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vizio it makes selling on ads

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Vizio's Data Ad Profit Soars

Vizio, a low-cost TV manufacturer, has reported that they make almost as much money from selling data and advertising as they do from selling televisions. In their first public earnings report for the first three months of 2021, Vizio made a total profit of 38.4 million dollars from their platform plus business division, which sells viewer data and advertising space.

Main Points:

- Vizio's data and advertising division saw a profit increase of 152% year over year.

- The real growth and future for Vizio is in selling the data gathered by their televisions, rather than the televisions themselves.

- The more market share Vizio gains, the more advertising they are able to sell.

- Vizio was previously fined $2.2 million by the Federal Trade Commission in 2017 for tracking users without proper consent, but now offers a way to opt-out of tracking.

- Consumers should be aware of the intangible costs of buying discount hardware or using free software that gathers data.

Vizio has reorganized their entire company around their data business, and is looking for the most value and full integration from it. As a consumer, it's important to be aware of the costs and potential risks of buying discount hardware or using free software that gathers data. Would you prefer to be marketed to for a lower cost device, or does it bother you that your data might be sold and used later on? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Vizio 43" TV Unboxing and Mounting

- Andy Tik is unboxing the Vizio Smart TV, D43 FX Series

- The TV features full HD resolution and Vizio SmartCast


- Two HDMI ports (or three, according to the top of the box)

- USB port, component composite, digital audio, and stereo audio output

- Vizio SmartCast with free streaming content

- Apple Airplay, Chromecast, works with homekit and Google assistant

- Budget-friendly price of around $215 to $250


- TV opens from the top

- Comes with stands, power cord, quick start guide, and remote

- Remote is not voice-activated but has quick access to apps

- Brackets for mount included

- TV is easy to take out and mount

Setting up:

- Visa mounts can be used for better fit on smaller stand

- M4 screws required for mounts

- TV antenna and power cord plugged in

- Updates take about 25 minutes

- Tutorial takes about 45 minutes


- Watch free button gives access to free channels powered by Pluto TV

- Vizio-specific channels also available

- App row can be customized and moved left or right

- The Vizio Smart TV offers a lot of features at a budget-friendly price

- Setup can be lengthy but once completed, the TV is easy to use and navigate.

Vizio's Bergman Puts Viewer At Center Of Ad Targeting

Vizio Puts Consumers First in Their Ad Business: Insights on Data and Household Connect

Vizio's ad business is built on the concept of enhancing value for consumers. The Vizio audience is the primary asset that advertisers are interested in. When powering on a Vizio smart television, advertisers aim to engage in the home screen experience by adding value and enhancing the user experience.

Data Opportunity:

Vizio has been collecting opted-in TV viewership data through their ACR technology known as Inscape. This data is used to program and promote content on the home screen, promoting appropriate content to consumers in the search and discovery experience. Unique channels inside the Watch Free Plus streaming service are programmed based on viewership data. Advertisers can deliver cross-device ads based on TV viewership data, targeting households who watch live sports, for example.

Household Connect:

Household Connect is a foundational product for Vizio. It uses ACR data to deliver relevant ads to consumers across all devices in the Vizio household. Relevant ads are delivered in the home screen environment, in-stream targeted 15s and 30s ads, and on smart devices. Household Connect delivers targeted and relevant ads to consumers across all touchpoints.

Working with Media and Entertainment Companies:

Media and entertainment companies rely on Vizio for distribution, using the smart television platform to distribute their content to the masses. Vizio aims to provide personalized and top-tier content based on consumers' tastes and preferences. Vizio's smart television platform is at the center of media and entertainment companies' distribution path, providing standalone apps from the largest SVOD players to free ad-supported content and streaming channels.

Vizio puts consumers first in their ad business, enhancing value for consumers by engaging in the home screen experience and providing personalized and top-tier content. Data collected through Inscape is used to program and promote content on the home screen and deliver relevant ads to consumers across all devices in the Vizio household. Media and entertainment companies rely on Vizio's smart television platform for distribution, providing personalized and top-tier content based on consumers' tastes and preferences.

Who Makes Vizio TVs?(+ Main Pros, Cons)

Looking for a Smart TV that has all the features without the high price tag? Vizio Smart TVs may be the right option for you. But what brand is behind Vizio TVs and who makes these TVs?

Vizio is a popular brand of Smart TV that offers high-quality features at an affordable price. However, many people wonder who makes these TVs and why they are so cheap. In this article, we will explore the answers to these questions and more.

Brand and Manufacturer:

Vizio TVs are mostly made by M Tran Technology, a Taiwanese company that owns and operates several factories in Asia. These TVs are manufactured in more than one factory to get all the parts put together. M Tran was paid by Vizio to put the TV sets together for the customer. Vizio is its own brand and is not owned by another company like Sony, LG, or Samsung. These TVs are often associated with Sony because they have a similar look and are consistently high quality for the customer to enjoy.


Most of the Vizio TVs that consumers can purchase will be manufactured in Taiwan, where M Tran is located. However, depending on the size of the television, the TV can be manufactured in China. Any Vizio TVs that are 60 inches or larger will be made by a subsidiary of Amtran known as Foxconn Electronics, also located in Taiwan. Any of the smaller Vizio TVs will be manufactured in China. Based on the size of the TV you decide to get, you will know which country your TV is made in.

Pros of Vizio TVs:

There are many different benefits to choosing a Vizio TV for your needs. Compared to some of the other brands of Smart TVs, Vizio is priced competitively. For the same features, you will find that most Vizio Smart TVs are going to be priced competitively. The picture quality is important when you are looking to watch some of your favorite movies and shows. The Vizio Smart TV is a great one to use for watching these shows in a dark room. All of the mid-range and higher-end models are going to provide the right dimming backlight that you need to see things clearly, even when it is dark in the room. Vizio TVs can also produce some of the deep black shades that you need to see clearly. Vizio does a great job at limiting the input lag that you see. This helps the TV graphics to stay up to date and move right along the way that you want. For those who use the TV for gaming, this low input lag can be a great feature.

Cons of Vizio TVs:

While there are some great benefits to using a Vizio TV, there are also some negative things that may prevent consumers from choosing this brand of TV. The experience of using a Vizio TV is lower than some of the other brands that you want to use. The design and overall look are a little cheaper than other options, and there are a few firmware issues as well. This can leave the customer feeling like the company cut some corners when creating the TV. The upscaling is not as good as some of the other options of TVs you can choose. If you are using lower quality content like SD channels or DVDs, they will not appear as sharp on the TV. The HDR experience is not going to be as satisfying as some of the other TVs that you can choose. The lower TVs on this brand are not going to get bright enough to get all of the highlights to pop out.

Why are Vizio TVs so cheap?

Vizio TVs are often less expensive than some of the other brands that you can choose. These TVs are often missing some of the features that you may want in a Smart TV. They are also not going to have the best firmware compared to other TV brands. These TVs are manufactured in Taiwan and China, which helps to keep the costs of labor down too. These factors come together to make this TV less expensive.

Do Vizio TVs last long?

Vizio TVs can last a long time. How often you use it, the settings you choose, and how loud you make the TV will determine how long it lasts. It does not die out faster than other TVs. To give you a ballpark, they should last around seven years.

Overall, Vizio TVs are a great option for those looking for a high-quality Smart TV that is affordable. While there are some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh them for many consumers. By understanding who makes Vizio TVs, where they are manufactured, and why they are priced competitively, you can make an informed decision about whether a Vizio TV is right for you.

ThinkLA IDEA Awards Presented by Vizio Ads

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2021 Think LA Idea Awards! It's a pleasure to have you all here, and I'm your host for the evening, Dana Devon from KTLA. Tonight, we celebrate the best work, companies, and people in the LA advertising, media, and marketing community. The world may have stopped, but creativity didn't, and that's what we're here to celebrate tonight.

- Welcome to the 11th annual Think LA Idea Awards

- A celebration of the best work, companies, and people in the LA advertising, media, and marketing community

- Tagline: The world stopped, creativity didn't

- Thank you to the LA advertising, media, and marketing community for your resilience, strength, and positivity during the last year and a half

Thank you:

- Thank you to the judges from around the country for pouring over hundreds of entries and determining many of tonight's winners

- Virtual round of applause for the judges

- Thank you to the Idea Awards co-chairs: Elizabeth Bryant, Sam Perlick, and Lisa Tanner

- Thank you to all the sponsors: Vizio, Samsung Ads, Tremor Video, I Heart Media, Snap Helium, Luis Camano, and Key Activations

- Thank you to the Think LA staff, board members, council members, and event volunteers for making this event possible

- Cheers to the community who submitted campaigns and nominations and voted for their favorites

Best Entertainment Campaign:

- Finalists: Complex Networks, The CW, Hearts and Science, Legendary, Mediahub Global, Ted's Most Excellent Campaign

- Winner: Hearts and Science, Legendary

Best Auto Campaign:

- Presenter: Carl Meyer from Samsung Ads

- Finalists: The Canvas Worldwide Team, David and Goliath Features Film, Davis Ellen, Ocean Media, Walton Isaacson

- Winner: David and Goliath Features Film

Best Influencer Campaign:

- Presenters: Aaron Walton from Walton Isaacson and Gene Freeman from Zambezi

- Finalists: Blue Hour Studios and Horizon Media, Southern California Honda, Mediahub and RevXP, Qu Media, Reach Agency

- Winner: Reach Agency, Pockets for Bits, Gamer Snacks Level Up

Best Branded Content Campaign:

- Presenter: Serenae Croft from Tremor Video

- Finalists: In Ocean USA, Mediahub and RevXP, RPA, Team One, Known

- Winner: Known, It Starts on TikTok

Best Cause Marketing Campaign:

- Presenter: Adrian Papps from I Heart Media

- Finalists: David and Goliath, GP Generate LLC, Taste Made, TBWA Shy Day LA

- Winner: David and Goliath, Share for Her

- Thank you to all the winners and finalists for showcasing the best of the best in our community

- Congratulations to all the winners and nominees

- Thank you to everyone for joining us for this great show

- Cheers to the LA advertising, media, and marketing community!

TV Giant Vizio Turns to Streaming to Boost Revenue as Company Goes Public

Vizio Goes Public: A Look into the Future of the Company

- Vizio has officially gone public, with its IPO priced at $21 per share and trading under the ticker symbol VZIO on the NYSE

- Vizio is a well-known brand in the device business, specializing in smart TVs and sound bars

- The company is now moving into the media space and becoming an advertising and platform-driven business

Why Vizio Went Public

- Vizio CFO Adam Townsend explains that going public was the right choice for the company to bring its story to the market and reach investors directly

- Vizio is shifting from a single revenue source business model to a dual revenue structure that makes money both when someone buys a TV and when they use it

- The company is partnering with advertisers to bring relevant ads to its platform and reach viewers who are increasingly difficult to reach as they move away from traditional linear TV

Vizio's Strategy in the Streaming Era

- As more viewers gravitate towards streaming and cord cutting, Vizio is moving towards a platform-driven business model that integrates software onto its TVs

- Vizio offers hundreds of free ad-supported channels on its platform, and partners with ad agencies and brands to bring targeted advertising to viewers

- Vizio's gross margin on its platform business is around 70%, vastly different from the consumer electronics part of the business

- Vizio's integrated software provides data that helps inform content sourcing and advertising delivery, making addressable advertising targeted advertising the future of the industry

Hardware and Operating System

- Vizio partners with the largest manufacturers in the TV space to ensure a consistent supply chain, despite the global chip shortage affecting other industries

- Vizio's SmartCast operating system is an integrated experience that offers all content in one place, eliminating the need for extra cables and remote controls

- Vizio sees smart TV growth accelerating and expects more consumers to move towards its platform over time

- Vizio's move towards a platform-driven business model and integrated software platform provides more financial flexibility and stronger profit growth

- The company's focus on targeted advertising and addressable advertising will be key in reaching viewers in the streaming era

- Vizio's SmartCast operating system offers an integrated and seamless experience for viewers, making it a top contender in the smart TV market.

Vizio M550SV TV has major firmware problem - TV turns off by itself

The Vizio M5 50 SV television has an incredible picture and amazing dynamic range, but unfortunately, it has a major firmware bug that makes it unwatchable.

Issues with the TV:

- The TV turns itself off anytime there is a major scene change, particularly involving a fade to black.

- The problem happens with all inputs, including DVR, Blu-ray, and even the built-in Netflix app.

- The issue is repeatable and unresponsive for about 10 seconds before the TV will turn back on.

- Many people are experiencing the same issue and believe it is a firmware bug, not a power surge problem.

- Vizio offered to replace the power supply in the TV but denied any other problem exists.

Although the Vizio M5 50 SV has a fantastic picture and is affordable, the major firmware bug that makes it unwatchable is a deal-breaker. The TV will need to be returned, and a different brand will be purchased instead.

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