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Vodafone Targets Ads with Tracking Plans

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will be discussing various tech-related news items, including Vodafone's new advertising system, ransomware that demands acts of kindness, and Twitter's recent fine for security data misuse.

News Item 1: Ransomware that Demands Acts of Kindness

A new type of ransomware has emerged that demands acts of kindness rather than money. The ransomware, called Goodwill, encrypts user files and demands that victims perform three acts of goodwill in order to retrieve their data. These acts include donating new clothes and blankets to the homeless, taking poor children out to eat, and providing financial assistance to those who need urgent medical treatment. While the intentions of this ransomware may be altruistic, it still raises concerns about the normalization of ransomware and the targeting of innocent victims.

News Item 2: Vodafone's New Advertising System

Vodafone is piloting a new advertising system called Trustpid, which assigns a fixed ID to each customer and associates all user activity with it. This allows advertisers to serve targeted ads

Vodafone - Vodem Case Study

This year, Vodafone launched its broadband offering in the challenging New Zealand market, competing against a rival who was outspending them six to one. To be successful, Vodafone knew they needed to break with conventions in every way. Instead of heroing the broadband platform, they focused on promoting the Vodafone stylish HSDPA modem, giving it a new name, Vodum, and redesigning the packaging to make it more appealing.

Marketing Strategy:

- Deployed a narrowcast strategy to engage consumers at more personal and impactful touch points

- Created Vodam.co.nz, a site designed solely to generate hype among New Zealand's most influential bloggers

- Auctioned places on the watchlist which commanded a higher price than the Vodum itself

- Created skins which ran as sticker sheet inserts in magazines, encouraging people to buy a Vodum and make it theirs

- Created the world's simplest instruction manual for the DM mailer

- Created a mockumentary about the making of the TV commercial

- Taught people dance moves through a viral competition and behind-the-scenes content


The campaign spoke with people in an involving and engaging way and sold Vodum like a modem has never been sold before.

Are Vodafone & Airtel going out of business? | Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) Explained

- Discussing the financial woes of telecom companies in India, particularly Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Tata Teleservices Limited

- Exploring the problem of adjusted gross revenue (AGR) and its definition, which has led to a legal battle between telcos and the government

- Highlighting the recent deadline for telcos to pay their dues to the government and the current situation


- Providing figures on the amount of debt owed by telcos to the government, with a breakdown of charges such as license fee and spectrum user charges

- Explaining the revenue sharing model and the AGR definition, and how it has become a point of contention between the telcos and government

- Detailing the 20-year legal battle between telcos and the government over AGR and revenue sharing percentages

- Discussing the recent Supreme Court ruling that required telcos to pay their dues to the government within three months, which has put a strain on their financial situation

- Describing the telcos' plea for more time to pay their dues, and their request for relaxed payment terms

- Highlighting the complexity of the situation and the need to consider both the telcos' and government's perspectives

- Urging readers to think about the issue and consider both sides of the argument

- Emphasizing the need for a resolution that benefits both the telcos and the government, without putting jobs and the economy at risk.

Reddit Ads Product Updates - Q1 2022

Over the past few months, Reddit Ads has announced several new product updates and features. These updates will make campaign management more effective and efficient, particularly when creating new campaigns and ad groups. In this article, we will discuss the three announcements that happened in Q1 of 2022.

New Targeting Capabilities:

One of the updates in Reddit Ads has to do with targeting capabilities. Advertisers can now reach users on Reddit based on specific device types, rather than just the operating system of their phone. This is particularly useful for app install campaigns, as advertisers can ensure they are targeting users who can actually use their app. Additionally, Reddit has introduced carrier targeting, which is currently only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

Audience Manager:

Reddit has also introduced an audience manager, where advertisers can store and create new audiences to use in future campaigns. Advertisers can create Reddit audiences based on the targeting options available when creating a new ad group, or retargeting audiences based on their pixel.

Post Library:

The post library is another new feature in Reddit Ads, which allows advertisers to view and manage all of their ad posts in one place. Advertisers can easily duplicate or create new ads, and sort by ad format to make it easier to find the ads they need.

These new features in Reddit Ads make campaign management more efficient and effective, allowing advertisers to target specific device types and carriers, store and create new audiences, and manage all of their ad posts in one place. By using these tools, advertisers can easily create and test new campaigns and ad groups to find what resonates with their target audience.

15 Clear Signs Your Phone Was Hacked

- Smartphones are used to store personal information, making them vulnerable to hacking

- Three ways a phone can be hacked: spy apps, unprotected Wi-Fi networks, and SMS phishing

- 15 signs to look out for to recognize if your phone has been hacked

- Tips to protect your phone from hacking

15 Clear Signs That Your Phone Was Hacked:

1. Inexplicable new apps on your phone

2. Old apps not functioning properly

3. Battery lifespan becoming shorter

4. Phone running slower than usual

5. Phone becoming warm without explanation

6. Self-rebooting, dialing numbers or opening applications

7. Unknown phone numbers and charges appearing in recent calls

8. Sending and receiving strange text messages and emails

9. Unable to switch off the phone

10. Noises or echoes during phone calls

11. Websites appearing differently on the mobile browser

12. Increased mobile data usage

13. Pop-ups appearing out of nowhere

14. Email sent from phone being blocked by spam filters

15. Dropped calls or difficulty making calls

Ways to Protect Your Phone:

- Use mobile anti-malware software

- Delete apps that are not installed by you or seem unreliable

- Reset phone to original settings if necessary

- Consult a professional if needed

- Avoid clicking on links in messages with unknown URLs

- Only charge phone on trusted computers

- Do not use the remember passwords function

- Turn off automatic connection to public Wi-Fi networks

- Avoid suspicious Wi-Fi network names

- Do not make online purchases or fund transfers on public Wi-Fi networks

- Install a reliable antivirus program

- Add a password to your phone

- Hacking is a serious issue for smartphones and personal information

- Recognizing signs of hacking is crucial in protecting your phone

- Taking preventative measures is the best way to avoid hacking

Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

Nonverbal communication is any form of communication that is not spoken. This includes body language, dress, and how we walk. Nonverbals are important because they help us interpret what's in the mind of the person we are communicating with. In this article, we will explore the significance of nonverbal communication in our daily lives.


There are many myths surrounding nonverbal communication. For example, crossing one's arms is not always a blocking behavior; it can also be a self-soothing behavior. Additionally, clearing one's throat, touching one's nose, or covering one's mouth are not always indicative of deception. These are pacifying behaviors that humans do naturally.

Assessing Nonverbals:

Joe Navarro, a former FBI agent, spent years studying nonverbal communication. He believes that assessing nonverbals is about observing a person's behavior and trying to understand what they are transmitting in that moment. Navarro looks at a person's hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, neck, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet to assess their behavior. By doing so, he can determine if a person is experiencing stress, discomfort, or any other emotions.


Navarro uses his expertise in nonverbal communication to analyze players' behavior in a game of poker. He looks for behaviors indicative of discomfort, such as shifting in a chair or moving one's hands away from the table. Navarro also believes that observing nonverbals at double the speed can reveal critical information.

Nonverbal communication is a vital part of our daily lives, and it affects how we communicate with each other. By assessing nonverbals, we can gain a better understanding of the people we interact with. It's essential to be aware of the myths surrounding nonverbal communication and to understand that behaviors such as crossing one's arms or clearing one's throat are not always indicative of deception. Finally, Navarro's expertise in analyzing nonverbal behavior in poker shows how we can use our knowledge of nonverbal communication in various aspects of our lives.

How Vodafone’s Ad Campaigns Were Taken To a Whole New Level

In 2014, the author started their agency career and was thrown straight into working with Vodafone, a highly competitive advertiser. Vodafone wanted to make their superfan journey more interesting, as it was ending too soon after the winning captain signed a ball. The agency went to Sony, who had the broadcast rights for the IPL, but they asked for too much money. Instead, Star Sports agreed to take a superfan from the stadium and plant them in the studio for a review show. This allowed Vodafone to show its commitment to their superfan and build organic loyalty.

Vodafone also launched a plan called Vodafone Red, which divided one connection amongst all family members. The agency figured out that most Indian families watched TV together, so they used TV stars to place the content inside the show and make it feel like part of the episode.

Lastly, the agency collaborated with TVF, Kanan Gill, and Raftaar to create a song for Vodafone's new plan for under 18s. This gave Vodafone virality and allowed them to reach a new audience. The agency faced pushback from Ogilvy, who felt it was outside of Vodafone's personality, but the campaign was successful and showed the importance of organic and authentic content.

Overall, the agency's work with Vodafone shows the importance of understanding the target audience and creating content that resonates with them. By staying true to the brand and being creative with placements and collaborations, Vodafone was able to build loyalty and reach a wider audience.

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