it would be cool to sort of do sort of a vintage look. but because i wanted to save some time and everything, or not time, but basically budgetary concerns and also i'm a big fan of and, and also in the 80s there was that black and white explosion- ninja turtles and all that, all that independent stuff. so i kind of i decided to go with more of a black and white look. and i don't know if these ads look as great in black and white, they just you didn't see those in a lot of black and white comics. so i went a different route. but if i- but if i would have gone that way, i would have done some mock ads and things, because i think that stuff is pretty cool. and later on i did. i did do things like i actually did this poster here: um, these are actually products that i actually sell in my, on my online store. um, just little novelties. like i said, i'm a big fan of all these novelties. i've got, you know, these little brains that will grow when you add water. i've got, you know, if anyone remembers the old nickelodeon stuff, i get a lot of like the phloem and things. i've got my own version of that. uh, i've got, you know, slime, slime, the different kinds of slime, that's, uh, that's the noise making putty. and then i've got the glow-in-the-dark glob. i've got these little stiky octopus guys. but you can tell, i'm just a big fan of just these little novelties and it's more. i mean, these aren't, these are just little cheap toys. but i like to i what i like to do is i like to really focus on the packaging and create an experience around that. part of that experience was designing, like i said, this, this print, and i went back and i, you know, i wanted to match the colors, as you can tell, i mean, even look at this yellow and everything to really capture that look. but this kind of stuff is just a huge inspiration for the work that i, that i do. i'm a big fan of sci-fi stuff and especially sci-fi, as we would think it may turn out to be, like, you know, the year 2000, back in the 50s, the year 2000 was so far away you know that type of thing, but anyway. so so, yeah, big inspiration. but i wanted to kind of go through this because hopefully it'll help you if you're, if you're interested in designing things like this, some where i get some of my inspiration, and maybe you're into a different style of of artwork and you know, but it's all the same, you got to kind of dig through and find kind of what inspires you and sort of incorporate that in your work. but, as i said, i wasn't able- never able- to get any of this stuff. there's, in addition to x-ray specs, there's occu specs or aqua specs- sorry, uh, hypno specs and you know what ventriloquist dummies and things that you know would either teach you how to play like guitar or fan club. that's why, when i created a patreon, i wanted to sort of have that fan chub club vibe, and i like to do a little more with this. i'd like to actually have these little forms or like a little, you know, just sort of a like a cheap, like ring or decoder ring or something. that stuff was always fun. things that teach you how to do like karate, like karate secrets, deadliest fighting skills. i mean this stuff was all great. or the classic charles atlas where the guy's kicking the kid, kicking sand in the kid's face, and then he learns how to defend himself and everything. this is all just fantastik stuff, or just this little. it's basically just a strip of rubber that used to stretch. i mean these are the kind of things that you would get from the back of comic book pages. but learn jiu jitsu and all this different stuff, and this is something that i remember wanting to get, and this is just a painted rock. i don't was painted, glow in the dark or whatever, but when the superman the movie came out, i remember in the conse at the concession stand they were selling little pieces like these kryptonite rocks branded with superman and everything. i know this exact version. this is probably earlier version, but i so wanted that and of course, my parents were just like: it's just a rock, you know, if you know, we can paint a raw green and give it to you so. so i never was able to get that, but i just so wanted it and it was. it was just a rock, but the way it was packaged it and it's kind of like like one of the biggest success with something like this was was the pet rock, with just a rock in a box. but you're buying the rock, which anyone could go out and find a rock. it's no different than any of that, but it's the way it's packaged and everything, and i just always admire that idea that you could just take something simple and just put a different spin on and everything and it becomes something new and something more desired. um, these little toy soldiers- and look how thin these guys are it's kind of deceptive. i'm sure they never showed this version of it and they probably showed all these and you get.

What you really got from vintage comic book ads: Ventriloquism

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[Music]. hello everybody and welcome back to the chan chan in today's video. we are gonna have some fun with ventriloquist today. if there's any comic book enthusiasts out there, you might remember some strange, odd ads in those old vintage comic books. you know, advertisements for things like hypnosis coins, x-ray glasses, giant life-size monsters, heck, even live pet monkeys and of course those how-to books and how-to courses. you know, like getting that charles atlas body being a hypnotist. you know being a ventriloquist. and a big thank you to eddie from houseoftheunusualcom. eddie actually sent over to us a whole bunch of booklets. um, there was like how to build a laser pistol, how to hypnotize people, strong man stunts, how to perform them and the secrets of ventriloquism. this small 16-page booklet was published in 1977 by the johnson smith company and written by william oogler ogle- i'm sure it's ogle- and at the back of the booklet was actually an advertisement for all of the dummies that the johnson smith company had for sale back in the day. now, the first accounts of ventriloquism actually date back hundreds of years ago in the past and were first used in things like religious practikes and ceremonies. now, ventriloquism comes from latin venter, meaning stomach or belly, and loqui, meaning speak. so it essentially means to speak from the stomach or to speak from the belly, and the greeks actually called these ventriloquists gastromancers, which is the most insanely cool title ever. could you imagine? it's like: what does your dad do? it's like: oh, he's a freaking gastromancer. and the reason back then everyone was saying: oh, stomach, you're a stomach speaker and toker. it's because people didn't know that the voice actually came from like the larynx, like the voice box up here by the throat. people actually thought it came like right from the depths of your belly, and the sounds produced from the stomach of a ventriloquist or gastromancer were interpreted back then as voices of the dead, voices of prophecy or voices of a religious figure channeling their spirit through one's stomach. the religious ventriloquist could speak to and for the dead, tell the future or even lay out the wishes of a worshiped deity. one of the earliest accounts of this religious practike dates back to the priestess at the temple of apollo in delphi, which is ancient greece, who acted as the vessel for the delphic oracle. one of the most commonly recorded forms of ventriloquism among the ancients was actually something called divination, which can actually be found many times throughout the old testament. you shall explore the noble art of divination, we shall cast ourselves into the future. but in the early 18th century ventriloquism as an entertainment form began to emerge at markets and traveling fairs and since then the practike has never really ceased to exist in the entertainment world. you know, with big names like edgar bergen, jeff dunham, sherry lewis, who i grew up with. and, fun fact, did you know that lamb chop was a drunk? oh yeah, you sucks. don't have another drink on you, do you? i need gin and vermouth. what's the matter with you? i'm an alcoholic and even recently ventriloquism saw a resurgence with america's got talent acts such as terry fader and darcy lynn. so today we're gonna take a crack at ventriloquism and we're gonna see if this little mail away comic book ad booklet can help polish our ventriloquism. act to increase lung capacity practike as follows: first take a big, deep breath and exhale slowly, timing yourself with a watch or clock that has a second hand. okay, i just ran down to get my ipad for a for a timer. oh, forget about breathing exercises. i need to. i just need to work on exercise in general. he found that an average student cannot extend his exhaling beyond 30 seconds at first few attempts. oh my god, oh my god, i'm not like one of your students. i'm not like one of your french girls. ventriloquism man, i want you to draw me like one of your french girls, okay. and they also say that you want to establish your voice first and then choose a puppet accordingly, um to like match your voice, because obviously you don't want to try to like strain yourself and your vocal cords to make a voice for something that might be hard for you to do. the voice that i kind of wanted to go for was like a russian, like a, like a russian accent or something like that. um, and this monkey doesn't really scream russian accent to me, but i'm still gonna try. so i want to tok like this for my monkey, okay, so this isn't really russian voice. and i keep changing accent. practike by saying your natural voice, a, then your ventral voice, a, natural voice b, venture voice b. so be like a, a, b, b, a, a, b, b, c, c, d, d. i feel like my accent may be really hard on my vocal chords because whenever i'm doing it, i go like this to like squeeze it out. i'm like a, a, b, b. the most important thing to remember when practiking lip and mouth control is to always practike in front of a mirror. you'll have to remember that, even though your figure may be speaking in an angry voice, your facial expression will have to be passive or surprised. um, by the way, i got that monkey from like a thrift store for like three bucks. i was like looking for a puppet. i'm like i need like a ventriloquist puppet and i'm like, oh my god, i found this monkey and it was the only puppet there. um, take a deep breath through the nose and, with teeth and lips slightly parted, so that you give the appearance of a natural, relaxed look, breathe out slowly. is that what i'm supposed to do? i feel like i'm preparing to like go to the bathroom and take like a giant dump. first say hello, how are you? try to repeat the sentence over and over again in your vent voice as naturally as possible, without lip movement. are you how? how? wait, maybe i shouldn't smile so big like ha. how are you? how are you okay? that's kind of okay. we're getting there. we're getting there. remember to keep a natural and relaxed expression on your face. how are you? how? oh you? oh, my god, okay. so i read through how to do these hard things and it was really hard and it wasn't really a great explanation on this, nor did it really work when i tried what he was toking about. so this is a? um ventriloquism tutorial, secrets finally revealed by terry peterson, and he did such a good job with explaining how to do these. hard um sounds okay. and for p? um the tongue has to be on the top of the teeth, a little forceful, like peanut butter, i'm trying to say peanut butter, ready, peanut glitter. and for v you're supposed to see a f sound and really fast. so like victory um, f is a th soft sound. so let's say, let's say felix the fox, felix the fox, okay. and this guy also did an absolutely fantastik job of showing how you can like do this phone trick, where it actually sounds like you're on the phone. imagine you're lifting something very heavy and your voice starts to strain. that's really heavy. oh my goodness, that's really heavy. and there's the voice. you're the delicious. yeah, you're kidding me. no, i'm not. can i come over? well, i'm kind of busy right now. oh man, they're really yummy. oh my god, that's really heavy. that's supposed to be my voice. hello, hello. what are you doing? uh, nothing, uh, i'm just uh, doing a video right now? oh, video, what are you doing? what are you about? um, i'm actually just doing it on ventriloquism oil. that's crazy. okay, i feel. i feel like we have a pretty good grasp here, uh, of the concepts that we're working on. so let's, uh, let's, get on with the show here, okay. oh, my god, she's so gorgeous. oh my god, i'm so sorry. dutch, alejandro, can i kill you? um, alejandro, i think there's been some sort of mix up here or something. ah, i was supposed to receive a female pet monkey in the mail from a pet store. yeah, yeah, it's good, uh, no, no, alejandro, it's not good. this is not what i ordered. i am nanky. yes, uh, no, you're not pet monkey, you're some sort of weird monkey, russian thug or something. i a nailer, the donkey, i come. you mean, you're one of those monkeys from the comic book ads. yes, then why do?

Flippin' Through Old Comic Book Ads For Inspiration!

x-ray glasses, sea-monkeys, mood rings? what hidden gems and inspiration can we find in the pages of vintage comic book ads? greetings people of the Internet. I'm Scott with circlex art labs. welcome mat creators to the underground laboratory where we create robots, alien zombies and other imminent threats to humanity. we also create comics, and one of the things that I am creating for comics are some kind of book tools. you know, brushes and templates and all that kind of stuff. have you seen the comic maker toolkit or the kind of maker starter kit? you probably know what that's all about. but in order to create these things, I've been doing a little bit of research because I wanna, I want to give the best products I can, and one of the elements that goes into some of these products are fonts, comic book style fonts. so that's something I've been working on, and in order to do that, you know I want some kind of vintage stuff because, even though these are digital files, I want them to look. I want them to look like the real thing, like you would see in old comics, and and so I want to get inspired by that. and one of the things I really like are those old vintage, you know, Bronze Age comic book ads. I've got a whole bunch of them that I want to flip through because I've got this book here, the superhero book. it's basically a book of toys, games and all the cool stuff you used to get by mailing away in the in the back or in the in within the pages of old bronze and Age comics, or even brought before that, and I just remember the Ron J stuff. so this is going to be sort of a part trip to remember Elaine for me, because these books came out when I was a kid and there's a lot of stuff that I had and part just kind of researching and trying to figure out some. see if I can get some ideas or some inspiration for some cool style fonts that I can build, then I can create and put out to you guys. so without any further ado, let's dive into the first issue here. all right, so check this out. I am, I'm a big fan of, you know kind of vintage comics is. I'm sure a lot of you guys are as well, I. but one thing that I'm doing right now is I've been heavy into doing lettering and sound effects and things like that, because I'm building, you know, these products for comic creators that they can use. but I want them to look vintage. I don't want them to look like they're computerized or at least you know something that you could convert easily. so you know to make look vintage. so that's some of the stuff I'm working on, but let me show you just to give you an idea. so this is actually an ad that I made. I don't know if you guys have seen this before, but I wanted you know I've got all these mad science supplies and I wanted to tie it into comics. so I thought it would be cool to do like a vintage- you know, comic book style ad using all of my actual products and everything. so I wrote you know some awesome, you know kind of cool fun descriptions of them and everything and made it like a real ad. but what inspired me are all those old comic book ads. we know where you send away from the ex for the x-ray glasses or you know you the body building kits and all that cool stuff. so I, I recently found out about these things. now I, you know, I grew up in this time but I had never, I had never seen these books, these superhero catalogs, which is just these ads, and I found out about about this through the cartoonist kayfabe channel. if you're not familiar with that, you definitely want to check that out. I'll try to remember to leave a link if you're not already familiar. but they always flip through. you know, they get all these old like 50 cent comics where they flip through them. fortunately I've paid a little more than 50 cents for these. if I want to, went hunting I could have probably found some, but I just kind of I wanted them like right away as soon as I saw so, so I ordered them online. I think it got issues 1, 2, 4, 5. I don't know how how much they go into, but I'm missing. missing an issue 3, it looks like. but these are all like all those old ads that you have, and I bought these because this is just service inspiration for some of the comic book fonts that I'm going to be using. I've been designing, you know, fonts I recently put out. I put out a font kind of combo call and wouldn't I? Jeepers, Creepers, so that was around Halloween and it was one kind of funky, kind of Halloween sort of font, and another one those kind of spooky and everything, and it contains four different fonts. it's got like the outline version and the solid version. I'm working on another one now called freezer burn, which is sort of the classic, like fire, you know, style font and then a frozen font. but I want to keep putting these things out there. I want to keep designing these fonts. so I figured you know the best thing to do to get inspiration is to dig into some of these old comic book ads where there's a lot of comic book lettering and I thought it'd be fun to show some of this off. I'm gonna show, I'm gonna show some of these off, but I think I'll do a longer version for my patrons on my patreon. but just to kind of give you an idea, let's, let's kind of dive into some of these and we'll, we'll take a look and let's see kind of what treasures we can find. so here we go. so it's the superhero catalogs and even though they're kind of the cover- I'm not, you know, this is something that I don't know- you would find a font like that, but you know, but that's, that's the kind of thing that I could look at. you know, see how it's got. I'm gonna get, you know, I might get super geeky here, but look at the width of, like the e how, how fat it is here at the bottom and right in here and everything, something like that. that you know, I think I could do sort of a modern type version of something like that and that might be fun. anyway, let's look. but stuff like this: look, Galactus, collected goodies and all this stuff is hand done. this is before we actually most you know, before they really were. you know fonts, they computerize, cause and everything. but look at all that. that's all you know, hand lettered, and just some of the cool stuff. I mean I grew up, you know 70s and 80s, so the Mego stuff, I didn't even rely on the Mego figures. I didn't even know there was an invisible plane. I didn't. I don't remember any of this. I had the Batmobile, but yeah, I mean a lot of this. the fortress of solitude, I didn't even. I didn't even know this Hall of Justike, I mean, maybe some of this stuff didn't even come out because that's the thing they didn't show. it wasn't. photographs is just drawing. so theoretikally, maybe some of this stuff didn't even come out, or maybe I'm just oblivious to the fact that it did come out. but you know just, I mean this is just kind of a trip through time for me that I remember the whole happy taste of me goes. I forgot about those like yeah, look at this man, look at all these, and just the color scheme you could tell. again, I kind of tried to mimic that sort of color scheme. it's not quite as faded, I wanted to be legible and everything too, but but just get that sort of idea. but yeah, oh, these guys. so these are all the old classic superhero amigos, and the cool thing about these is they were not only where they did they have the, the DC characters, but they also have the Marvel and they were the same size. they they fit. you know you could play both of them together and I don't know that they've had too many things since that where they've had sort of that same scale together, in the same line that you can kind of play with each characters together. I did have this spider-man will Beall. I remember that had the Batmobile, even those spiders. no, spider car. he never really cooked that, so, so maybe some of the stuff did exist. but look at this, oh, yeah, a utility belt. you got to be kidding me here. so this is kind of fun it's. you know, some of this, some of these spots are really sort of inspiring. some of them you know just kind of, you know basics or whatever, but there's just little things that you could look, look at when you're looking through all this b.