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vintage racist ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

10 Old Ads That Would NEVER Fly Today

selling products is all about grabbing people's attention and hopefully getting their money. that means that companies have to put a lot of thought into their advertising to make sure that it appeals to others. so when we see old ads that seem rather offensive, they were simply just reflecting outdated societal views. stay tuned to see an old poster that we can't believe was once used as an advertisement. before we get started, take a moment to subscribe to the richest and give this video a big thumbs up. now let's get going with ten old ads that wouldn't fly today. the best things in life. remember cellophane? it was invented by a Swiss chemist named Jackie Brandenburger. in 1923, DuPont acquired the us patent rights for cellophane and built the first American manufacturing plant just a year later. from the 1930s all the way to the mid 1980s, DuPont sold cellophane and did all of the advertising for it. but DuPont idea of advertising cellophane was to wrap up babies and children in it to show how great the product was. considering that we now have plenty of warning labels to keep small children out of plastik bags, these ads would certainly not be published today. free fer Chubby's. let's take a moment to consider how far we've come in the world of plus-sized fashion, but back in the mid 20th century being overweight was not only frowned upon, it was almost shameful. in this Lane Bryant ad they were offering free catalogs for Chubby's. yet if you look at the ad closely, the chubby girl in the drawing isn't even that big, and we all know that sizing back then was much smaller than it is now. it kind of makes you wonder exactly how skinny people were back in the day, but it's the free food chubby slogan that really takes the cake. oh, and the fact that Lane Bryant still exists today as a major chain for plus-sized clothing innocence. this next ad is so offensive that we're shocked that it wasn't shut down instantly at this company's marketing session for it. the ad was created for loves baby soft. this was a fragrance that was marketed to preteen girls, who are all at that awkward age where they're stuck between being a child and a full-on teenager. the company was started in 1974 and their advertising campaign was nothing short of shady. considering that making a young girl look older and sexy is a guaranteed way to look like a creeper, we have to wonder what they were thinking with this one. the more you play, this is a type of ad that you know, had the exact sniggering when they created it. sega made a pretty bold move when they release this one, but given that they were marketing to a very specific group of people, they knew that their younger clientele appreciated this kind of humor- the more you play, the harder it gets- definitely did its job at selling Sega products. there were even ads about how you wouldn't go blind from playing the Sega Game Gear too much. they definitely knew what they were doing, but if they tried to pull that kind of stuff today, there would be a lot of backlash. Ovaltine: it seems that if you wanted to wake up gay back in the day, all you needed to do was drink a glass of Ovaltine. well, if you wanted to wake up happy in the morning, that's what you would have done. but times have changed and words don't mean the same thing now that they did back then. this ad would likely not fly today, not because it was necessarily offensive, but the words just don't have the same meaning that they used to. colored-pencils: kids love colored pencils. there's so much competition between companies to create the best pencils out there, but since this product is marketed towards children, the advertising has to be kid-friendly, with lots of colors and cartoon characters- honestly, we're not sure what the Creator is behind this ad- were thinking frito Bandito was a mascot for the Fritos company and they somehow thought that making a Mexican caricature out of him would be acceptable. if you look at the commercials featuring frito Bandito, you can tell that the company had to move away from cultural stereotyping if they wanted to survive. keep her where she belongs. we're at a complete loss of words over this next ad. believe it or not, the ad is for a pair of men's slacks. apparently, because he looked so good in his slacks, the woman was literally willing to turn into a floor rug to let him walk all over her. given that we're living in a world where women have equality and are taking a strong stand against injustike is caused by men, this is an ad that has no place in today's society. even back in its time, when it first came out, this ad must have provoked quite a reaction. doctors do what in today's day and age? we know that nicotine and tobacco aren't good for you, but what many don't realize is that smoking was once a very accepted practike. it was even encouraged by doctors for the longest time. so you can imagine the disdain that patients felt decades later when they were diagnosed with lung related issues that were caused by smoking. this Camel ad is not only misleading, but it has the support of the medical community. can you imagine the damage that this ad probably caused start earlier? we all know that soda is a beverage that kids shouldn't drink. well, most kids drink the soda anyway, but soda companies don't necessarily encourage it. but that wasn't always the case. there is a line of vintage 7up ads that encourage mothers to give their babies 7up. giving kids a sugary soda crosses a line, but giving it to babies is a definite no-no. the company was promoting the soda as something healthy that mothers could feel good about giving to their baby minstrel show. this ad is the perfect example of how far we've come as a society. it's an ad for performer Billy B van, who lived between 1878 and 1950. he was a well-known blackface performer and was a hit in the vaudeville circuit. then had even tried his hand at silent films, but that never worked out for him. today this ad is a good example of what racism was like in America not too long ago. sadly, this ad was viewed as acceptable well into the 20th century. luckily, if it were to come out today, it would be shot down immediately. blackface is just never acceptable. that's all for 10 old ads that wouldn't fly today. what do you think? share your thoughts with us in the comments below. thank you so much for watching.

MORE Ads of the Past That Would be BANNED Today

these are genuine ads from the last century. if you have a sensitive nature, some of these ads may disturb you. you've been warned. these are ads of the past that would be banned today. everybody knows winston tastes good like a cigarette. should, yeah. [Music]. in the 1800s, major drug companies were promoting the legal use of highly addictive narcotiks. until 1970 you could buy some over-the-counter narcotiks without a prescription for the common cold. ads for the popular drink oval teen use the adjective gay to describe their product as lighthearted and carefree, not as a reference to homosexuals. [Music]. then there were many ads that downgraded women, saying that they were plotting to catch a man using taste tempting treats. [Music]. many ads used racial stereotypes, with blacks toking in a slang dialect that was used to sell various products. [Music]. then there were celebrities that would tout the benefits of smoking as if it were healthy for you. [Music]. what better time to start drinking cola? why, when you're a baby, of course. be a good mom and give your baby some cola. [Music]. america's most enjoyable cigarette presents the lucille ball desi arnez show. i love lucy. [Music]. one of the many benefits of cigarettes in 1881 was apparently a remedy for asthma. you have got to be kidding. [Music]. did you know that german chemist felix hoffman invented both aspirin and heroin within a two-week period while working for bear in 1897? well, now you know what can i say about this one. did they really think this was a good marketing campaign? shaking my head. [Music]. news flash: name change of the week. oh, thank god they changed their name. [Music] that lane bryant really knew how to target their market. good thing they weren't too insensitive about it. hey, pale face, that's right, i'm toking to you, white boy. don't tell me i'm not patriotik. [Music]: dodger baseball brought to you by the makers of lucky strike. the cigarette that's made better to taste better. be happy, go lucky stripes. [Applause]. [Music] what's probably not good for your overall health is camel cigarettes. i'm not sure why these doctors smoked camels, but i suspected something to do with advertising dollars. moms, babies and beer. they go together like bread, butter and tequila- a natural [Music] combination. there were like a ton of these racist ones. bleach your skin, so you'll be like the white folk. [Music] top point washers and dryers kept your wife happy, pretty and pregnant. what a bargain for less than five hundred dollars. question: what's good for anxiety, depression, the flu, exhaustion and hysteria? why a mixture of herbs, salt and wine, of course, 1939 style. who doesn't want to know about oriental love ways? 48 full color photographs, too, for only 298.. what a bargain. [Music]. that's why i smoke, viceroy. and when you think your way through all the filter claims, you come to the cigarette with the thinking man's filter, the smoking man's taste, viceroy. [Music] let's not mince words here. get right to the point and just think you can make this happen with no diet, no exercise and no drugs. sign me up. [Music]. what's this? a club in the sky for men only. where's the ladies lounge? isn't united airlines supposed to bring us all together? [Music] dr scott's has one hell of a hair brush here. not only prevents unwanted scalpings, but also prevents headaches, dandruff and baldness. [Music]: wow, cocaine and tablet form, and they're good for hay fever, throat troubles and sleeplessness. it's a cure for almost everything. [Music] ladies, if you want a clear, fresh complexion, just eat some of these completely safe arsenic wafers. uh, i think i'll pass whiskey toothpaste. i'd be brushing my teeth ten times a day, but what do you use to get rid of whiskey breath? [Music] here's an ad comparing smoking philip morris cigarettes with the feeling of pride at being a new parent. enjoy the fresh, unfiltered flavor. and that's just what camels are: mild and good tasting, pack after pack. i know i've been smoking them for 20 years, so why don't you try them yourself? you'll see what i mean. [Music]. so let me get this straight: if you're lonely, it's probably because you're too skinny, ladies. but don't gain too much weight, because then you'll be fat shamed. every woman i know wants a new vacuum cleaner for christmas. not, do they still make hoovers? [Music]. thank god those cigarettes have a nice soft pillow to kneel on. they deserve a crown. [Music]. what do you mean? if she doesn't give it to you, you get it yourself. i guess you'll just have to buy your own. what's so offensive about a couple of white guys dressed up as chinese eating a bowl of corn flakes? why nothing, apparently? if you're kellogs, well, this looks like a good idea. have your baby shave with your razor before you try it out. if he doesn't cut himself, you're good to go. [Music] and last but not least, cocaine toothache drops. it's an instant cure for tooth pain and only costs 15 cents. what a bargain. thanks for stopping by, guys. till next time. this is rich from rerun zone. signing off you.

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10 Most Racist Old Cartoons

the 1930s were the golden years of racist cartoons, but watch them today and you'd be pretty shocked. So, from bizarre depictions of Japanese people to unbelievably offensive depictions of black people, These are the 10 Most Racist Old Cartoons. in 1968, 11 cartoons were banned forever. they were dubbed 'the censored eleven', And you are about to find out why they were banned: Because number 10 on our list was among them. it's called Coal Black And De Sebben Dwarves. this is a WW2 propaganda film in which popeye beats up and drives a Japanese man to commit suicide. the film was produced to teach children not to trust the Japanese, So it's no wonder why old people are so racist. it's called: you're a sap, Mr Jap. Welcome to the bizarre world of Soviet animation. this 1961 propaganda film features offensive depictions of Middle Easterners, Africans, Hispanics and Asians, Which is basically everyone. It's called Valuable Kopeck. this is another ww2 propaganda film. although it is anti-japanese propaganda, there is a hint of irony. it is introduced as a film produced by the Japanese military, showing off their tiknology, which turns out to be quite primitive. everything about it is racist and it's called Tokio Jokio. In this one, Betty Boop presents a stage show for performing children. in one segment, a trio of black babies cry until they are distracted by watermelon. It's called Making Stars. There has been more than one cartoon duo called Tom and Jerry, And this was one of the first. they are on a plane trip to Africa when they decide to blend in with the locals and they did so in the most racist way possible by adopting blackface. it's called plain dumb. even know. this is an anti-slavery film. it still shows happy slaves tapdancing and eating watermelon. It just goes to show that in the 1940s even people who weren't racist were racist. It's called Uncle Tom and little Eva. From this point onwards, the cartoons are ridiculously racist. This one is offensive from the get-go. It follows the story of an Indian child called Sambo. Sambo being a racial slur, It's called Little Black Sambo. For number 2 we have another from the censored eleven. It shows dancing African cannibal tribesmen. They have big lips, grass skirts and neck rings. It's called Jungle Jitters. brace yourselves, because this one is unbelievable. It's unbelievable.


Black Folks and Chicken: KFC TV Ads 1967 - 2010 | Black Folks Sell You Stuff

you know, like a lot of people be telling me, Dave, you know he just got relaxed, erasing something. we bugging you too much. we think about it. sometimes she don't happen. you know, a lot of black people can relate to this. have you ever had something happened that was so racist that she didn't even get mad? he was just like that was. that was racist. I'm so late. he was like I was the end of Mississippi. I was in Mississippi doing a show and I go to the restaurant to order some food and I say to the guy I said I would like to have. before I even finish my sentence, he says the chicken. I could not believe it. can I believe that? [ __ ]. this man was absolutely right. I said: how did he know that I was gonna get some chicken? [Music]. who's got time to make dinner when you're busy making history? Colonel Sanders. Kentucky Fried Chicken tastes great and it's so convenient. you can pick it up whenever you want it. Cleopatra didn't stop to fix dinner. why should you? you make history. we'll make dinner. Colonel Sanders already made history by fixing Sunday dinners seven days a week. [Music]. who's got time to make dinner when you're busy making history? Kentucky Fried Chicken tastes great and it's convenient. Cleopatra didn't stop to fix dinner. why should you? you make history. let Colonel Sanders make dinner. I thought you were going to surprise your mom and cook dinner, Oh papa, but it turned out to be a bad day for cooking. oh well, first up, it's a salt and pepper shaker. folks like my Kentucky Fried Chicken, so much is they think up excuses not to cook. my secret recipe makes sense: a finger lickin good. that is hard to think of cooking or eating. anything else. I couldn't come on over and visit the gardens must be accompanied by a child in order to get theirs. this week, the kite as long as their last. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken. do you want Kentucky Fried Chicken? you have to visit me or visit the colonel and have a piece of chicken busy, go ahead when you eat his chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken, the real, old-fashioned straight. it took the colonel years to find his secret recipe, but all kinds of folks were waiting for it. reach into a boxer bucket a finger licking good chicken and forget the hustle and bustle for a while. and like the colonel says, he'll folks. my fresh, never frozen chicken were those 11 herbs and spices on it. they'll call you a champion cook. Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken. if you want Kentucky Fried Chicken you have to visit me. we hear you got a real great burger. [Music]. zena's, get you free of charge. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] howdy colonel- 94. all right, I just thought of something she didn't put. 90, apparently, right now we got our hands full putting out our hunger. oh, I see you're using my chicken. do colonel ploy? is your chicken so cool? well, it's that secret recipe of 11 different spices and herbs. and then I always use fresh, never frozen, chicken. thinkin of cookin. how's that pretty little brighter you're doing, Artie? oh, just fine, the colonel tell you. you know that disagreement we had about her cooking. yes, yes, well, I just told her: when you can get chicken like this, why cook at all? last night Russ peeler, owner of Lake Edna KFC, opened hammers eyes to new popcorn chicken. delicious, crispy, bite-size morsels, a whole new way to enjoy the Colonel's chicken. huh, oh yeah. my problem was no one could get him to go on until the last piece was gone. new KFC popcorn chicken. treat yourself for 199 the ban. just $5.99 in Lake Edna or your neck of the woods. now we all know hammer loves popcorn chicken. well, right now KFC is offering the super PAC combo. it's a small popcorn, chicken, small fries and a Pepsi for just 469 and for a limited time we'll throw in a 16 stik super pack of Trident gum free. so, Hammer, what do you think about that? we figured the KFC super fat combo just for 69, but only for a limited time. hey, how is the muster that a Tokyo. then you're going through a burger. have you seen at the Colonel's? I know we always get fresh, quality chicken. now, this is a good meal at a price that makes good sense. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. you gotta stop pestering me, son. I'm not what you're after, I'm a college chick rooster, that is. we gotta go to Kentucky Fried Chicken if you want great- I say great- taste in chicken. no one cooks it tender like the colonel. well, just one tasted that finger licking good chicken and you'll never go anywhere else. there ain't no substitute for honest to goodness Kentucky Fried Chicken. I say Kentucky Fried. [Music]: our Kentucky Fried Chicken. we'd like you to know your rights. you've got a right to the only chicken cooked freshmen the curls, 11 herbs and spices. you've got a right to chicken cooked under pressure. squeeze flavor into each juicy bite. you've got a right. the chicken tastes so good it could only be original recipe chicken. now, aren't you glad you know you're right. [Music]. I do one thing I sing. by doing one thing all my life I developed my own special style, my Kentucky Fried Chicken. all they do is chicken, but they do it like nobody else. [Music]: hi, but I'm best at is singing my voice, my movements, in my own special style. like Kentucky Fried Chicken, secret herbs and spices gives it a special style which makes the best and nobody else can do. [Music]. welcome to Chicago, hey, little sandy. yeah, I knew. welcome to the Windy City, thank you. are you just passing through? oh no, I'm here to tell the good folks of Chicago about an offer. I know they're really your life. now. get two pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken and corn on the cob, all for under a dollar. our buck. a meal deal for under a buck only where you see the banner. till April 10th, from 11:00 to 3:00. give me five. well, that's five, all right, I was gonna cook dinner and just seen the choy. because that great conductor, Fred, chicken taste is what I'm hungry for. will I taste, in a drumstik, delicious chicken pieces cooked to the Colonel's secret recipe, with the unique taste of 11 herbs and spices. there's nothing like [Music]. there's something special happening at Kentucky Fried Chicken. we start with real buttermilk and we make a fresh all through the day- fresh like our chicken, because that's the Colonel's way. take it out, everybody. our kids are out of their rooms. we actually see their faces. oh, my god, he's taller than I remember because we've got the KFC favorites bucket. everybody get what they want. we love this new extra crispy, boneless, mm-hmm. now you don't tok to us if somebody's battery runs out, then you know, maybe we can actually carry on a conversation in pieces. any recipe, $12.99, and you know what I want: all of us being together. oh, they don't care about there. how do you know this one? get some chicken. you look at me like I was crazy. come on, buddy, come on buddy. hey, everybody new shows you off to the goddamn door. you're gonna get some [ __ ] in a no secret down here that blacks and chickens are quite fond of one another. then I finally understood what he was saying and I got upset. I wasn't even man, I was just upset. I wasn't ready to hear that [ __ ]. all these years I thought I liked chicken because it was delicious turns out. I'm genetikally predisposed to liking chicken. [Applause]. exciting things are happening at Burger King. welcome to Burger King. oh, what's in those new chicken snack wraps? what's in the new? the new chicken snap wraps? come & get it at perfect. need a tip when you're stuck in an awkward situation? so easy. KFC's Krab plays on a huge variety of delicious chicken and plenty of tasty sides.

7 Racist And Sexist Ads That Are Shockingly Recent - The Spit Take

hello the internet and welcome to another episode of the spit-take. my name is Jack O'Brien, I'm the editor-in-chief of cracked, and some advertisements are like that brief glimpse of the guy in the bear costume and the shining and arousing beacon of hope that you're not alone in a sexual wilderness and other people are into the same weird thing. that you wait, I'm being told. most people find that seem creepy, so let's take it from the top. my name is Jack O'Brien, I'm the editor in chief of cracked and some advertisements were like that brief glimpse of the guy in the bear costume in the shining: a chilling clue about the messed up that went on behind the scenes. that gets edited out of history books and newspaper stories about places and times you only think you know. for instance, the late 70s was a long, weird time ago, but it's recently left that people who were horny during that decade are still alive, which is both convenient and terrifying, because I have some questions for them. does one person nobody can resist, and that's a baby. so love made baby soft with the innocent scent of a cuddly, clean baby that grew up very sexy. so that perfume is for children between the ages of 12 and 15, but II D must be targeting people who are already way too big a fan of that demographic and hopefully in jail tok about preaching to the choir pedophiles- which, by the way, the 70s is a phrase I had to make up and we've learned some pretty upsetting [ __ ] about priests these last 40 years. also, is her face numb because that's not how lollipops work, and ask if she's having a stroke? but hey, maybe that's your thing the 70s? anyone that needs to wear a diaper? I don't know anymore. the really troubling thing is those ads weren't even controversial like in the 90s when Calvin Klein tried to pass off screening interviews for a snuff film as marketing and we're immediately shamed into pulling the ads. or more recently, when American Apparel CEO made everyone feel like a sex offender until he was removed as CEO for being a sex offender. when baby soft creeped on to the scene in 1974, it actually started a trend like this MetLife insurance ad that targeted dads by showing them a picture of a prepubescent girl in her underwear. dads love that. and the famous ad featuring a fourteen-year-old, Brooke Shields, telling us she's not wearing panties while the camera pans over crowd. you want to know what comes between me and my Calvin's? nothing, Calvin Klein Jeans. rather than being creeped out by those ads, everyone was like a star is born, find out if she'll do nudity. then some guy fell in love with Jodie Foster as the child prostitute and taxi driver and shot Ronald Reagan to impress her, and adult males were suddenly aware of their mustaches and molester glasses and they felt shame like a sex offender. Garden of Eden. back in the year 2000, Nike attempted to capitalize on this hip new thing Generation X invented, called trail running, otherwise known as running. the danger was that unasked, faulted terrain is more likely to turn ankles and lead to jogging related spinal injuries as literally no one in history has ever experienced ever, which is why I was super weird for Nike to deliver a print ad that explicitly promised their shoes would not paralyze you. I'm just gonna go ahead and read the text of this ad and hope you don't hate me for it. how can a trail running shoe with an outer sole designed like a goat- Oh, help me avoid compressing my spinal cord into a slinky on the side of some unsuspecting conifer, thereby rendering me a drooling, misshapen, non-extreme trail running husk of my former self, forced to roam the earth and a motorized wheelchair with my name embossed on one of those two little license plates you get at carnivals or state fairs fastened to the back. that's probably enough. you get it right. what a cool, even-handed way for a manufacturer of sporting goods to characterize people who suffer debilitating sports injuries. too bad, suckers. we make shoes for people who have feet. cue. hey, at least they had a chance to make up for it years later with they're not at all overcompensating oscar pistorius bullet themed ad campaign and everyone lived happily ever after, never to regretted decision again. look, I'm not gonna pretend you had any preconceived notions about what Estonia is like, but you probably remember the year 2012, right? Obama was president, you were wearing clothes you could probably still pull off today, and this Estonian gas company used a picture of the gates in front of Auschwitz on their website. the director of the company explained that he designed that after touring Auschwitz and learning that they used gas heating at the facility and apparently immediately stopped listening. yeah, I'm loud. - John said the game. you might remember this ad in which David Ortiz and Brian Urlacher beat up on Yang and Lao to the Giants of the game. - John sat the game. get it. they're small. everyone has a laugh at the absurdity of a shuttlecock getting embedded in someone's leg and also the absurdity of the word shuttlecock. there's just one problem: yang and Lao are actually Bob and Howard to the top badminton players on Team USA, even though calling Asian people by Asian sounding words is, like the first thing we learn, is racist. it's not at all uncommon in advertising appears. what's with the new sports car? how about a ride maybe? when their 2007 Super Bowl ad clearly made in the year 1987 it failed to make sales, Jeannie calm, a household name- they decided they knew what the problem was. they hadn't insulted half the people on earth. King, we have no customers. no voice actor for both Ling Ling and ching-ching may not know any actual Asian people, but he seemed Breakfast at Tiffany's, so he's got this. I'm guessing it's the same person, since they don't even really try to do two different voices. it was to say that backlash was confusingly mild. the next day, wired asked if the pandas speaking in ridiculous Asian accents was offensive or if we are all just suffering from white guilt. why are you no? white guilt isn't something you hallucinate because of an overactive gallbladder? right, at least you can blame it on the advertising agency. nope, and a move that should have been rejected at at about 20 different levels. the CEO sales genie wrote that ad himself explaining: I'm Indian and people have been making fun of my accent for years. poor guy only spends time with the rich and powerful people we let run our country. of course he's gonna think casual racism is okay. Big Ups to Intel for pulling this racist ad before it hit most of its intended audience. smaller ups for making it in the first place. it clearly had a successful casting call for the whitest man alive, but when the photographer instructed him to fold his arms as smugly as humanly possible, somebody should have probably had second thoughts. maybe it was the fact that the six black athletes weren't actual there and are in fact one black athlete cloned six times in Photoshop. oh, by the way, you can find this same white male fantasy starring in conversations about the inferiority of black quarterbacks for the next six months. so enjoy that. NFL fans. if you made a movie about 1980s England, it would be about skinny white drug addicts dancing the prog music and dirty warehouses. that is literally the only thing that happened in England in the eighties, as far as I know, but apparently they were also making their orange drink purchasing decisions based on ads that answer the age-old question: hey, what if song of the south had come out right after the Civil War, when America wasn't all progressive? in just 43 short seconds, Kia Ora walks us through every condescending stereotype white Americans have, in vain, for black people. apparently other countries didn't get the memo about those being offensive. for instance, here's what a 2006 earthquake preparedness pamphlet made by the Tokyo Metro government looked like: a quick sidebar before iya white American continued to point out how racist other countries are. you're not gon.

Top 10 Insanely Racist Moments In Disney Movies That You Totally Forgot About

wait. how did we not notike these the first time around? welcome to watchmojocom, and today we're counting down our picks for the top ten insanely racist moments and Disney movies that you totally forgot about before we begin. we publish new videos every day, so be sure to subscribe for more great content. for this list. we're ranking the most embarrassing, anachronistik or cringe-worthy moments of racism that Disney would likely want their fans to forget or ignore. we're not passing judgment on the people behind the scenes at Disney here, as many of these moments were a product of their time, but it should also be discussed how many of them haven't exactly aged well. number 10: sunflower Fantasia. Fantasia was certainly an early example of a Disney classic, an amazing combination of classical music and animation that still holds up today. what perhaps doesn't hold up so well as a character included on the film's initial theatrical run. her name was sunflower and she was a black female centaur, or centaur Rhett, who's seen waiting on her white brethren during a segment titled the pastoral symphony. sunflower is drawn with exaggerated black features and is a clear example of a visual stereotype that didn't need to be there in the first place. perhaps this was the reasoning behind Disney's decision to remove the character from prints starting in the mid 60s. number 9 Japanese soldier caricatures- commando duck. it may seem strange today to think of cartoons as wartime propaganda, but this was actually a common practike during World War two. commando duck was one such short by Disney, a cartoon that sees donald duck parachuting into Japanese territory for a secret mission. the short tends to focus its plot primarily on Donald's battle tactiks, but there are plenty of racist moments, specifically with how the Japanese enemy is drawn. Donald's foes are deliberately presented with slanted eyes, buck teeth and overblown accents. I think- my pardon, I bought my stomach at you. berry Reverend, that's all right. happy cherry blossoms to you, please. this was certainly due to anti-japanese sentiment of the time, although it has not aged well when viewing the short today. number eight: conveyor belt- mammy doll, Santa's workshop. Santa's workshop was a holiday-themed disney short which, on the surface, is a harmless tale of st nick and his elves getting ready for christmas. however, early versions featured a troubling scene between santa and a pair of dolls as the toymaker is overseeing quality control on the assembly line. a white doll comes down a conveyor belt, says mama and gets approved by Santa. then a black doll tumbles down the belt, says mammy and stamps her own butt as Santa watches on and laughs. given that the word mammy was slang for a black nursemaid in the time of slavery and the dolls exaggerated features, it's no wonder Disney removed the scene from all modern prints. number 7: King Louie The Jungle Book. King Louie is a beloved character from Disney's adaptation of read your Kipling's The Jungle Book, but he didn't arrive without his fair share of controversy. King Louie and his ape subjects are the only characters that speak in jive slang popular with black jazz musicians of the day. Richard M Sherman was one of the songwriters on the film and has been quoted as initially wanting jazz legend Louie Armstrong to voice the king, but balked at the prospect of potentially offending the n-double-a-cp with a black man voicing an ape. so is King Louie racist or is it all in the eye of the beholder? you decide. number six: Arabian Nights, Aladdin. the american-arab anti-discrimination committee wasn't too thrilled with the soundtrack for Disney's in 1992 hit Aladdin. they took specific umbrage with a line in the film's opening song, Arabian Nights, where the peddler sings where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face. the committee saw this as disparaging towards the Arab people and complained to Disney for a lyrical change. the company did comply and replace the line for Home Video and on new versions of the soundtrack. the committee was also reportedly upset about another controversial line from the song: it's barbaric, but hey it's home, but hey it's home. but Disney decided to leave this one in for better or worse. flowers, riches, ooh, I could afford some manners, Oh. number five: Native American stereotypes. Peter Pan. intent can be a funny thing, especially when it's perceived much differently years later. this should be most enlightening. Disney's Peter Pan is an example of this notion, as evidenced by a shockingly racist musical number. with very innocent intentions. the Native American sequence in the film raises flags with the song: what made the red man red? we're embarrassing. Indian stereotypes are the order of the day. although the scene is light and bouncy and tone, the effect years later is rather cringe-worthy in its execution, a blemish on what's otherwise a classic slice of Disney nostalgia. number four: we are Siamese, if you please, lady in the. the intentions behind Peter Pan's racism may be up for debate, but it's a lot more difficult to defend the outrageous cultural insensitivity behind the Siamese cats in Disney's lady. in the post-world war, two tensions are the only probable reasons behind the obvious Japanese stereotypes of sy and em to villainous cats who sing this song. the twins are drawn with the same slanted eyes and buck teeth we saw earlier in commando Duck, and their entrance is even marked by a gong, something that hampered Asian stereotypes in film right through the 80s and 90s. number three: shun gan and the alley cats, the Aristokats. we continue with Asian stereotypes here, proof that negative depiction of such characters wasn't only limited to the immediate aftermath of world war two nope Asians were still being drawn with the same old slanted eyes and outrageous accents in 1970, as evidenced by Schengen in the gang in the Aristokats, Shangaan roles with thomas O'Malley's alleycat friends and performs his part of the song. everybody wants to be a cat with chopstiks and a buck-toothed the list. he isn't the only feline stereotype here, however, as there's also Peppo, an amorous Italian, and the trumpet playing scat cat who's modeled after black jazz musicians of the 50s and 60s. number two: the crows Dumbo. the term Jim Crow was used to describe laws or regulations designed to enforce racial segregation in the United States. the lead crow and Disney's Dumbo is also named Jim and has received his share of critikism in the decades since the film's release in 1941. although Jim and the other crows are generally friendly towards Dumbo, the fact that they speak in stereotypical black slang could easily be interpreted as lazy or racist. in their depiction of african-american culture, the gang does get to sing the films most memorable song when I see an elephant fly, but this doesn't change the fact that modern audiences might see the crows in a very different light. before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honorable- or in this case, dishonorable- mentions. [Music]: you'll be my man, party, party me. I'm the Fuller Brush man. I'm working me way to college. number one: Uncle Remus, Song of the South. Uncle Remus wasn't a Disney creation, but his depiction in this 1946 film lives on as one of the company's most infamous moments. Remus was a fictional character responsible for narrating classic african-american folk tales. when he hit the silver screen, however, Remus and Song of the South almost immediately struck a sour note with audiences. for starters, the film never explicitly presents itself as taking place in a post-civil war south, leading many to believe that Disney was marginalizing the impact of slavery. [Music]: there were also a plethora of black stereotypes to be found, which eventually resulted in the film failing to receive an uncut home video release in the United States to this day. do you agree with our picks? check out these other great clips from WatchMojo and subscribe for new videos every day.