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voice ads nuance

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Hi, this is John Welch and Jenny James Zacharias, and we're going to tell you about Athena Health's voice solutions. First, we'll talk about Athena 1 Dictation powered by Nuance. Athena Health is partnering with Nuance to bring the power of clinical speech recognition to AthenaNet.

- Athena 1 Dictation enables providers to create high-quality clinical notes with ease in the Athena clinical desktop or the Athena 1 mobile app.

- It's accurate, secure, customizable, and learns your speech patterns to deliver even better performance over time.

- Let me show you a quick demonstration on both mobile and desktop.

For example, I'm seeing patient April Fitz for a wound infection today. I'll start with the HPI and then navigate to the assessment plan. The patient bumped her leg getting out of the car last week, and since that time, is there increasing redness and erythema in the area? She has a mild fever and is concerned that she may have a wound infection. She's taking acetaminophen for the pain. Go to assessment and plan, select last sentence. Return for a recheck in two days or sooner if symptoms are worsening or you develop a fever. Stop listening.

With Athena 1 Dictation, I can resume documenting my encounter when I'm back at my desktop and AthenaNet. Go to HPI. The patient is a 55-year-old man who was given a diagnosis of hypertension six months ago by his family physician. At that time, his physician recommended dietary modifications and an exercise regimen. The patient generally adhered to the lifestyle changes, losing 20 pounds in three months, yet his blood pressure continued to be elevated. At that time, his physician initiated lisinopril 10 milligrams once daily. Go to ROS. All normal. Stop listening.

Hi, everyone! I'm Jenny James Zacharias from the mobile team, and I'm going to show you some exciting new features we are releasing. The Athena 1 mobile team is launching a digital voice assistant to help you get more done with the power of your voice on the go and in office.

- Let's assume I am Dr. Irene Medina. First, checking my schedule. Maybe I'm having coffee before I prep for my upcoming telemedicine visits or I'm heading to my car to start my commute.

- I open the Athena 1 app and I say, Hey Athena, show me my schedule. Showing appointments for today.

- I select one of my patients by saying, Here, Diana. Select patient April Fitz. Showing details for April Fitz.

- I may check on the patient's quality measures by saying, Show me quality measures. You have eight quality measures that need your attention.

- I know the patient is coming in for a wound infection.

- When I'm ready to see the patient, I can quickly jump to the exam and start dictating my notes. Start my HPI. The patient bumped her leg getting out of the car last week, and since that time, has had redness and swelling in the area. She's taking acetaminophen for the pain.

- Normally, I like to dictate my HPI, but sometimes I like to use accelerators for convenience. I can use accelerators like the previous visit accelerator, templates, macros, and so on with the voice system. Add previous physical exam. Previous physical exam added successfully.

- I go to add a template now. Add wound care template. Please select a section for the template to proceed. Since I didn't specify this section, I specify one now. Please select a value to proceed.

- The voice assistant wants a confirmation from me on the wound care template. Template added successfully.

- Let me also add an additional diagnosis and order. Add diagnosis. Puncture wound of foot. Diagnosis added successfully.

- I will order an ultrasound since I want to look for an abscess or DVT. Order ultrasound lower leg. Draft order added successfully.

- I can add medication, lab, and imaging orders as well as order sets today with points.

- Once I'm done with the patient, I can navigate to different tabs in the app, or I can go to my patient list using voice commands.

- I can also perform ad hoc tasks like sending a message, creating an order, group calling a patient, and so on with the voice assistant.

- I can learn more about Athena skills by tapping on Learn more commands that appears when I tap on the purple mic.

- And that concludes our demonstration of Athena Health's voice solutions. Athena 1 Dictation and Athena 1 Voice System powered by Nuance are available today, so contact your Athena Health representative for more information.

From Kim Jong-Un's Trackball to Nuance Voice Ads

Hey everyone, I just discovered that Kim Jong-hoon and I have the same trackball! Can you believe it? I mean, this explains a lot. My antisocial tendencies, my obsession with Dennis Rodman, and my constant hope of receiving a call from President Obama. Anyway, let's move on to another topic related to input devices - speech recognition.


1. Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor, recently bought a stake in nuance communications, the company behind Apple's Siri and Dragon speech recognition software. Talk about a big move!

2. Speaking of speech recognition, I wonder if Carl Icahn uses the Logitech trackball. It's a mystery we may never solve.

3. But wait, there's more! Nuance just announced a new feature called voice ads. Yes, you heard that right. Now, commercials will not only interrupt your YouTube videos, but they'll also expect a response from you. How fun, right?

4. So, imagine this: you're watching a commercial, and instead of waiting for it to end, you have options. You can let it play for 30 seconds, click a button to skip after a countdown, or interact with it using voice commands. The choice is yours!

5. But here's the catch. If you choose to interact with the commercial, they'll ask you personal questions like how many adults in your household enjoy Sriracha-flavored toothpaste. Yes, they're collecting data on you for market intelligence. Sneaky, huh?

6. And if you choose not to interact, well, you might face more barriers to accessing the content you want. Suddenly, not interacting makes you less valuable to the advertisers. It's all about the engagement, folks.

So, brace yourselves for the future of advertising. Soon, we'll all be talking to commercials during our commutes and providing them with personal information. It's a brave new world, my friends. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this.

Exploring Nuance's voice-first AI - All Hands on Tech

Voice assistants have become a common feature in many technological devices, including smart speakers, TVs, and even furniture. Brands are faced with the challenge of choosing which voice assistant to integrate into their products, while also relinquishing control over the customer's experience once the conversation begins. Nuance, known for its dictation software Dragon NaturallySpeaking, has expanded its business to help brands create voice experiences, particularly in the smart home space. They offer a hardware reference device called Dragon that can be programmed with the user's voice, allowing brands to create their own branded voice user interface. Additionally, Nuance's cognitive arbitration feature enables the Dragon to automatically decide which AI assistant should respond to a request, providing a seamless experience for users.


1. Nuance's expansion into the smart home space:

- Nuance, known for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, helps brands create voice experiences.

- They have been focusing on the smart home space.

- In the future, users may find themselves talking to their furniture more frequently.

2. The potential of voice control in the smart home:

- It may start with a smart speaker, then extend to TV remote control.

- Users will be able to control lights and locks through voice commands.

- Nuance's software is as smart as Alexa and can be programmed with the user's voice.

3. Dragon's hardware reference device:

- Users can create recipes that include multiple devices.

- Nuance's Dragon can listen to requests and automatically decide which AI assistant should respond.

- This allows brands to create their own branded voice user interface while still supporting other popular assistants.

4. Offering a holistic experience:

- Brands want to own the user experience while still providing additional value.

- Nuance's system allows brands to integrate other services without duplicating their own.

- Example: Ordering pizza through Domino's Pizza Box.

5. Nuance's role as an arbiter between different systems:

- With the rise of new speech assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana, Nuance sees a new role to play.

- Nuance's system can be embedded into different products like cars.

- Automakers can offer multiple assistants simultaneously, without having to choose between them.

Voice technology is rapidly advancing, and Nuance is at the forefront of creating voice experiences in the smart home space. With their Dragon hardware reference device and cognitive arbitration feature, brands can offer a seamless and personalized voice user interface. Nuance's system allows brands to integrate multiple assistants while maintaining their own unique user experience. In the future, voice control may become even more prevalent, with users being able to control various devices through simple voice commands.

Introducing Nuance Voice Control 2.0!

Hello everybody, I'm Michael Thompson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Nuanced Mobile Division. Today is an exciting day at Nuance because we're announcing a new product - Nuance Voice Control 2.0.

- Nuance Voice Control 2.0 (NBC 2.0) is a powerful new solution that brings speech to the masses.

- People will be able to do exciting things like dictate messages, search the web, get directions, find a business, get weather, and dictate emails all from their mobile phone.

- NBC 2.0 is not just for smartphones, but also for feature phones.

- Nuance has spent time working with operators, OEMs, and third-party manufacturers to design this solution specifically for the mobile ecosystem.

- NBC 2.0 combines three incredible technologies from Nuance: the embedded v suite application, open voice search, and Nuance mobile messaging.

Bullet Points:

- Embedded v suite application:

- Ships on millions of phones today.

- Shipped on over 300 million phones.

- Open voice search:

- Allows for completely open-ended search on the internet.

- Nuance mobile messaging:

- Allows people to dictate messages.

Tour of Nuance Voice Control 2.0:

- Demonstrating with a little feature phone:

- Press a button to call Matt Reeves.

- Press a button to send a text message to Matt Reeves.

- Showing demos on various phones:

- Samsung touch screen phone:

- Press a button to perform a web search.

- Finding tickets to the Red Sox game.

- Finding music by the Fray.

- Performing a business search for pizza in San Francisco.

- Nuance Voice Control 2.0 is a powerful new solution that brings speech to the masses.

- It is tailor-made for operators and OEMs to integrate speech-enabled capabilities with their existing services.

- It is not just for the iPhone or BlackBerry, but for feature phones as well.

- NBC 2.0 will blow you away with its capabilities.

- Thank you for your time and we are incredibly excited about this new solution.

Why Microsoft decided to buy Nuance at a premium

What has changed and what is so suddenly attractive about Nuance? Well, Brian, I think part of what's attractive is that in the past, when people talked about Nuance potentially getting acquired, it was about general-purpose voice technology. That was kind of interesting when Siri and Alexa were new, but it hasn't really become a business driver. However, Nuance has been able to focus on the cloud and the healthcare industry, which is important. They've turned voice into a way to gather unstructured data and make business processes more efficient.

In the past, voice technology like Dragon Naturally Speaking was more about talking to your word document and having things appear instead of typing. I don't know if that's so attractive, but if doctors can use this technology to put information into a chart and improve the patient experience, then it becomes valuable. It also fits under regulation, like HIPAA compliance, and allows Microsoft to access the adjustable market for healthcare.

Daniel, you make a great point about buying a car. Two years ago, the car was $25,000, and now it's $60,000. Did something change in those two years to make the car more expensive? If so, please tell me because maybe there's a reason for the increase. Nuance could have been acquired for $20 billion less than two years ago, probably with the same premium on the stock price. Is the company better now than it was two years ago? That's a great question.

There were a confluence of events in 2020 that brought attention to healthcare, like COVID-19. Additionally, industry clouds have been gaining traction, with companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google leading the way in the cloud space. AI is pushing the envelope in the delivery of services, and companies are looking to monetize experience. Microsoft believes that acquiring Nuance will help them capture the nearly $500 billion opportunity in the industry cloud.

Nuance will be integrated into Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud unit and won't remain as independent as LinkedIn did. There might be synergies between the two companies, but Microsoft has stated that their focus isn't on laying off employees. Microsoft is now richer than it was two years ago, and Nuance has spun off businesses that weren't in the healthcare industry to focus solely on healthcare. They have devoted resources to building software with a high net promoter score, meaning customers really like it. Microsoft sees the need to focus on specific industries and high-quality solutions to grow in the cloud.

Thank you for watching CNBC on YouTube!

The Exam of the Future Has Arrived

Music you don't become a doctor to build, you become a doctor to take care of patients, to serve humanity. Ambient intelligence allows for the patient and doctor to have a more personal connection, like it used to be. However, there are certain business requirements and practices in medicine that require structured notes, careful documentation, precise diagnosis, and coding. But ultimately, it should all be about the patient's story.


- The promise of meaningful use and digital health records was to take better care of the patient.

- Unfortunately, this has sometimes created a barrier between the physician and the patient, with the addition of keyboards and computers.

- Physicians often feel frustrated and patients notice their doctors typing and talking, which can hinder the personal connection.

Ambient Intelligence:

- A device on the wall can listen to the conversation between the patient and the physician.

- It can distinguish between different speakers and generate a progress note and patient encounter based on the conversation.

- This enables physicians to pay attention and have empathy towards the patient's story, something that may have been missed before.


- The idea of a computer that can listen and make sense of conversations has been a fantasy for a long time.

- Nuance, a listening device in the room, allows for a more natural and intimate discussion.

- It reduces the time spent on manual documentation, allowing more time for the provider to be with the patient.

- The personal connection and empathy in healthcare are essential, and ambient intelligence helps to maintain that.

In conclusion, ambient intelligence in healthcare is a game-changer. It removes the barrier created by technology and allows for a more personal and empathetic connection between the patient and the physician. By reducing the time spent on manual documentation, providers can focus on providing better care and forming meaningful connections with their patients, which is the true essence of healthcare.

Nuance biometric authentication solutions for fraud prevention

New Watts: Protecting Your Customers from Fraud with Nuanced Authentication

- As technology advances, so do the strategies of fraudsters trying to access your customers' accounts.

- Traditional fraud prevention methods are failing because they focus on knowledge-based authentication instead of identifying the human interacting with your organization.

- Fraudsters can easily cycle through channels, phones, and digital devices, causing frustration and financial losses for your business.

- Without prosecution, fraudsters will continue to develop new methods, costing you valuable resources, customer loyalty, and money.

Nuanced Authentication and Fraud Prevention:

- Nuanced authentication and fraud prevention solutions have prevented over 1 billion dollars in fraud.

- These solutions identify the real person engaging with your company, providing security for your business.

- They also offer easy authentication for your customers and real consequences for criminals.

- Nuanced biometrics use unique traits and characteristics to detect fraudsters impersonating legitimate customers.

- Biometric data is stored to prevent future attempts and can be used for criminal prosecution.

Detecting and Identifying Fraudsters with New On Security Suite:

- New On Security Suite helps detect and identify fraudsters, stopping them before they can access your organization.

- The suite includes nuanced behavioral biometrics, which continuously monitors customer accounts for fraudulent behavior.

- When fraudulent behavior is detected, the session can be temporarily frozen.

- In a scenario where a fraudster tries to access Kevin Smith's account on Best Bank's website, new On Security Suite alerts the agent that this is a known fraudster.

- The call is transferred to security, preventing any information from being disclosed.

- The fraudster attempts to mask his identity by hiring someone else to impersonate Kevin, but new On Security Suite identifies the fraudulent activity in real-time.

- The fraud team investigates the case and compiles evidence for law enforcement, effectively stopping current and future fraud threats to Best Bank.

- New Watts bring intelligence to life by providing nuanced authentication and fraud prevention solutions.

- These solutions protect your customers' accounts, provide security for your business, and deter fraudsters.

- With new On Security Suite, you can detect and identify fraudsters, stopping them before they can access your organization.

- Let Nuance show you how their solutions can provide omni-channel biometric security for your company and real consequences for criminals.

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