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vizio it tvs on ads subscriptions

Published on: February 12 2023 by pipiads

How to Remove Adverts from Smart TV in Only 2 Minutes

Are you tired of watching ads on your Smart TV? Do you want to watch your favorite show uninterrupted? In this video, I will show you how to remove ads from your Smart TV in just 2 minutes.


1. Go to your TV settings and select Network.

2. If you use Wi-Fi, go to Wi-Fi settings. If you use LAN, go to advanced settings.

3. Look for DNS server and edit it.

4. Change the DNS server to (or any other DNS server for ad blocking).

5. Connect and double-check the settings.

By changing the DNS server on your Smart TV, you can block all ads and watch your favorite show uninterrupted. However, this method may limit your ability to pause or rewind the video. But, if you hate ads like me, it's worth it. Spend just 2 minutes to change the DNS server and enjoy your favorite show without any ads.

Vizio's Data & Ad Profit Soars

- Vizio, known for their low-cost TVs, is making almost as much money from selling data and advertising as from selling TVs

- In Q1 2021, Vizio made a total profit of $38.4 million from their platform plus business division

- The data and advertising division saw a 152% profit spike during the same period

- Vizio has reorganized their entire company around their data business

The Future for Vizio:

- The real growth and future for Vizio is in selling the data gathered by their televisions

- The more market share they grow, the more advertising they can sell

- The value proposition of data mining and direct marketing is where Vizio's revenue stream lies

- The company is following the playbook of Facebook and Google in using customer data for revenue

Opting Out of Data Tracking:

- Customers can opt out of data tracking by following the instructions provided by Engadget

- Vizio isn't hiding their reorganization around their data business, but consumers should be aware of the intangible costs

- As companies face competition and squeezed profit margins, they will always be looking for new revenue streams

- Consumers should be aware of the intangible costs of their purchases, and decide whether they are willing to trade their data for a lower cost device

- What are your thoughts on Vizio's use of customer data for revenue? Does it bother you or do you prefer it? Let us know in the comments.

How to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV (Not in App Store!) | Hack

Have you ever struggled to add apps to your Vizio Smart TV? It can be frustrating when you can't find the app you need in the app store. However, there are ways to get both built-in and regular apps on your Vizio TV. In this article, we will explore the different methods for adding apps to your Vizio Smart TV and answer some common questions about app compatibility.

Ways to Add Apps to Vizio Smart TV:

1. Using a Streaming Device:

- Connect your streaming device (e.g. Firestik 4k, Roku) to your Vizio TV through USB.

- Use the streaming device's app store to download additional apps.

- The model or year of your Vizio TV won't make much difference in this method.

2. Casting:

- Use Vizio SmartCast, which supports both Airplay 2 and Chromecast, to cast apps from your phone or computer to your TV.

- This method allows you to download apps that are not available in the Vizio app store.

3. Google Play App Store:

- Use Chromecast via your Google browser to cast your screen to your TV's SmartCast.

- For Windows, use Miracast to cast your screen.

- Download more apps from the Google Play app store on your Vizio Smart TV.

Common Questions:

1. Can you download more apps on Vizio Smart TV?

- Yes, you can download more apps by using a streaming device, casting, or the Google Play app store.

2. Can I download apps using a USB on Vizio Smart TV?

- While there may be some obscure methods, it is not a widespread or known way of adding apps to your Vizio Smart TV.

3. How do I determine whether my desired app is included natively on my Vizio TV?

- Check the apps listed in Vizio SmartCast, as well as any updates or new apps that may have been added recently.

Learning how to add apps to your Vizio Smart TV can be a bit complicated, but it is definitely possible. By using a streaming device, casting, or the Google Play app store, you can get both built-in and regular apps on your Vizio TV. Make sure to check for app compatibility and updates, and don't forget to explore the post linked in the description for more tips and tricks on Vizio apps.


How to Protect Your Information on a Vizio TV

Have you heard about the recent lawsuit against Vizio for collecting user information without consent? If you own a Vizio TV and want to protect your privacy, follow these simple steps.


1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio remote and select System.

2. Scroll down to Reset and Administration and click it once.

3. Next, go to Viewing Data and turn it off if you don't want Vizio to collect your information.

4. You can also change the name of your TV in Input Settings to personalize it.

Additional Tips:

- Don't be scared by the Reset and Administration option - it's just a way to access your TV settings.

- You can choose to accept or decline Vizio's data collection when prompted.

- By turning off Viewing Data, you protect your viewing habits from being collected and sold to advertisers.

Protecting your privacy on a Vizio TV is easy and only takes a few clicks. Follow these steps to ensure your information stays private. And while you're at it, don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and tricks!

Vizio Smart TV: How to Setup for Beginners (step by step)

In this article, we will guide you on how to set up your Vizio Smart TV from scratch. We will cover everything from choosing your language to setting up your local channels.


1. Choose your language: When you turn on your TV, the first thing you need to do is choose your language. Select English and click on OK on the remote.

2. Connect to Wi-Fi: Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. Click on OK and wait for the TV to connect to Wi-Fi. This could take a few minutes.

3. Update your TV: Your TV will automatically download an update, and this could take up to 10 minutes. After the update is downloaded, your TV will restart.

4. Name your TV: Choose the room where your TV is located and name your TV.

5. Set up local channels: You can search for local broadcasting channels or skip this step.

6. Accept terms and conditions: You can read through the terms and conditions or skip this step.

7. Accept data activity terms: You can accept or decline this option.

8. Register your TV: You can register your TV to get access to exclusive deals and offers or skip this step.

9. SmartCast: This is a tutorial on how to use SmartCast and input change HDMI.

10. Enjoy your TV: Your TV is now set up, and you can start watching your favorite shows.

Setting up your Vizio Smart TV can be time-consuming, but it is worth it. By following these steps, you can set up your TV quickly and easily. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to comment below. Good luck and happy watching!

Turn Off Vizio Smart Interactivity TV Tracking Feature

- The article discusses the issue of Vizio TVs collecting data on their users' viewing habits.

- The author believes that while it's understandable for companies to collect data for advertising purposes, users should have the option to know and turn it off.

Main Points:

- Vizio is using a service called inscape Data Services to collect data on users' viewing habits.

- The data is used to build customer profiles and send targeted ads or sell to third-party services.

- The author believes that users should have the option to know and turn off this data collection.

- Vizio should have been more upfront about their data collection practices.

- The author provides steps on how to turn off the data collection feature on Vizio TVs.

- The author doesn't fault Vizio for collecting data but believes that users should have the option to opt-out.

- Users should be informed about data collection practices upfront.

- The author asks for readers' opinions on the matter.

VIZIO Support | Voice Remote (Overview)

VIZIO has launched its new voice remote for all 2021 V M and P series TVs, making it easier for users to find and watch movies and TV shows across multiple apps. The voice remote also offers easy control of SmartCast TV.

Features of VIZIO Voice remote:

- Quick access to voice controls from the remote

- Launch apps with simple voice commands

- Find specific movies or TV shows easily

- Control playback with voice commands

- Discover new and popular content with a single command

- Flip through 200+ free linear channels on WatchFree app

- Easy control of TV settings like closed captioning

- Available on SmartCast mobile app for existing SmartCast TVs

How it works:

- Launch apps with voice commands like Open YouTube or Open Pandora

- Find specific movies or TV shows with voice commands like Sound of Metal

- Control playback with voice commands like Pause or Fast forward

- Discover new and popular content with commands like New movies or Horror TV shows

- Flip through channels on WatchFree app with commands like Tune to Western TV

- Control TV settings with voice commands like Turn on closed captioning

VIZIO's new voice remote offers an easy and convenient way for users to navigate their SmartCast TV and find the content they want to watch. With voice control directly accessible from the remote, users can launch apps, find specific movies or TV shows, discover new content, flip through channels, and control playback with simple voice commands. The VIZIO Voice remote is a great addition to any V M or P series TV and is also available through the SmartCast mobile app for existing SmartCast TVs.

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