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vitals shopify app

Published on: February 16 2023 by pipiads

Hey there guys, my name is Marcus and in this video, I will be showing you a step-by-step process on how to use the VITALS Shopify app for beginners. With VITALS, you can achieve everything under one roof, from product reviews to pop-ups, to volume discounts and more. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use all of these features and get the most out of VITALS.


1. Dashboard:

- Quick links for recommended features

- Boost revenue with pre-orders and upsell builder

- Volume discounts by x

2. Volume Discounts:

- Create volume discounts for specific products

- Choose discount type: percentage or fixed price

- Add new tiers for quantity discounts

3. Goals:

- Boost revenue with spend goals and discounts

- Select products and discount type

- Choose icons for display

4. Converting:

- Convert more with countdown timer and sticky add-to-cart

- Related products and extra checkout options

5. Announcements:

- Create announcement bars for promotions and sales

- Wheel of fortune for gamification

- Pop-ups for capturing leads and discounts

6. Improve Experience:

- Scroll to top button and auto-external links

- Facebook messenger chat and instant search

- SEO optimization with alt tags

7. Protect Your Store:

- Best seller protection and cookies bar

- Editor for customizing features

- Integrations with Clavi and Mailchimp

In conclusion, VITALS is a powerful app that can help you improve your Shopify store and increase your revenue. With its wide range of features, you can easily create volume discounts, boost revenue with goals, and improve customer experience with announcements and pop-ups. Test each feature and see what works best for your store. Remember, good marketing and a good product are the basics, so focus on those first. Thanks for watching, and have a great day!

Vitals Product Reviews App Tutorial for Shopify - Part 1: Setting up the app

Let's talk about the importance of product reviews in ecommerce. Research shows that 95% of visitors rely on reviews to evaluate or learn more about a product, making it a crucial element for the success of your brand. The Product Reviews app in Vitals is a complex app, so we've split this tutorial into three parts. In part one, we'll cover how to set up the app and get reviews on your products.

Setting up the app:

- Sort order: choose to sort reviews by newest first or by those with photos attached

- Preview settings: select how many reviews to show as a preview and after the visitor opts to see all reviews

- Individual controls for desktop and mobile

- Moderation settings: choose to hold all reviews for moderation or just the ones with a low rating

- Enable notifications for posted reviews

Customizing review settings:

- Review card settings: customize the look and feel of your reviews section

- Show review dates: choose to show recent dates or the real ones

- Show customers' full names: increases credibility

- Verified purchases: show verified icons on reviews

- Show star rating at the top of the page after the product title

- Snippets: configure how they look and where they appear

- Ban certain keywords

Requesting reviews:

- Enable the automatic sending of review requests to customers

- Set a time limit for sending requests

- Customize the email request with your logo, subject line, greeting, and content

GDPR compliance:

- Enable the feature for customers based in or shipped to the EU

In parts two and three, we'll discuss importing reviews from AliExpress or other review apps and how to manage them. If you found this tutorial helpful, make sure to subscribe to our channel for more weekly videos. Our customer support team is available 24/7 if you need any assistance. Thanks for watching!

The #1 App For Shopify Sites | Vitals App Overview

Are you tired of having a boring and non-interactive Shopify site? Look no further than the Vitals app! With over 40 features, this app can transform your site into something unique, custom, and interactive. In this article, we will be exploring the many benefits of Vitals and how it can increase your conversions and generate thousands of dollars in new sales.


1. Visitor Replays - watch what your website visitors are doing and gain valuable insights to improve your website design and SEO.

2. Upsells - entice customers to purchase more products by offering volume discounts and product bundles.

3. Countdown Timer - create urgency and incentivize customers to purchase a product before the sale ends.

4. Cart Timer - create FOMO and urgency by showing customers that their cart is only reserved for a limited amount of time.

5. Announcement Bars - promote offers and incentivize customers to subscribe to your newsletter or make a purchase.

6. Pop-up Ads - use pop-ups to your advantage by promoting offers, but be careful not to overdo it and hurt your conversion rate.

7. Auto External Links - automatically open external links in a new tab to keep customers engaged with your site.

8. SEO Alt Tags - automatically implement alt tags for your photos to improve your SEO.

9. Agree to Terms Check Box - protect your company from potential lawsuits by having customers agree to your terms and conditions.

10. Cookies Bar - inform customers if their information is being tracked and how it is being used to protect their privacy.

Vitals is a powerful app with many features that can transform your Shopify site into a unique and interactive experience for customers. By using Vitals, you can increase your conversions, generate more sales, and gain valuable insights to improve your website design and SEO. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your Shopify site to the next level with Vitals.

DESCUBRE la MEJOR APP de SHOPIFY 2021!! 🚀 (Descargala Ahora!!)

In this video, Anthony Rodriguez introduces us to the best application for Shopify called Sophie File. This application offers a variety of functions that can be modified and used to enhance our online store. Rodriguez shares his experience and insights on the application's features that can help generate more sales and leads. He emphasizes that the application is valuable and has a 5-star rating from over 1,823 users.

Here are some of the features that Rodriguez highlights:

1. Bushwick Revenue - This application helps increase sales by creating special offers and deals for customers. It includes the production 2 and bolt yum discount features that can be used to create product bundles and discounts.

2. Convert More - This feature includes countdown timers, animation effects, and sticky add to cart buttons that can enhance the shopping experience for customers.

3. Related Products - This feature offers product recommendations to customers based on their browsing history and preferences.

4. Facebook Pixel - This feature helps track customer behavior and interactions with our online store.

5. Accelerated Checkout - This feature skips the cart process and takes customers directly to the payment page.

6. Capturing Leads - This feature helps collect customer data and email addresses for future marketing purposes.

Rodriguez advises viewers to select the features that work best for their online store and to avoid using too many features that may not be necessary. By using the Sophie File application, viewers can improve their online store's functionality and increase sales and leads.

Is This The Best App For Shopify? YES. | 2022 Vitals Review

In this article, we will be reviewing an app called Vitals, which claims to be a 40-in-1 Shopify app. We will explore its features and determine whether it is the best Shopify app out there.


- Vitals offers 40 different Shopify apps in one package, including upsells, bundling, currency converters, social proof, trust badges, and more.

- The app makes free Shopify themes look more professional and functional.

- The price of $29.99 per month may seem hefty, but it is a steal considering everything the app offers.

- One of the standout features is the product bundles feature, which allows for discounts when bundling two products together. It is easy to use and doesn't require any coding.

- The app also offers a stiky add to cart feature, which keeps the add to cart button in view at all times. This is especially useful for long product pages and can increase conversions.

- There are many other features under the convert more section, such as a countdown timer, email marketing integrations, and more.

Overall, Vitals is a powerful app that offers a lot of value for its price. Its 40 different apps in one package make it a convenient choice for Shopify store owners, and its standout features, such as product bundles and stiky add to cart, can significantly improve conversions. While the price may seem steep, it is worth considering the cost of individual apps for each feature. If you are looking for an all-in-one Shopify app, Vitals is definitely worth checking out.

Vitals Shopify App COMPLETE Review & Overview Tutorial. 40+ Apps in 1😱

This article is a review of the Shopify app called Vitals, which combines 40 apps into one. The app is powerful and saves customers money in the long run by eliminating the need for multiple apps. It helps with conversions, presentation, and adding trust to pages. The app features product reviews, currency converter, wheel of fortune, product bundles, quantity breaks, visitor replay, pre-orders, Facebook pixels, recent sales notifications, trust seals and badges, sticky add-to-cart button, and hiding PayPal, Amazon, Google, and Apple Pay from cart.

To direct customers to install Vitals, go to the Shopify app store and search for Vitals. The link to the app can be given to customers to add it to their store. Once installed, Vitals automatically integrates with Shopify, and payment is made through the Shopify payment system.

To access Vitals, go to the Shopify store and click on the Vitals app in the apps section. The dashboard for Vitals will open, and the menu on the left contains different apps within Vitals. The dashboard also displays the number of assisted sales each app has helped with, which can be used to show customers the ROI of the app.

In conclusion, Vitals is a powerful app that combines many useful features into one, saving customers money and helping with conversions. It is easy to install and use, and highly recommended for Shopify stores.

Want a BETTER LOOKING and EFFICIENT Shopify Store? (Vitals Editor Breakdown)

- The look of your store is crucial for driving sales.

- Customizing every bit of your store to match your brand is important.

- The Vitals app offers a solution with its editor feature.

Using the Vitals Editor:

- The editor is found on the left-hand side of the app.

- You can customize the position of most apps on the page.

- Only active apps show up in the editor list.

- Not all apps are compatible with the editor.

- The editor allows for placement settings on the product pages and home page.

- You can save changes and preview them on the store.

Customizing with the Editor:

- To change an app's position, click on it in the preview.

- Three placement options are available: near the add to cart form, add to cart button, or product end section.

- The last option allows for the app to be part of or separate from the section.

- The editor offers a straightforward and awesome tool for customization.

- The Vitals editor is an excellent tool for customizing your store.

- The support team is available 24/7 to help with any questions.

- Thank you for tuning in and subscribing.

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