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vizio ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

The 11th Annual ThinkLA IDEA Awards presented by Vizio were held to celebrate the best work, companies, and people in the LA advertising, media, and marketing community. The event was hosted by KTIA's Dana Devon, who expressed gratitude to the entire community for their resilience, strength, and positivity during the last year and a half.

The judges from around the country poured over hundreds of entries and determined many of the night's winners. The event was made possible thanks to the many sponsors, including Vizio, Samsung Ads, Tremor Video, iHeart Media, and more.

The winners of various categories were announced, including Hearts and Science Legendary, David and Goliath Features Film, Reach Agency Pockets for Bits Gamer Snacks Level Up, and more.

The Best Entertainment Campaign was awarded to Hearts and Science Legendary, which celebrates the ballroom culture created by the black and brown LGBTQ community. The Best Auto Campaign was won by David and Goliath Features Film, and the Best Influencer Campaign was awarded to Reach Agency Pockets for Bits Gamer Snacks Level Up.

The Best Branded Content Campaign was won by Known in TikTok It Starts on TikTok, while the Best Cause Marketing Campaign was awarded to David and Goliath for Share for Her.

Overall, the ThinkLA IDEA Awards were a great success and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the incredible talent and creativity of the LA advertising, media, and marketing community.

VIZIO Product | M-Series Q7 Smart TV

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate entertainment experience? Look no further than the Vizio M Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV. This award-winning TV offers an unprecedented level of color, contrast, and clarity, with a design that is as sophisticated as it is stunning. But that's not all - the M Series also boasts the latest in gaming technology, a wealth of streaming options, and seamless integration with other smart home devices. Read on to discover why the Vizio M Series is the best in class for 4K streaming.


- Quantum Color: Experience over a billion hues of vibrant color, with Dolby Vision for incredible brightness, contrast, and color accuracy.

- Active Full Array Backlight: Enjoy richer contrast and deeper blacks with up to 32 local dimming zones, and ultra-bright 700 nits peak brightness.

- IQ Active Processor: Fine-tune individual pixels intelligently, reduce noise, and enhance fine detail for a truly remarkable picture.

- Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Audio: Enjoy the latest standards of audio decoding for an exceptional sound experience.

- Pro Gaming Engine: Auto Game Mode and Variable Refresh Rate with AMD FreeSync for smoother graphics, faster responsiveness, and lower input lag.

- SmartCast: Stream from the best selection of built-in apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, and Prime Video, with personalized recommendations and curated collections.

- Watch Free Plus: Get hundreds of channels of live TV with no subscriptions, logins, or fees, and access live news, sports, movies, and more.

- Voice Remote: Control your TV with ease using the all-new voice remote, with Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in for seamless connectivity with other devices.

- Smart Home Integration: Connect to popular smart home devices, sync your TV and room lighting, and control your TV with ease.

In summary, the Vizio M Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV offers an unparalleled viewing experience, with extraordinary color, contrast, and clarity, next-level gaming technology, and an award-winning SmartCast platform. With a sophisticated design and multiple size options, the M Series is the perfect fit for any living space. And with seamless connectivity to other devices and popular smart home devices, the M Series is the ultimate centerpiece for any home theater. Upgrade your entertainment experience with the Vizio M Series today.

Sports Marketing Upfronts - Day Three: PepsiCo & Vizio Ads Featured Fireside Chat

Great to see former alumni and current supporters of Pepsi beverage. Justin Thoman, Head of Sports Marketing at Pepsi, and Melissa, part of his team, attend a conference with brand innovators. They discuss their roles and responsibilities within the company and the importance of sports in Pepsi's brand strategy.

Strategic Approach to Sports:

Pepsi does not have a sports strategy, but rather a brand strategy. The company aims to achieve brand objectives through the power of sports. The unique connection between fans and sports provides a powerful tool for Pepsi to connect with its consumers.

Relationship between Brands and Associations:

Pepsi tries to carve out distinct and ownable lanes for each brand within its portfolio. Pepsi focuses on traditional sports like football, baseball, hockey, and soccer. On the other hand, Mountain Dew aims to establish a position in the NBA basketball world and instigate culture as a catalyst.

Personal Influences:

Justin Thoman's background as a decorated athlete allowed him to understand the marketing aspect of sports while still competing. The value of human connection and the thrill of a full arena fuels his passion for sports.

Sports plays a crucial role in Pepsi's brand strategy, connecting millions of fans with its brands. The company aims to achieve brand objectives through the power of sports, and each brand within its portfolio has its distinct lane. The personal influences of Justin Thoman highlight the importance of understanding the marketing aspect of sports while still competing.

How To Remove Adverts From SMART TV In Only 2 Minutes

- The issue of ads on smart televisions

- The frustration of being bombarded with ads while trying to watch something

- A solution to stop the madness


- Personal experience with ads on smart television

- Examples of ads while trying to watch shows

- Explanation of DNS and how it can block ads

- Step-by-step instructions on how to change DNS settings to block ads

- The downside of losing the ability to rewind or pause

- The importance of being able to enjoy shows without interruption

- Encouragement to try blocking ads with DNS settings

- Reminder that there are other options available for blocking ads on smart televisions.

VIZIO Support | Voice Remote (Overview)

Introducing the All-New VIZIO Voice Remote: Making Watching TV Simpler and More Convenient

- VIZIO is thrilled to announce the release of our all-new voice remote for VIZIO Voice

- This remote will be shipped with all 2021 V M and P series TVs

- With voice controls accessible from the remote, finding and watching movies and TV shows across multiple apps has never been easier

- It also simplifies controlling your SmartCast TV

How It Works:

- The SmartCast platform comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of apps

- With the new voice remote, users can say the name of the app they want to launch and it will open

- Switching between apps is just as easy

- Finding specific movies or TV shows is also simple – users can say the name of the show or movie and SmartCast will immediately show where it can be watched

- The content details page even shows the price if users can rent or buy it

- Watching content is also easy, with users able to control playback with their voice

- Users can also easily find new and popular content with a single command

- VIZIO's WatchFree app on SmartCast offers more than 200 free linear channels, and with the new voice support, tuning or changing channels is a snap

- The VIZIO Voice remote also makes it easy to control the TV, including enabling accessibility settings like closed captioning

- VIZIO Voice is also available as a feature through the SmartCast mobile app, bringing voice control to all existing SmartCast TVs


- Launch apps with voice commands

- Quickly find specific movies or TV shows

- Control playback with voice commands

- Find new and popular content easily

- Access more than 200 free linear channels with VIZIO's WatchFree app

- Control TV settings, including accessibility settings like closed captioning

- The new VIZIO Voice remote makes watching TV simpler, quicker, and more convenient

- VIZIO is excited to bring this new feature to our customers and can't wait for them to experience it for themselves

Vizio Smartcast Update Makes It Harder To Switch Inputs. Why They Did it? A Fix

Smart TV platforms have become a lucrative business for TV manufacturers, including Vizio, which heavily relies on its SmartCast platform to make money. However, the latest update to their TVs makes it challenging to skip SmartCast, which can be frustrating for users. In this article, we will explore how to get around this issue and fix connectivity problems.

Issues with Vizio's SmartCast:

The latest software update on Vizio's TVs makes it so that the TV immediately shows SmartCast instead of the last input used, making it difficult for users to bypass the platform.

If you go into your inputs and try to connect something or troubleshoot issues, a countdown occurs, which brings you back to SmartCast, even if there is nothing connected to that input.

Fixing the SmartCast issue:

To fix this issue, you need to hit the menu button on your TV or remote and go to system input at power on. Change it from automatic to a specific input or previous input, depending on your preference.

Once you select your preferred input, turn off your TV, and turn it back on again. It should bring you back to your preferred input.

Fixing connectivity issues:

If you are having connectivity issues with your Vizio TV, such as being unable to connect to the internet, try rebooting the TV. Simply go to menu, system, and click on reboot TV. This will power cycle the TV and allow you to start fresh.

While companies like Vizio want users to use their Smart TV platforms, it is frustrating when they force it upon users. However, their SmartCast platform is robust, and many apps are now available, making it a viable option for users. By following the steps above, you can bypass SmartCast and fix connectivity issues with your Vizio TV.

Why Commercials Sound Louder Than TV Programs

- Alan Kramer, CTO of SRS Labs, discussing the issue of loud commercials on television

- Second most annoying thing on TV after reality shows

- Congress trying to pass legislation to control volume shifts, but it's only part of the solution

- SRS Labs has developed technology called True Volume to control volume shifts at the endpoint

Why loud commercials are a problem:

- Can be disturbing, especially at night

- Can't regulate volume at one TV station and match all the channels

- Can't regulate volume at the point of other sources, such as DVD players or game consoles

- Getting the volume under control between program and commercial is complicated

How commercials are produced to sound louder:

- Audio signal from a TV show has announcers or dialogue at a certain level

- Crowd cheers or other sounds can cause the signal to go up, then back down

- Commercial producers push everything up to the maximum level, making the average level higher

- True Volume can bring the program and commercial levels to meet in the middle, creating even volume levels

How True Volume works:

- Understands how commercials are produced to sound louder

- Makes careful adjustments to be as transparent as possible

- Analyzes where volume shifts are taking place and adjusts accordingly

- Available on a number of TVs in the market from Samsung and Vizio, and will soon be available on set top boxes from major satellite and cable operators

- SRS Labs has developed True Volume technology to control volume shifts at the endpoint

- The technology makes careful adjustments to create even volume levels between program and commercial, and between sources on the TV

- True Volume is available on a number of TVs and will soon be available on set top boxes from major satellite and cable operators

- Hopefully, with True Volume, the only thing viewers will have to contend with is reality shows.

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