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vizio profit it selling on ads

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Vizio's Data Ad Profit Soars: A New Revenue Stream for Tech Companies

Vizio, a low-cost TV manufacturer, has reported that they make almost as much profit from selling data and advertising as they do from selling televisions. In the first three months of 2021, Vizio's platform plus business division made a total profit of $38.4 million from selling viewer data and advertising space. Meanwhile, the device business division, which sells televisions and sound bars, made a profit of $48.2 million. However, the data and advertising division saw a spike in profit of 152% during the same period, indicating that Vizio's future revenue stream lies in selling customer data rather than devices.

The Shift to Selling Data:

Much like Facebook and Google, Vizio has reorganized its entire company around its data business. By keeping television prices low and competitive, Vizio can continue to grow its market share and sell more advertising. The value proposition of data mining and direct marketing and advertising is where the real growth and future for Vizio lies.

Opting Out of Tracking:

Vizio has faced backlash in the past for tracking users without proper consent, resulting in a $2.2 million settlement with the Federal Trade Commission in 2017. However, Vizio now allows customers to opt-out of tracking. Engadget has provided instructions on how to opt-out for anyone who owns a Vizio television and wishes to do so.

Awareness as a Consumer:

As a consumer, it is important to be aware of the intangible costs of purchasing technology, such as the possibility of your data being sold and used for marketing purposes. Companies will always be looking for new ways to achieve new revenue streams, and it seems that selling customer data is the way forward for many tech companies. It is up to the individual to decide whether the lower cost of a device is worth being marketed to and having their data sold.

The shift towards selling data as a new revenue stream for tech companies is a growing trend, and Vizio's success in this area is an indication that this will become more prevalent in the future. As consumers, it is important to be aware of the potential costs of purchasing technology and to make informed decisions about the products we choose to buy.

TV Giant Vizio Turns to Streaming to Boost Revenue as Company Goes Public

Vizio Goes Public: A Look at the Company's Future Strategy

Vizio, a well-known company for its smart TVs and sound bars, has gone public. The company's IPO price is set at $21 per share, and it's trading under the ticker symbol VZIO on the New York Stock Exchange. In this article, we will explore Vizio's future strategy and why the company chose to go public now.

Vizio's Future Strategy:

- Vizio is moving more into the media space, becoming an advertising business in a platform-driven business.

- Vizio is bringing an integrated software platform onto its TVs to allow consumers to access the content they want across subscription video services, AVOD services, and even free channels.

- Vizio offers consumers hundreds of free ad-supported channels in one place, making it an exciting platform for advertisers to reach viewers who are cutting the cord.

- Vizio's strategy is changing as more viewers gravitate towards streaming, and the company is looking for the best opportunities to accelerate its margins and show investors that it can maintain profitability in those specific categories over a long period of time.

Why Vizio Chose to Go Public:

- Vizio has a long history and an established brand in the device business around TVs and sound bars.

- Vizio wanted to tell its story and help people understand where the company is going from here.

- The IPO structure was the right one for Vizio as it fit the company's needs and allowed it to get out on the road to talk to investors directly.

Vizio's Advertising Business:

- Vizio's advertising business is becoming a big part of its future as more viewers use streaming apps.

- Vizio partners with advertisers to bring effective and relevant ads to the platform and reach those viewers who are getting harder and harder to reach as they come out of the traditional linear world.

- Vizio has data that helps inform them about what consumers want to watch and what advertisers are looking for in terms of delivering their message.

- Addressable advertising targeted advertising is the future of where this is going, and Vizio can partner with agencies to bring those addressable advertisements onto the platform.

Vizio's Smart TV Growth:

- Smart TV growth is accelerating, and Vizio is investing in the software to give consumers a great experience.

- Vizio's SmartCast operating system is the face of Vizio streaming experience and offers an integrated experience all in one place.

- Vizio sees consumers moving towards Smart TVs and is bringing innovations and more content right there on that platform.

Vizio's future strategy is changing as more viewers gravitate towards streaming. The company is becoming an advertising business in a platform-driven business and is bringing an integrated software platform onto its TVs. Vizio offers hundreds of free ad-supported channels in one place, making it an exciting platform for advertisers to reach viewers who are cutting the cord. Vizio's SmartCast operating system offers an integrated experience all in one place, and the company is investing in the software to give consumers a great experience. Smart TV growth is accelerating, and Vizio sees consumers moving towards Smart TVs.

Vizio IPO Selling Wall Street on Future of Streaming Business, Will Investors Buy In?

As a self-proclaimed TV enthusiast, the latest IPO by Vizio has caught my attention. Vizio, a company known for producing high-quality TVs at affordable prices, has leveraged its success in the TV market to enter the streaming business, offering investors a major growth story. In this article, I will discuss Vizio's success in the TV market, its entry into the streaming business, and the potential challenges it may face.

Vizio's Success in the TV Market:

- Vizio is the number two player in the TV market share, having sold over 80 million TVs since its establishment in 2002.

- Vizio's TVs are known for their high quality and affordability, as evidenced by its inclusion in the best TVs for the winter of 2021 by Artings, a leading review website.

- Vizio has upgraded its software and interface to make its TVs more user-friendly, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Vizio's Entry into the Streaming Business:

- Vizio introduced SmartCast in 2016, which offers users a user-friendly interface and access to streaming services.

- Vizio has combined SmartCast with Platform Plus, a data analytics platform, to offer targeted advertising to users and generate recurring revenues.

- The streaming business generated 38% of Vizio's total gross profit in 2020.

Potential Challenges:

- Vizio's success in the streaming business may be hindered by its inability to offer all streaming services, such as HBO Max, which could deter customers from using SmartCast.

- Vizio needs to ensure it can offer all streaming services to remain competitive and prevent customers from switching to other streaming devices.

Overall, Vizio's entry into the streaming business is a promising development for the company, as it offers new revenue streams beyond just selling TVs. However, Vizio needs to ensure it can offer all streaming services to remain competitive in the market. As a TV enthusiast, I am excited about Vizio's future and believe that its IPO could be a great investment opportunity.

ThinkLA IDEA Awards Presented by Vizio Ads

Welcome to the 11th annual Think LA Idea Awards, celebrating the best work in the LA advertising, media, and marketing community. Despite the world stopping, creativity didn't, and we want to thank everyone for their resilience, strength, and positivity during these difficult times.

We appreciate the judges, sponsors, co-chairs, and volunteers who made this event possible. We also congratulate all the finalists and winners who showcased the best of the best in our community.

The winners of the different categories are as follows:

- Best Entertainment Campaign: Hearts and Science Legendary

- Best Auto Campaign: David and Goliath Features Film

- Best Influencer Campaign: Reach Agency Pockets for Bits Gamer Snacks Level Up

- Best Branded Content Campaign: Known in TikTok, It Starts on TikTok

- Best Cause Marketing Campaign: David and Goliath for Share for Her

We thank all the clients, agencies, and partners who believed and supported these campaigns.

In managing your time like a pro with school, business, or even a job, it's essential to prioritize tasks and eliminate distractions. Creating a schedule, setting goals, and taking breaks can also improve productivity and prevent burnout. Remember to make time for self-care and to seek help when needed.

In conclusion, we celebrate the resilience and creativity of the LA advertising, media, and marketing community. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners, and let's continue to inspire and innovate together.

TV Platforms' Ad Business: How is it evolving?

Ten years ago, TVs were simple devices that were connected to cable boxes or antennas. Today, smart TVs have become much more advanced, and in many American homes, the smart TV hub is more important than a cable box. To discuss the developments in the smart TV platform, representatives from four major platforms (Samsung, Roku, LG, and Vizio) joined together in a panel discussion.

1. Differentiating Inventory Across Platforms

When it comes to advertising on smart TVs, each platform has its own unique audience and inventory. For example, LG boasts a unique reach that is increasingly difficult to find elsewhere, while Vizio's audience primarily uses their streaming service as their first stop in content viewership. Roku has a mission to make TV streaming easier and more convenient for both consumers and marketers, and Samsung Ads leverages hundreds of millions of devices to be an advertising platform.

2. The Importance of Data

Data is a crucial component of smart TV advertising. Roku's acquisition of Data Zoo has allowed them to build their ad buying platform, One View, which is built for streaming. This gives Roku access to valuable data that enhances their capabilities as a smart TV and internet-connected device company.

3. Integration and Sponsorship Opportunities

Smart TV platforms are not just limited to running 15s and 30s across streaming content. They also offer integration and sponsorship opportunities that allow brands to align with content that they care about and gain access to their target audiences.

Smart TVs have come a long way in the last decade, and they continue to evolve. Differentiating inventory across platforms, leveraging data, and exploring integration and sponsorship opportunities are all important considerations for advertisers looking to capitalize on the growth of the smart TV platform.

Can Vizio double its share price.

- Discussing Vizio, a recently public company known for their sound bars and televisions.

- Also discussing Roku, a streaming platform and Vizio's main competitor.


- Roku is a 50 billion dollar company and the natural replacement for cable.

- Roku partnered with prominent TV manufacturers to pre-install their operating system and create a new revenue stream through advertising.

- Active accounts have more than doubled or even tripled from 2016 to 2020, now at 51.2 million.

- Roku's US active account base is now more than twice the number of US video subscribers of the biggest cable company, Comcast.

- Total net revenue, platform revenue, and total gross profit are all up over 50% year over year.

- Roku's business model is brilliant, with the operating system now coming pre-installed on TV sets, cannibalizing their own dongle sales.

- Revenue uptick is coming from ad dollars flowing to streaming, and Roku is becoming the number one player.


- Vizio's revenue isn't explosive, going from 1.7 billion to 2 billion from 2018 to 2020.

- However, net income has gone from negative to 102 million in the same time frame.

- Earnings per share have also grown from negative to 58 to 55 cents per share.

- Vizio currently has 183 million shares outstanding and has kept that number steady.

- If Vizio successfully copies Roku's business model, the market may reward them, although they may not catch up to Roku.

- Roku is currently the measuring stick for streaming services and the natural replacement for cable.

- Vizio may be a close second if they successfully copy Roku's business model.

- While Vizio's revenue isn't explosive, their net income and earnings per share have been improving.

- The market may reward Vizio if they are successful in copying Roku's business model.

Who Makes Vizio TVs?(+ Main Pros, Cons)

If you're looking for a smart TV that has all the features without the high price tag, Vizio Smart TVs may be the right option for you. But what brand is behind Vizio TVs and who makes these TVs?

Brand and Manufacturer:

Vizio TVs are mostly made by M Tran Technology, a Taiwanese company that owns and operates several different factories in Asia. These sets are actually manufactured in more than one factory to get all of the parts put together. Ultimately, M Tran was paid by Vizio in order to put the TV sets together for the customer. Vizio is its own brand and is not owned by another company like Sony, LG, or Samsung. These TVs are often associated with Sony because they have a similar look and are consistently high quality for the customer to enjoy. Despite the similar design and other features that are the same, Sony does not make Vizio TVs.

Manufacturing Location:

Most of the Vizio TVs that consumers can purchase will be manufactured in Taiwan where M Tran is located. The TVs will be created there depending on the size of the televisions though the TV can be manufactured in China. Any of the Vizio TVs that are 60 inches or larger will be made by a subsidiary of Amtran known as Foxconn Electronics, located in Taiwan. Any of the smaller Vizio TVs will be manufactured in China. Based on the size of TV you decide to get, you will know which country your TV is made in.

Pros and Cons:

Vizio TVs are good TVs and their quality is often good enough that they are compared to Sony or Samsung TVs. Vizio strives to provide the best TVs for all your needs. Some of the main pros of Vizio TVs include:

- Competitively priced for the same features

- Picture quality is important when you are looking to watch some of your favorite movies and shows

- Low input lag

While there are some great benefits to using a Vizio TV, there are also some negative things that may prevent consumers from choosing this brand of TV. Some of the main cons of Vizio TVs include:

- Unpolished experience

- Upscaling is not as good as some of the other options of TVs you can choose

- HDR experience is not going to be as satisfying as some of the other TVs that you can choose


Vizio TVs are often less expensive than some of the other brands that you can choose. These TVs are often missing some of the features that you may want in a smart TV. They are also not going to have the best firmware compared to other TV brands. These TVs are manufactured in Taiwan and China which helps to keep the costs of labor down too. These factors come together to make this TV less expensive.


Vizio TVs can last a long time. How often you use it, the settings you choose, and how loud you make the TV will determine how long it lasts. It does not die out faster than other TVs. To give you a ballpark, they should last around seven years.

In conclusion, Vizio Smart TVs are a great option for those looking for a TV with all the features without breaking the bank. While they may have some drawbacks, they are still a great value for the price.

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