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voice targeted ads

Published on: June 30 2023 by pipiads

In this live test, we will investigate whether Google is always listening through our microphones to better target advertising. This question has arisen due to Mark Zuckerberg's recent testimony before Congress about user privacy.


1. Visit various websites, including The Atlantic, Mail Online, UPI, and Burger of the Month, to see if there are any advertisements related to a specific subject written on a piece of paper.

2. Close all browsers and talk about the subject for a few minutes.

3. Revisit the same websites to see if there are any advertisements related to the previously discussed subject.


1. Initially, no advertisements were found related to the subject on the paper.

2. After discussing the subject for a few minutes, advertisements for dog toys appeared on various websites.

3. This experiment provides conclusive evidence that microphones are always listening to gather information on what people are talking about to target ads to them.

This test suggests that speech recognition services are processing everything people say to find products they are discussing and target ads to them. This raises concerns about user privacy and the legality of such actions.

Is my phone listening to me? We tested it, here's what happened

Are Social Media Apps Listening to Your Conversations?

Have you ever felt like the ads that you see on your social media feed are specifically targeted to you? It's almost like the app is listening to your conversation.


- A friend talks about a specific cruise, and then an ad for that cruise pops up on Instagram.

- A couple sees ads for a band called Heart after frequently saying hey, Heart to a friend.

- Instagram and Facebook's founders deny the apps are listening, but many still believe it's happening.


- A security company plays pet food commercials repeatedly to one phone while the other phone is in a quiet room, but no noticeable difference is found.

- Using Instagram while talking about a trip and Airbnb leads to an Airbnb ad popping up 20 minutes into the conversation.

- A CEO denies microphone access during an interview, but online activity and interactions can still create data profiles.

Data Collection:

- Apps can track movements, credit card information, and social security numbers.

- Companies create data profiles based on this information, allowing for targeted ads.

- Facebook uses data from third-party partners to target users for ads.

While it may not be certain if apps are actually listening in on conversations, the data collected from online activity and interactions can create detailed profiles for targeted ads. It's important to be aware of the information shared and access given to apps.

Author Antonio Garcia Martinez Explains How Targeted Ads Work

The Joe Rogan Experience” is a fascinating account of the author’s journey from a PhD student to a successful entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. The article is divided into various sub-headings to provide a clear and concise overview of the author’s experiences.

The article begins with a brief introduction that summarizes the author’s journey, from dropping out of his PhD program to working on Wall Street and eventually returning to the tech industry.

Working in Tech:

The author talks about his experience working in tech and witnessing the first tech bubble. He then joined a startup and eventually sold it to Twitter before joining Facebook as one of the early members of the ads team.

Targeted Ads:

The author discusses his role in creating the initial versions of targeted ads, which are now a ubiquitous part of the online advertising landscape. He explains how user data is turned into a successful ad campaign and how this technology has evolved over the years.

Joining a Tech Company:

The author shares his experience of joining a tech company and the challenges he faced in adapting to the corporate culture. He describes the companies as a cult-like environment and the pressure to conform to the company’s values.

Apple’s Impact:

The author talks about Apple’s impact on the advertising industry with the introduction of the ad transparency feature. He explains how this feature limits the level of tracking that companies like Facebook can do and how this impacts the effectiveness of targeted ads.

The author concludes the article by discussing the benefits and drawbacks of data privacy. He explains how data privacy can limit the effectiveness of targeted ads, but at the same time, it’s essential to protect user privacy.

Overall, the article provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of tech and the advertising industry. The author shares his experiences and insights, providing readers with valuable information about the inner workings of Silicon Valley.

How Voice Search is Changing Adwords

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Nick from RealTalk Marketing, and today I want to discuss the importance of voice in marketing.

The Changing Landscape:

More and more people are using their phones to ask Siri and Google questions in a very human way. This means we need to change the way we bid on keywords for our Google AdWords campaigns.

The Old Way:

In the past, when running a Google AdWords campaign, businesses would bid on a series of keywords associated with the service they offer. For example, if you were a plumber, you would bid on keywords like plumber or plumbing service.

The New Way:

Now, people are using voice to search for things, and they're doing it in a very human way. They're asking Google or Siri to find them a really good plumber in their neighborhood, for example. This means that we need to change the way we bid on keywords and start targeting specific search queries as keywords instead of just bidding on general keywords.

The Importance of Search Queries:

By targeting specific search queries, your AdWords account will become more profitable and efficient, and your costs will go down drastically. You'll also be able to see your competitors taking market share or impression share at the top of Google.

So, when you're creating your AdWords campaign, start thinking about it through the lens of how someone is searching for what you have to offer. Look at the search queries and bid on those specific keywords. This will help you to be more successful in your marketing efforts. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe to our channel if you found this helpful!

Amazon Using Alexa Voice Search for Ad Targeting

The article discusses how research suggests that Amazon uses Alexa voice data to target users with ads. However, the hosts of the show believe that the article is sensationalistic and lacks substance. They argue that Alexa is only listening to users when they search for something and use their voice search history to target ads, just like a browser uses browser history. The hosts also debate whether targeted ads and giving up privacy might not be such a bad idea after all. However, they conclude that it is important to strike a balance between convenience and privacy. The article is criticized for being poorly written and lacking journalistic integrity.

Joe Rogan - Our Phones are Listening and Targeting Us with Ads?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then suddenly started getting ads related to that topic? Many people believe that their phones are listening to their conversations and using that information to target ads towards them. In this article, we will explore this phenomenon and discuss whether or not there is any truth to it.

Possible Subheadings:

1. How Does Targeted Advertising Work?

2. The Role of Key Terms in Advertising

3. Coincidence or Conspiracy?

4. Personal Experiences with Targeted Ads

5. Privacy Concerns and Solutions

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

- Sometimes things are just a coincidence

- The idea of a grand conspiracy

- Adam Green's experience with Toyota trucks

- Irwin's experience with the slouch alarm

- The role of large audiences in targeted advertising

Personal Experiences with Targeted Ads

- The author's experience with Dodge Vipers

- Irwin's experience with the slouch alarm

- Other instances of targeted advertising

- The use of personal data in advertising

Privacy Concerns and Solutions

- The potential invasion of privacy

- The need for transparency in advertising practices

- Ways to protect your privacy online

- Alternative advertising models

While the idea of phones listening to our conversations may seem far-fetched, many people have had personal experiences that suggest otherwise. Whether or not there is a grand conspiracy at play, it is clear that targeted advertising raises important privacy concerns. As consumers, it is important for us to be aware of the ways in which our personal data is being used and to take steps to protect our privacy online.


- Life is full of changes and surprises that we may not expect

- Sometimes, these changes can be positive and lead us to a better path

- This is evident in the story of a young man who transformed his life completely


- The young man changed his clothes and lifestyle, and now lives with a purpose in mind

- He left his band and moved to a condo in the city, where he can watch from the top

- Despite facing mockery from others, he didn't let it stop him from pursuing his dreams

- He erased his pain and kept moving forward, even when others betrayed him

- He is confident in his ideas and doesn't compare himself to others

- His music is ringing like a bell and he's never going to hide inside the box

- He's fresh out da box and snapping off like corn on a cob

- He's been ballin since 2016, raining cash into his bank every day

- He has so many unreleased songs, but he'll let his fans wait for them

- He's a young boy fire, not going to retire, and is like a messiah changing water to wine

- He's radical, with racks in different cities and a journey that's not about drama

- He's got a lot of enemies, but he keeps writing and writing, with songs that taste better than any appetizers

- He's got the key to the money, not the key to the jail, and is always chasing his dreams

- He fits in even when he walks on his own path, and is about to go and get cash

- He's changed his clothes and lifestyle, and now lives with a purpose in mind

- He's living in a condo in the city, where he can watch from the top and no longer be mocked

- Life changes fast, but we have the power to change with it and make the best of every situation

- The young man in this story is a testament to that, as he transformed his life and pursued his dreams

- We can all learn from his example and strive to live with a purpose in mind, no matter what changes come our way.

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